Curious 1st Timer

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I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I stared at my laptop for a few minutes, contemplating whether I was actually going to be doing this. The email on my screen read:

“Ok sexy, see you when you get here.”

I’d been emailing “BlackStallion281” since 7pm. I’d always been curious about what it would be like to be with a man. Since high school, I’ve read and seen erotic material about gay sex on the internet. It always gave me a hard on. But this was it, I’m 21 and a man and I can do whatever I want. We’d been emailing each other after I found him on Craigslist. He seemed like a nice guy. Much older, which was ok with me. He was willing to “show me the ropes.” There had been a few times when I got this far with a prospect for my first time. But I always chickened out or “flaked.” But I read that in this kind of situation you have to go before you change your mind.

So I got up and jumped in the shower. I shampooed and washed up like usual but this time, I brought in some baby oil with me. I squeezed a good amount on the tips of my finger and ran them between my ass cheeks. The feeling of my fingers running over my rosebud gave me quite a hard on. I slid a finger in and massaged around to make sure it was nice and clean for my Black Stallion. I thought, “I’m going to go through with this!” and got down on my knee while I played with my ass. Sliding my finger in and out of it, visualizing my stallion slowly fucking me from behind, my raging hard on was begging to be touched. But I thought better of it. In the past, I’d jerk off after the emails and then lost the nerve. But not this time, this time I was going to do it. I would go over to his place and let him have his way with me. Show me the ropes and how awesome sex with another man would be.I finished up and got dressed. I grabbed a couple condoms and a small bottle of lube before heading out.

20 minutes later, I was at his house. It was nice. Two story in a picture perfect suburban neighborhood. Taking deep breathes I told myself, “You can do this. You’ve always wanted to and now’s your chance.” I got out and walked to the front door. Before I got there it opened up and I saw him. He was tall, 6’2” with a bit of a belly. Well dressed with slacks and a polo shirt. He smiled and welcomed me in. We sat in the living room Ankara escort making small talk and then he got up to make some drinks. He explained that his wife passed away 10 years ago and could never think to be with another woman. So I guess men were up for grabs. He sat back down next to me and handed me the drink. Since I was so nervous, I pretty much downed it before he even took his second sip.

See how nervous I was, he said, “Relax…I’m not going to hurt you. We’re just going to sit back and have some fun. If at any point you want to leave, you can.” I nodded and asked if I could have another drink. He said, “Sure, why don’t you help yourself. It’s right over there.” I got up to make myself another rum and coke. As I poured the rum into my glass of ice, I felt him come up behind me. He put both of his hands on my shoulders and gave them a little squeeze. And then ran his hands down my shoulder blades, down my back, and over my hips.

“You are the finest piece of white ass I’ve ever seen, boy.” He whispered in my ear as he pulled me into his body. Embracing me from behind, I could feel his cock on my lower back. I’m only 5’9” and felt tiny compared to him. His hands ran under my shirt and up my torso. He quietly moaned and the kissed me on my neck. Then he whispered, “Let’s go to my room cutie.” He led me upstairs and into his massive bedroom. The furniture was Victorian and the lamps were dimmed low, making the room inviting. I was facing the bed and he was once again behind me. His hands slowly moving up and down my body as if they were studying every inch of it, he was enjoying the sensation he felt through his fingers. He took off my shirt and shorts. I hadn’t been wearing underwear and it made him smile. He stepped back and was admiring me as he undressed. A minute later I felt him against me again. His 7” cock was rubbing against the split of my ass. Moving it up and down, teasing me, I turned around and took it in my hands. Gently stroking it, I thought, “the first real cock I’ve touch that wasn’t my own.” Looking into his eyes, he had a faraway look with a slight smile.

I got to my knees and licked the length of his manhood, feeling the velvety texture again my tongue. I did it a couple more times before putting the tip of his cock in my mouth. I gave it a little suck as I pulled Ankara escort bayan back. I got a reaction out of him so I did it again. Every time I did it I took more and more of his cock in my mouth. I made sure to push up with my tongue a little bit as I pulled back from it. I couldn’t believe I was sucking a cock. After a minute precum was seeping out and I just kept sucking and swallowing it as it come out. My right hand held his cock as my left massaged his balls. He was enjoying it.

“Yea…that’s it. Suck it baby. Feels so good. You’re a natural…Oooooo…” He cooed as he put a hand on my head and was gentle pushing me to do more. His hips were starting to move with the pace of me blowing him. Finally he stopped me and said that was enough. He stood me up and embraced me. Our cocks touching each other felt so erotic too me. I started to kiss his chest while he was feeling up and down my back. He grabbed my ass a couple time and even gave it a swat.

“Go stand over there and bend over baby.” He said while point to the foot of the bed. I complied and “assumed the position.” I walked over to a dresser and got out some lube. He came back over to me and I watched him admire me like a wolf after a sheep. He put some on his cock and then dripped some at the top of my ass. With his left hand he put on my shoulder while with his right he started to work it between my ass. I moaned softly as I felt his strong hands ran over my asshole. Squirming with anticipation, I bent over a little more. He slid in his middle finger and I thought I was explode right then. But he worked it in and out, slowly going deeper with he stride. Then he insert a second finger, expanding my anus a little more. I was now moaning a little louder. The words, “Yea…that feels good.” Escaped my mouth.

“Oh it’s about to feel even better.” He said and then I felt the tip of his manhood at the entrance of my hole. The head slid in and I felt the fire. I gripped the footboard and gritted my teeth. There was no way I’d back out now. He must have noticed me because he stopped for a second and the tried again. This time I really tried to relax and the tip was now in me.

“I’m getting fucked…” I thought to myself. And I felt his cock slowly push deeper into me. “Oooooooooo” came through my mouth as his hands were on my hips Escort Ankara as it to keep me steady.
“That’s right baby, just relax…” He said softly. I pushed back towards him and let him know I could handle it. The feeling of a cock in me was better than I thought. The sensation that was in me felt as if it was in my stomach. I felt my black stallion’s body flush with mine. He was all the way in me. He slowly pulled out a couple inches and then glided back in. I couldn’t help but let out a “Mmmmmmmm.” His hands were now running up and down my back. Then he whispers:

Him: Tell me to fuck you baby.
Me: Mmmmm…fuck me.
Him: How do you want me to fuck you?
Me: Fuck my ass real good.
Him: Does my cock feel good in your ass?
Me: Mmmm Yes…
Him: Say “Fuck me please.”
Me: Fuck me please.
Him: Now say, “Fuck me nigger.”
Me: Fuck me…
Him: …nigger. Say it.
Me: Fuck me…nigger.
Him: Again…
Me: Fuck me…nigger.
Him: Again.
Me: Fuck me nigger
Him: Again!
Me: Fuck me nigger!

With every thrust came the words. At first I was a bit in shock at what he wanted me to say but the hell with it. He was really starting to fuck me and I didn’t care as long as he didn’t stop. He pounded my ass. The sounds of me screaming, “FUCK MY FUCKING ASS NIGGER!” and his body slapping against my ass filled the room. He then yelled, “You like my black cock in you! Take it white boy!” All I could do was scream yes in return. I felt like I was losing it. He was ramming his cock into me relentlessly with iron grips on my ass. I couldn’t take it anymore. I barely touched my own cock and I came. Shooting out my jizz like a hydrant, I felt him tense up and then he filled up my anus with his cum. He leaned against me for support as he emptied his cock inside me. I felt the twitches and cum run down my legs. He pulled his limp cock out of my ass and went into the master bath. He came out with a couple towels and handed me one. We cleaned off and I wiped my semen off of his foot board. We tossed the towels to the side and hugged each other. He didn’t try to kiss me or anything and I was fine with that. He held me tight and then gave my mass a squeeze. He told me I did a great job and that he’d like it if we could do it on a regular basis. I didn’t hesitate. We schedule our next meeting a couple days out as I got dressed. As I was leaving, I knew that I would never go back to women.