Cutting the Grass

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Cutting the GrassIntroI grew up in a part of town that was perpetually on the edge of gentrifying you could say. There were traces of what used to be seedy area close to my High School, but overall it was safe. One day in early May of my Senior Year, I overheard some real alternative guys (think 90’s hippies) talk about getting into the Adult Book Store, Secret Treasures, that was in the more seedy part of the strip. They were talking about nudie mags, sex toys and even a theatre. I heard one guy describe the manager as some kind of a perv and just let them walk in without paying.I have to admit I was immediately curious and pretty turned on about what Secret Treasures sounded like. That Friday on my way home from class, I ducked inside and went up the stairs into the Adult Book Store. Sure enough the pervy manager was at the front and with a leer he buzzes me into the back of the shop. I see a sign in the long hallway with doors to peep rooms – tokens available at the vending machine – but I kept going, following the sign pointing to the theatre.As I step inside and passing through a ratty looking velvet curtain and into the darkness could make out about 10 rows of seats, with two dudes down near the front watching the flick and that was about it. I took a seat in the middle and started watching – looked to be threesome with two guys and a woman. The guys looked fairly skinny, but the blonde woman had huge tits! They’re switching positions from time to time when suddenly one dude starts sucking the other dude off. Hmmmm, I thought. I don’t know if it was the excitement of just being naughty by being in the theatre, but I started getting really hard.All of a sudden, I could tell that someone was trying to get my attention. I looked around and noticed a larger, solidly built older man in his early 60s in a plaid sweatervest. He was mostly bald but with white hair around his crown and a neatly trimmed beard and wearing glasses. “Is anybody sitting here?” he asks. I can only look up, mildly stunned and just shrugged – who was I to tell him he couldn’t sit there?He takes a seat next to mine and we sit in silence. I can see him rubbing his crotch through his corduroys. My own shorts were fair bursting themselves, so I figured since he was doing it it would be okay if I did as well. After a few minutes of this, the stranger reaches over and his hand brushes away my own to replace it, gently stroking my dick through the fabric of my cargo shorts. A few minutes after that, he takes my arm by the wrist and places it in his lap – why not return the favour I thought – it felt so very good to feel his fingers caress mine, and I certainly didn’t want him to stop what he was doing, so I started to tease the bulge in his pants. I feel myself starting to pant and a glowing ache was starting to build up in my balls by this point and I think this stranger could could tell.”How about I help you out there?” and with that he takes it upon himself and undoes my cargo shorts button, peeling them down along with my boxers and under my bum to release my cock which was standing straight up and I’m sure was glowing bright red. With a wink, he lowers his mouth down onto my cock and I feel it slip past his mustache and greeted by his tongue.My head and eyes roll back in just pure ecstasy. I can sense that familiar feeling and with three quick deep sucks, I hit my breaking point and just start shooting my cum into his mouth. writhing in my seat and moaning in pleasures.As soon as my orgasm subsided panic set in – what have I just done?! I quickly tuck my spit and cum covered wet softening dick back into my shorts, and bolt out of there – the shame and embarrassment were all consuming the entire walk home – it felt as if everyone I passed on the street knew what I just did and were judging me for it. As I get in through the front door, I race up to my room. That whole night, I couldn’t really focus on my homework, but when I laid down in bed, there was nothing I could do to stop myself from jacking off that to visions of the porn I had just seen. I tried to push the thoughts of the dude sucking the other dude off and visions of that older gentleman winking at me before I exploded my cum into his mouth – but they just kept coming back. Eventually I blew my second load that day with the stranger clearly in my mind.SaturdayThe next morning around 9, I was taking my cereal through to the living room when the doorbell gaziantep escort rang. I was right there so I open the door and right there before me is the Stranger from the Theatre standing there a good many inches taller than I and a bunch of weight heavier. He was quite an imposing and startling sight. On his face he wore a particularly sly grin. In his right hand, he was holding up my wallet – shit! In my escape from the theatre it must have fallen out of my back pocket as I jumped up out of my chair.”I believe this might belong to you young man” – I was too stunned to say a single word. As he said this my mom walked behind me with a load of laundry.”Just returning your son’s wallet – found it under a tree outside of St. Jude High” he said to her.”Bless you so much for returning it! He’s just awful at losing things! Jay, I’m throwing in a dark load if you have anything you want to get washed.” With that she kept on towards the laundry room.”You and I need to have a little chat, young man, about some unfinished business. I expect you to visit me at my house this afternoon at exactly 1pm- he handed me a neatly folded piece of paper. Tell anyone who asks, that you offered to cut my grass. I strongly encourage you to consider what the consequences might be if you fail to show.” His facial expression was deadly serious. With that he turned around and got into a nice looking Lincoln and drove away. Still stunned, I looked at the piece of paper in my hand – on it was written his address – fairly close to school and not too far from the Adult Book Store.What was the unfinished business he wanted to talk about? My mind started racing from what did he want to talk to me about to what possible consequences would happen if I didn’t go? He just wanted to chat right? That’s what he said. All morning that’s all I could think about, this and what he and I had done yesterday, I don’t know if it was fear or hornyness, but my heart was racing out of excitement or godknowswhat! I made my excuses to my parents why I couldn’t go with them grocery shopping and explained that I offered to cut that man’s grass as a thank you for returning my lost wallet.My First SessionThe address on the neatly folder paper led me to a well kept house and garden on a quiet street. I had to pass by both my high school and the Adult Book Store to get here, but this area of the neighbourhood was definitely a lot quieter and taken care of. My heart was pounding as I leaned my bike up against the wall on the front porch and rang the doorbell. The time on my watch read 12:58. He answered the door in a blue silk robe and held the door open and ushered me inside. “Sit down on the sofa”. I did as I was told and sat down on the near side, almost cowering into the corner, my legs pressed firmly together and sitting on my hands. With my head bowed down in silence, I watched his legs stride past me as he took a seat beside me on the middle cushion.He was the master of his domain, calmly and with great presence, he relaxed into a pose of power – confidently crossing his right leg over his left, adjusting his robe and belt modestly and extending his arm across the top of couch behind me. I could feel his gaze on me but I was too scared to even look up.”I’m pleased to see that you decided to come over this afternoon. Now Jay, was yesterday your first time at the little theatre?””yyesss, it was” I managed to squeek out.”Well, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost, it is terribly bad manners to just up and sk**dadle out once you’ve started something with someone. From meeting your mother this morning, I find it hard to believe that she would raise someone with bad manners.” He leaned over and took my chin between his thumb and finger and turned my head to face him. “You’ve been taught good manners, haven’t you?”With his hand still on my chin, I nodded my head. “So good to hear that Jay, because our little encounter yesterday, interrupted though it was, had me quite aroused and feeling rather disappointed and unfulfilled, if you catch my drift. In that type of environment, I’m a little more giving than in other scenarios. I’m actually quite selfish if you can believe that. So image how put out I feel after I gave you what appeared to be a world shaking orgasm, admit it, you came very very hard, and I didn’t even get so much as a thanks from you in return. Well today, I’m going to have giresun escort you fix that and make amends.”At this point, my eyes widened once I realized exactly what he wanted. “But I’m not gay!” I declared…somewhat without conviction. “Neither am I” he replied, “I don’t subscribe to such labels, I just enjoy sex.”. Fear took over and I stood up quickly, but he was ready for me this time, grabbing me firmly by my wrist.”Before you go, and you can leave at any time, just consider our respective choices. You can remain here with me and do exactly as you are told and we can keep our little encounter just between toi et moi. Or, you can choose to get on your bike and go home. However, I don’t think I could just leave it at that. I’m quite angry as you can tell and perhaps I should need to tell your mother why I am so angry, or perhaps….Jenna as well? What if someone put up posters around St. Jude High with a message “Jay loves gay – see him at the Theatre” Shit! He knows about Jenna, shit…she’s my new crush and I just got her number on Thursday and I left it in my wallet! I was trembling just thinking of how what he was saying would ruin my entire life!I sunk back down into the sofa and began to cry. He moved closer to me and pulled me into his embrace “There there, Jay, I think you’ve made the right choice in staying here with me today. Shhhhh, stop crying. I think you’ll find what we do together not as bad as you think.” I cuffed away the tears and sniffled a little bit.”First we will need to establish some ground rules. I demand and expect your absolute obedience to my directions and commands no matter what.. I will not tolerate disobedience. Do you understand?” I nodded in agreement.”What was that? When you answer, I want to hear ‘Yes, Sir’.””yes, Sir” I responded.”Good. You may address me as either Sir or Master. Make no mistake of who is in control here. Secondly, you will ask permission for everything and anything. If you need to use the toilet, you must ask permission. If you want to touch yourself, you must ask permission. Understood? Third, you will be grateful and express thanks for each measure of discipline or reward I receive. If you do something poorly or are needlessly slow in obeying a command, you will receive appropriate discipline. If you exceed my expectation, you will be praised as a reward. Understood? Good. Finally, you are free to leave any time as we discussed. We are free to make choices, however if you choose to be here, you must submit to me and follow my instructions. Are you in agreement, boy?”Yes sir” I agreed. Oh what have I gotten myself into?! What did he mean by discipline?”Lovely, then there’s no time like the present to get started. When you are in my house, you will be either naked or in clothes I provide you. Stand up and get undressed”. I hesitated for a second. “I said, stand up and get undressed. I will not repeat myself a third time. You know what the consequences will be.”I quickly got to my feet and pulled my shirt over my head before undoing the button to my shorts and let them fall to the floor. I noticed that my wallet stayed in the pocket this time. I turned away from Him as I pulled my boxer shorts down and left my hands in front of my junk as I turned back around.”Lift your arms in the air”. I did as I was told and I went beet red in the cheeks as I stood there fully exposed. My teenage cock had betrayed me and started to rise to attention. What was it doing?! David let out a little chuckle noticing my embarassment. “Well it seems someone is happy to see me. Hello there little guy, remember me from yesterday?” he joked. “Good. Now turn around, bend over and place your palms on the coffee table”. I complied and behind me I could hear him readjust on the couch and then I started in surprise as I felt his strong hands grab my ass cheeks and pull them apart to examine my asshole. His index finger traced a path down my ass crack, across my puckered hole and along my hanging ballsack – I shivered at the feeling.”That’s quite nice. A very tight virgin hole you have, Jay. Stand up straight now.” He placed his hand on my now fully erect cock and gripping it tightly pulled me towards the centre of the living room. “On your knees now, with your hands behind your back.” I was quick to obey and was rewarded with a soft run of his fingers through my hair and behind my ear. David removed the sash that tied his silk escort bayan robe and placed it over my eyes to blindfold me. I was trembling in anticipation as the seconds passed in near silence. I could sense that he had stepped away and had now returned, the air displaced by his movements brushing against my naked skin.”Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” was the command. I let my jaw relax and pushed my tongue out. Against my right cheek, I could feel something soft, warm, and fleshy begin the trace the outline of my face, down my cheek, under my bottom lip and then back up the other side. Sir laid his cock right along my nose, between my eyes and onto my forehead, I could taste some saltiness as I realised it was his ballsack that was resting on my exposed tongue. “This is Sir’s cock. You will treat it with the utmost care and attention. You will worship it. You will learn to love it.” “Yes Sir, I will”.He let out a laugh, almost too pleased with how this was going. He began to slap his cock against my tongue, then back and forth across my face. “Do you like it when I beat you with my cock, Jay?” “Yes Sir, I do”. It felt very meaty and big by the sheer weight of it being hoisted up and then allowing it to fall back down onto my red blindfolded face. He positioned it right on the tip of my tongue and then his left hand grabbed the hair at the back of my head. “Do you want to suck Sir’s cock now?” “Yes Sir, please let me suck Sir’s cock.” “Very good. Here it is boy” and with that he pulled my open mouth down onto his outstretched meat. My wet lips closed around the shaft and by curling my tongue I could create more space to accommodate His member. He began to fuck my mouth with a slow rhythm, neither going too deeply nor pulling out past the head. I could feel a lot of skin around the head…was he uncircumcised? He took His hand away and I kept bobbing my head up and down his shaft the way he had just taught me to do. There was more cock there that I wasn’t getting into my mouth, that I could be sure of, but I could feel and smell some aroma coming from what could be a thick mass of pubic hair. I could hear Sir start to moan and feel him thrust his hips in time with the rhythm of my sucking. With no word of a lie, I was super turned on and dying to take my cock in my hand start jerking it off while I sucked this cock, however I remembered the ground rules and didn’t want to break them. “Fuck yes, boy, hmmmmm that’s good” was my reward.He grabbed the back of my head again with his left hand and held it steady so he could properly fuck my mouth. I kept my lips as tight as I could over my teeth to protect Sir’s cock from harm. Spit was escaping out the sides of my mouth on each thrust and was running down my face to drip on my chest. I could feel him getting closer and closer to orgasm and now I was urging him on to cum with my own little whimpers and moans of excitement.Finally he pulled his cock fully out of my mouth and repositioned himself. “Close your eyes, tilt your head back and open your mouth as wide as you can, slut.” After I had obeyed, the blindfold was pulled off – “Don’t you dare open your eyes boy” he warned me. I could hear and feel him beating off furiously just milimetres from my face. “Uhhhnnnn Uhnnnn uuuuhhhh” he groaned loadly and suddenly ropes of hot gooey cum landed right across my face and shot into my mouth. My face felt completely drenched in Sir’s cum and I could taste that particular taste of semen. Sir used his cock like a paintbrush to leave the last drops from its hole on my tongue. With a few last shakes, he was drained. “Now there’s a beautiful sight. A cute young slut’s face dripping with his Master’s cum. But let’s not let any go to waste, no?” With a finger he corralled the strings of jizz and fed it to me. I sucked hard each time his finger appeared at my lips, gathering his cum in my mouth. “Gargle it for me. Good. Now swallow it down and show me that it’s gone” I did as I was told and then open wide to display my empty mouth.”Open your eyes and smile Jay!” He said in a cheery voice. As I opened my eyes and let them adjust to the light after being in darkness so long, I could see that he was holding a video camera in his left hand. He hit the stop record button and then put the video camera away in a cupboard. I was shocked and didn’t know how to respond. “Don’t worry Jay, if you play by my rules, that little homevideo of ours will be kept just between you and me. We’ll watch it together sometime.” He took a towel that was on the mantle and wiped me down before handing me my clothes. “Get dressed. Here, take this” and he handed me a $20 bill, “I expect to see you again next Saturday when you come to “cut the grass”.”