D.O.T. Shutdown 1987

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D.O.T. Shutdown 1987D.O.T. Shutdown 1987Once we came up on this open weigh station and had to go in. We were in line behind a couple other trucks and when we pulled onto the scale a D.O.T. officer got on the side of our truck after they weighed us. He looked to be a handsome bald black guy with broad shoulders and a nice smile. He looked into the cab, I was driving my wife just woke up and was sitting in the passenger seat with a shirt and panties on. My wife has large breasts and she didn’t have a bra on under her shirt. The officer asked to see my log book and I was a couple days behind. We had just left our house and I forgot to bring the log book up after a weekend at home. The officer told me to go around back and bring my log book, registration, and bingo card in for further inspection. I pulled around back the wife got a bra on and a skirt. We got the needed paperwork and went into the weigh station together. The officer looked at all of our paperwork and then told me since the log book was behind we had to go to bed for 8 hours, he shut us down. He explained that the weigh station would close in a few hours but if they found us leaving the weigh station or on the road they would take me to jail. While in the weigh station we noticed two officers in there. One officer stated he was going to lunch and left. We had only been on the road for two hours and certainly didn’t feel like sleeping. I got my log book up to date.My wife said she had to pee. She went into the weigh station and asked the officer if she could use the restroom. He was facing away from her and said the restroom is for employees tokat escort only. She asked what she could do then since she had to pee. He turned and looked at her and was staring at her tits. Her nipples were hard and could be seen through her shirt. He walked up to the counter and looked her in the eye and then down at her beautiful tits. He looked again at her and she said “I really have to pee”. He said ok go ahead and use the restroom but don’t tell anyone else and winked at her. While she was in the bathroom he closed the weigh station. When she emerged from the bathroom the last truck was pulling off the scale. He looked at her and started small talk with her. She noticed a few other trucks going past the weigh station so she knew he had closed it. He asked her if he could ask a personal question and said it is embarrassing but he had to know and she said sure. He asked her how big her breasts were. She said 54 triple F. He said he would love to see those without the shirt. She pushed her chest out towards him and smiled. He looked towards the bathroom. She went into the bathroom and raised her shirt. He approached her gazing in amazement. He asked can I, and reached out towards her and she pushed her tits into his palms. He rubbed them and she noticed now he had a raging hard on in his pants she rubbed his cock through his pants and he melted. He quickly removed his pants and she pulled her skirt up and slid her panties down, he approached her from behind and let his large hard cock enter her from behind. He started slowly pumping his cock in and out she bent over just a little more holding escort tokat onto the wall as he ramped up the speed in which his cock was going in and out. He reached around and was playing with her huge tits. She said “STOP! What if someone comes in” he pulled his cock out and locked the doors she asked about his partner and he said he wasn’t coming back. He lifted her onto the counter and now was facing towards her and eased between her legs with his big hard on pushing at the entrance of her pussy. She opened her legs as far as she could and let him slide into her again. Now she was wet and wanting him to fuck her harder. She kept telling him harder, harder and finally he was fucking her as hard and fast as he could soon she came and squirted on his hard thrusting cock. There was her juices running onto the counter and down to the floor, their thighs slapping together with every thrust. She got down off the counter and bent over his office chair and he walked up behind her again and entered her from the rear. They fucked like this for what seemed like an hour but was only about fifteen minutes then he said he was about to cum and started pulling out she said “nooooo fill me with your cum”. At first he was hesitant and asked if she could get pregnant and she said no then he let lose flooding her pussy with his hot cum. She felt his erection going down as he pulled out. She turned around and sat in the chair taking his now limp cock into her mouth and started sucking his cock. She sucked him until he was hard again and ready to fuck once more. He then got down on his knees took her legs tokat escort bayan and put one then the other over his shoulders and then eased his cock into her again. They fucked like this for about ten minutes when he exploded in her again. She came at the same time this time with both of their juices combining and splashing onto the floor as he thrust his cock in and out of her. His cock went limp again and he told her I better get going.She said ok and he looked out the window and said “you and your old man can go ahead and leave as long as his log book is up to date” she asked are you sure we don’t want to get in trouble by your partner and he said he is off duty. She said that wasn’t why she came into the building and he said “I know”. She thanked him as she left the building. Walking up to our truck I could see a smile on her face. I wondered what took her so long it was about an hour and fifteen minutes since she went in I figured they were talking. She climbed up into the cab and said we can go. I said what?? And looked at her confused but now I could smell the hint of sex. I asked her what had happened and she explained what went down, I was laughing as we pulled out of that weigh station. We got off the highway about 5 miles down at a truck stop and pulled into a parking spot closed the curtains around the windshield and were in each others arms before we knew it we were both naked and I got between her legs and shoved my hard cock deep into her pussy. I could feel his cum lubricating her pussy and fucked her hard until I exploded load after load into her pussy. We sat and talked about the whole scenario that took place and she told me the whole story. It made me hard again so we fucked again. We went into the truck stop got a shower together. Now all nice and clean we got back to our truck and set off to get our load delivered.