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DAD AND SON GET MARIARay and his 18-year old son were more like friends than father and son. Greg was advanced for his age and Ray wasn’t able to give up the wild days of his youth. They were into the same activities and liked the same sports and music. Ray sometimes joined Greg on a Saturday night out with friends. Greg’s friends were queasy at first but soon learned that Ray was discrete, thought the same way, and acted more like a virile teenager than an older married man: downing the suds, telling dirty jokes and ogling the girls and making rude comments, like “nice ass.”Maria, Greg’s older sister, was feminine like her mother. She was not as openly sociable, though she had a charming personality that went well with her pixie haircut, beautiful face, normal-sized but perky 34C breasts, and a well-shaped tight ass that sat on super legs. Her relation with her dad and Greg was congenial but not close; they had little in common. Ray and Greg were more hot and gross; Maria more nice and sweet. Both Ray and Greg viewed Maria like they did all other girls, something to ogle and make sly comments about and lust after. Ray would make comments like, “That hottie over there has great tits, just like your sister!” Or, with a friendly elbow to his ribs, “Ever get a peek of your sister’s titties? Ever catch her naked in the shower? Ever “accidentally” bump into her and rub her ass?”Greg would play along. “Never anything like that. I did pass her room once when her door was open and caught a glimpse of bare tits.””How’d they look? Were they perky? Big nipples? Look anything like your mother’s tits?” jumped Ray.Answered Greg, “Well, I haven’t seen mom’s tits, but Maria’s looked real nice. No way for me to know but 35 seems about right.”Ray rejoined, “I know she’s your sister and out of the question, but didja ever wonder what it’d be like to get in her pants?””Thought about it, but that’s all,” Greg chuckled.”I bet she’d be as hot as the other little hotties you chase?” kept up Ray.”No way for me to know,” Greg replied.Ray continued, “It’s just a fantasy, I know, but I bet you’d like to get in her pants and find out. I shouldn’t say it out loud but I fantasize about pussy other than your mother’s! I probably can’t do Maria but maybe you’d help me do one of your girlies sometime.”And so it went with nasty virile teenage banter – Ray acting less than his age and Greg acting more mature.Some weeks later Ray’s wife took off to spend a couple of weeks at her mother’s home to nurse her back after an operation. The afternoon of the Saturday she left Ray said to Greg, “Son, I’m going to have a talk with Maria later about her social life. She’s too old to not be social and I’m going to talk to her about birds and bees, so to speak, or how with her body she should be more active dating. If you’re not busy I could use your help for some of it.” Greg indicated he had nothing else to do.Maria didn’t have a date that night, like most nights, but after some athletic activities she took a late afternoon shower anyway. Just after entering the shower Ray went to her room, sat on her bed, and waited. With her mind clearly someplace else, Maria strolled back to her room after the shower toweling her hair with a bathrobe d****d over her shoulders. She was taken aback when she saw her dad.”Daddy, what are you doing here?” she shrieked as she tried to close her robe, though she fumbled with a heavy towel in her hand.”I’m sorry, baby; didn’t mean to scare you. I want to have a little talk with you,” Ray answered.”O.K.” she said, “Just let me get dressed.”Ray came back, “That’s O.K. It won’t take long. And you’ve got nothin’ I haven’t seen before… though your ass looks a lot better now than when you were young. C’mere and sit next to me.”Maria tentatively walked over to the bed unaware of her dad’s wide eyes and slight sneer and sat next to him. He continued, “I want to talk to you about sex and sexual things – birds and bees thing.” He didn’t wait for a response. “I want you to be totally truthful and open. You won’t get into any trouble for anything you say… you can trust me. How often do boys played with your tits?”The word ‘tits’ gave Maria pause and it took a moment to gain her senses. Still not sure what was going on she replied, “Hardly ever…””I bet lot have tried, though, huh, when you’re sitting in a car after a date?” Ray pressed”A few times a boy got his hand on my breast through my sweater.””Do you remember feeling anything while his hand was touching your tit? How did it feel?” Ray went on.Maria tentatively responded, “No, I don’t really remember. What’s this all about, Daddy?”Ray went on, “I’ve noticed you don’t go out a lot, and, as your father, I think at your age you’re missing out on a lot of fun.” After a brief pause, “Anyone put their hand on your crotch while you were making out?””No, no boy ever did that. I don’t make out much,” Maria protested.Ignoring the last statement Ray asked, “If not a boy, any girl ever touch you there, like when you were young or accidentally? Or have you ever touched another girl?””No, daddy,” she said strongly”I just want you to understand about these things. How often do you touch your own pussy?” Ray continued.She thought, Pussy?!? What is this? And exclaimed, “Daddy! No! I don’t do that.”Ray: “Really? All boys touch their dicks a lot when they’re growing up, and I know most girls do the same, though maybe not as often. You never rubbed between your legs… your pussy?””Maybe once or twice when I wasn’t even thinking about it. But that’s all.””Do you remember how it felt?””No, I don’t remember about it?”Maria was still confused though beginning to relax a bit after the first shock. She was oblivious to her robe falling further open.Ray said, “I probably shouldn’t say this, but you have great tits and it’s easy to imagine boys trying hard to get their hands on them.” Maria quickly tried to close her robe but Ray interceded. adiosbet yeni giriş “Actually it will help our talk if you leave it open. And as I said you have nothing I haven’t seen before… though like your ass your tits are now bigger, more beautiful, and more enticing.” As he spoke he pulled her robe open and ogled her tits. “Yeah, those are great tits, Maria. You shouldn’t keep them away from boys so much.” Maria was perplexed and just sat there without speaking. Ray continued, “The first lesson of my talk is how to pleasure yourself. Put both hands on your tits and squeeze them and roll your nipples between a thumb and finger.” Maria sat in a trance. “C’mon, baby. We don’t have all day.” Maria hypnotically placed her hands on her breasts and played with her nipples. “Keep that up for a minute or so, then tell me how it feels.”Maria stopped after many seconds and stared at Ray. He asked, “Did it feel good? You can tell me the truth.””It tingled a little,” she said stiffly.”Now I want you to open your robe fully… actually, here let me help you take it off,” Ray said and Maria could move pulled the robe off her shoulders and down her arms. “Now, lay back and I want you to slide a finger inside your pussy.” Maria stared wide-eyed. He continued, “It’s O.K. Believe me. Now quit wasting time.” and Ray grabbed her hand and put it on her pussy lips. “Stick a finger in it and pump it in and out and get some pussy juice on it, then pump it for a whole minute.”Ray was both surprised and impressed. Maria was finger fucking herself in front of him. Slowly and tentatively, maybe, but finger fucking none-the-less. “Keep it up, baby. I’m timing you.” After a minute he asked, “Does that feel good?””Yes, daddy, it does,” she mumbled.”Now put you finger on your clit and rub it tiny circles.””Clit?” she asked curiously.Ray reacted, “Yes, baby, your clit…, clitoris…, your pussy nub,” and he grabbed her hand and moved it until her finger was on the little bud. “This is it. Rub it slowly. And keep rubbing until I say stop.”In a state of oblivion, Maria manipulated her clitoris. After a minute Ray said, “This should feel best of all. Does it feel good?””Uuummm huh, daddy.””Now rub it harder and faster. This will be best of all. This will make you cum. Have you ever cum before?””Cum??””Ya know. Have an orgasm.””I don’t know, daddy.”Ray continued to watch. “Having an orgasm is the best part of dating boys…” Maria’s movements seemed a little jerky and off the mark. He grabbed her hand and put a finger over hers and directed her hand movement. “Like this.” Maria closed her eyes and began to squirm and moan. Ray backed off and let her continue on her own. “That’s it, baby. Work it hard and fast. Make yourself cum.” Maria let out a wail, convulsed her body, and probably the first time in her life yelled, “SHIT!” as she came. Ray commented, “You’re learning well. I bet you like how you made yourself feel and cum, huh?” She lay there panting without answering. “Rest for a minute. I’ll be right back. I have to get something for our next lesson,” he said as he quickly departed the room. In a minute Ray returned with Greg in tow.Maria cried, “Daddy! What’s Greg doing here? What’s going on?!?”Ray explained, “The first lesson was pleasuring yourself. The second lesson is getting pleasure from someone else. I asked your brother to help.””NO! NO! NO!” Maria shouted, grabbed her robe and headed for the door.”YES! YES! YES!” yelled Ray and grabbed her by the arms. He dragged her toward the bed, sat her down, and held her arms tight behind her facing the room and Greg. “I’m trying to help you here, little girl. Your brother is going to assist. Now shut the fuck up and do what the fuck I say! And quit wiggling or I’ll have to spank my little girl!” He asked Greg, “Does she look hot? Are you ready to help?””Yeah, pop. Looks real good: nice tits, super ass, and a pussy like candy,” Greg answered enthusiastically.”My thoughts exactly,” Ray sneered. He leaned forward and glared at his daughter. “You’re going to learn how to permit others to make you feel good. You’ll also pick up a little about making others feel good. You might not like it at first, but believe me, you’re going to love it before we’re done. In any case we’re going to do it, so get used to it. Don’t give your dad any shit or backtalk. If you do I’ll whip your naked ass with my belt and worse. Understand?”Maria sniffled and blubbered something. Ray shouted, “And fucking crying will get your ass beat, too.” Ray tightened his grip on his daughter and said to Greg, “Come tweak her titties and nipples and suck on her tits. Make her feel good. No pinching or stretching until later. Play with ’em for a few minutes.”Greg approached his squirming sister with a big snide grin on his face. “O.K. pops. Her tits look great. Is it O.K. if I sc**** my fingernails across her nipples? Some of the girls I know really like that. It makes nipples hard.”Ray answered, “That’s good, son.” Greg was massaging and squeezing Maria’s tits and tweaking her nipples. He put one in his mouth and sucked it. Then the other one. Then back and forth. He sucked on one tit and thumped and sc****d a fingernail over the nipple of the other one.”O.K. if I bite it a little?” he asked”Sure, son. Have at it,” his dad answered.Sure enough Maria stop most resistance and started to purr and moan to Greg’s manipulation. Greg kept it up. Then out of nowhere Maria shouted, “NO! STOP! STOP IT!”Ray yelled, “If you don’t let us do that, you get this.” and put a tremendous grip on a nipple, twisted and pinched it and stretched it hard. Maria shrieked in pain. Ray got right in her face. “Screaming won’t help. Nobody can hear you. You should know that I’d enjoy giving you pain and hearing you scream.” He released her nipple. “So be a good daughter, not a stupid shit and give me reason to do that again.”Maria muffled her sobbing. adiosbet giriş Ray said to Greg, “Forget her tits for now. Finger fuck her and see if she likes that.” Maria’s eyes got big as her brother jammed a finger up her pussy. Maria reflexively tried to close her legs and uttered, “No. You can’t do that. Stop it.” Her dad raised an open hand and slapped her hard across her face. “That’s just a reminder that you’re about to get your ass beat. If you don’t start fuckin’ cooperatin’ I’m gonna slap you silly then beat your ass. Don’t forget I’m your father and can do any fuckin’ thing to you I want.” Maria closed her mouth tight and muffled a few sobs. Ray turned to Greg, “Get that finger fuckin’ goin’. Rub her clit a little. And work until you get three fingers in her tight little pussy.” He looked at his daughter. “Your ass and tits are great but your pussy looks the best.” He glanced down then back to her face. “That’s a real inviting pussy you got there…”Greg finger fucked his sister with exuberance. Maria closed her eyes tight and didn’t make a sound. Ray observed closely as Greg attacked her pussy. His smile said that he was pleased with how it was going. “You’re doing a good job,” he said. “Is her pussy as tight as it looks? Is she getting juicy yet? Let’s see a little pussy juice.”Greg didn’t answer. He now had three fingers reaming her pussy ferociously. Squishing could be heard coming from Maria’s pussy but otherwise she remained quiet and still. Ray suggested, “Three fingers seem to be going with ease. Get four fingers in her and stretch her pussy a little.” Greg’s cone-shaped fingers now invaded her pussy. Maria started a moan a couple of times but turned her head and stifled it with eyes and mouth clamped shut.Ray said, “Let me see how she’s doin’,” and his fatter fingers replaced Greg’s. He pumped all four of them in her pussy with force. He teased Maria, “Can you feel this? Do you feel daddy’s fingers up your pussy? How does it feel?”Maria said nothing and her only movement was a slight shaking her head back and forth even though Ray no longer held her down. Ray sneered, “It’s up to you. If you’re not interested in feeling good you can at least learn how to make men feel good, and that’s probably the most important. Of all the things girls do, they’re best at pleasing men. The best way to do that is with pussy.” He asked Greg, “Ever pop a girl’s cherry, son?” Maria was briefly wide-eyed.”I really don’t know for sure,” he answered.Ray continued, “Well I have. I’ve probably taken a half-dozen cherries in my time, including your mom’s. Your sister is still cherry I’m sure, and I’m going to let you do the honors. You hold her while I get my pants off and I’ll hold her while you remove yours.” When Ray got undressed he walked up to Maria’s face and snarled, “Open your eyes.” She opened her eyes and Ray put his cock right in her face. “Look at this, little girl. This is a real cock and what your pussy makes feel good. Feel it.” Maria paused and shook her head no. Ray slapped her face hard twice and yelled, “I said feel it!” Maria slowly moved her hand to her dad’s cock. “That’s good,” Ray said. “Good for now, You’ll get to hold it longer a little later.” He then grabbed her so Greg could get his pants off. His cock sprung out and was hard as a rock. It was as big, maybe bigger, than his dad’s.”That thing will work great,” he complimented Greg. “Let’s do her. Spread her legs, jam that thing in her pussy, pop her cherry, and then fuck the shit out of her.” Maria put up faint resistance and quietly began whimpering as Greg roughly stuck his cock all the way in her pussy. Maria couldn’t help but whine and wince but quickly stoically quieted down. A trickle of blood escaped her pussy. Greg began fucking her hard, impressing Ray with his ability, except for his finishing in less than two minutes.Greg withdrew and Ray got in position. Maria was no longer held and was not moving. She continued to whimper and a small tear could be seen. Ray loudly reminded her, “I said no fuckin’ crying. I don’t like little girls that cry while they’re being fucked. Stop it now and grow the fuck up, or I’ll turn you over and beat you ass before I fuck you.” Out of abject fear Maria managed to stifle her sobbing. “That’s better,” Ray went on. “Now you’re goin’ to get fucked again. Your daddy is going to fuck you. Are you ready to take daddy’s cock in your cunt?”There was no answer but she looked askance at her Dad. That’s right, sweetie,” he continued, “It’s no longer a pussy or vagina; it’s a cunt… just cunt… you’re just a cunt.” He then commanded, “Say after me. Say it so Greg and me can hear, ‘I have a cunt. My cunt is ready for your cock.'” He slapped her hard again across the face. “Say it!”In an audible whisper Maria stammered, “I have a cunt… it’s… ready for your… cock.”Ray responded, “That’s good. You are going to be a fun daughter and sister.” He stuck his seven hard inches in and fucked her with long slow strokes as he teased her. “You should be proud. You have a tight warm pussy that makes cocks feel good. Me and your brother are going to love fucking your cunt. But you have to participate. Wrap your legs around my back and rise up to meet my cock when it thrusts into your cunt. And one more thing: as I fuck you I want you to repeat over and over, ‘fuck me; fuck me; fuck me.’ Do it now until I’m done, and don’t make me slap your face.”Ray reciprocated his cock in and out of his daughter’s pussy. She dutifully, if hesitantly, kept quietly repeating, “fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… ” Ray turned to Greg and snickered, “Hear that, son. Your sister wants to be fucked. We’ll just have to do what she wants, eh?” Ray fucked her for fifteen minutes. Because of his skill and to Maria’s chagrin, she had two orgasms that she couldn’t help.Ray pulled his cock out. “That was really good,” he cooed to Maria. “And don’t try to adiosbet güvenilirmi fool me, little girl. You like it. I saw your body shake and cum because of my cock. Don’t try to tell me it didn’t make you feel good. It did… really good… TWICE in one fuck. Whadda ya say to that my little slut of a cock-loving daughter!? Do you know that?.. know that you’re now a full-fledged cock hungry slut? You have a talented cunt that men will love. And count on using it. Your brother and me are going to fuck your sweet cunt a lot. And I’m going to insist you let one or two of your boyfriends get in your pants. I’m sure Greg has some friends that would love fuckin’ ya. I know some of my older man friends would drool over getting a piece of your ass. So get used to it. Overnight you’re going from virgin to slut. A slut that me and your brother own and will do anything with anyone we say. I’m proud of you baby; you learned very good and fast. I’m looking forward to you making us all happy by fucking the shit out of us, morning, noon, and night.” Maria just stared at her father.”One last thing for now,” Ray continued. A fuck is not over until it’s cleaned up. A cock gets covered with cunt juice and man cum. It has to be cleaned. Take Greg’s cock in your mouth and lick and suck it clean.”Maria shrieked, “No, daddy! I can’t. I can’t do that! I won’t do that! That’s gross!”Ray said nothing. He just got up, rolled Maria over on her stomach with her legs overhanging the bed, told Greg to hold her down, pulled his belt out of his pants, and gave her six powerful whacks on her ass and the back of her legs. Maria wailed and cried uncontrollably and begged her dad to not hurt her. Ray got in her face. “You’re getting’ twelve more lashes unless you promise, right now, that you’ll never disobey or refuse me and do everything I tell you to do.”After a pause, Maria muttered through her sobs, “I promise.””Louder! And you promise what?” Ray yelled.Another brief pause. “I promise to always obey you… “Ray said, “That’s good. Now take Greg’s cock in your mouth and kiss it clean. Don’t worry. It only takes a few seconds. And there’s nothing gross about kissing a cock that makes you feel so good. You’ll learn how suck a cock for real later.” Greg’s cock was in her mouth. With some awkwardness she licked and sucked it for a few seconds. “Now mine,” ordered Ray. She put his in her mouth. She licked and sucked it for a few seconds, but when she started to remove it Ray forced her head to keep it in. “A little more…” Ray started to face fuck her, pulling her head back by her hair and ramming his cock down her throat until she gagged. He face fucked her for three minutes while giving more instructions. “The next thing you’ll learn is how to suck off cocks, take cocks deep in your throat, and swallow loads of cum. Then over the next few days I’ll teach you how to jack off cocks, get fucked in your ass, get yourself off while men watch, get fucked by other things than cocks… starting with carrots and working up to wine bottles and baseball bats, and fucking more than one at the same time. Then later you’ll learn how to eat pussy.” Maria was frozen in a daze. He pulled his cock out and stuck it in Maria’s face. “Kiss it and look directly at my cock and thank it for fucking you.” She paused. Ray whacked an open hand hard across her face. “Do it! And when you say exactly want I said, yell it loudly!” She sobbed and moved slowly to kiss the head of his cock. Then, looking right at it, yelled at the top of her lungs, “Thank you for fucking me!”Ray and Greg got dressed. Ray announced that it’s time to eat. He told Maria to wash herself up but not put on any clothes other than slippers. “Not a stitch,” he emphasized. Maria looked at him askance. “Remember that Greg and I can fuck you anytime we want. Of course it wouldn’t do when your mother is around, but she’s won’t be here for a couple of weeks, and we can get a lot of fuckin’ in in that time. We won’t want to wait while you get your clothes off. So for the rest of the day, and the next two weeks, when you’re in the house you stay naked so we can fuck you the second we want to. Is this perfectly clear?””Yes,” she mumbled.Ray added, “And, just so you know: don’t really count on your mother to protect you. You don’t know it but your mother is a bigger slut that you are. But even if you tried, I’d whip your ass and flood your old high school with pictures of large cocks in your mouth – just for the fun of it.” He didn’t wait for a response.Ray and Greg dressed and headed for the kitchen. They high-fived. “How was it, son? Is your sister a great piece of ass or what? Are we a team?””It was great,” Greg replied.”Ray responded, “Glad you had a good time. Your sister is going to be a great fuck, huh.””Yeah!” Greg enthused.Ray turned his head, “You’re going to fuck anytime we want, aren’t you, sweetie?” Maria hesitantly nodded. “And a non-stop cock sucker for me, your brother, and our friends?” Maria just stared. “Yeah, cunt. You’re too good to keep to ourselves so like I said you’ll be fucking our friends – Greg’s buddies and my older men friends – sometimes at the same time.”They strolled to the kitchen acting like a couple of teenagers with Maria shuffling slowly behind. Ray quizzed Greg, “Tell me son: ever sneak a peek at your mother’s tits or pussy? Ever fantasize about fucking her, or having your cock sucked-off?””Not much,” Greg answered with embarrassment.”Just wondering,” Ray explained. “Ya know she loves cock and is one hot fuck. That’s what she’s best at, along with sucking cock.” He patted Greg’s groin, “She could really suck that cock of yours, and I guarantee she’s fantasized about it. She’s almost always thinking about cock. Hey! A mother-daughter fuck and suck tag team might be a helluva lot of fun.” To Maria, “Would you like that, daughter slut? Lying along side your slut mother as you both get fucked royally by me, her son, and our friends?” He stopped, reached back and squeezed a nipple hard. “Tell me you’d like that, slut!””I’d like that, daddy,” she shrieked with a hint of remorse.”Afterward you could entertain us by sucking all the cum out of your mother’s well-used cunt…”