Dad Teaches his Daughter Pt. 02

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After an hour, and no nibbles on the line, Suzanne and her Dad decided to take a break. The heat was starting to get uncomfortable, and the sight of his daughter’s body gleaming with sweat and sunscreen kept Dad in a constant state of horniness.

Suzanne was starting to heat up in a different location, she could feel the squirmy pulses of lust tickling her deep inside. She lead the way back inside the cabin, and she decided that the best way to cool off, was to take a dip in the river. She also had a little more in mind.

“Daddy, I’m going to take a dip in the river.”

Was she going to do it, was going through her mind, would she, would she? She shut off the thought and decided to go for broke. She pulled off her bikini top, shimmying her hips, her shorts dropped in a puddle of denim fabric at her feet, and she was totally naked, standing in front of her daddy, casually displaying her nudity.

She smiled, and said, “I love to skinny dip, it feels so free to be naked, and covered with the moving water. If you’d like to join me, daddy, that would be oh so nice.”

He was staring at her body in shock, which was slowly morphing into growing lust. His eyes drank in the vision of her breasts, they were a nice match. They were about grapefruit-sized, her nipples were nice and perky, and stiffly erect. She made no move to cover her body, cocking her hips to display her body to its best advantage, as his eyes took in the slight swelling of her tummy and the curves of her waist and hips. He stared at her well-trimmed bush, her pubic hair that was as blonde as the hair on her head.

Suzanne felt the pulses of desire, she wanted her daddy’s eyes to take in all of her charms and assets. She slowly, casually turned her back to him, and stretched, pretending to work out some muscle kinks. She could almost feel her daddy’s eyes fixed on her rump, letting him drink his fill of her globes, nice and round, with just the right amount of fullness. She smiled, she never had any complaints about her ass, and she was pretty sure that her daddy was as taken with the view as her boyfriend Rick.

Suzanne stepped towards the door, letting her hips sashay for his eyes. She turned and gave him an inviting smile.

Watching her naked backside sashaying had held him spellbound, that smile broke the spell, and as he yanked off his clothes, his cock sprang free, and he saw her eyes lock onto his erect cock. He could see her eyes gleam.

Suzanne felt the rush of pure desire, she wanted that cock, she wanted daddy to take her, and turn her into a woman. Suzanne crossed the riverbank and waded in. It was refreshingly cool, but not bitingly cold, the sun had warmed it up, and it was a perfect spot. Not between the sweaty sheets of some no-tell motel, but out here, in the sun and fresh air. She turned around and saw her daddy start wading in. She decided that she’d better make the first move, make her intentions perfectly clear.

She strode up to him, they were both waist-deep in the river, and she cooed, “Daddy, I’m still a virgin, and Rick wants to go all the way. I’d rather my first time be with someone who is kind, gentle, loves me with all his heart, and has more experience. I want you to take my virginity daddy, make me into a woman, please, oh please?”

Her hand went down, and he grunted as he felt her hand wrap around his cock, stroking up and down slowly, she felt the surging of his iron-hard cock, and it made her mouth go dry.

He tilted her head up, their eyes locked, and he said very softly, “Are you sure sweetheart, are you absolutely sure?”

Suzanne purred, “Oh yes daddy, I’ve never been so sure of anything tunceli escort in my life. Feel my tight little virgin pussy daddy, feel how hot and wet I am for you.”

His hand obeyed, he reached down, enjoying Suzanne’s soft growl of pleasure as his hand gently cupped her sex. He felt the softness of her neatly trimmed pubic hair, and right in the middle, the heat and the juices, oh she was soaked. He felt her juices coat his finger, and she gave a shuddering gasp as he gently wormed a finger inside. He quickly felt her maidenhead, holy fuck, she was indeed a virgin.

Going to fuck my 18-year-old daughter, incestuous sex, bust her cherry, ran through his mind, and his cock was harder than ever. He pulled his finger out, pulling his hand back, he saw her smile of sheer lust as he slipped his fingers into her mouth, feeling the jolt of lust at the hot, erotic taste of Suzanne’s juices.

He led the way to the riverbank, and said softly, “First, I need to lick you, baby, get your tight virgin pussy all stirred up. Stay standing baby, just spread your legs a bit more.”

With a smile of desire, Suzanne did so, Ummm, being able to do it out here, pine scents of the forest and the view of the mountains, oh yes, so much better than some grimy back seat or some sleazy motel. Her eyes wide, she watched as her daddy took to his knees, and positioned himself.

Daddy found himself staring at her beautiful crimson pussy, covered by that fine down of neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair. Her pussy lips were slightly parted, and he got a peek at her luscious inner pinkness, rosy, swollen, and wet with her desire. The sent of his daughter in heat filled his nostrils, it just about made him dizzy with desire.

Suzanne cooed, “Go ahead and eat me, Daddy, I’m virgin, even to getting my tight little pussy licked. Your little girl’s pussy is all hot and juicy just for you!”

Daddy looped his hands around her hips and pulled his face in close. He was almost shaking with excitement, the knowledge of being the first to lick her smooth, golden blonde triangle was wildly exciting, as he thrust his tongue up into her, sucking up her juices as she cradled his head against her teen cunt.

Suzanne felt a shooting pulse of pleasure, oh god, her first licking, Ummm, oh fuck, that felt beyond awesome, she’d never felt anything like the hot, wet sizzles of pleasure that daddy’s agile tongue was delivering. His tongue dived in, licking at her tight virgin barrier, pulling out and licking upwards, grazing at the underside of her clit, ummmm, oh yes, that was spectacular.

Her mingled coos and moans of pleasure, and the erotic taste of her juices, spurred daddy onwards, as he licked her steaming pussy wildly. He wanted her to cum all over his face, and her moans of pleasure increased as he zeroed in on her clit, eager to make her cum.

“Yes, oh yes, there, right there! Keep licking me Daddy, make your horny little girl cum all over your face!” Suzanne panted.

Daddy’s mouth surrounded her hard clit erection, and his tongue swept over and over her hard pleasure bud. He could feel her body trembling, and he went at her avidly, as her breathing started to get choppy, eager for her to enjoy her first oral sex cum.

“Yes, oh yes, gonna cum, good, so good, love you, daddy, oh yes, yes, make me CUUUUMMMMM!”

Suzanne’s voice rose up to a wail of pleasure as she felt the mad rush, filling her pussy, and she came hard, exploding, pouring out a rush of hot juices, Daddy’s strong hands holding her tightly, her body jerking and thrashing, as she unloaded a gusher of her girl juices, painting Daddy’s face as tunceli escort bayan she moaned and cried out through her climactic wave.

As she felt the glorious feeling start to ebb, Daddy stood up, and without a word, picked her up and carried her into the cabin. Suzanne thrilled at the feeling as he carried her into the master bedroom, her daddy didn’t even have to ask her, as he lay her down gently on the queen-sized bed.

She looked into his eyes, saw the hungry naked lust, as he growled, “Now, time to pluck your sweet cherry baby.”

Suzanne purred, “Oh yes, break my virginity open, make me a woman daddy, then fill me up with a thick rush of daddy’s sperm!”

Daddy was startled, sperm, oh hell, and he grunted, “Baby, are…are you….?”

Suzanne giggled, and she purred, “Yes daddy, I am protected. I got on the pill 5 months ago when I turned 18, so I wouldn’t get knocked up in the heat of passion. So, no having to pull out and shoot off all over my body, although that sounds kinda sexy, I want your load as deep as you can go, christen my tight virgin pussy with its very first load of hot daddy cum, pour all that hot sperm into my pill protected womb! And I want my first time to be face to face, I want to look into your face as you break me open, your body keeping me pressed back into the bed.”

He grunted, ummmm, oh yeah, the sight of his teen daughter, all spread out and ready for him, and the sexy things she was saying, drove his cock to steel hardness.

Suzanne’s lips quivered and her body shook with anticipation and apprehension. She was determined to get daddy to break her cherry, even if it hurt a lot. She made little cooing sounds as her daddy slid between her thighs, and pressed the head of his cock against her. She felt him start to nudge gently, she took a deep breath as his cock head was now inside her. She could feel the stretch, Ummm, it was a bit painful, but a lot more pleasure overlayed it. She realized he was looking into her eyes, and she nodded, wanting him to continue. Slowly, he pushed into her even further. Suzanne took another deep breath, feeling his cock pressing against her maidenhead. Her hands were gripping the quilt, bracing herself.

Suzanne purred, “Do it, daddy, all the way, make me a woman and complete my deflowering!”

With a final thrust, her daddy pushed hard, and she let out a pained cry as his cock broke through. Her virgin barrier burst apart, and his cock glided past the torn remnants of her cherry, as his cock surged in, right to the balls, penetrating her completely. She let out a grunt as his cock was now buried to the balls.

He held steady, letting Suzanne get used to the feeling of his cock inside her.

“Are you okay baby?” he grunted, hoping her defloration wasn’t too painful.

Suzanne gazed up at him, and said shakily, “I’m okay daddy, just need to get used to the feel of a big, hard cock deep inside me. Just a bit of pain, now I’m a woman.”

His mouth came down against her lips, hungry, tongue-filled swirls of passion, and his head was able to move down, and he alternated between sucking and nipping at her luscious swollen milk jugs, nibbling gently at her stiff nipples and her neck and taking her mouth.

Suzanne felt herself warming up when daddy had buried his cock, her tight virgin pussy had been aching from the penetration. Now, daddy’s loving attention was making her juices churn, her juices started to coat the hard shaft, the feel of her oh so tight virginity around his cock has loosened up just a bit, she was still plenty tight, so daddy’s big hard cock would get a pleasure-filled escort tunceli ride.

Suzanne cooed, “Ummm, daddy, that feels so nice. Now that I’m a woman, fuck me like a woman, pour your passionate eruption into me, I want to get flooded with a wet spray of sperm. Do it, daddy, complete my deflowering all the way, and christen my tight little pussy with its first hot steamy load.”

The hard filling of his cock was keeping Suzanne’s tight walls apart, the initial blaze of pain had almost completely subsided. The pleasure was quickly replacing the pain of her deflowering as he pulled back and buried his cock, beginning the rhythm that would culminate in the hot melding of daddy and daughter, the passionate rush of his cum pouring into her, as he thrust into her over and over again.

Suzanne moaned, wrapping her legs around daddy’s waist, wanting him as deep as possible, the feelings were nothing short of fabulous, stretching her tight, virgin pussy. Oh yes, this is what my pussy was made for, hot-fucking, my daddy is fucking me, hot incest, just made her even more excited, and her pussy responded with a gush of hot juices, flowing around daddy’s cock, the penetration become faster and easier.

She could feel the tremors of building excitement through daddy’s hard, thrusting cock, oh yes, she wrapped her legs around his waist, oh yes, perfect, she felt his balls gently smack against her ass, her daddy was buried to the hilt. She heard Daddy’s passionate grunts as he was now deep as he could go, oh fuck, it feels so damn good. She humped her hips up against his in-thrusts, eager for the rush of his cum to anoint her womb, that wonderful rich, liquid warmth jetting into her, marking her as a true daddy’s girl.

“Daddy…Daddy… Daddy… Oh, god.”

Daddy pumped his cock hungrily into her, quickening his pace when he saw and felt her enjoyment. It was the tightest pussy he had ever taken, his very first claim of a tight virgin cherry. Her juices flowed around his cock, making him thrust into her even harder. The teen virgin tightness wrapped so tightly around his rampant hardness, and her moans of pleasure egged him on, her tits were bouncing up and down furiously as he power-fucked her, making sure her first time was the best time, something she would remember all her life. Her short, gasping cries filled the room and mingled with his own lust grunts, and moans of pleasure. He felt the oncoming orgasm, his cock jerked, swelled up tight.

“Daddy, oh god, Daddy, fill me, cum in me, yes, oh yes, I’m cumming, CUMMING!”

She shouted it out as both of them were on the verge of climax. Her body spasmed against him and he could feel her pussy clamped down around his cock, the rippling walls hungry for his load. His cock was steel hard, at full extension, wedging open her cervix, accompanied by a loud grunt from his daughter, he couldn’t hold it any longer and he came, squirting wildly deep inside her. They were surrounded by their own cries of orgasmic completion as his cock continued to pump his juices into her, filling up her womb, her pussy convulsing, as he filled her with his thick load of cum. He slowly, deeply thrust into her until he was finished, her superb teen tightness milking his cock, giving her every drop.

He stayed on top of her, it had been so good, he didn’t want it to end, finally, when his cock had lost its tumescence, her pulled free, and slid down next to her. He was a bit saddened, it had been so good, he didn’t want it to end, but now, he would have to let go, so that her boyfriend could take over.

Suzanne cooed, “Daddy, I’m going to sleep with you tonight, and tomorrow, I want more lessons in how to be a sexually vibrant woman, judging by what just happened, we’re off to a great start!”

He looked over, saw the lust-filled smile Suzanne gave him, and his mood brightened considerably.

He stroked her face, and said softly, “Oh yes baby, I’m eager to teach you everything I know.”