Dad was my lover

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Dad was my loverA total fictioal encounter that had a wonderfull ending.I always had the support of my parents until mum past away given birth to my brothers when I was 10, dad was everything mum,dad,cook,cleaner,school master as well as chuaffer when I went to after school clubs, I was 14 when my grandparents died as well and dad was there for us all, if I needed advise he gave it, right or wrong he taught us the rules of life that we all stood by.When we had the grandparents house sold we decided to move closer to the city and dad would start his own buisness, that wau he could be home look after the boys, whilst I was at school and then when I got home he could do his thing for a while and I would help out. Years past and I was comming to my 21st just finished college and taking a well earned rest before uni started. We was sitting down having a coffee, when dad said what did I want for my 21st as my 18th was not well celebrated, little did he know I was sucking 4 cocks one after the other whilst being fucked in every hole possible couldnt walk properly for a few days after.I said well it was ok surprise me, he looked and said ok i’ll sort something, a few days past and dad said all sorted were gonna go into the city for the weekend and stay in a hotel thats all i’ll say here some cash to go buy some clothes but I had to buy a elegent outfit as part of the spend, I agreed betist giriş and off I went.I bought some sexy undies that only covered the essentals and bra’s that kept my tits together as I had a large chest 38DD this I had enherited from mums side and was a constant hit with the lads. The day arrived and I was giddy with thethought of what was gonna happen, we got ready and waited for our lift, the doorbell rang and we went outside, a stretch limo awaited for out journey dad said tonight call me Andy as dad didnt sound right I agreed and we set off.Dad opps Andy poured a glass of champange as we toasted my 21st, as we took in the sites of the city I felt Andy undress me with his eyes little did he realise I was loving it as I reached over to look out his window so he got a full view of my huge tits, I felt his hand cup them as I gasped he appoligised saying he shouldn of done that, and hadn’t felt a tit in years I looked and said well feel them more then as I sat oppisite him.His hands stroked my tits making my nipples hard and my pussy wet, as I noticed his cock growing in hs trousers, he confessed he hadnt had sex since mum concived the twins, as he kissed me softly I reached for the lump in his trousers, I pushed him back and unzipped his trousers to pull out a huge thick cock that throbbed as he groaned, I bent forward and licked the tip of this one eyed betist yeni giriş monter, my hand wouldnt go round the shaft, I rubbed it slowly as he looked at me rubbing it playing with my tits, I whispered to undo the kneck strap and my bra.His trembling hands undone the dress and bra my huge tits fell out the huge dark nipples dug into his hands as I placed his cock inbetween them tit fucking him as he eased out of his trousers and boxers, I saw his balls they where massive like 2 apples full of juice this man had not had sex for about 12 years I couldn’t go without sex for 12 days. I lay on the limo floor and took my panties off begging for his cock he didnt need to be told twice. He got inbetween my legs and nudged his cock in my wet channel, I groaned as i felt him slide in pushing my cunt to it’s limit.He moved slowly jabbing as he did making me moan with pleasure as I wrapped my legs around him drawing him in deeper, I had never been fucked by a huge cock i’ve had black meat but compaired to this they where small, he moved faster controlling the sex making me groan as I begged for him to cum, he was a expert lover and had never been with a man that knew how to treat a womens pussy like he did.I reached another orgasm that seemed to be never ending as he pounded his rod in and out before he groaned and shot his load into my pussy his cock pumping betist güvenilirmi huge amounts of cum in that triggered of multple orgasms that made me squirt.We lay there breathless as we kissed I said that was amazing Andy as we got dressed and adjusted our clothing before pulling up at the Hotel. I got out the Limo carefully as my pussy had been fucked by a bollard of a cock, we booked in and Andy run a shower we got in and made love again I screamed the biggest orgasm I had ever had as I shook with passion, he picked he up and carried me to the bedroom where he lay me down and licked my pussy and sucked my nipples. We fell asleep for a while and got dressed, the limo picked us up took us to the thearte and then on for our meal on a boat, we shared the evening not like father daughter but like lovers.That night he made love in more postitions thanI had ever heard off before we fell asleep, the following afternoon we spent shopping and then a meal before going to the hotel where he bent me over and fucked me like a crazied a****l on speed and then up the ass, as I sucked his cock till he cum down my throat. The next day we made our way home, as he handed me a piece of paper it was my birth certificate, I looked to see who I thought was my dad for 21 yrs wasnt. He explained that him and mum had gone through a rough patch and she slept with a guy and he forgave her but knew for all these years he wasnt my father, but had always loved me from when he found out that mum was carrying me.When we got home we went straight to bed and made love until early morning when we fell asleep but had amazing sex later that day until the boys came home.