Daddy’s mine

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I became consciously aware that I was going to fuck my step-dad one summer evening while swimming in our pool. I had fostered a crush on him since I had sprouted boobs, but now the feeling was different. We swam around, playing and splashing for awhile then he climbed out of the pool to smoke a cigarette, letting his legs dangle in the water. I swam over to him, and continued our conversation, then began non-nonchalantly at first then more insistently began rubbing my breasts against his foot. He nervously cleared his throat and finished his smoke and got back into the water, but not before I had seen the bulge in his swimsuit. A deep sensual tremor coursed through my entire young, ripe body, one like I had never experienced. He was standing in a deeper part of the pool,trying to compose himself,and I decided to see how far I could take istanbul travesti this, my body was on fire. I looked around to make sure we were alone, we were, mom had taken my 2 younger brothers shopping,so I swam lazily over to where the object of my lust was trying to regain his composure. My 2 piece bathing suit was a silky material and barely concealed my boobs I had waited until mom had left before donning it, knowing she would frown. I swam to him, locking eyes with him … slowly, gently, I encircled his neck with my arms and pulled myself against him. My body, had a mind of it’s own now … my legs encircled his waist, the water supporting me. I used my arms and legs to pull myself against him,it felt too wonderful for words. He ( I don’t think) had a clue what was happening, he innocently put istanbul travestileri his arms around me…just holding his loving daughter, right? As soon as his arms went around me, it happened. I had masturbated many times, but nothing had ever happened like this ! I came so hard I literally snorted. He must have felt my legs convulsively grip him. My entire being wanted this man inside of my body. I lay against him weakly, trying not to let him know what had just happened, afraid I would ruin everything. That all happened when I was 18. Jesse and mom divorced, but still got along, he would come to the house on weekends to see his boys while she went downstate to work. Perfect !! He had gotten back into kickboxing and was in wonderful shape, none of the guys I knew could hold a candle to him body-wise. travesti When he would show up for the weekend I would throw myself into his arms,wanting nothing more than to throw him on the floor and fuck him into a coma right there in the doorway.. Jesse wasn’t very discreet about his internet wanderings however, which worked right into my plans for daddy dear. I saw that he liked goth and vampire websites, the women dark and seductive, so I started dressing that way. Mom was having fits about it but the look on Jess’s face when he would see me in my black eye-shadow, and lipstick made her bitching bearable. I also became much bolder about our physical contact, when my brothers would go to bed, I would invite Jess into my room. There, we would sit on my bed, I would let him read the dark poetry I was writing, or share some pics I had taken. I also would put on my “witch music” as back ground noise. Before I would invite him in though, I’d change into one of his black t-shirts that I slept in and my thinnest of panties, the ones you can see through. He was such a gentleman, the thought of incest was unsettling to him.