Daddy’s Toy

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You will love daddy to touch you.” He then spread her legs and kept rubbing her pussy with his finger. “Now lets remove this gown so you are naked like daddy. Daddy wants to see his baby’s naked body.”With her naked like her dad he continued to look at her naked body and feel all of her. His lips found her small nipples and he sucked them as he fingered her pussy. He felt her small nipples get hard in his mouth. His finger then found her love hole and he pushed it in her just a small ways. “Do you like daddy touching you? It feels so good. It makes daddy feel very good Ankara travesti to touch his baby.” As he played with her pussy, he felt her get moist. “Yes, you like daddy touching that pussy don’t you?” He then took her hand and put it on his now hard cock. “Grab daddy’s cock and squeeze it for me. Then pet it and rub it up and down. Daddy really likes that. Play with daddy’s cock for him. You are suck a good baby girl.”He stayed in her bed and kissed her and fondled her most of the night. He looked at her sweet titties and her pussy as he watched his finger play with her. He put a finger just a short ways in her cunt. “Do you like daddy’s finger in that pussy hole?” She nodded that she did. Then he pushed it in just a short ways careful not to go too far. “When you like daddy’s finger in that pussy, your pussy gets wet for daddy. It feels so nice to finger that tight pussy of yours.” As he played with her hole his cock got harder and harder. “Now rub dady’s cock fast and hard. Rub from top to bottom as you squeeze it tight. Daddy’s cock will spit white juice if you do a good job.” She then jerked his cock and soon her dad shot cum onto her bed. “Oh baby, you made daddy feel so good. Daddy likes you to stroke his big cock.” He then pushed more finger in her as he sucked on her nipples. With half his finger in her he felt her cunt pulse. “Wow baby. You like daddy to finger that pussy. Did Bahçelievler travesti you want more finger?” she told him yes.He spread her legs further apart and watched as his finger went into her little by little. She moaned as it was uncomfortable but he told her to be brave and it would soon feel real good to her. He broke the membrane that protects the pussy and felt the blood but he kept his finger in the small hole. “Oh baby, you are such a good girl. Now let daddy fuck your hole and you will love it as it makes you pulse.” He continued to finger fuck her till he felt her cum.He then kissed her mouth and tongued her deep in that sweet mouth. As he kissed her he kept a finger in her cunt and rubbed her clit with his thumb. He had home schooled her since her mother had died and was waiting for the day to make her take her mother’s place in his bed. She was going to be a great cock fucker for him, and he knew she would be a great cock sucker too. 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