Dark Night(work in progress)

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Dark Night(work in progress)Looking out the window at the blistering cold wind blow around thick blinding waves of snow as the earlier winter storm which had caught everyone by surprised by its ferocity as well as just intensity continued to pile up the snow outside the log cabin. Sofia Aurora wished once more that John Wicker would hurry up and get to the cabin, it had been almost two years since they had last seen one another before John had shipped out a newly minted Lt. Commander and the executive officer of the EDF Indestructible the EDF, Earth Defense Fleet’s newest and most powerful battleship to be built since man had returned to the stars. Thinking back Sofia could remember the look of wonder and excitement in John’s eyes as they had said their final farewells at the shuttle docking port that would take him out to the battleship. She also remember the cold almost immobilizing fear that had keep her frozen in that very spot that they had last kissed the feel of his lips on hers like fire pulsing down from her lips to light and unending fire within her body. but that fire had turned to ice for she feared it would be their last kiss as the Indestructible was heading farther out then any human from Earth had been in over 3,000 year since the combination of a world war and the war of independence with the colony worlds which had ended with orbital bombardment of Earth by the colony fleets. Sofia had stood there as the lingering feeling of his touch had coursed through her body like a fire storm setting every inch of her on fire with an unsationanable desire and hungry for him and not for the first time as it had happened even that first day when they had meet back in collage in Earth History 1900-2600 in her second year at the North American EDF collage, was it really 6 years ago, she thought as she watch the corners of the window pane start to crystallize and freeze. That day he had done nothing more then take her hand to help her up after she had tripped and fell on the steps of the history building, at the time Sofia had dismissed the strange over powering burning that spread throughout her body from the hand he had taken as nothing more than embarrassment at having fallen in front of such a handsome guy. She was still dismissing it as nothing more than puppy love and embarrassment a month later after at last he had kissed her canlı bahis on their fourth date, “why had it taken me four dates to get him to kiss me” she had wondered only to realize later that it was had nothing to do with her but him as he would never make any move be it in a game, life or love until he was 100% sure of how he felt and that it was important to him. The day she had realized that was the same day she had stopped dismissing the burning desire for his touch, his body his caress as without him even in the room her entire body had become engulfed by the same undeniable burning sensation of raw unchecked passionate and pure desire so much so that it had caused shivers starting from the last place he had touched her on her shoulder and running over her body with such intensity that it caused her womanhood to become so wet and tingly she found herself sitting in a wet spot. With her new found understanding of how she felt Sofia remembered the next time she saw John after that revaliation as he had gotten tickets for a play staring one of Sofia’s favorite actors had come for a one night show the local theater and after learning of it John spent almost 9 hours in line to get the tickets for them, as he arrived to pick her up for the show and overwhelming desire took hold and she found herself greeted him for the first time with a kiss as she throw her arms around his neck. What little doubt she may have still been harboring disappeared forever as the burning fire of his taste as her tongue exploded in to his mouth with the joining of their lips coursed through her body washed them away. They never made it to play having spent the rest of the weekend wrapped up together in her bed and moved in together a month later. The memory of those short months living together seemed a life time ago, her body heating once more as the memory of those months brought with it not just the joy of having him so near to her but the unexpected surprise he keep catching her off guard with from time to time. Like the first weekend after she had moved in with him at this apartment and he had joined her in the shower that Saturday morning with not a word of warning or requested permission. The memory running through her mind’s eye she could see it all as if it was yesterday. There she stood having just gotten the water temperature just right when bahis siteleri she heard the bathroom door open. Thinking that their roommate, John’s best friend since grade school Joe Walker who should not be there having gone home for the weekend to introduce his girlfriend to the rest of his family and from hints John had dropped pop the question. “Hello?” Sofia’s soft voice shaky as she called out to whomever had entered the room. After a few moments having no response to her questions Sofia reached out to the shower curtain only to find it snacked from her touch as John flung it completely open. With a start Sofia jumped back only to recover a moment later all fear replaced by shock and awe as before her stood John naked as the day he was born his manhood standing tall with a wolf eyeing a sheep look of lustful desire in his eyes. Having never let him see her completely naked Sofia was shock at the approving look as his eyes soaked in the sight of her wet nakedness before him. Thinking back she could remember being taken a back as he licked his lips as after having looked her up and down like a tasty treat his eyes came to rest on her ample breast. Sofia could feel her arms moving even now to cover her large now acing breast as if she was once more standing in that shower as slowly John moved forward. With sure confident unwavering resolve his hand came up to gently cup her breast lifting it just enough to let his mouth slip over her nipple. As John’s lips encircled her nipple the touch of his lips to her skin as he began to suckle from her nipple his teeth teasing as his other arm wrapped around her body having now stepped in the shower fully after closing the curtain and turning up the hot water quickly filling the room with the steam from the shower. Closing her eyes as she could feel the cold radiating from the window Sofia was instantly warmed by the memory of the feel of the steam but more so by her body as it started to react to the memory reminding her of the burning sensation that John’s touch had cause to spread through her body as he had suckled, nibbled and caressed her breast with his mouth and teeth. Without thinking about it Sofia moved her hands to feel up and down her front eyes closing tighter her mouth now open slightly as the memory so vivided in her mind cause her body to quickly heat and become wet with güvenilir bahis excitement. Remembering the skill with which he used his tongue to intice her nipples to harden at the same time heighten their sensitivity till the sear breath he was breathing when drawn of her nipple caused tingles to flow through her body. John had not stopped their as he had soon taught her another way she could enjoy the hardness of his fit muslues as sliding up behind her he had pushed her forward till he was between her legs her back to the wall, reaching down he had lifted her up till his swollen stiffness and slowly filled her womanhood much to her gasps of pleasure and surpise. With her eyes till close as she enjoyed her memory of that first joint shower a the few more that had come following till John had shipped out again as he was at the collage for his advance tactical and war fare for senior officers. John had completely changed her world as since they had started dating all those years ago Sofia had changed her own direction in life. Before when they had first meet she had been planning on becoming a laobiest to work in politics from the background out of the sight of all others. And now she was the seinor aid to Senator McDonald who was the senior senate member from the North American States as well as being expected the next to be elected to the Seat of Prime minsaster for the EDF. From wanting to be in the shadows of the world to standing in the spot light with one of the most powerful men in the world. Never… Sofia’s thoughts were cut short as with no warning or sign of any kind that someone had entered the cabin she found herself being kissed. Her eyes flashing open she is unable to see anything but the side of a man’s face and his short dark hair. While her mind relied on her eyes to tell her who it who’s lips where pressed against hers, the rest of her body seem to already know. Closing her eyes again and easing in the kiss as she started to kiss back her arms instinctively shooting out and around her assalient neck as her body reacted as it had only done so for one person. The taste of the ocean mixed with a sweet mannly musk filled her mouth as his tongue danced around hers as his hands quickly found their way between the creases of her robe to find her bare naked body underneath. A burning fire threatening to sear the cloths right from Sofia’s body exploded from any place his hand touch. Finally finding the strength to push the man away Sofia found herself looking in the deepest slat blue gray eyes she had ever seen and who’s depths she knew so well