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DARKNESS CAN BE FUNThey say it happens in the darkness, but no one sees it. The people only see it in the gloaming, when the sun disappears behind ink black hills and the sky glows scarlet. The shadows aren’t as harsh then, they seem to tiptoe between darkness and faint light. If you listen you can hear them whisper, speaking in a hushed tone, not really understanding, not truly believing.For some the pain repeats itself, never completely fading. Her father was one such person. His pain never left, it cycled like the ocean, like the moon, like daylight. He looked at his daughter, the beautiful woman she had become, perhaps because of him, perhaps in spite of him.The incredible pain coursed though him as he held back, over the years he quelled his instinct, his desire and his staggering need. Alcohol helped for a while, but soon he needed more, the end of a needle disappearing into his flesh, penetrating him in some twisted premonition.His hand moved from her shoulder, slowly, gently onto her breast, delicately, but with unmistakable intent he cupped his hand to her form and squeezed. He saw her eyes flutter as she fought the revulsion, as she simply processed the sensation and letting her body respond. One hand went to the buttons, kıbrıs escort unfastening them, one by one until he opened her shirt, exposing her bra.He reached behind her with both hands and after fumbling a bit, he released the clasp. Her breasts slumped outward as she let the bra dangle, then fall onto the floor. Afraid to speak, he lowered his head and rubbed his face over his daughter’s small breasts. He felt them heave as she breathed, her hot breath intensifying with his every touch.His mouth moved to her nipple as his fingers toyed with the other. Feeling the stiffened nipple with his lips, he sucked it into his mouth, his tongue circling it in slow, sweeping motions. He felt her moan and a tremor rumbled through his body, down to his hard cock. He continued suckling her as his hands dropped to her pants and unfastened them. He opened them, eased them over her hips and then felt her wiggle as they fell to the floor.He moved his fingers under the elastic of her panties as she stepped out of the pants. His mouth moved from her nipple, under her curving breast and down her stomach as he pulled her panties down past her knees, letting them fall to her ankles. Pulling her feet out of them, she opened her legs wide, escort kıbrıs letting him slip his hands up her thighs to her moist opening.Wet kisses flowed over her stomach and through the curly hair above her sex, as he moved, he could smell her, the distinct fragrance he remembered from her clothes. Sinking his tongue into her wet pussy, he remembered the taste from her stained panties as he used to pull them over his face, running his tongue over the crotch as he stroked his cock. Now he finally was sinking his tongue into the soft folds he only dared dream of before.Grabbing her ass with both hands, he kneaded her soft flesh as his tongue circled the rim of her cunt, pressing deep inside her. He felt her hips move as she began to grind herself onto his face, her clit pleading for contact. Sensing her urgency, he let his tongue trail up the cleft between her swollen lips as his fingers dove into her wet flesh. Finding her clit he pinched it between his tongue and lips, hearing her gasp at the intense pleasure.Sensing her rhythm, he moved his tongue and lips in unison with the movement of her hips. Sliding two, then three fingers into her cunt, he twisted his hand, twirling his fingers inside her as his thrusts gained kıbrıs escort bayan intensity. Faster and faster they moved together, until she cried out, grinding her wet pussy all over his face as she came.Pausing for a moment as her climax subsided, his face dripping in her juices, he trembled, feeling his cock throbbing in his pants. Pushing her back onto the bed, he stood, removed his pants and then moved between her legs. Grabbing her by the ankles, he spread her legs wide, lifting her ass off the bed until she was at the correct height. Moving forward he felt her fingers guide him to her wet lips. He closed his eyes as he felt the wet softness of her envelop his large cock. Slowly penetrating her, he savored the feel of his daughter as he filled her with himself, inch by paternal inch.Slowly withdrawing, he ground his teeth and then thrust quickly into her, his balls slapping against her in the intensity. He continued now, fast and hard, again… again… and once more when he came, shooting his searing cum deep into his daughter. Arching his back, achingly pushing into her, he opened his eyes and looked at her face.Staring back at him she spoke for the first time, “Oh daddy!” There was an intense flash of light and he felt the pain of her absolute love explode in his brain. He fell to the floor, his hands clasping his head as he cried out, “My baby girl.” His cock, glistening from her juices, lay on his thigh, oozing a drop of cum as he gasped for breath.