Daughter in need

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Daughter in need“??? ?? ??? ??? ??”(There was and there was nothing) It was one of the Summers hottest days. On those days on which you would be able to make fried eggs on the road. I was standing at the bay window chilling inside the house thought came in my mind “who on the right mind would be outside in that heat?.” That was when my eyes spotted the who. The who was my own daughter sun bathing in the backyard, at the side of the pool. Having nothing to do, and being only us at home for that day, I wanted to spent some quality time with her.There was no way I would be able to get her in home, so I had to go outside. However it was so hut now there would be only two out of mind persons outside, doughtier with her father, how romantic? I questioned my statement romantic why it is spouse to be romantic?. Decided to go outside I thought what she might like at this instance, up course she would appreciate a cold drink, but what kind? Looking at her with my fathers eyes something gave me a hitch, she was tensed and troubled about something, so some alcohol would be nice to get her to open up to me. Knowing her favorite drink Virgin Pina Colada, I thought non-Virgin Pina Colada would be the One, so I said to myself “Two non-Virgin Pina Coladas with the masseur coming up!” In one hand two glasses of Pina Coladas and in other bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I barely managed to open the door, opening the door felt like opening and stepping inside the portal in Sahara, it was that dry, and that hut. The wind was simple sucking out away any moisture, and living skin like dry sponge. Quietly approached my almost sleeping daughter, and I could not resist the urge to swipe the ice glass with small droplets of condensation covering it’s surface on her non expecting skin. The moment I touched it on her shoulder, I saw it like the chain reaction goosebumps around the touch on her skin raising up in shape of circle, and this circle of goosebumps traveling over her hall skin, and her surprised unsuccessful attempt to breath the air in, scream, and getaway from the object at the same time.I told her with smirk on my face, “sorry couldn’t resist”. and handed her the glass, and sit down on her sunbathing chair. She twisted the glass to inspect what was inside, and with the smile she said apology accepted. I looked with the fake serious face and said, “but I was not apologizing”, and touch her this time illegal bahis with my glass. She had exactly same reaction. She was like “stoop doing that”. Finally after she stooped condemning me she seeped her drink. She spitted out probably her though was it was another my shenanigans, she was not expecting alcohol in it. I said it’s okay baby no more tricks, drink it is just little alcohol. It will help you relax. She tried to sip one more time, and asked her how Is it. Her response was not bad just what I need it, but I could see on her face she liked it. So I responded only that will not help you, and asked her to turn over on her stomach just like she was. She looked at me with confused face didn’t know what I had in plan, I said trust me, and do as I say. She reluctantly turned over, I touched her bra clips and as I said “may I” I unhook it Her response was “no dad you cannot”, and she tried to stand up.I lightly pinned her down. I told you to relax, and took the oil bottle which was placed at the bottom of her head, opened it, rubbed it in my hands, and started massaging her shoulders. Which still was covered with goosebumps, her muscles were so tense it felt like I was trying to massage car instead of human. Before I tried to ask her why she was so tense, that was when it hit me as ton of bricks. I gave her alcoholic drink first time in her life, asked her to turn over without her knowing reason, and I unclipped her bra without her knowing why. If c***d services was watching this I would been arrested in the attempt to establish sexual contact… Than I thought now what? You can’t just tell your own daughter that you were not trying to have sex with her, so I thought just go with the original plan and let her figure it out. Finally after rubbing her back for 20 minutes she relaxed, another 5 minutes massaging her feet she was low mooning with pleasure, and finally continued sipping her now warm Pina Colada. So I went on the next step and started talking to her. How she was, did she had any problems, what was bagging her? However everything she told me was usual boring stuff, it felt like she was hiding something from me. Now it was time to up my game to find out what was bothering her, and there was no way she would hide it from all options were considerable, even if I had to drag her in Guantanamo Bay, I would find out what was it that she was not telling me. illegal bahis siteleri I gave her small playful slap on her butt, she squirmed, and she said “what was that for”. I came clean and said you are my daughter, I love you, and I it hurts me seeing troubled, tell me what is wrong, so I can help myself by helping you. She responded that she could not just tell me, so I slapped her again. However my Intention was to slap her just little more than the last time, but drinking my extremely non virgin(more like a $10 Las Vegas hooker) Pina Colada. It probably came up bit to painful, and she yelped. I did apologized. And applied pressure to stop the sharp pain but her alcohol was taking her head other way, and she started sobbing. I started saying I am sorry baby, am so so sorry and I started naturally just like any other parent would have done kissing the place were the c***d’s pain was coming from. That was the time when I figure it out what was troubling her it was sweetest scent I have ever have inhaled in my nostrils.In instant it got my hurt racing, and my dick in up right position. My body instantly mutinied my Frontal Lobe, and put the Amygdala in charge, and I knew in certainty I would not be able to stop my self nor anyone not even the worlds combined full military force. So it was me and her. She was sobbing. To naive to now her role In my sexual desire. Finally in her luck my Frontal Lobe tried to reason and took over control in the agreement to receive even more pleasure. Idea was to 1st stop her from sobbing so I started kissing her butt and started massaging her feet until she stopped sobbing and started low moaning from pleasure of massage. 2nd was to turn her over and give her the full buddy massage with no exception. She did try to protest but I was having non of it. I put my finger on her soft strawberry lips, with the other on her chest to deny her quest to get up, and told her. “Now I know what you want so RELAX, AND ENJOY.”3rd was her breast and pussy massage. I added more oil to my hand and begun massaging her perky nipples. She laid there with her eyes closed squirm-moaning, but ones I started playing with her pussy with the other hand that was when her eyes open. Her pussy was asking her more and more my attention, which She could no longer ignore.Her open eyes spotted huge bulge in my pants, she was moaning, and her buddy was melting and canlı bahis siteleri sizzling in my hands but her eyes were transfixed on my bulge she tried multiple times to touch it, but she couldn’t get her self to do so. What kind of father would I be to not help her up, so I told her it’s okay baby go ahead. I took her hand guide and placed it on my bulge instantly she wrapped her hand around it and started to inspecting it, only thing she could manged to say was “Big”.My dick in my jeans shorts were hurting as hell, so I was forced to remove her hand, to put the zipper down, and unbutton it. As I did that she helped my dick from escaping my boxers. Her eyes almost jump out. She was looking at my dick and than at me repeatedly. She wrapped her hand around it inspecting it if it was real, and finally only thing she manged to mumble “it, it’s so, so BIG”.I smiled at her and continued playing with her pussy. In single motion I inserted single finger in her wet drenching love canal, on which her mouth opened, and I could see pure undeniable sign of pleasure on her face. I lowered my face, removed, my finger, her mouth closed and gave her small French keys, that was another surprise for her. My response was that “I could not resist”. She smiled, and I slowly inserted middle and ring fingers, and started slowly massaging her love canal with up and down motion of my hand. With me massaging her pussy, she instinctively begun pumping my hot iron rod. Her action turned me up I no longer cared how am going to orgasm, It is going to happen no one will be able to stop it. At the sight of my come flying through the air was enough to start her own uncontrollable orgasm. Before I finished ejaculating I fell down near her my buddy was on top of her and my legs on the ground we were like this good 10-15 minutes recovering this gave enough time to come up solution how to fix the awkwardness. I gut up turned her over, put her in doggy position, wrapped her long her in my hand, and lightly pulled her so her would turn over. I went down her back and kissed my way up to her neck and ear. In her ear asked calmly softly and authority “what you going to do when you will horny in future?” she looked with confused eyes not knowing what to answer. I pulled her hear lightly and told her “you going to look for your dead, you going to seat in your dads lap, and ask for help.” She smiled, “so what are you going to do when you feel horny”(and pulled her hear lightly)? “I will find my dad, sit in his lap and ask for her help.” That is my girl now get some shower we are going for ice cream.I did not had to wait to long to find if she would keep her promise.To be continued.