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DAUGHTER SLAVEIt had taken me but a few minutes to get into my father’s collection of bondage pictures one day when he was at work. God, I sat there and clicked from one thumbnail to the next, my heart thumping hard as each picture of a bound woman came on the screen. By the third time I was going through the file, I knew I wanted to try this but, as always, there was no one I could think of to experiment with.After a very frustrating week of looking at the favorite bondage pictures I had copied to a disk to use on my computer, I came to an earth shaking realization: I’d do it myself. I figured that I could tie my feet to the bottom of my bed, lay my secret vibrator against my pussy, push a pillow against it to hold it secure, then tie my wrists, being able to untie them when I was done. Admittedly, not very real but I’d get a feeling of the ropes, the rest I could fantasize.For the first week I’d rush home from work, strip and tie myself to my bed and become my own little sex slave. By the time my father rolled in I was wiped out and rushing around to get dinner done for the two of us. There was one more reward out of all of this, I was constantly getting deeper and deeper into needing to be a real sex slave.Friday night I tied myself up, laid back and thrashed my body against the wicked vibrator master. My mind was at a breaking point now. I was a slave, a slave without a master, but that was soon to change in a most dramatic way.The alarm went off, telling me it was time to rush and get dinner going. I reached over with my left hand to untie my right and gasped out in disbelief when I couldn’t reach my other hand. I fought to reach it, prayed to be able to reach the bonds, but, as I lay back into my own trap, I realized I was most helpless and would be that way when my unsuspecting father arrived to find not only no dinner but no sign of his daughter.I felt my face turn red as I heard his knock on my door. I was about to get caught, and, most likely, get grounded for the rest of my life for the thousandth time. A nineteen year old grounded, how bizzare.”Daddy,” I whimpered, fighting back the tears at the thought of what he was about to find. “Please don’t be mad. Okay?””What fo. . .?” He asked as the door opened and he stood in the doorway looking at his bound daughter, a shocked, open-mouthed stare on his face.”Please don’t be mad,” I moaned, trying to close my legs as his eyes traveled over my body, stopping at the tiny pillow that only hid a small part of my pussy.With a frown he turned around and walked out the door without saying a word. I wanted to call after him and beg for him to untie me and forget the whole thing. God, I felt like the world’s biggest slut to let him see me like this.Dad walked back into the room, a cardboard box under his right arm, sat on the bed on my left side, sat the box on the floor and produced a black leather blindfold from it. “Mad? about what?” he chuckled, sliding the blindfold down over my head. “You think those ropes shortened on their own?”I was speechless as I felt him check the ropes on my wrists, then, as I gasped, he pulled me down the bed till my arms were stretched out, unable to even try to reach the knots, I knew I had found my master, whether I wanted him or not.He reached and pulled the pillow and vibrator away from my body, then, as I gasped even louder, he pulled my legs painfully far apart, tying them off, leaving me more dominated than I had ever dreamed of being. I felt him sit on the bed on my left side, expecting him to take advantage of me.Quickly I realized how torturing a blindfold could be as I expected his hands to run over my now secured body, but edremit escort nothing happened for what seemed like several eternities.”You hate me?” I half-whispered, more to break the long pause than wanting the answer. Yet, not an answer was to be a reward.I felt his finger play at my left nipple, instantly getting it erect. I arched my back, yelping out as pain gripped me from the nipple he was manhandling between two fingers. “Who owns you?” he asked, as his fingers worked at me.”You do,” I moaned, my body moving about on the bed as he taught me to accept the pains of his workings. “You do, daddy.””If you want it to stop, just say your name and I will. Okay?”I nodded my head that I understood as his fingers left me. I knew he was sitting there, looking at my bound body, but what was going through his head? Was he like me, or was I only following in his footsteps? I had found out long ago that he had a “thing” for bondage, but my needs seemed to have been present before that day of learning. Could such things be inherited?I felt his hand gently running over my breasts, to my stomach, then, as I moaned softly, deep between my spread legs. “I want you as my slave.””I am yours,” I softly spoke, feeling the warmth of his touch as he openly explored my bound body.”Limits?””No,” I replied as his fingers taunted at my nipples. “Just no real painful stuff, you know.””So, you like writing those nasty little stories you’ve been sending to your cousin Barb?”I was caught! Somehow he had looked into my computer and found what my cousin and I had been doing for over nine months now.”You weren’t suppose to look at my puter,” I protested.”I didn’t,” he chuckled, “Jeff caught Barb reading them and made her tell it all.””Are we in trouble?””Well, seeing that you two shits took it upon yourselves to write about being slaves of your own fathers, Jeff and I decided that was what you two wanted. Interesting, isn’t it?””What is?””That you both let it happen so easily. . . So, ah, willingly. You sure this is what you want?””I think so.””Okay, this is what is going to happen: We are going to train both of you. Any time you two want out, that is fine, just say the word and it ends. You game?””Both of you?””Yes. Mostly me, sometimes both of us. Problem?” He asked as his fingertip brushed over my clit, bring my hips off the bed.”I don’t know,” I whispered, finding it hard to concentrate on anything when blindfolded.”Want to stop now?” He chuckled, taunting at my clit harder. “They’re on their way over right now.””What?” I gasped out, then took a long moment to size the situation up. “I’ll give it a try, just don’t take the blindfold off or I’ll die of embarrassment.””Okay,” he chuckled, coming to realize that I was more like the stories than he had at first dared hope.In my state of mind, it only took him a few minutes to get me up and running. For once I felt captive enough to let go easily as his fingers worked my hardened clit for all it was worth. By the third time he had took me over the edge of passion, I was ready to be claimed as his, or theirs.”You’re a virgin?” he questioned as his finger was blocked from full entry.”Yes,” I groaned.”You want it to stop now?””No, I want to be trained,” I moaned, pushing up to try to take more of his finger into me. “I want you to be my first.””I’ll be your first man,” he said, his finger sliding out of me, “but Barb is going to take that little obstacle from you. Right, Jeff?”I felt myself turning red from the idea that there were, or had been others watching me.”Would be rather interesting to watch,” I heard Jeff say. “Barb, get on the bed with her and make her scream.”My heart seemed to be escort edremit beating in my throat as I felt the bed move, then, as I bit my lower lip I felt her hands for the first time. With a slight shaking she opened my slit, finding my clit an instant later.A shudder went through my body as she started to play with me. This was much different than what he had done. This was much slower and much more commanding than his touch, yet it was so much gentler.Barb took far less time to get me running at full steam. She seemed to know every move I had learned to enjoy, maximizing the pleasure of what they were getting me ready to be.As if to prove their point, I felt two sets of lips encase my nipples. Now, as Barb’s fingers danced over and around my clit, tongues played over the hardness of my nipples. I thrashed about as the three made me go deeper and deeper into myself with each passing climax. Soon I could hear my climactic screams as they carried me deeper into the darkened world of my submissive nature.The lips left my breasts as I felt Barb move back, letting my lay as I panted for air. I was told to lift up my hips, then felt something soft slid under me. I knew I wasn’t going to be a virgin for much longer.As if Barb’s fingers had been pleasure enough, the tip of the vibrator, turned on the instant it touched my clit, tore into my whole being like a bolt of lightning. Around and around, up and down, and back and forth the vibration kissed at my clit, creating an a****l-like creature of pure lust as she took me to the brink of passionate release, then, as I gasped and begged for more, she would repeat the demented procedure, allowing me to come screaming and thrashing until my juices were freely flowing from me.I do not know how many times she made me perform for them, but, as one climax overtook me, she kept it building until, as I arched my back, gasping out my lungs, she slid the vibrator down then deep into me. My mind was beyond control, beyond knowing pain from pleasure as the tip touched my virginity, stopping only for a brief second before she forced it deep into me.”Oh, fuck yes,” I shouted as the whole world seemed to explode in one blinding light of passionate pain. My body arched up to take all of what she was now so willingly giving me. My virginity was gone, taken by my cousin, and now I was ready for the promise my master had made- To be my first male.Because I was ready for my first man didn’t seem to interest any of them as Barb continued her way with me by teaching me how well she could handle the vibrator. Only later did I find out that, when she had become their slave, they had watched her take her own virginity with the same toy she now used on me. For the two weeks before they reached out to claim me, she had been made to please herself before they would finish the job, and she had quickly learned they expected a better show each time. Now, as she used that knowledge on me, I learned what was expected, a total giving in to be pleased to an extent that little else mattered. In the darkness behind the mask, family ceased to exist, replaced by pure, wanton needs, needs I had never before thought existed in me. I heard my own shrill screams of ecstasy as Barb took me along this road of self-discovery. With each scream the girl became different, became more a creature willing to accept her roll of slave in order to gain even more control of the dim light far in front of the mind.I found myself laying as I gasped for breath then, as I moaned for more, I felt Barb’s movements as she left the bed. I felt abandoned, totally alone as the world of passion spun through my mind, looking for the edremit escort bayan part it had not yet invaded. My eyes blinked at the harshness of the bedroom’s light. Slowly my eyes adjusted to the world of this new reality. Now there was light, was sight but, as I looked about, reality was now distorted. No longer was I but a c***d, now I was the willing slave of pure need, willing to commit any sin to have more of the basic sin. i****t had now become but a word the other worlds used to hide their fears behind. Here I was slave. Here I was but a slave to the need to find even more of that person I had found lurking behind the mask, that person being the me without the limits of sin, thought or boundaries.I looked down as my father got on the bed between my legs. Christ, I had never thought a male’s erection would be anything like that. The word “penis” ceased to exist as my eyes opened wide as I watched him position it at my wet opening.Even having my virginity removed by the vibrator, I groaned out in pain as he slowly slide his cock into me. What a feeling! Inch by painful inch he pushed deeper into me, not stopping as he forced himself past my battered and torn hymen. Then, as I looked into his eyes, I knew he was fully in me, fulfilling his promise of being my first man.A motion caught my eyes and I looked to my left. At the other side of the room was Barb, her hands tied to the back of my sitting chair, her ankles secured to the front legs as her father entered her from behind, his hands roaming over her tits as she put her head back, gasping as he entered her.Watching the two commit their own sins, I could feel the cock slowly moving in and out of me. Was it the same feeling for her as it was for me? Damn. I was not only submitting to my own father, I was watching my cousin submitting to her father without regard to the fact that we were both bound not only by the restraints but by our own minds.By the time I had my first climax, I had felt his lips torture my nipples. My mind, even in the light, took on its own meaning, creating a thousand fantasies to be played out as his shaft opened me more and more. I was the prisoner of the lusty sultan. I was the captive of this knight. No longer did reality exist as, with each deep penetration, reality became mixed with mind-made images of unreality. By the time my screams slammed into the room’s walls, I was caught up in something I had wanted secretly for longer than I had imagined. Now I was caught up in freedom. Freedom to explore reality without regard to what was right or wrong.My body thrashed about the bed as my first orgasm erupted deep in my body and mind. I couldn’t get enough of him as my hips blasted up to receive his harsh thrusts. I groaned. I screamed out as my body trembled and reached out for just one more increase in fulfilling its needs. Then, as the universe exploded, my body thrust itself up, locking in a frozen state of lusty command as he pumped hard into my quivering body.Even locked deep in my own needs, I felt his cock swell slightly, then, as I felt his juices slam into me for the first time, I was again screaming and thrashing about as I climbed the slippery walls of my mind.The rest of the evening I was left tied to the bed. While the two males regained their control, Barb took over. As each one became erect I found myself being used as what I had become, a pure slave of my own needs. By the time all was done, I was a unable to turn back, just as the sun was unable to rise in a few more hours. Untied, I cuddled up to the warmth of Barb’s body, both of us unable to talk as we drifted off to sleep. Yet, we both could hear, and what we heard filled our dreams with demented delights. As we drifted off, my father told us what we were to do, to capture and train our other cousin, Lynn, to become a part of our little group of total sinners. Not a bad idea to our way of thinking.