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Her soft breaths wake him as she sleeps with his arm hugged to her chest.

So beautiful.

He tucks her in again, stroking her back while he grows hard to half-dreams of making her smile.

She stirs —he stops, but she rolls over with a sleepy-eyed kiss for his stubbly chin and murmurs, “Keep rubbing my back?”

His fingers trace the valley of her spine, showing her how beautiful she is as they circle the silky bumps of her shoulders and then glide down again.

She’s as fluid as a cat beneath his hand, graceful and smooth from those slender shoulders down to a soft waist and the tempting swell of her hips.

She nods dreamily when he asks if she wants him to rub her beautiful little butt too.

His hand wanders a little lower, brushing the small of her back at first, then further and further every voyage until she’s stretching languidly as he cups and kneads her.

She smiles into the pillow, so he lingers a little longer every time until she opens herself to him. She sighs when the long-awaited finger slides through her cleft. His strong palm cups and caresses her as his fingertip strokes back and forth, exploring her body with the same gentle wonder as their first time.

He’s as hard as he was that night, and she feels her own stirrings at the memory of how he kissed her then, little kisses down to where her other lips welcomed his.

Her breath catches as he nibbles her ear, “Do you want me to kiss your bu—”

She nods, feeling his towering strength as he climbs on top and his tenderness as bursa escort his lips walk curves and arabesques down from her shoulder, kissing up the gossamer strands his cock painted down her back.

It slides over her ass and she shivers in anticipation of his lips following.

When he pleases.

His teasing kisses turn to follow her waist to her smooth hip instead. There is silent laughter in the hands that stroke and massage her butt again and he savors the view until she mews in frustration and lifts up to meet his obliging lips at last.

His smile on her skin makes her feel so warm.

Then his kisses rain down, lips flitting like butterflies till he’s adored every beloved spot and freckle on her perfect butt. He kisses through the so-sensitive crease at her legs and she wriggles happily when he follows it up the left side of her cleft, teasing with a warm breath over the center before ambling down the right side instead.

A delicious eternity swallows her as he makes one last luxurious spiral out to the base of her spine.

Then down, straight and slow to where his strong hands gently spread her open.

Down, down, down to her secret star at last.

She gasps “Yes” before he can even ask, but still he waits. He teases her with hot breaths till she bites her lip in anticipation and can almost see his mischievous smile. Then, just when she doesn’t expect, he licks her.

Her happy squeak makes them both laugh, hers cut short when he licks her again, around and around as she wriggles and gasps.

She bursa escort bayan feels his hands on her butt again, holding her steady, and then she is his, melting in the blind heat of her lust as he licks inside.

She pushes up to meet him so he tongues her deeper, the taste of her and the feel of her smoothness against his stubbly cheeks as strange as ever- and as wonderful because it’s her.

She squirms as if he tickled, the feeling of his tongue inside her there always strange and new- and always wonderful because it’s him.

Too wonderful to keep herself steady. She collapses on the bed with a molten, blissful sigh that makes his cock jump, and he licks around her star until she’s lifting back to get him inside again. And again.

He knows she’s close when she gets too tight for his tongue— a familiar problem with a familiar solution. “Shall I use my fingers?”

“Rather, ohhh,” she pushes up after falling again, “Rather have you inside me.”

“Later.” He lies down beside her, one new-licked finger lazily circling her ass, “You need your rest.”

She nods and then moans at the gentle pressure of his fingertip, the two of them pushing softly together until her ring opens to welcome him in.

He nearly comes across her back at the look in her eyes when his long finger slides in to the last knuckle.

With infinite care, he glides out an inch before filling her again, so slowly he can feel her heartbeat as her mouth makes a beautiful O.

He smiles at the familiar scent of her lust as they both escort bursa feel his finger sliding into her. He nuzzles her and laughs, “Go on!” She needs no encouragement, one slender hand already snaking down to find her clit wet and ready.

She feels his heartbeat quicken against her side and knows he can hear her fingers on her lips as his own fingers fill her ever deeper.

It feels too right to wait another moment; she smiles up at him and mouths, “Give me another?” He nods and she pushes back to help his second finger in, filling her perfectly.

He rests his forehead against hers until she’s ready again, then matches the deep strokes she loves best to the sleepy pace of her own fingers.

She pants as he makes love to her ass- and he does too when he sees the starry look in her eyes.

So close now. Her fingers dance over her clit, but her thoughts are on him inside her, filling her, feeling her, stretching her, knowing her, loving her, part of her. So deep. But not as deep as his cock will fill her later— she comes at last to that thought, riding it out on his tender fingers with a beautiful moan.

His fingers slow with her heartbeat. At last they slide out when she snuggles against his chest. His beloved is soft as warm butter in his arms while he holds her close, sweet sleep shutting her eyes.

Their lids flutter as she realizes what she forgot, but when her soft hand wraps around him he only nuzzles her again and tucks her in deeper. “Shhh. Later. You had a long week, cutie.”

She doesn’t answer, already sliding into a beautiful dream with her favorite arms around her.

At last he slips away, taking one last look at the sweet face beneath her morning hair before he tiptoes down to wash up and fix her breakfast.