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DAWNIE GROWS UPDAWNIE GROWS UPPart of her blamed the monks. They’d created her, shaped her, wrote her whole life: and they were, well, monks.Dawn had no sexual background whatsoever, especially compared to her friends. If that weren’t enough, she seemed to be everybody’s younger sister; the monks had apparently decided to include chastity when she’d put memories of her into everyone else.Her mind had been made curious, though. It was a curiosity that had only grown: and now Sunnydale was almost abandoned by every human, now the Scoobies were distracted by the threat of the First, she decided it was time to satisfy her curiosity.She’d prepared herself, physically. Shops in Sunnydale were abandoned now, it had been trivial to find a few toys she could use, and get used to. She hadn’t felt a great detail, but what she had felt, she liked.The only problem was, no humans were in Sunnydale. At least, next to none were. Thankfully, however, due to her sister, she knew where she could find the local demons.It had been Willy’s Bar, before Willy had fled the city. A decent fraction of the demons had fled too, for that matter: leaving only a handful of those who thought themselves tough. And most of those were probably on the brink of flight.Dawn wore clothes she’d stolen from a few of the Potentials who’d moved in. Tight-fitting crop top, and extra-tight leather over her legs; a style Faith would probably appreciate. She hadn’t bothered with any underwear; tonight, it would just get in the way.She couldn’t suppress a thrill as she entered the bar. Most eyes were on her, as much for the scent of a human, as her outfit. The first demon to approach her was a head taller, despite her own unusually tall frame. His skin was scaled, his voice low: she saw the flick of a forked tongue in his mouth.“This isn’t the place for you, girlie,” he said. A compassionate demon: how quaint.“This is exactly the place for me,” Dawn said, hiding the shiver in her voice. “I know what I’m looking for.”Demons respected confidence. Well, most did. Well, perhaps one percent did; it was an edge though. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t terrified, but with the First Evil tormenting the city, it was now or never for most things.“Quick death?” a demon who sat by the bar spoke.“Quick fuck,” Dawn shot back. “You game?”Raucous laughter. They thought she was joking, huh? She shrugged off the demon who’d approached her when she’d first entered, and walked toward the one at the bar.This one wasn’t quite as tall. Humanoid, like most seemed to be, and surprisingly human-skinned. His eyes glinted red, and when he grinned, teeth filed to a point were exposed, but other than that he might have passed as human.Most of the demons Dawn could see in the bar were guys. Worked out well for her, admittedly. Part of her wondered why; whether this was just the kind of bar guys preferred, or if staying behind in Sunnydale was some demonic kind of macho posturing.Didn’t matter, though.“Alley around the back,” Dawn said. “Right now. Up for it?”More laughter, and the demon stood, refusing to back down to a challenge. Dawn smiled.“Sure,” he said. “I doubt you are though.”“I’m up for a challenge,” Dawn said.More bravado. It worked though: she turned, and walked out, hiding the tremble in her step As soon as she reached the quiet back alley, she slowed, and turned: and a moment later the demon lunged, pinning her by her throat to the wall.She’d trained, admittedly. She could probably fight her way out of this: the demon still thought she was a regular human.“Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you right now,” the demon hissed, low.“You want a blowjob?” Dawn said, unconcerned. The demon laughed.“I could take what I want from you before killing you,” he said, pressing harder against her neck. “Try again.”Normally, she’d have been dead already. She’d either impressed or aroused curiosity (among other things) in the demon, however. What kind of unarmed human would saunter into a demon bar?“My name’s Dawn,” she said. “Heard of me?”The demon’s eyes narrowed. Apparently not.“Dawn Summers,” she said. “You’ve definitely heard of my sister.”Buffy always was better known. Immediately, the demon stepped back.“If the slayer found out her little sister was ****d or killed by a demon,” Dawn said, more confident now, “I can pretty much guarantee you’d regret it. My friends have stood up to gods before now: you really don’t compare. Unless you fancy castration, I suggest you give up any notion of hurting me.”She’d won. It was hard not to smile: the demon simply glared. Well, she could get rid of his annoyance easily: in one fluid motion, she pulled off her top, exposing her tits to the cool night air, nipples hardening instantly.“If, on the other hand, you want the offered blowjob,” Dawn said.She shrugged. No need to finish that sentence: quickly, she fell to her knees, reaching around the demon’s waist. Handy how they wore human-type clothes: he was easy to unzip and, unsurprisingly, he was already hard.Somewhere between eight and nine inches: bigger than any toy Dawn had practised on. She smiled. It too seemed human, if unusually big.She opened her mouth, took a moment to mentally prepare herself, and leant forward: lifting it with her hand so she could feel the whole thing slide into her mouth. She made it halfway in one gulp, then slowed, her hand still rubbing the base as she kept moving forward.The head began to slide down her throat, and Dawn paused; tried not to gag. Soon, she reached the limit of anything she’d had in her mouth, and lowered her hand. With just her head, she moved forward, until her lips wrapped around the base of the demon’s cock.Completely inside, first time. She paused; smiled at herself, letting her tongue flick across the length inside her mouth.The demon exhaled, low, staring down at the sight. Sweet, innocent Dawn, sister of the Slayer, taking every inch of his cock into her mouth. He could see a slight bulge in her throat, where she’d reached.“Start moving, bitch,” the demon said, after a moment.Dawn might have chuckled; of course demons wouldn’t be one for sweet talk. Still, he was probably right; this was meant to be a blowjob, not a gauge to see how much she could take. Still, as she shifted to quick move back, she briefly choked on the head.For a few seconds, she regained her breath, the demon’s cock as hard as ever, just inches from her face. Then licking her lips, smiling, Dawn turned back to it.She met the demon’s eyes as she slid his cock through her mouth, and down her throat, again. As soon as she felt like she was about to choke, she pulled back, until the head was between her lips again.Her tongue criss-crossed along his cock as she went down again, speeding up as soon as she felt she was able, taking in every inch.The demon gave a low groan: “You know what you’re doing, don’t you?” another exhalation, “Bet your sister would be proud.”He chuckled; then Dawn gasped (or at least tried to) when she felt his hand on the back of her head, pushing her down until he hit her throat again. He held her there, breath quickening at the way her throat felt as she desperately tried to inhale.When his grip lessened, Dawn quickly pulled back; not complaining, not to take his dick from her mouth, just to breathe in while licking around the head. When she’d traced a circle around the circumference, she smiled playfully back up, and gulped him back down.“You like it, don’t you?” the demon said, hand still on her head: “Filthy little whore, you like choking on my cock, don’t you?”Unable to talk, Dawn answered by leaning forward, again, until her lips met the base. She gagged momentarily, before chuckling as she pulled back; her chuckles sent a thrill through his dick.He pushed down on her head again, fingertips digging into her head now. He held Dawn about three-quarters of the way down the length of his cock, enough so that she could still breathe, and had plenty of room to play.“Use that tongue, slut,” he said, looking down at her, captivated by the sight of the Slayer’s sister on her knees for him.Dawn was glad to oblige, pressing the flat of her tongue to the head, and circling. She paused only to widen her lips, and breathe: inhaling through her mouth, and making the demon hiss in appreciation.When she tried to lean forward, to take in more, the demon held her back, hand on each side of her head. She almost chuckled: so, he wanted to see what she could do from just there.It might have been her first blowjob, but she knew enough of what she was maltepe escort doing, tracing patterns down the side of his dick.It wasn’t too much longer, however, before he pushed her forward, until his cock was outside her mouth, twitching slightly, and she was smiling, looking up: gasping for breath. He looked down at her, apparently impressed, briefly releasing her head.“Now then, bitch,” he said, “You stay still. Open your mouth. I’m going to fuck your face.”Dawn bit her lip: exhaled. Grinned wider.“You like that?” the demon said, returning one hand to her head. “Real whore, aren’t you?”“Planning to be,” Dawn said. She opened her mouth, invitingly.The demon thrust forward, sliding his cock down her mouth, and down her throat. As soon as he was fully inside, he pulled back, and moved in again. In the moment Dawn was gagging, struggling to take each inch, but relishing the challenge.She didn’t move herself, nor move her tongue, guessing what the demon wanted. He gripped her hair with one hand, bringing her back and forth, increasingly fast. She made the same sound each side his dick hit the back of her throat.The demon came hard, thrusting his hips forward, and gripping the back of her head with both hands: pushing her down, and holding her, making her take every inch. She gagged on the head of his cock, and gasped as she felt his cum shoot down her throat. An unnaturally big load; some dribbled out over her chin, and the demon pushed her head back, giving a low chuckle as the last few spurts fell onto her boobs.Breathless, Dawn licked her lips, and smiled up at him. He exhaled, heavily.“Good little slut,” the demon muttered. Dawn stood, and the demon blinked to find her legs bare, now. She stepped out of the leather.“I’m not done,” she said, and smiled. “Get the feelings your friends in there wouldn’t say no to a fuck. Especially if they knew it was the Slayer’s sister.”The demon nodded, appreciatively.“Plus,” Dawn said, “If it sweetens the pot, I’ve never done any of this before. Fingers and plastic, that’s all I’ve had. You were my first blowjob, see what demons want to take the Slayer’s sister’s anal and vaginal virginity. Think it’ll appeal?”The demon muttered a curse, his soft cock twitching again. Dawn giggled, a little girlishly.Why had it taken her so long to try this?“I wouldn’t have guessed,” the demon said, low. He nodded his head, curtly. “I’ll explain things to them.”He entered, and Dawn waited, not bothering to clean up. She stood, leaning against the alley wall, ignoring the pleas of her cunt to be touched. Time enough for that later. The demon’s cum dripped over her tits, leaving a smeared path as it fell.Her face was mostly clear, though there were a few spots on her chin.After a couple of minutes, the demon came outside again. It gave Dawn a strange thrill to realize she didn’t know his name: and another when she entered, and saw countless demons all, apparently, ready to be her first fuck.Most eyes were on her. She felt a slight shiver, more exposed than she’d ever been to anyone. Her tits were firm rather than big, each maybe a handful, and her cunt was shaved, though a small layer of fuzz covered it, due to how hard it was to get private time with the number of Potentials at her place. The lips were still clear, though.The first demon Dawn walked to was the one who’d warned her to leave, when she’d entered. She smiled up at him; cocked her head.“Still want me to leave?” she said.“Not now,” he said, shaking his head, and watching every inch of her.“That’s good,” she said. “Now, you get to pick. Ass or cunt, where’d you want to fuck me?”To punctuate her words, she turned around, and bent over: gave the demon a view, while looking around the rest of the bar. A moment later, and she was pushed to her knees: the demon leant forward, to speak to her each.“I think you can guess,” he said, low. An instant later, and she felt the head of his scaled cock against the entrance to her ass. Dawn smiled.She worried for a second or two, though: she hadn’t looked at his dick, didn’t know its size. She could certainly feel it was scaled: course, like the rest of him. As the head slid into her ass however, she was glad to find he’d either lubed it, or some aspect of his form did so for him. With how often demons probably fucked, that would be a handy adaption.He slid into her slowly, inch by inch widening her ass. When he was, at Dawn’s guess, five inches in, he slowed: but gave no indication of stopping. She bit her lip, keeping still, hands resting on the ground, and going white as she waited.Eventually the base of his cock touched her. It felt a little over nine inches, though Dawn couldn’t really guess. Still, the demon whispered to her again:“You think you can take me?” he said. Dawn nodded eagerly.“Please,” she couldn’t say any more. There was the definite feeling of her ass taking probably all it could take, but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to fuck.The demon started to move, though only slowly it first. He took maybe half his length from her, before sliding back in: pausing for a second or two at each end. It was too slow for Dawn, but she didn’t hurry him, accepting the logic.Her ass would be tight, no question. And if this night was going to go according to plan, she’d take a lot more cocks there, so she’d need it to loosen a little.Still, she could have fun while he was fucking.“What about the rest of you?” she raised her voice, looking around the bar: “I’ve got two hands and a mouth, you don’t need to just watch.”Almost immediately, there was a surge: several demons came nearer. The one she’d sucked off outside sat by the bar, apparently amused at the others, while they realized how much of a slut she was.“You,” Dawn said, gesturing at random towards a minotaur-like demon. “You can be the first in my pussy, when the guy back there’s done. Feel like waiting that long?”He nodded a horned head, and moved around behind her, surprisingly patiently.Now that was out the way, Dawn smiled, and looked at the array of dicks offered to her. A whimper as the demon in her ass quickened a little, before she set to work.She opened her lips around the cock that was closest to her face, and as soon as she took the head in her mouth, the demon’s hand pressed down on her, and forced the rest down her throat in one, quick motion.It took her a few seconds to recover, but once she did she smiled and started to eagerly move, not even needing to be guided as she moved her head up and down the cock, making good use to the blowjob skills she’d learnt minutes ago.As soon as she was comfortable, she reached out blindly with both her hands, absently lifting both into the air, until demons took each by the wrist, and took them both to wrap around more hard cocks. Even not being able to see them, rather occupied by the demon in her mouth, she quickly set to work.Her hands ran up and down the cocks: both felt human, though it was hard to tell. Her hands could wrap around both, letting her start to jerk them off, hoping the sight of her with more cocks in her ass and mouth would prove enough visual stimulation.The demon behind her slid into her ass again, and Dawn’s moan was muffled. She grinded back, chuckling as she felt the demon slap her, evidently enjoying the sensation.“You’re a natural little slut, aren’t you?” the demon behind her said, low. Another chuckle: and the demon whose cock was in her mouth gripped her head, harder. Dawn gave a muffled agreement, before briefly gagging as she was pushed down.Her ass was slapped again, as the demon kept fucking her, soon speeding up: Dawn moved back against him, enjoying the thrill of handling two cocks at once. She barely paid attention to the two in her hands, managing the hand jobs easily.There was a low grunt as the demon came in her ass: she felt him shoot inside her, a strange sensation, but oddly pleasant. After a few seconds, he pulled out, and Dawn shifted.She moved onto her knees, to better focus on the three dicks before her. Her hands hastily rubbed the two to the side, while her head was pushed down on the central. Rather soon, the cock in her right hand came, leaving a trail of cum over her wrist.It dripped to the floor, and she soon moved on from that dick, lifting her mouth briefly from the demon, keeping him hard with her hand, before looking back: “Which of you wanted my cunt?” she said.Moments later, she was straddling a bull-headed demon, lowering herself down onto him. Both from preparations, and how wet the previous play had escort maltepe made her, he slid into her virgin cunt easily. She rode him experimentally for a few seconds, before looking back up: smiled.“Right then,” a grin, “I can keep going for as long as you lot can. Come on.”Immediately after speaking, she took a demon’s cock back into her mouth, not entirely sure if it was the one she’d been sucking before. He grabbed her head though, similarly, guiding how she moved.Her hands found two other cocks easily: the only surprise came when some other demon she couldn’t see pressed the head of his dick against her ass. Unable to speak, she instead wiggled her hips invitingly (eliciting a gasp from the demon beneath her), and moaned as he slid inside her.It was quite an experience, to be fully filled like that. Her mouth, her cunt, her ass, and both her hands being used; part of her was tempted to just lay there.The demon fucking her ass was more than happy to thrust, the demon beneath her could feel the effects of the other’s movement, and the demon in her mouth was moving her head. She only really had to focus on her hands, and that was trivial.Still, she wanted to savour this experience. Grinning, she moved her legs, grinding her hips between the two demons, feeling her cunt and ass be filled up, the two cocks thrusting increasingly fast inside her.Her tongue circled the dick in her mouth, as she’d practised before, and it wasn’t long before she tasted a jet of cum. Slightly bitter-tasting, but recognizing what it was, was most of the thrill. She swallowed quickly, and glanced up with a smile: only to have her head pushed back down, to take another dick.She didn’t even have a chance to speak. As soon as that demon left, another took his place, filling her mouth all the way up to the throat. She gagged, but didn’t let it slow her.Dawn hadn’t seen their faces. She just felt, or tasted, them, feeling one cock after another fuck each of her holes, each entering her with increasing ease, and each cumming rather quickly. These demons weren’t interested in prolonging the experience, only in getting what they could.“Look at the whore,” she never could tell who spoke. “Virgin when she came in here, and now taking nine inches in her cunt and ass. And enjoying it, too. Definitely a whore. You think she’s going to cum? I think she is. She’s gonna scream like the whore she is, for us.”She was moaning, certainly, as best she could with a cock muffling each sound she made.Her arms, by then, had several loads on them. Her face was mostly clear, but only because she’d swallowed; lower, her back had a lot of cum, and a few drops couldn’t stay in her ass.The hardest guy to replace was the one in her cunt; it necessitated a little movement before she could start riding someone. They picked the longer-lasting demons to fill that role, from what she could gather. Still, she’d felt several cum in her pussy.The first time Dawn came herself, was when a larger, scaled dick slid into her cunt: the texture sent shivers through her, and it found all the right spots. In conjunction with everyone she’d fucked before it, and everything that was going on at the time, it took only the thrust of another demon into her ass, for her to cum.At that, there was laughter. A few demons slapped her ass, and face: some reached around to roughly grab her boobs, all apparently pleased to have the Slayer’s sister cumming for them.It wasn’t any sign that they were going to stop, though. They kept on fucking her, as fast as before.“Real slut, isn’t she?” another voice, which turned demanding: “Turn her over, I want to see her tits.”Either the speaker had influence, or several of them agreed with the idea, as soon after the three in her mouth and hands stepped back. The one behind her gripped her hair, and pulled her up, rather roughly: then again, she hadn’t expected gentleness here.Soon her back faced the floor, grinding against the demon in her ass. Seconds later, a demon was kneeling to fuck her cunt, again.She was afforded a brief glimpse of the bar as a whole, then. A few women were watching, now: and there were definitely more male demons than she could recall seeing before. Apparently word had gotten out, and more were coming to visit.She had to grin at that, even as her head was pulled back, until it surveyed the bar upside-down, and another cock was thrust into her mouth. Whether by angle or length, that one went further down her throat than the others, and she gagged: tried to pull back, before the demon held her in place.“What would your sister think?” the demon in her mouth said, softly, as she gagged in his cock, trying to get used to it. “Gangbanged by demons, cumming from it, taking every inch of me down your throat like a thirsty little whore? Think of your sister, think of what she’d think of you.”Not long after hearing those words, Dawn came again, screaming from the cocks in all of holes, and shuddering between two demons. The one in her throat still held her in place, apparently enjoying just how she gagged.She reached out with her hands, not entirely used to doing this from upside-down, as it felt, but picking it up quickly. Now her boobs were facing up, however, she seemed to get a lot more attention.Some of the demons reached across, to grope them. It might have been the ones who were fucking her, or might just have been any who were close enough. A little after that lost its charm, another demon descended, kneeling with a leg either side of her abdomen, and placed a rather thick cock between her tits.She realized what he was going to do quickly. Her boobs were fairly small, but apparently they were enough for the demon. He placed a hand either side of them, and squeezed them together, around his cock, and started to thrust.Her tits didn’t wrap around his cock, not entirely, but being able to press at either side gave enough stimulation. Her head was tilted back to take another cock, so she couldn’t see what was happening, but she could feel the heat of it, the warmth against her skin.“How does it feel?” a low voice then, “Pleasuring six demons at once. Every inch of your body being used, being fucked. Being our bitch, completely. You’re a filthy little slut, and you love it, don’t you? Six cocks at once, a bar full of demons waiting to use you. You’d beg for it if your mouth wasn’t full, wouldn’t you?”Dawn gave an enthusiastic, muffled moan as she gagged, and felt another demon cum in her mouth. Instead of a cock replacing it, she found, as soon as she swallowed, a cunt being pressed against her lips.“Lick, you little whore,” a woman’s voice. “There’s not going to be a thing you haven’t done by the time we’re finished with you.”Dawn shivered at the promise, before eagerly reaching out with her tongue. Apparently this demon’s anatomy was similar to human; tracing the outline of the woman’s cunt, she soon found a few spots that made the woman reach around, and hold her head in place.The woman held Dawn by her throat, pulling her closer, choking her almost as an afterthought: far more focused on holding Dawn’s mouth against her cunt. Her grip tightened as Dawn kept caressing, kept enjoying the woman’s distinct taste, and despite finding it harder to breathe, Dawn eagerly kept going.Dawn’s tongue brushed what had to be the woman’s clit, eliciting a shiver, and a tighter grip on her throat. Dawn exhaled heavily as the demon in her cunt finished, to be replaced by another, before resuming her focus.She tasted the demon-woman, intoxicated: another act she’d never seriously expected to do, before tonight. Her tongue circled, and dipped, and explored, always going back to the clit, stroking, flicking, and curling. She gasped for breath as the woman choked harder, and that seemed to please her all the more.Dawn barely noticed as the demon between her boobs came, thrusting forward again, and shooting cum until it hit the curve of her throat, and dripped down the sides. She barely felt it; one load wasn’t much compared to the many she’d already taken.She did feel briefly disappointed, however, when the demon straddling her chest moved away, and no dick hurried to replace him. She was distracted when another demon came in her ass, and moved: when another moved to his place, she felt her head be pushed further up, against the demon-woman’s cunt.Dawn came yet again, screaming hoarsely as another cock slid into her ass. The demon-woman slapped her face, barely distracting her from the ecstasy, but managing to urge her on.“That’s maltepe escort bayan it, my slutty little cunt-licker,” the woman said: voice fast, low. “Eat me, show everyone there’s nothing you won’t do. You’d happily be my bitch, for me to fuck whenever and however I wanted, and you’d make me cum wherever and whenever I wanted. That’s the kind of slut you are, Now tongue my pussy, you’re going to make me cum.”The woman’s voice became breathless, and Dawn was rewarded with another choking. She felt her face go red, unable to breathe, but lapping up every drop of the woman’s taste, and doing her utmost to elicit more of a reaction.Respite came from the choking only when the woman opted to use one hand to instead slap Dawn’s cheek: “More, slut. I saw you fuck six cocks at once, I know you’re a whore, and you’re going to prove it.”Dawn felt several loads of cum land over her chest: apparently some demons had decided they didn’t even want to fuck her, they just wanted to see the Slayer’s sister covered in cum. It was only a slight disappointment: Dawn had plenty to be getting on with.Still, she turned her attention to the woman sitting over her face, now intent on making her cum. She barely noticed as the cocks in her hands were replaced, or as another demon took over in her cunt and, later, ass, much more fixated on the taste, the texture of the demon-woman above her.When she at last came, it was worth the wait. Where once she’d been silent, save for the occasional quick breath, now she screamed, and choked Dawn harder, grinding against Dawn’s face, smearing her with her own cum, only moving away after a minute or so.Dawn gasped desperately for breath, when the woman’s hands left her throat, and pulled in a few before another cock was shoved down her throat. Grinning, Dawn returned to what she’d had more practise with.A few more women took place over her mouth, after that. None were as rough as her first, but Dawn felt herself be slapped several times, as they urged her to fuck them more. She still sucked on more cocks than cunts, however.After what had to be hours of constant fucking, Dawn realized with a kind of disappointment that her gangbang was beginning to wind down. She’d recognized a few demons take more than one go, (even tasting her cunt and ass off a couple of them), and it was starting to take a few seconds more before someone took over when a demon departed.Still, she wasn’t complaining. She still had five cocks at once, her mouth, ass, and cunt filled, and her hands busy. Demons had pulled her arms by the wrist, until she now jerked them off until they shot their loads over her tits: she could feel a lot of cum gathering there.She could only imagine how she must look. Well and truly fucked, flushed, with what felt like every spot of her skin drenched in demon cum. And certainly, a few demons seemed to appreciate how she looked. She could hear a few comments.“Who’d have thought the Slayer’s sister really just wanted to be a demon fuck-toy?” chuckles, “Biggest slut I’ve seen, you? Taking it like a pro in every hole. Never would have thought she was a virgin when she walked in.”She smiled to hear it, and eagerly tried to put on more of a show. In truth, she was increasingly exhausted, but she had enough energy to keep going. Even if those demons were too spent to do anything but watch, she could make sure they’d be thinking of her for years to come.Still, Dawn sighed in real disappointment when her hands started to go unused: a sigh quickly stifled by a demon spotting, and filling her mouth with nine-inches of cock, from which she recognized the taste of her cunt.“Good job, whore,” the demon sounded almost impressed, as he pulled her by the hair down his dick. “Wouldn’t have thought you had it in you. There have been over a hundred demons in and out of here. You know that? You just fucked over a hundred strangers. Just like a real whore. You’re going to be sore tomorrow,” a chuckle, “You love it though, don’t you, slut?”Muffled agreement, as Dawn gagged on his cock, relishing how it felt to take all of it. She sucked the demon off with the same enthusiasm she’d had for her first blowjob, hours before, tracing her tongue around him, and bobbing back and forth, to take all of it.It wasn’t long before that demon came, and she swallowed every drop, used to the feel of things going down her throat, now. Still, she couldn’t hold back a mewl of regret as the demon moved away, and her mouth went unfilled.The last two demons, in her ass and cunt, chuckled at the sound, each moving in response to turn the whimper to a cry.She’d lost count of how many times she’d cum, only that it was a lot. Her legs hadn’t stopped shaking for quite a while: not that they were likely to, with demons still vigorously fucking two of her holes.Dawn turned her head, wincing as she moved her neck out of the position it had grown used to, looking down over her body for the first time in a while. She was as covered as she’d expected to be, if not more so. Her boobs, her stomach, her legs, her arms all coated in cum: some hardened, some still dripping, and moving.She felt more like a slut than she had even when being fucked by six demons. She grinned: and threw back her head as she came again, setting off the demon in her ass as she did so, to add more to the (admittedly smaller) loads on her back.As soon as he moved away, the demon in her cunt roughly turned her over, until she was on her hands and knees: “I’m fucking your ass,” he said, “If I’m the last, I get the choice, and I want a go in every hole the Slayer’s whore sister has to offer. Had your mouth, just had your cunt, now I want this. Scream for me, bitch.”And she did, as he slid quickly inside her. He lasted maybe seconds, before her still-tight ass squeezed around his dick, and he was the last demon to cum in her, of that night.Dawn let herself fall to the floor, breathless, and riding out the last few aftershocks, and tremors that still sent bliss all through her body. Fuck, she was definitely going to try and do that again.None of the demons disturbed her. Whether it was because they were too tired to go any more rounds, or because they were by-now appreciative and didn’t want to risk hurting her, Dawn couldn’t tell.When her breathing had returned to normal, she sat up. Then, she stood up, looking down at herself. Yeah, still covered. That was going to make getting home a pain. Well, that and the fact she had no clue where her clothes had gone, even if she would’ve worn them with this much on her.Hesitantly, she staggered towards the door. Legs still weak, great. She peered through the doorway, to see the Sun peering over the horizon. She’d been there all night: well, she couldn’t’ say she was surprised.She’d come up with an excuse, though. She’d blame it on a demon; she’d seen a few, and decided to hide. After then, she’d just lost track of time, not wanting to risk heading out. It was a decent excuse, in this Sunnydale, ruined only by the fact she was naked, clearly well-fucked, and it wasn’t exactly difficult to recognize cum.Dawn left the bar, choosing to find a hiding place from which to figure things out. And a shower. Hopefully before anyone found her. Thankfully most homes in Sunnydale were abandoned, meaning it was highly unlikely anyone would come across her-“Hey there Little D!”-Unless that person was a Slayer on patrol around a demon bar. There went that idea. She turned around, slowly, to see Faith. Instinctively, she lifted her arms, moving one across her nipples, and the other to hide to her from view.“You ok?” Faith said.Well, all things considered, it was better to be caught by Faith than, well, anyone. Especially her sister. Chances are Faith had done plenty of things she wouldn’t want shared. That, and her voice wasn’t judgemental: Dawn sighed in relief.“Yeah,” she said. “Just tired, I guess.”“I bet,” a laugh, “Watched you for a few hours. Well, bit more than watched. Had to make sure you were safe.”“Uh, thanks?” Dawn said, uncertain.“Any time,” a chuckle. “Really, any time. If you’re planning to do that again, give me tickets. To watch… or take part, I’m not fussed,” a shrug. “Need any help?”Dawn nodded, gratefully, letting her arms drop. “Please.”Faith broke into a nearby house, to give Dawn access to the shower and, after promising to be her alibi when it came to Buffy, went out to nab some clothes.She came back to the abandoned house’s room, to find an exhausted (and now clean) Dawn asleep on the bed. Chuckling, Faith put down a few clothes, and a couple of pills from a nearby pharmacy (just in case) beside her. She then stripped naked and snuggled with Dawn, knowing that when she would wake up Dawn would feel what it would be like to get fucked by a Slayer.THE END