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Subject: Days of our Lives – Sexual Urges 6 This is a fanfiction story with the characters Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) and Xander Kiriakis (Paul Telfer) This story says nothing about the actors being gay or something it’s just pure fiction. Copyrights © NBC DAYS OF OUR LIVES ********************************* Things took a dramatic turn in Salem when the news came out about what Xander and Victor did. Now Brady is on the plane going to try and find Kristen and his daughter when Xander shows up as well and boards the plane to go with Brady. Both are sitting in the plane. “I think we need to settle something” Xander tells Brady. “I think we don’t” Brady sneers. “I know everything is not right between us but I want to change that, we need to find Kristen, Sarah and the baby” Xander explains. “You created this mess and now you want to make things right, sorry if I have trouble believing that” Brady reacts. “I know but the plane is about to take off, we need to work together” Xander explains. Brady is frustrated to be stuck with Xander. ———————– A little while later. Brady looks at Xander angrily. “You can be angry all you like but we have to work together” Xander explains. “Why would I work with you” Brady sneers. “Well because I know about your secret meetings with Will and Sonny” Xander reveals. Brady is shocked, but stays cool “I don’t know what you’re talking about” Xander stands up and hangs above Brady “Really don’t you know” he says smiling. Brady pushes Xander away and stands up. Xander grabs Brady and pushes him against the wall. “Just like you pushed Will and later Sonny against the wall when you fucked them” Xander says. Brady is in shock, Xander really does know about it. “I know we don’t see eye to eye on things,, but maybe during our flight we can work it out” Xander says, he lays his hands on Brady’s ass and squeezes it. Brady jumps up “What the hell man” and pushes Xander off of him. Angry Xander pushes Brady with his face towards the wall of the plane. Out of the cockpit the pilot comes over the intercom “Mr. Black, is everything okay” Xander pushes Brady in the chair “Say everything is okay” “Yeah, everything is okay” Brady reacts. “What do you want now” Brady asks. “Well it takes a while for us to get to France, we can spend some time together” Xander explains. “Spend time together, why would I” “I think you and I could use some stress relief, nothing more nothing less” Xander says laughing, he takes his cock out of his pants. Brady is shocked, seeing how big Xander is. “Come on Brady, suck it” “No way” Brady refuses. Xander grabs Brady’s head, making him lean forward, Brady tries to fight back “If you don’t do it I will have to blackmail Sonny and Will for it” Brady is in shock, he knows Sonny and Will might be able to take it but he doesn’t want them to be in the hands of this monster. “If I do it will you leave them alone” “Sure thing but you gotta give me exactly what I want from you” Brady feels a big lump in his throat, he swallows and opens his mouth, he lets Xander push the tip of his cock inside. “Just taste a little bit at first” Xander says. Brady tastes the head of Xander’s cock, tasting a salty strange flavor, not bad but the thought of sucking a man’s cock doesn’t appeal to Brady. “You’ll get the hang of it eventually, open wider” Xander says and pushes his cock further inside. Brady is shocked, he looks up at Xander, begging him with his eyes. “You can take it, you’re a big guy” Xander says looking down at Brady. Brady has his hands on Xander’s ass to hold on when Xander pushes his cock further inside, making Brady gag on it, Xander holds his hand on the back of Brady’s head to keep him on it. Xander hears Brady gagging and feeling him try to push him off. Then Xander let’s go and Brady coughs, catching his breath. Xander’s cock is rock hard and dripping with saliva that Brady left on it. “Come on, get back on it, it’s not over yet” Xander says and grabs Brady’s head, pushing his cock back inside. Brady feels Xander’s cock deep in his throat, he tries to handle it, feeling the rough intrusion at his throat, gagging and barely taking it. “That’s it, keep on sucking it” Xander says smiling, feeling his cock getting harder. Xander let’s bursa escort bayan his hand go from Brady’s head and Brady keeps on sucking on it, he smiles, knowing that he now has Brady where he wants him. Brady keeps on sucking Xander’s cock on his own now. Xander removes his jacket and shirt, letting his pants and underwear drop to his ankles. “Get up and get naked” Xander commands. Brady looks up, he hesitates. “Or should I go after Sonny and Will” Xander asks. “No no… fine I will do it” Brady replies. Brady starts stripping while Xander strokes his cock, watching the big hunk get naked. Xander thinks back to when he saw Brady having Will pinned against the wall and saw that sweet ass of Brady’s flexing while he pumped Will. When Brady is completely naked he feels awkward standing in front of Xander. “Turn around and show me that sweet ass of yours” Xander orders. “You’re gonna fuck me aren’t you” Brady asks. “Yeah I think so” Xander replies and winks at Brady. “Fuck” Brady replies. “You will love it” Xander explains. Brady can hardly believe that he will love it, certainly with Xander. “I have to admit I wanted to blackmail you earlier but I waited, I was so jealous of Will and Sonny going to you and all those women always wanting you” Xander explains. “So you’re doing this out of jealousy” Brady asks. “At first, but then I also thought it would be fun to have a piece of that sweet ass of yours” Xander replies. Brady can’t believe what he’s about to let Xander do. `’Turn around and show me that sweet ass of yours” Xander orders. Brady turns around. Xander comes close behind Brady “Bend over that chair” Brady bends himself forward, exposing his ass to Xander. Xander gets on his knees and looks at that fine ass Brady has and gives it a good hard slap. Brady yelps “What the fuck man” Xander laughs “Seems like you’re a screamer” “Fuck you” Brady reacts. “No, fuck you” Xander replies and spreads Brady’s ass cheeks. “Damn, what a sweet tight hole” Xander says. Brady prays this will be over soon. Xander rubs his finger at Brady’s tight hole. “Mmmmm…. a virgin” Xander taunts Brady. Brady feels Xander’s finger rubbing against his hole, his hole tightens, already afraid for the intrusion that is going to come. Xander keeps Brady’s ass cheeks spread apart and starts rimming. Brady can’t believe the feeling he’s feeling when Xander starts to rim him, he never felt something like that. Xander rims Brady deep, his tongue at Brady’s tight hole. Brady feels his cock twitching, but he wonders why. Xander doesn’t look but reaches for Brady’s cock to grab and stroke it, to his surprise he feels he’s already starting to get hard. Xander stops for a moment “I think someone has a big load to release” Brady can’t believe what’s going on, he’s letting Xander do this to him and his cock is reacting to it, he’s confused and frustrated at the same time. Xander continues rimming Brady and keeps on stroking the big hunk’s cock. Brady is completely in Xander’s control now. The feeling of Xander’s tongue at his ass and his cock being stroked makes Brady rock hard. “I think that’s enough to get you in the mood” Xander says and stops, he gets up and slaps his cock against Brady’s ass. “Ready for the real thing” “Xander please… aaaarrrrgghhhh….” Brady gets interrupted by Xander pushing his cock right away inside Brady’s tight hole. “OH FUUUUCCKKK……” Brady screams. “That’s right, I’m gonna fuck you good” Xander says biting his lip and getting his whole cock inside. Brady catches his breath, feeling that big torpedo of a cock coming inside him. Xander puts his hands on Brady’s shoulders and starts to fuck him. “Gawd it’s so big, please stop” Brady begs. “Don’t you worry, at first it hurts everyone but then they enjoy it” Xander explains. Brady feels the deep hard intrusion inside him, his knees shaking, trying to handle it. Xander starts to pick up the pace more. Brady is overwhelmed by the feelings of pain, frustration, but also pleasure. Xander starts to fuck Brady harder and harder. “Damn that ass is tight but so sweet” Xander says. Xander looks down, seeing Brady standing with shaking knees and smiles, it feels so good to be inside the big hunk he has hated for everything that görükle escort Brady always gets, finally he can have his sweet revenge and it feels so good. Brady growls and grunts, taking the Xander’s big cock inside him. “Yeah big guy, take it” Xander says while slapping at Brady’s ass. Brady breathes heavy, taking the hard thrusts Xander gives him. Xander almost takes his cock out and rams it back inside. Brady falls over the chair but Xander keeps him in a good grip to continue the motion. “FUUUCCCKKK….” Brady shouts. Xander takes his cock out of Brady “Let’s see if you can take it just like Will and Sonny took it from you” “What do you mean” Brady asks. “Get over here” Xander orders. Brady walks over to Xander who pushes him against the wall between the cabin and the cockpit, Xander lifts one leg of Brady’s and pushes his cock back inside. “Now I have you pinned against the wall just like you had those boys” Xander explains and thrusts in deep. Brady looks at Xander who roughly pounds Brady up against the wall, Xander comes with his mouth to Brady’s ear “Do you think the pilot might hear us and know what we’re doing” Brady feels awkward and scared that the pilot might know and could come in to check. “Wrap your arms and legs around me so I can really fuck you good” Xander orders. Brady looks at Xander, he slowly wraps his arms around Xander’s shoulders and lifts his other leg up, completly pinned against the wall, having Xander’s cock buried deep inside him. “Yeah fuck this is so hot, now I have you just like you had Will and Sonny, how does it feel” Brady moans, feeling Xander’s hard cock deep inside him, he grunts and moans. Xander’s hairy chest against his smooth chest rubbing while Xander keeps fucking Brady. The two hunks grunt and moan, Xander having Brady pinned against the wall, making the big hunk take his big cock. Brady grunts and moans, his body all sweaty. Sweat also drips from Xander’s back, from fucking Brady so hard against the wall. “Mr. Black, are you sure everything is okay” Brady suddenly hears the pilot asking over the intercom. Xander laughs “I think you need to pick up and answer the pilot or he might come back to check” Brady is shocked, Xander letting him go, taking is cock out and Brady walks over to answer to the intercom “Yes…. Yes… everything is okay” Brady says catching his breath and suddenly feels Xander grabbing him from behind entering him. “OWWWWW FUUUCCCKKKK….” Brady shouts. “Do you need some help back there ” the pilot asks. “No no…. everything is fine” Brady says and hangs up fast. “Damn you” Brady says. “Bet you found that exciting” Xander says rubbing his hands over Brady’s masculine back. Brady can’t believe that he’s taking it and that the pain has disappeared into excitement. Xander smiles, seeing Brady’s cock being hard, he wraps his arms around Brady and grabs his cock and balls “You like it don’t you” he whispers in Brady’s ear. “You’re ass feels fucking amazing” Xander says. “Please… Xander…. mmmm… fuck” Brady cannot come up with words. “Yes that’s right, I’m fucking you” Xander chuckles “And I’m going to breed you any moment” “No, please…. don’t, not inside” Brady begs. “Sorry mate, that ass just feels so fucking amazing that I want to stay in it as long as I can” Brady grunts and moans, feeling Xander’s cock deep inside him, pumping him. “Here it comes” Xander warns and shoots 8 big load spurts inside Brady. “Fuck yeah” Xander says happily, filling Brady up. Brady grunts, he feels Xander’s cock getting slowly out of his hole, plopping out and cum leaking out of Brady’s hole. “That was fucking amazing” Xander says. Brady catches his breath. “Tell me why does everyone want to be fucked by you. All those women, and now Sonny and Will, what is so good about you” Xander asks. Brady looks up “I don’t know what you’re talking about” he replies. Xander walks over to Brady and grabs his cock “Is this thing that good” he asks. Brady feels his cock getting hard in Xander’s hand “What are you doing” “Show me” Xander says. “Show you what” Brady asks “Show me what’s so good about this thing” Xander answers, squeezing Brady’s cock “For this one time I want you to fuck me and show me why everyone are so impressed bursa escort bayan with you and wants you so badly” Xander explains. “Wait what, do you want me to fuck you” Brady asks. “Demonstrate is a better explanation for it” Xander says. Brady can’t believe what he’s hearing, first Xander fucked him and now Xander wants to be fucked by him. “Don’t get any ideas, I still don’t like you and you can still hate me but I want to know why everybody wants you” Brady looks at Xander, he realized if he wants revenge on Xander this is his only chance “Fine then, let’s do it” Brady grabs Xander and pushes him on his knees “First suck my cock” he orders. Xander gets on his knees in front of Brady and looks at Brady’s big impressive cock, he takes it in his hand, slowly opens his mouth and starts to suck on it. Brady moans and leans his head back, feeling Xander suck on his cock. Suddenly Xander stops “I think that’s enough” he says. Brady looks down “I don’t think so, if you want to experience it, then you continue” he says and pushes Xander back on his cock, making Xander deepthroat his cock, holding his hand on Xander’s head keeping him on it. Xander deep throats Brady’s cock, giving no response or any gagging. Brady is kinda impressed by Xander, a big straight hunk being able to deep throat. Xander almost swallows Brady’s cock. Brady can’t believe how good Xander is. “Damn are you sure this is your first time sucking a dick” Brady says. Xander doesn’t react and continues his blowjob on Brady’s cock, he has his hands on Brady’s ass and squeezes it. Brady still feels the sore feeling at his ass when Xander squeezes, making him angry again. Suddenly Brady pushes Xander off of his cock “Time to get fucked” he says angrily. Xander looks up, Brady helps him stand up and turns him around. “Uhm…. maybe we should stop” Xander suddenly says. “No way, you wanted it now you will get it” Brady snarls and pushes Xander forward over the chair, making him present his ass. “Brady please be… aaarrgggghhhhh….” Xander gets interrupted feeling Brady’s big cock coming inside. “Damn man, I at least rimmed you first” Xander says. “Yeah thanks for that” Brady answers and slaps Xander’s ass. Xander feels Brady’s big cock coming all the way inside him. “Oh fuck…. you’re big” Xander says. Brady smiles pushing the last few inches inside Xander’s tight ass. “Yeah man, now I can feel your tight virgin hole” Brady taunts Xander. “Fuck” Xander says. “Oh I will” Brady says and starts moving back and forth, getting a rhythm. Xander feels the burning pain at his hole, feeling Brady’s big cock stretching his hole. Brady starts to increase the pace and fucks Xander hard. Xander feeling the pain slowly disappear, feeling Brady’s cock pumping his ass. Brady’s balls slamming against Xander’s balls by every hard deep thrust Brady gives him. Both hunks sweat, grunt and moan. Xander’s cock gets erect again, feeling Brady’s cock against his prostate. “Seems someone else also likes to be fucked” Brady chuckles and this time wraps his arms around Xander and starts stroking Xander’s cock and plays with his balls. Xander hits Brady’s hands to get off of it but Brady keeps a good grip on it “Don’t fight it, I feel you are starting to like it” “Let go” Xander sneers. Brady let’s go and laughs “Fine, then I’ll just continue pounding you” Brady says, he lays his hands on Xander’s shoulders and starts to pound the big hunk. Xander growls, feeling the hard pounding Brady is giving him, he can’t believe how much he’s enjoying it, his cock rock hard and enjoying Brady fucking him. He can now see why everyone wants to be fucked by Brady. Brady’s cock is rock hard and ready to shoot his load. “Just like you did me, I’m going to breed you” Brady says. Xander then suddenly feels Brady shooting his warm fluid inside him. “Mmmmmm yeah…. mmmmm” Brady moans and shoots his big load of 7 spurts of cum deep inside Xander. Both men catch their breath and Brady takes his cock out of Xander’s ass. Brady’s sperm drips out of Xander’s ass. Both men get dressed, they don’t say a word, suddenly they here the pilot “Mr. Black we will be landing in 30 minutes” “Thank you” Brady replies while getting dressed. Xander and Brady both get dressed and go back in their seats, saying nothing to each other. ********************************* If you enjoyed the story or have a request please send me a message Don’t forget to donate to Nifty for support to let this great site exist and keep the stories going.