Dear Cum – Licky Lovegroove

27 Temmuz 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


Unfortunately there has been some harrumphing and possibly a bit of a kerfuffle at the use of the word ‘saddo’ in the first ‘Dear Cum’. I do understand that this is inflammatory language of a derogatory nature and that people might have felt offended. However it was the considered opinion of my lawyers, Bladdercock I’m not exactly sure what they’re saying seeing as it is so obscured by legalese. All as clear as mud to me. And so on to the letter.  Hi Cummies*giggles*I work as an admin assistant at ‘Builds Better’. I have a computer screen and kaçak iddaa a little microphone headpiece thingy – go me! I’ve been here six months, it’s great and everyone is super cool and lovely. Recently I’ve started sticking to my chair. Sometimes I slip off and end up on my tushy on the floor because everything is so wet. Please help. Ohhh and what do you think is the bestest size for titties? Mine are DD but look smaller and smaller every day. And any advice on workwear? I’ve been wearing pantsuits since I started here but they feel so itchy kaçak bahis and eeuchy. And what’s your favourite colour? I think mine might be pink but I don’t know if that is right. And make-up, any tips? Thanks Cummies*giggles*Besty Uptick  Dear BestyThank you for your kind letter. It would be best if you found a man to read you my reply and to help with mansplaining the important bits. I wouldn’t want you having to do anything pointless and silly like think about stuff. We both know that thinking is really hard and that too much of it will give illegal bahis you wrinkles and turn you into a battered old crone that nobody wants to fuck (a bit like me). ‘Build Better’ is a government/private partnership tasked with producing better women and bringing them to the commercial marketplace. It’s really cool that you work there – go you. The computer screen you stare at all day has barely perceivable mind manipulation programmes running 24/7 and if you listen really carefully to your earpiece you may just be able to make out a low hum. This contains subliminal messages that you have been absorbing for the last six months. So the good news is that you have now completed indoctrination and you are now ready for transformation – go you.