Dee visits The Fetish Shoe Shop

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Dee had started the day the way she usually did by taking a quick check of her emails and seeing how many people had viewed her videos. She was surprised to see a message from the administrators and clicked on it to open it. She read the message:

Dear Dee

I am very pleased to inform you that your videos were the most viewed here in the month of January. You are therefore the winner of this month’s prize which is a ‘Red Experience’ with all costs paid by The Fetish Shoe Shop. A new one shop has just been opened in Dartford, Kent and if you telephone the proprietor Mrs Wyles on the number at the bottom of this email you can make arrangements to visit the shop. Once again many congratulations.

Regards Jane

Dee couldn’t believe her luck, she had read a lot about The Fetish Shoe Shop and knew it was somewhere that really interested her and husband Jim who was out working. She wanted to call him straight away but she knew he was on one of his regular trips to a car breakers in Bournemouth to collect some spares.

She looked at the time and although it was early decided to call the number. After a couple of rings the telephone was answered by a very well spoken lady. Dee explained why she was phoning and immediately the woman knew what she was talking about.

She said, ‘My name is Mrs Wyles and we have just opened another branch of The Fetish Shoe Shop here in Dartford, its actually at the back of one of the shops in the Orchards Shopping Centre. If you go to the back of the shop you’ll see a red door, ring the bell and I’ll open it. You need to make an appointment as it’s a very personal service we offer. You should allow at least two to three hours. Have you any questions?’

Dee thought for a few moments and then asked, ‘Can my husband come along?’

‘Yes,’ she replied, ‘but he cannot go into the showroom with you, but he can stay in the outer office with me. There are 12 CCTV cameras in the showroom filming everything. Your assistant will be Paul who will look after your every need. I have to watch everything as I have to monitor Paul’s performance, the last thing I need is for ladies to come here and leave disappointed. Your husband can, of course, watch the filming with me, quite a lot of husbands enjoy watching their wife or girlfriend being attended to by Paul and Roger. They are my sons and I have just started introducing them into the business. Paul is 23 and has been assisting me for a couple of years, Roger is 19 and is a trainee and needs to get as much experience as possible.’

Dee said, ‘That all sounds great to me, I’ll speak to my husband Jim tonight and call again tomorrow, bye.’

Dee just couldn’t wait to tell Jim the good news. The thought of visiting The Fetish Shoe Shop that she had read about really excited her and it wasn’t long before she had her knickers off and was ramming her favourite rabbit vibrator inside her wet and welcoming pussy.

Jim was back at his usual time from his trip to Bournemouth and Dee couldn’t wait to tell him her good news. He too was excited and he said he would book a days holiday and then she could call the shop and make an appointment.

The next day Jim went to work and phoned Dee straight away to tell her he had booked a day’s holiday the following Tuesday. Dee immediately rang Mrs Wyles and booked the appointment.

Tuesday eventually came round and although Jim and Dee were very horny they managed to control their urges. Dee showered and got dressed. She wore stockings and after a lot of thought decided to wear some knickers.

They drove to the Orchards Shopping Centre and parked the car and rather nervously walked into the shop. They walked to the back and saw the red door and rang the bell. The door was opened by Mrs Wyles who, as usual was immaculately made up, she shook their hands and led them into the shop. As Dee and Jim followed her they both noticed her ultra high heel shoes and fishnet stockings. They sat down on a sofa opposite Mrs Wyles, she crossed her legs and Jim and Dee could clearly see the tops of her stockings as her short black dress rode up her thighs.

Mrs Wyles said, ‘Last night I looked at most of the 88 videos you have posted on yuvutu and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy what I’ve got lined up for you. Jim, you will have to stay in the office here with me although we will be monitoring what happens in the showroom. I have control of all the cameras and able to zoom in or out whenever I want to. The images will appear on the large screen on the wall, so Dee, relax and enjoy yourself and Jim and I will be enjoying watching you.’

Dee and Jim had spoken a lot since she first heard about her visit and although they had both been faithful to each other through the many years of their marriage they both agreed that if the situation that they found themselves in was so sexually arousing that they would both do whatever they had to to satisfy their feelings. Jim loved the fact that Dee exhibited herself to so many men on the internet and knew that hundreds if not thousands of them masturbated over her, he was düzce escort in fact the only one who fucked her and had his cock sucked by her.

Mrs Wyles said, ‘I think it’s time you met my assistant Paul and my trainee Roger, they are both my sons.’

She rang a bell and a door opened and in walked Paul and Roger. Mrs Wyles introduced them to Jim and Dee and they shook hands. Dee was pleasantly surprised at how good looking they were. She also thought it was an amazing coincidence that the two men that she chatted to the most on messenger were both called Paul and Roger, but of course, it was just a coincidence, wasn’t it?

In fact what Dee did not know was that both Paul and Roger were huge fans of fetish shoes and they were actually the same two young men who had been chatting to her on messenger. Paul had worked for his mother (or Mrs Wyles as they were both told to call her when they were working) for quite a time and Roger had been fascinated by his mother’s love of high heels and stockings since he was a teenager and had actually spent a lot of time masturbating over images of her.

Mrs Wyles said to Dee, ‘Do you want to go through to the showroom now?’

Dee stood up and followed Paul and Roger through the door. She was amazed at the sight that was before her. There were shelves and piles of high heel shoes, boots and underwear. She looked around in amazement. Dee was a lover of high heels and the thought of parading around in them was making her horny.

Paul led her over to a pile of red pvc underwear, red pvc long boots with 6 inch high heels and red pvc court shoes with an open toe again with a 6 inch heel. There was also matching lipstick and nail varnish and a lip pencil and lipgloss.

He picked this last one up and said , This shoe has been specially chosen by Mrs Wyles, see the open toe, she loves men sticking their cock through the hole and rubbing them off until they cum inside the shoe. She adores the sticky feel of cum on her feet, that’s why she wears fishnets most of them time.’

Back in the outer office Mrs Wyles turned the cameras on and she and Jim sat beside each other on the sofa and watched what was happening. Jim heard what Paul said about the open toed shoe and when he looked down at Mrs Wyles shoes he realised that she was wearing open toed shoes.

Paul said to Dee, ‘Mrs Ford, if you don’t mind I’d like you to undress and then wear this gown, I think you’ll find it more convenient.’

Dee was more than happy knowing that Jim was watching her very move. She started to undress and Paul said, ‘No, if you don’t mind Roger and I will do it for you.’

Roger pulled her dress over her head and dropped it onto the sofa. Dee felt really horny now as she stood in front of these two young men just in her underwear and stockings.

Then Paul went round behind her and undid her bra and took it off making her huge tits flop out in front of her. Already she could feel her nipples hardening. She caught a glimpse of herself in one of the full length mirrors and thought she looked very sexy. Then Roger knelt in front of her and slowly eased her panties all the way down to the floor where she stepped out of them. Roger lifted them to his nose and took a big inhale of her pussy juices. He was still kneeling in front of her wonderful shaven mound which even at this early time was showing signs of arousal.

Paul realised that now it was his turn to get a good look at Dee’s pussy and knelt in front of her and undid the suspenders holding up her stockings and slowly slid each stocking down her leg, making sure he did it very slowly and sensually. She lifted her foot and Paul removed her shoe and slid the stocking off her leg and threw it on to the sofa. He then did exactly the same with the other one but taking much longer and running his hands up and down her legs. All that remained was her suspender belt and Paul had soon removed that.

Dee glanced at herself in the mirror knowing that Jim was almost certainly getting aroused watching her being undressed.

Roger then handed Dee the red satin gown and she put it on. She tied it loosely round her waist allowing her ample breasts to be exposed.

Paul led her to the sofa and sat her down and said, ‘You are going to be a lady in red.’

Roger got two small stalls and he and Paul sat on them in front of Dee and lifted one of her feet and put it onto his lap and Paul did the same with her other foot. With both her feet planted firmly in Paul and Roger’s laps Dees legs were parted quite widely and as her gown fell open her pussy was very visible to both of them. Jim and Mrs Wyles, too had a good look as Mrs Wyles zoomed in with one of the cameras. On the wide screen TV in front of them was now a very clear image of a very damp pussy and this was having a stimulating effect on both Jim and Mrs Wyles.

Paul and Roger too were getting aroused as they both felt Dee’s feet pressing against their ever hardening cocks. Dee’s moist pussy was now very clear to the boys and they were having trouble concentrating düzce escort bayan on their task with such a wonderful view only inches from their faces. The first thing for the boys to do was to massage Dee’s feet, as soon she was going to be parading round in abnormally high heels. They both lifted her feet and rubbed massaging cream into her toes and gave her feet a wonderful relaxing massage. This was having a wonderful effect on Dee who parted her legs even wider and unwrapped the red satin gown exposing herself even more.

Dee had always had an exhibitionist streak and although it was only her husband Jim who was allowed to see her voluptuous body close up Dee was so aroused and relaxed that she had no hesitation in letting her two admirers see what she normally kept hidden.

As Paul and Roger massaged Dee’s feet neither of them could keep their eyes of Dee’s ever moistening pussy. The look in her eyes and on her face indicated to them both that she was certainly getting aroused. She started moving her hands towards her pussy, she desperately wanted to touch herself as just as she was about to Paul said, ‘Mrs Ford, there is no need to do that yourself, Roger will be more than happy to help you out. May I suggest just a little stimulation?’

Dee said, ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have, it’s just that I’m getting very horny.’

While Paul continued massaging her feet, Roger stood beside her and slowly ran a finger up and down her moist slit. With his other hand he tweaked and pinched a nipple which was soon getting quite large and hard.

Dee closed her eyes and just sat and enjoyed the feeling she was getting. In the office Jim was getting hard as he watched his beautiful wife enjoying the attention of two young men. Mrs Wyles, too was getting aroused. Her bisexual feelings were beginning to take over and she would have loved to join her two sons in the other room.

Roger, although quite inexperienced was very careful in not getting Dee too aroused, he knew that to allow her an orgasm at this early part of the appointment was not wise.

After a few more minutes Paul stopped massaging her feet and said, ‘I think it’s time to start getting you dressed.’

They walked over to the boots and clothing and Paul picked up the red quarter cup pvc bra and he and Roger helped Dee put it on. Roger did the clip up at the back while Paul made sure that her magnificent tits fitted into the 44dd size cup. Next came the red pvc suspender belt and as Paul knelt down in front of her do it up he got very close to Dee’s pussy and could clearly smell her juices.

Then he reached for the red pvc dress which they both helped her put on and as Paul zipped her up he stopped the zip short of her tits. Paul, Roger and Jim were all very hard now as they looked at the sexual dressing of Dee. Mrs Wyles too was very damp and realised that she was now stroking Jim’s thighs. Jim was aware of this and thought that if his wife was being aroused by two men then there was nothing wrong with him being aroused by Mrs Wyles.

Paul then led Dee to the sofa and slowly slid the fully fashioned stockings up her leg and fastened the suspender clips. He then got Roger to pass the red pvc shoes and he lifted her feet and slid them into the shoes and fastened the ankle straps.

They helped her to her feet and Dee stood and admired her sexy body in the full length mirror. The red pvc dress was so short that her pussy was clearly on show and she could see in the mirror her moistness. Roger walked over to her and said, ‘You need some slutty make up on now.’

He took the lip pencil and outlined her lips and then took the scarlet red lipstick and coated her lips thickly with it. Then smeared the lipgloss all over to seal it in.

Paul then unzipped her dress a little and lifted her tits out of the bra and Roger circled her large aureola with the lip pencil and then filled it in with the lipstick and then followed it with the lipgloss. Dee could see exactly what was happening in the mirror and could see her nipples getting harder and harder. She also felt Paul rubbing himself against her bum and she pushed back against it. What she didn’t know but could now see in the mirror was that Paul had dropped his trousers and underpants and was rubbing his erect cock against her magnificent red pvc covered arse.

Jim and Mrs Wyles were both very aroused and after she had unzipped his trousers and taken his erect cock out was now slowly rubbing it and had been doing so for the past five minutes. Jim was also helping himself and had pulled her skirt up and was slowly playing with her pussy from behind. Mrs Wyles was so wet that she knew that her orgasm was not far off.

Back in the showroom Roger just had one more thing to do and that was to put on some deep blue eyeshadow for her. As he liberally applied the eyeshadow he stepped back and looked at the vision of slutiness that stood in front of him.

Paul was now totally undressed and Roger had soon joined him. They sat down on the sofa, their huge erect cocks standing escort düzce to attention. Dee glanced at them and loved the thought that she had caused them to get so hard. She was a married woman who was old enough to be their mother and they had huge erections because of her. She started parading up and down the showroom, tottering along on the huge red stiletto heels. She kept admiring herself in the full length mirrors. She was as horny as them and wanted their cocks inside her.

Jim had now taken his clothes off and slipped Mrs Wyles knickers down around her ankles and from behind had slid his erect cock deep inside her welcoming cunt and was pumping it deep and fast inside her. He reached round her front and was fingering her clit. Mrs Wyles was in heaven as Jim bought her to a knee shuddering orgasm. A couple of minutes later he was pumping his seed deep inside her.

Paul called her over and said, ‘Mrs Ford, I think you should lower your lovely wet cunt down over my cock.’

Dee didn’t hesitate and knelt either side of him and lowered herself down on his huge erection. She adored the feeling as she felt his cock deep inside her and then slowly raised herself up and just before it came out she plunged herself down again. Roger was kneeling beside her and sucking her wonderful lipstick coated nipples and Dee knew that her orgasm wasn’t far away and soon she felt that wonderful feeling as she knew her orgasm was imminent. Paul pulled her to him and they kissed passionately with their tongues darting in and out out of each others mouths. He felt her body start shaking and suddenly Dee let out a huge scream as her orgasm crashed through her body.

She collapsed down against Paul and took a minute or so to recover. She knew that neither Paul or Roger had cum and wanted their cum in her cunt and mouth. But as much as that she wanted to cum again.

Jim was still quite hard and had kept his cock inside Mrs Wyles’ wonderful cunt and although he knew it would take a few minutes for him to cum again was more than happy to continue slowly sliding his cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Mrs Wyles was more than happy for him to continue too.

Paul said, ‘It’s time to try the boots on.’

They sat Dee down on the sofa and took her shoes off and replaced them with the thigh length red pvc boots. As they zipped them up they all realised that the heels were even higher. The two guys helped her to her feet and Dee once again paraded round the showroom. She looked sexier than she had ever done before with her wonderful lipstick coated nipples sticking out of her huge breasts and hanging out of her red pvc quarter cup bra.

Roger and Paul could wait no longer. Roger sat down on the edge of the sofa and as Dee walked up to him she bent down and took his rock hard cock into her mouth. Paul came up behind her and as her smooth cunt was exposed slid his erect cock deep inside her. She was still wet from her early orgasm so although his cock was huge it slipped all the way in so easily.

Mrs Wyles said, ‘I think it’s time to join them.’

Jim followed Mrs Wyles into the showroom, Dee barely noticed them walk in as she was so engrossed with the pleasure she was getting ang giving.

They sat down on the sofa with Dee, Paul and Roger only a couple of feet in front of them. The sight of Jim’s wife dressed and behaving so sexily and sluttily soon had him hard again, although the gentle rubbing of Mrs Wyles’ soft hands was also helping.

Jim loved the way his wife had her lips clamped tightly round Roger’s cock and was moving her mouth up and down the shaft faster and faster. He then noticed that she reached down and started squeezing his balls. The look on young Roger’s face clearly showed how much he was loving being sucked off by suck a sexy lady. Paul was pounding his cock into Dee’s soaking wet pussy and getting her ever closer to yet another orgasm. Her juices were almost dripping out of her pussy.

Jim had now taken Mrs Wyles skirt off and was finger fucking her while she was now frantically wanking him. Suddenly she stopped and reached down and took her shoes off. She took hold of one of them and pushed Jim’s cock through the toe hole and started moving the shoe back and forward. Jim loved the feeling as the pvc shoe stimulated his cock and as she sped up Jim was soon shooting spurt after spurt of his spunk into the sole of her shoe.

Eventually he finished cumming and Mrs Wyles took Jim’s cock out of the shoe, looked how much spunk there was inside it and although she really wanted to pour it out into her mouth she slipped it back onto her foot and loved the feel as she felt the hot sticky cum in between her toes.

Dee was unaware of Jim’s pleasure as she was about to cum and as Paul thrust forward she pushed back to meet his cock and in no time at all Dee was screaming out with pleasure as she had another wonderful orgasm. She took a moment to recover before she could concentrate on sucking Roger to orgasm. She clamped her lips tight around he base of his cock and with some more squeezing of his balls and some frantic sucking soon felt gush after gush of hot cum hit the back of her throat. She composed herself and turned to face the others, opened her mouth and showed them a huge mouthful of hot cum. She swirled it round her mouth before swallowing every last drop of it.