Delicious Strawberries

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“Mmmm…you’re so delicious,” Silvia said in a seductive tone as she licked the excess whip cream from the corners of her mouth and reached for another strawberry from the bowl beside her, all the while starring into Pamela, her roommate’s, pussy. Her cunt covered over with pearl white whip cream, Pamela shuttered as she lay back and felt the pointed end of the luscious fruit slid down her pussy lips. She starred blankly at the ceiling as body tingled from Silvia’s feasting which teased the delicate fibers of her between her legs. After swallowing most of the strawberry, Silvia slid her hands down Pamela’s legs, her lips not far behind until finally her finger tips found her succulent pussy. She glided her fingers on either side of her pussy lips, and then bent down and began to lick every inch of her cunt, indulging her wildest desires and enjoying the delicious whip cream.

Pamela gasped as two of Silvia’s fingers entered her. “Yes, awww…I want it. I need it so badly,” the words gasped from her throat as she began to purr and moan. Her enticing hum becoming louder and louder as she shifted her body in a vain attempt to control herself against Silvia’s relentless tongue-lashing. Silvia’s devilish tongue circled her clit, which was now pea-size, hard and swollen. Further enticed by the enchanting taste of her roommate, Silvia could feel her body yearn to feel the same pleasure. She removed her left hand from Pamela’s hip and led the five fingered instrument down her body. She grabbed hold and squeezed her left breast as she tilted her head and began to make wide, curved licks, rimming Pamela’s pussy lips and moaning back in response to hers.

In truth she had no to play with herself as pleasuring her roommate was all the stimulation she required, but years of weekly self-enjoyment caused Silvia to second guess her instincts. She took hold of the ball-bearing on either side of the piercing that ran through her nipple, and began to twist and pull at it. Her other hand worked its magic on Pamela’s cunt. The inserted fingers were now sheathed in her roommate’s juices, which dripped down the underside of her peach-shaped rear. Though she was concentrating more on her tongue fucking, Silvia’s willed her capable fingers to do her bidding. The two penetrating Pamela’s cunt, began to work like pistons, one entering as the other rose out and so on with her thumb rounding her clitoris., while her wet tongue benefited from her flowing juices.

Her nipple now sore and tender from the vigorous attention it was given, Silvia moved her hand free of her bumptious melon, which was now a dark pink and then found her way between her legs. She parted her bottom limbs so that her cunt was wide open and began to message the lips surrounding her moist pussy. Her fingers stroked every strand of her warm flesh from the bottom of her cunt, where her flowing juices dripped from to her bulbous clit.

Overwhelmed by the pleasure rising in her own body, Silvia moved her head up from Pamela’s cunt so that she may concentrate more on her own steamy self-gratification. She placed the center of her thumb directly over her sensitive clit and expelled a mix of gasping and moaning as she pressed down. Making a hook with her index and middle fingers, she plunged the two tendons into her pussy. Silvia’s jaw dropped as the intensity dwelling inside her succulent pussy began to grow. She forced her fingers deep inside of her body until only the last knuckles on her hand could be seen.

“Ohh…ggoddd…aahhhh…” Silvia mumbled as she bent forward and dropped her head back between Pamela’s legs. The two began to moan almost in unison.

Pamela ran her fingers through Silvia’s long black hair as she closed her eyes. She could here her lover’s moan “Ahhh…I’m cumming,” turn into a desperate cry as she lifted her head away from Pamela’s cunt and began to quiver as the orgasm hit its climax. Seeing this Pamela felt the energy burn through her veins and screamed as she too climaxed, holding Silvia’s head close to her pussy as she came. A blast of warm cunt-flavored fluid rushed out of her pussy onto her lover’s tongue, which make quick work cleaning her off.

Their bodies completely spent and drained off energy Silvia took a deep breath and smiled as she looked into Pamela’s face which expressed the same expression. Silvia dislodged her fingers from both cunts and with her last ounce of strength casino siteleri she lifted herself onto the bed and slid her body up next to her lover’s. The two closed in, wrapped their arms together and shared a passionate kiss. Pamela could taste her juices still inside Silvia’s mouth as their tongues worked and messaged one another.

Pamela slid her pierced tongue across her lover’s lips as their lips parted. She looked into Silvia’s eyes as she reached down and took hold of her left hand, which had penetrated her cunt and given her so much pleasure and licked the fingers clean. “I love you baby doll,” she said in her soft southern accent and then pressed her lips against Silvia’s neck, planting soft kisses as the two held each other close.

With her legs entwined with Silvia’s and her arms hugging her tight, Pamela inched her face closer to her resting lover’s, whose eyes were already closed and was breathing peacefully. The night had lasted for hours, her body was spent and everything that had lead up to this moment echoed in her mind as lay awake. Her thoughts began to run wild as they were the only things keeping her awake… “And to think this all happened by misfortune. Maybe it was fate.”

7 Hours Earlier

“The pleasure is all mine,” smiling seductively into the web cam mounted on her computer, Silvia spoke like a true tease. Only her rosy lips were visible on the screen as she was only an inch away from the camera. She rimmed her upper lip with her tongue as she starred down at the computer display, watching her hit count steadily rise. They had taken the bait and now she would reel them in.

As if luring in her prey, Silvia began to draw back away from the camera, retaining her expert poise as her young, sweet image emerged onto the screen. With her entirety now shown in all its wonder, she stopped at the foot of her bed and looked herself over in the long mirror, which she had positioned out of sight from the camera. That way she could comfortably move and act without concerning whether or not her actions seemed more idiotic than erotic.

Silvia had always loved how beautiful every detail, curve and even blemish of her body was. Her hair was long and black with shades of highlighted brunette, which went perfectly with her golden brown skin. Her slender frame worked perfectly with her 5ft 11 inch height and 34 C cups. Weekly exercise and an excellent diet had given her a supermodel body, but what Silvia truly admired most about her body was her dazzling, green eyes. With them no man could walk past with giving her a glance and subconsciously she always felt they were her greatest strength.

In her mind she was perfect for any man, but her beauty was also a curse as most were too cautious to make a pass at her and for most of this year she had been single. Because of this, Silvia decided to share her beauty openly with the world. She began displaying close-ups on her face at Hot-or-Not website, but soon after her 18th birthday, she became more carefree and posted nude pictures whenever it seemed fit. The responses she got were incredible and like a drug she quickly became addicted to the attention she was receiving.

Money being a tight issue in college, Silvia had decided to use her past experiences to her advantage and become a model for an adult web cam site. An already popular site to begin with, anonymous viewers around the world would watch in awe of her beauty, and with each new member she would earn a percentage. So in other words, the more hardcore her videos were the more profit she would make from the increasing audience.

Turning around, she pointed her handheld remote at the CD player and a wave of sensual music initiated.

Taking a deep breath, she began to sway like a cobra in a trance, moving her hands across her body. Dressed in only her favorite black satin bra, that was unhooked at the back, and butterfly shaped panties, Silvia closed her eyes as she moved her hands up and down, feeling every curve of her supple body. Her left hand slid across her right breast teasing her erect nipple, then took hold of the thin strap and unveiled her bumptious bundles as she pulled the bra down her arm.

Having worked for weeks on her routine in the privacy of her room, her erotic dance of seduction was flawless as she made sure to not over extend her moves and leave the view of the camera. Silvia tossed the bra canlı casino aside as she turned around, exposing her smooth rear end to her online audience, trying to not smile as she caught glance of her hit counter which continued to rise. Bending over she ran her index finger under the black panties, pulling them down so that her crack now became visible.

The music became faster and so did her movements. She swung back around, landed her bare underside onto the foot of the bed, and crossed her legs as she ran her loose panties down her legs. With her legs intersecting, Silvia smiled into the camera knowing that her pose now blocked her pussy from view and her audience was anxious for more. “Mmmm…I don’t know how much more anticipation I can take,” Silvia teased as she rubbed her legs together making sure to hypnotize her internet audience. She ran her hands down her long, smooth legs and stopped at her knees.

“Get ready boys.”

Silvia, smiling gleefully, took hold off her right leg, lifted it high into the air and exposed her prized cunt for the world to see. She spread out her legs and sat back against a hill of pillows, set up so her face wouldn’t be hidden behind her massive globes. Knowing well she had her audience spellbound, Silvia began to slide her finger tips along the narrow ridges of her pussy lips. Her pussy was soft and tender, pleading for her to end this incessant teasing as her opening yearned to wrap around a long, hard shaft, but she knew she would have to hold out just a bit longer.

The music was now silent in her mind as she squeezed both of her tits, and moaned out how mumbled phrases of “Oh God” and “This feels so good.” Silvia placed both hands onto her pussy and to her body’s immediate bliss, she plunged two fingers from each hand into her wet pussy. In and out, side to side and then in full circles she fingered herself, making her juices flow out of her gaping hole. Her eyes shut and her mouth dropped open. She forced her fingers deep inside of her, right down to the knuckles making an enticing squishing noise.

“Ohh…ggodd…aaahh…” Silvia mumbled as she came, felling her juices flow out of her, soaking her hand and the bed sheets underneath.

“Awww..I’ve never came so hard in my life,” Silvia said feeling a tremble run down her leg as she reached up and wiped away a tear that had fallen from her eye. It had been two weeks since her last big climax and this had been one for the Richter scale.

Wanting to keep the party going, she began to toy with herself some more when suddenly her door burst open and her roommate, Pamela burst in holding her face. The sounds of her angered boyfriend or in actuality now ex-boyfriend, echoed in the background.

Pamela slammed the door shut screaming “Fuck you” and without thinking turned to face Silvia. Pamela gasped at the sight of her roommate nude with her fingers buried deep in her cunt and spun around.

“Oh My God. I am so freakin’ sorry,” Pamela uttered in her down to earth southern accent. A little disappointed that fun had ended before it had really began, Silvia sighed reluctantly. As she dislodged her fingers, she was sure that she had noticed Pamela glance over her shoulder as she stood facing the wall.

Turning off her music, Silvia grabbed a towel out of her closet and wrapped it around her waist, leaving her breasts exposed as she was comfortable with doing so. Having spent most of her life in New Jersey, Silvia couldn’t help but smile at her roommate’s behavior, which in many ways was almost completely opposite to her own. From what she knew, Pamela had grown up in a small southern town, where everyone knew one another and being courteous to others was a must as any type of drama between neighbors would quickly become the talk of the town.

Both girls were dance majors here in college and being so, their bodies were both finely shaped, trim and curved, with faces that earned them attention wherever they ventured. However, there was indeed a big difference between the two close friends was the evident fact was that Pamela was a pure, untainted virgin. She had never felt the touch of a man, a firm cock or the wonderful taste of juicy cum.

Remembering that her web cam was on, Silvia immediately bent down and blow a kiss and then signed off, knowing that her many fans were disappointed by her interrupted performance and she’d have to pull kaçak casino something amazing to win them back.

“I’m sorry, sweetie…*sniff*…I know you asked me…to give you privacy for an hour, but…” Pamela mumbled as she twiddled with her fingers, still facing the blank wall. Silvia knew from roommate’s soft spoken apology that Pamela was hurting inside as her perfect world had been flipped upside down. Pulling the towel higher to cover her breasts, Silvia approached her sobbing friend and hugged her.

Sensing that Pamela was still uneasy from seeing her roommate nude, Silvia released her hug and headed into the bathroom, but left the door open so that Pamela could hear her.

“You know you have seen me naked before, it’s okay.”

“I know. But this time I saw you…I, mean I didn’t mean to see you…um,”

“Masturbate?! Listen Honey, what you saw was natural. I don’t care and you shouldn’t either. Everyone gets off once in while…right?,” suddenly from Pamela’s sad expression that something was wrong.

“Honey? What is it?” Silvia said walking out of the bathroom clothed in a wife beater and boxer shorts.

Then without warning, Pamela swung around and wrapped her arms around Silvia and began to cry. From there she explained everything. How after getting drunk at a party held by her boyfriend’s fraternity, she had gone back to his place planning on only making out and then come home. Unfortunately, she was too intoxicated to think things through and in the end she wound up losing her virginity, the very thing she had prized above all else, and that morning having a fight with her boyfriend which ended in their break up.

Pulling out their emergency reserve of ice-cream the two watched the 3rd season of friends, talked and eventually grew tired.

By now it was turning around 11’o clock, and so the two decided it was time for bed. Together they walked other to their own dressers and pulled out a fresh pair of pajamas. As they had done so countless times in the locker rooms at the gym they both undressed alongside one another. Suddenly Silvia noticed that Pamela’s pubic hair had been shaved completely off, leaving her pussy bare and in her mind strangely attractive.

“So when did you do that?”

Startled, Pamela instinctively covered herself with the pajama pants she was about to put on.

“Hey, it’s okay. I just thought it looks really pretty.”

Smiling awkwardly, Pamela moved the pajama pants and stood with her legs apart allowing Silvia to get a better view.

“Wow, How you doin’.”

Pamela smiled, knowing that Silvia was in love with Joey from the TV show “Friends.”

“Hey, thanks for being there for. I think things are definitely gonna change now, for the better.”

That night, Silvia lay awoke. Though she had tried everything she could think of, she couldn’t get the image of Pamela’s pussy out of her head. Though she had never been with another woman, she had fantasized on several occasions of doing so. Tasting another woman’s pussy as she let her magical fingers do their tricks, and receiving the same gratification she had given.

The thoughts of Pamela’s flooded Silvia’s mind as her hand slide down into her snatch, which was already moist and craving to be played with, when suddenly there was a massive coughing sound. The awful noise woke Silvia from her trance, and she turned to see that not only had the sound woken Pamela, but she was now standing facing the air conditioner the laid above her head.

Suddenly the air conditioner barked violently and the front pan burst open spilling dust all over Pamela’s bed.

“Nooo” Pamela screamed as she ran forward and hit the off switch, but it was too late. Her bed was covered in dust and the damage was down.

Sighing reluctantly at her roommate’s terrible luck, Silvia lifted up her covers to welcome Pamela in.

Clutching her teddy bear, the only thing she had managed to save from the wave of falling dust, Pamela smiled and got under the blanket with her roommate.

“Thanks again, sugar. I promise to repay you someday,” Pamela whispered as she turned so her body was facing away from Silvia’s. Smiling, Silvia rolled over and wrapped her arms around Pamela as she placed her head next to hers.

The two cuddled closely wrapped with their arms tightly holding each other. Silvia could her body yearn to be touched by Pamela’s fingers and tongue, but feared making any attempt to fulfill her desires. Then without warning, Pamela face closed in and softly planted her lips on Silvia’s. The kiss lasted for only a second, but that was enough.

To be continued…