Delightfully Evil, Part Five

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Delightfully Evil, Part FiveSamantha walked quickly, pulling me along out the door of my cell. I was trying very hard not to fall down, so I didn’t notice the newly placed, wooden crossbar.Shaped like a narrow X, leather restraints for my ankles, no chain, but fastened to bar itself. As I looked up, there were the leather cuffs for my wrists, but the chains were adjustable by winch on either side of the X. I felt another violent tug, Samantha wanted my attention.She slowly rolled up the leash, forcing me closer until finally I was only an inch away from her, pulled up on my toes. Looking into her face, I was silent.She cocked an eyebrow, “Are you going to cause any trouble for me?”“No.”“No…what?”It just popped out of my mouth, “Sorry, no bitch.”She just smiled, not an evil, you’re-gonna-get-yours type of smile. She put a finger over my lips and said softly, “You do have a mouth on you!”She led me to the crossbar, not pulling, but actually leading me. She made me stop just in front of it and dropped the leash. I didn’t really feel it fall against me, I was following her with my eyes. She placed one gloved hand on my shoulder and walked around me, behind me, I turned my head until she went out of my sight.…are you going away…please don’t, please stay…Her hand slowly slid down my arm until she reached the cuffs. There was some hesitation. Then I felt a finger just under the blouse’s collar. I shivered, the blouse was open in back, feeling the leather on her finger on my back almost made me sigh. Then I did sigh as she trailed her finger down my back.She put her hand on the cuffs and gave my hands a little squeeze. I smelled her lavender perfume as he leaned into my ear, “Do you like this?”I stood very still, not wanting to answer.“It’s ok to say that you like it. You won’t be giving up anything.”Closed my eyes.Whispering in my ear, “It really is ok to say it…”Her lips gently clasped onto my earlobe. My mouth opened slightly. Trying not to make a sound. Her tongue flicked at it, like a tiny lightning strike. I bit my lip and whimpered.“Ok, you can be quiet if you want…”She undid the lock on my cuffs and took them off, rubbing my wrists after wards. Her hands were on my tiny shoulders, firmly and gently turning me around. I looked up at her face, staring at her lips.…kiss her…She pushed me against the crossbar and lowered one cuff. She took her time. Leaning into me, smelling her perfume, body on mine, I was actually enjoying myself. She pulled the chains tight enough that my hands were raised, but not really stretched.She slid down my body, her cheek brushing mine, sighing into my ear, “I have anadolu yakası escort to get your ankles now…”Her hands went down my sides, gliding over my hips, slowly down my legs, gently caressing. Mesmerized, I watched her. She looked backup at me, her hands going back up my legs, going behind my knees, stopping just under the skirt.She gave me a small smile, “I’m going to have to push up your skirt.”I just nodded. She made a small noise of contentment. Her hands pushed up, the skirt slowly pushing up, then stopping, the leather preventing further movement. Still smiling, Samantha reached up behind me, pulled the zipper down, cupping one cheek with the other.She gave the skirt a tug and it fell to my feet. Instinctively, I clamped my legs together and Samantha pouted.“Don’t do that…”She squeezed one hand just above my knees. I was almost panting by this point, “Please…please don’t…”She squeezed in her other hand, “Don’t be difficult Suzy…”I closed my eyes when I felt my legs separate. Almost as if I had no will. When I opened them, I saw him sitting in a chair, a few feet away. Intently watching me, a crop in his lap.I felt a tap on my knee, “Pay attention to me, Suzy.”I nodded. She undid my ankles. She moved one leg to one side and locked it in. The same with my other ankle. I was spread on the cross bar. She stood up, eyes never leaving mine. She moved closer and leaned into me again.She ran her hands up my arms until they reached my wrists. She held them tightly. Her body was on mine, delicious. She bent her head down and kissed my neck, a small and utterly devastating peck. I held onto the chain of my wrist cuffs. She kissed me again. My mouth opened and I made a sound.“Yes, Suzy, tell me about it…”She nibbled on my ear lobe.…oh god…I leaned my face into her hair, closing my eyes as she licked my neck.…oh…oh…“You really should be gagged. Do you want to be gagged?”I closed my mouth. I was being seduced and I didn’t know how it was going to end.“Tell me Suzy, tell me you want to be gagged.”Another kiss on my neck.I started to shake, “I can’t.”“Yes, you can.”Lick.“Please…”Kiss.Whispering into my ear, “Please, Suzy, say it. He wants to hear it…and…”Sucking on my earlobe.“…and so do I. Say it, please say it.”Almost in tears, shaking uncontrollably, “O-only for you…”“Say it…”“Gag me…p-please gag me.”She took her time disengaging from me. She walked behind me, and quickly came back, holding a black ball gag. I opened my mouth. The ball slipped in, filling me. She adjusted the straps and the ball fit right behind my teeth, tight, but not uncomfortable.She pendik escort walked towards him. He held the crop in one hand. Looking at me, ignoring her. His face was soft and slightly amazed. She placed her hands behind her and bent over, taking the crop in her mouth. Raising up, she walked back to me. The crop in her mouth made her look sexy, lustful.After a moment, she brought her hands forward and let the crop drop into them. She ran the head on the inside of my leg, sliding it up and down, right up to my panties and away again.She cocked an eyebrow, “Here it comes it.”With a flick the crop came up to quickly or me to see it. It hit me right on my lips, a smack and a sudden intense shock that made me throw my head back and shout “oh!” into my gag. I looked at her with wide eyes.Smack!Pain and…something else.Smack!Hands splayed out as if shocked.Smack!Shock, pain, warmth, pleasure.Smack!Moaning.Smack!Hiding my head in my arm.Smack!Hurts, I love it.Smack!One large moan comes out of me.Smack!I’m so wet.And that’s when she stopped. I’m breathing hard. Almost sweating. Aching down there. But wanting more. I try widening my legs, jutting my hips out as much as I can. Looking at her.…don’t stop…“Does the slut like it?”I nod. And I feel the crop rubbing me, she takes it away and looks at it.“Goodness! You’re really wet!”My face goes red. Feeling ashamed and weak. I try to shrink against the crossbar. I feel the crop under my chin, vaguely smelling myself on it. She pushes up.“Look at me.”I stare into her face and she lets the crop drop. Her hand is on my stomach. It moves down. Over my panties. Her first two fingers start to rub me through the panties. Waves of pleasure.“Cum for me Suzy.”She moves faster. And I’m whimpering. Chest heaving. Having trouble staying conscious. She slows down and stops. I shake my head.“If you want to cum, you have to work for it. Move over my hand.”I move my hips back and forth. Her hand perfectly placed. I move more quickly. Rubbing and pressing against her hand. My eyes never leaving her face.“Cum for me Suzy, cum for me!”I gyrate my hips. Moving in circles, driving myself crazy. Starting to move fast. Breathing is hard. I’m gasping because I keep on whimpering and moaning with no break. A tension builds in me. I start to feel it, under my stomach…in that place.Suddenly, her arms slips through the small of my back, pulling me to her. She presses her hand up. I’m moving wildly, almost there. She looks into my face, “Tell me that you are mine…”She kisses the ball gag in mouth. My eyes roll back into my head.…oh…oh I LIKE this…The tension tuzla escort is about to break. I’m starting to lose it. She holds me tightly, kissing my gag. I hitch in a breath, about to scream, let loose one of the largest orgasms in my life-And then it stopped.He’s pulling her away. She has a dazed look on her face. He doesn’t look mad, just concerned. He gives her arm a shake to bring out of her stupor.He looked at her, “She’s supposed to give herself to me.”Samantha covered her mouth wither hand, “Did I say-““Yes. You did.”“I’m sorry, Sir.”He patted her and sent her away. Leaving me confused. Aching. Needing release so bad. So confused. I want to cry.He comes up to me. Brushes the hair out of my face, “She got carried away.”The gag pops out of my mouth. My jaw is tired. I realize that I am hanging by the cuffs. My legs gave out. My head drops forward.He runs a finger over my panties and whispers, “You really were close…”I nod. Sniff. I don’t want to cry. I don’t know why I want to cry. I just want to go home.“Take me home.”“Not yet Suzy. Your time is almost up, but not yet.”He bends down and releases my ankles. He reaches up and undoes one hand. I let it fall onto his shoulder. The other comes loose and fall into him. He grabs me, holds me. I surprise him by flinging both arms around his neck. I look into his face. I open and close my mouth; no words.“Can you walk?”I shake my head, “I want…”“What, what do you want?”Trembling, whispering, “I want you to…kiss my neck.”I feel his strong lips on me. Strong and gentle. The kisses last long and end with a small lick. I move my arms and I let him pick me up. My hand goes to his hair. He doesn’t stop. I don’t want him to. I fell asleep in arms.When I woke up, I was chained to my bed in my cell. I was comfortable. He was sitting next to me. Caressed my cheek with the back of his hand.Looking worried, “Suzy…please say you will be mine. Give up to me.”I sighed, “No.”“You let me kiss your neck.”I turned away.“You asked me to.”I closed my eyes.“You never told me to stop.”I felt the tears well up.“You trusted me enough to fall asleep in my arms.”I looked back at him and choked it out, “The answer is no.”Dejected he was the one to look away. I almost started sobbing. “Gag me.”“What?”“Just gag me!”He was so confused.“G-gag me…with your tie. And then just…just get out.”He slipped the tie off. He hesitated and then quickly gagged me. Not too tight, but enough that it wasn’t going to come loose. Then, without a word, he left, leaving the cell door open.I closed my eyes tightly. Flicked my tongue against the tie, tasting it. What was I doing? Why am I doing this? Why did I want him to kiss me on the neck? And Samantha…oh god she makes me ache, but she’s with him…why am I acting as if this were a game…why am I crying and why did I want him to gag me with his tie!?!…because I want something of his in my mouth…(last installment coming soon)