Desert Heat – Part 11

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Desert Heat – Part 11Desert Heat – Part 11Sunday morning I awoke to a set of lips on my cock and a breast in my face. Ginger and Pepper look so much alike except for their hair color that I couldn’t tell which breast was begging to be suckled and I wasn’t going to take the time to find out. I raised my lips and carefully placed them around the nipple staring back at me. Trying my best to suck like an infant feeding on a mother’s breast I carefully pulled the nipple in with rhythmic sucking motions. Whose ever breast it was began to slowly move around in response to my sucking. Then I gently placed my teeth on the tip of the nipple and lightly nibbled. The instant moans that emanated from the woman above me told me that I was enjoying Pepper’s breast and that Ginger was busily sucking on my cock. As the breast pulled away and the other one moved into place, I whispered good morning to Pepper and told Ginger that I really liked her method of waking me. The second breast lowered itself to my lips and Pepper returned my good morning greeting. I repeated my suckling and nibbling on the second breast. Pepper leaned down and whispered in my ear that I was the best tit sucker she had ever experienced and that no one has ever sucked them the way I was. I tried to say thank you and that it was my pleasure but with a mouth full of breast it just sounded like a bunch of mumbling.It was hard to concentrate on the breast in face as I felt myself getting ready to cum. Ginger sensed that I was about to blow and she pulled off me and told Pepper I was about to erupt. Pepper immediately moved down across from her sister and the two of them began licking each side of my cock. When I erupted, the two girls were almost lip-locked right above my cock and they each took in as much of my cum as possible. One of them wrapped her hand around me and pumped the rest up and out. Satisfied that they had every last drop of my cum, the sisters sat up in bed, said good morning again and then moved and started kissing me. I told them this was a wonderful way to wake up. Pepper said that when they woke, I was laying there with this huge erection and they just couldn’t let it go to waste and I told I was glad they didn’t. Ginger then said it was time to get up, put the coffee on and then get breakfast started and we headed towards the kitchen. On the way, Pepper stopped and quietly peaked into Jerry’s room. He and Rosemary were still sound asleep, cuddled together with Jerry’s arm over her. Pepper closed the door and then whispered that she could tell last night that Rosemary was falling head over heels for Jerry. Ginger added that it looked Jerry was into Rosemary too. We all quietly chuckled and continued on to the kitchen. A few minutes before breakfast was ready, Pepper said she would go wake the sleeping couple and went dancing down the hallway. Ginger told me to watch breakfast because she was curious just what Pepper had in mind, and quickly pranced after her sister. About a minute later, I heard a woman scream, Jerry yell ‘what the hell’ and two other women laughing hysterically. Ginger and Pepper came walking back to the kitchen arm in arm laughing. I couldn’t help but think that they could be twins except for the color or hair. They were the same height, weight, figure, breasts and face. Even their voices were almost the same, except that Pepper’s was slightly lower in pitch than Ginger’s. When you love and cherish one woman whom you think is the sexiest and most beautiful woman there is. What do you do with near twin sister?I had tried not to think about it from the time I started dating Ginger until yesterday. When Ginger and I started dating, Pepper had a steady boyfriend whom everyone thought would marry her, so I never really considered her much. Rosemary was a different story. As she and Jerry trudged down the hallway I recalled how she had flirted with me from the time of Ginger and my first date until the last time I saw her. There were times when Ginger would get upset with her little sister’s flirtations, but I suspect that would all change after this weekend.As the five of us sat around the table eating breakfast, I asked Jerry if he ever thought that he would spending a weekend stark naked with three gorgeous naked ladies. He told me that this was beyond his wildest dream but he wouldn’t trade it for the world. As he said that, he squeezed his arm around Rosemary’s waist. She looked at him, smiled and said she wouldn’t trade it either and kissed him long and hard. Pepper asked if there was a budding relationship here and Jerry’s face got red and he didn’t know what to say. Rosemary looked at her sister and said that they both liked each other a lot and will see where it leads and then kissed him again. Ginger then teased her and said she couldn’t be that serious yet because she’s never seen him wearing anything but an apron, and everyone laughed. Rosemary stuck her tongue out at Ginger and said that she didn’t mind if he stayed naked for the rest of their lives. Pepper instantly jumper on Rosemary’s statement when she said the rest of their lives. Poor Jerry just sat there as the three sisters continued to tease each other. He looked over at me with look to say he was enjoying what he was hearing but he wasn’t sure what to do about it. I gave him a thumbs up and grinned and he started grinning ear to ear. Breakfast was over and Jerry and I cleaned up while the sisters continued their banter. Once everything was cleaned and put away, I interrupted the girls and said I hated to break up their fun, but Ginger and I needed to go to the store to pick up some food to take with us in the morning as I had to start another 10 day stretch. Ginger leaned back in her chair, gave me a scowl and asked if that meant she had to put some clothes on. I told her that was up to her, but I doubt the police would take kindly to her shopping naked. Everyone laughed and Pepper asked if she could tag along. I said sure and we turned to ask Jerry and Rosemary who looked at each and simultaneously said they’d rather stay if that was okay. We all laughed and Jerry’s face got red. After being naked for nearly 3 days, it felt odd wearing clothes again. I put on a pair of shorts and tank top. Ginger slipped into a pair of shorts and put on one of the halter tops she bought a couple days earlier. She turned and asked what I thought and I told her she looked ravishing and would surely draw the attention of any guys in the store. She told me good, that was what she hoped to do. We hadn’t closed our bedroom door, figuring there wasn’t anything to hide anymore and just as we were about to leave, Pepper walked and took a look at Ginger and whistled. Ginger asked her if she liked the outfit and Pepper said yes and asked if she had another halter top that she could wear. Ginger showed her the two other halters she had just bought and Pepper selected one and changed her top right there. Wearing the halter top, she looked just as hot and sexy as Ginger and I was thinking to myself that I was going to be the envy of every guy who saw them. Jerry and Rosemary were out at the pool and we said we were leaving and would lock the front door. They waved and we got in the car and headed to the store. Ginger asked me to stop at the mall before the grocery store as she and Pepper needed to pick up a couple of things before getting the groceries. I said that the mall wasn’t open this early on a Sunday so we killed some time picking up some items from a d**g store near the mall. Then we went to a bakery and picked up some rolls for dinner and loaf of sour dough bread to take with us tomorrow. It was now getting time for the stores in the mall to open, so we headed to the mall. Arriving at the mall, I knew the two sisters would attract a lot of attention, so I put placed them on either side of me, put my arms around their waist and escorted them into the mall. Sure shootin’ all eyes instantly turned our way. One young guy was so fixated on the girls that he walked into a large support column. Another group of four young guys walked passed up and we heard one ask the others if they thought I was doing both girls. Pepper heard them also and turned around and told them yes I am and the looks on their faces was priceless. We couldn’t help but laugh at their reactions. Everywhere we canlı bahis went people stared at us and as they did, I smiled and enjoyed knowing what they were thinking. I could tell that both Ginger and Pepper were also enjoying the attention as their strides almost had bounce to it. There were two older couples walking toward us and as they passed, one of the guys told the other that he’d have what I was having and the other guy said he’d take that order also. Ginger stopped, took a step towards them, motioned to the older gent to come over and when he did, she planted a big kiss on his lips. As she did, she was pressing her breasts against him. Before the guy’s wife had a chance to object, Pepper came over and gave him a kiss and pressed her breasts against his chest also. The look on his face was one of shock and absolute delight. Then Ginger told him that she didn’t think he could handle both of them. About that time, his wife came over, grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away, giving the girls an angry look. The girls headed into the same shop where Ginger had bought her halter tops the other day when we were shopping with Jerry. I decided to sit on a bench outside the store where I could watch them from a distance. A couple of guys about my age were walking passed the store and when they saw the girls, they stopped, stared and decided to sit down on the bench next to me. They were close enough that I could hear them talking about how hot the girls looked. I decided to have to some so I piped in that they did look really hot. One of them then said that he would do anything to see what their tits looked like. I dared him to go ask them to show him and he said I was crazy and I asked him what he had to lose. Then his buddy started daring him to go talk to the girls and after a minute or two, he got up and headed towards the store. Pepper had been watching me talk to them and I held my finger up to my mouth telling her not to say anything, and then I moved my hand on my tank top and flashed her my chest and then pointed to her, then to the guy walking towards her. She caught my meaning and smiled. The guy entered the store and seemed like he was about to chicken out when Pepper turned, held up a halter top and said something to him. I later found out that she asked him if he thought it would look good on her. Pepper put the halter top on over the one she was wearing. The new halter top she was a bit skimpier than the one she was wearing, so she lifted the new halter, pulled the one she was wearing to between her breasts and then pulled the new one back down to cover herself. The guy’s jaw was hanging open and he just stood there. Then Pepper took the new tank top off leaving both of her breasts exposed again before adjusting the top she was wearing to cover her breasts back up. She gave the guy a kiss on the cheek thanking him for his help and then headed back over to Ginger. The guy just about tripped coming out of the store and his buddy sitting on the next bench couldn’t believe his eyes and just sat there dumbfounded. Ginger and Pepper shopped for another ten minutes and the two guys just sat there watching and talking about seeing Pepper’s tits. When the girls paid for their items, the headed out of the store and I got up, walked over, greeted each with a kiss and started to walk away. I looked back to the two guys who were still sitting there staring at us. I smiled, nodded my head to them and Pepper turned around and blew them a kiss. Pepper said she had never flashed a total stranger before. Ginger asked her if she enjoyed it and she said it made her wetter than she was watching his expression as he stared at her boobs. Ginger turned to me and asked if I would be upset if she flashed a total stranger and I said no, go for it. She glanced around and noticed that the same two guys were following about 30 feet behind us. Ginger told us to turn around and walk back towards them, so we did. The guys were fixed on the girls and when we got close, Ginger pulled the sides of her halter top into her cleavage, walked up to the guys and told them that she wasn’t going to let her sister have all the fun. Then she covered herself back up and we walked on passed them. I asked her how it felt and she giggled and told Pepper she was right because she felt wetter now than she did earlier. I asked her what she meant by wetter and she mock hit my shoulder and said that I knew how much she was enjoying all the guys watching her and Pepper. Pepper added that watching all the guys watching her and Ginger was making her so horny and that she wished I could take her and her sister right now. Ginger leaned in against me and said she felt the same way. I asked if they were done shopping at the mall and they said they were so we headed back out to the car. Pepper wanted me to take her there in the car in the mall parking lot, but I said it was too risky and that she would just have to wait until we got home. I could see the disappointment on her face and she gave me a sultry pouty look and said okay, she’d wait. At the grocery store, the girls again garnered a lot of attention. Every opportunity either of them had, they would manage to bend down to look at something on the lower shelf, giving some guy a good look at their butts and legs or a shot down their halter tops. A couple of local firemen came into the store to shop for their station. They were both good looking and very muscular and caught the sisters’ attention and the sisters caught their attention as well. I took the shopping cart and moved a short distance from the girls to see what would happen. The girls slowly made their way towards the firemen, stopping to look at items on the lower shelves and reaching up on their tip toes to look at items on the top shelf. Pepper acted like she couldn’t quite reach something on an upper shelf and one of the firemen came to her rescue and handed her the item off the shelf. She thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled from ear to ear and told her it was his pleasure. Pepper flirted with him and told him if he wasn’t on duty that she could really be his pleasure. She quickly flashed him a tit and told him that she was burning hot and wish he could use his ‘hose’ to put out her fire. The fireman laughed, then flashed her his wedding ring and then they walked on.It didn’t take us long to finish shopping, we checked out and headed back to the house. We didn’t see Jerry or Rosemary when he walked win. As soon as we got everything unloaded from the car and the cold foods put away, Pepper and Ginger d**g me over to the couch and almost ripped my clothes off of me. I don’t remember taking their clothes off or them doing it, but they were both naked by the time they had my clothes off. The two sisters looked at each other as if trying to agree on who would start where. Pepper finally told Ginger to decide since I was her husband, so Ginger opted to sit on my cock and Pepper opted to sit on my face. I could tell just how turned on both girls were from shopping in their skimpy halter tops and shorts as they were both soaked. My cock slid into Ginger with amazing ease. When I put my tongue in Pepper’s pussy, it was like opening a flood gate as I spent the next minute doing more drinking and swallowing than licking and sucking. I managed to come up for air and told Pepper that she was flowing like a river and she said she knew as her shorts were soaked. Once I caught up with her flow of juices I began to concentrate on her clit and it only took seconds for her to explode in an orgasm that shook her body so much that she fell sideways off of me. Ginger was reaching her peak neat the same time as Pepper, but was so caught up into her own intensity that she didn’t see Pepper fall. I looked over and Pepper was lying on the floor, panting like she had just run a mile as fast as she could. Her breasts heaved up and down with her labored breathing. Seeing them rise and fall and feeling Ginger’s pussy trying to squeeze my cock in two was enough for me and I erupted inside my gorgeous wife. She looked down at me as she felt my white heat well up inside her and she smiled, leaned down and kissed me. Looking into my eyes, she told me that she had a wonderful time shopping this morning. I asked if that included flashing those guys and she bahis siteleri smiled and said that was one of the highlights for sure. I asked if she would consider flashing strangers again and she said that she would definitely consider it, depending on how, who and why. About this time, Pepper began to sit up and said that she also had a great time and that yes, she would definitely consider flashing a stranger again as that was so exciting. I said that not only have I turned Ginger into a nympho, but her sister also. Ginger laughed and said that Pepper has always been a nympho. Pepper added that it was Ginger that was always the modest one who never did anything risqué in her life. I echoed that that was true up to two weeks ago and then the modest caterpillar changed into the nympho butterfly. Pepper asked me which I liked better and I told her both, that I like to think that most of the time Ginger will continue to be the modest caterpillar but when the time is right I’d like to see the nympho butterfly emerge. Ginger smiled and said she would do her best to be both to me. Pepper then got off the floor and told Ginger it was her turn and helped Ginger off my cock and she climbed on, looked down, smiled and told me to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Ginger took her turn as sitting on my face and I could taste both her and my cum along her lips and inside her pussy. I cleaned her up with my tongue and then started working her clit. I tried my best to concentrate on both of them at the same time, but found it hard to do. My mind went from the sensational pussy in my face to the fantastic feelings of the pussy sliding up and down on my hard shaft. They both were great and because they were so great, it didn’t take me as long as I thought spew my fluid up inside Pepper’s pussy. Feeling me cum inside her sent her over the top for her second orgasm while riding my cock. Now, I thought to myself, I could concentration on Ginger’s pussy in my face and dove straight to sucking and nibbling on her clit. Gently biting on the tip of her clit was ultra-sensitive to her. Less than a minute later, her flood gates opened and drenched me, the sofa and floor. Her body shook and spasmed as if she was having a grand mal seizure. When she began squirting again, all I could do was close my eyes and hold my breath for fear of drowning. At first it was like being sprayed in the face with a hose. Eventually, the torrent subsided and I could breathe again. Pepper was still sitting on my cock, but she was leaning forward holding Ginger to keep her from falling over like she had. We stayed that way for several minutes until everyone was able to gain their composure.Climbing off my face, Ginger looked at me and told me I looked like a mess and I told her it was her fault and that it was her turn to clean up, although all three of us pitched in and had it cleaned up in no time. I then headed to our bedroom for a shower. As I passed Jerry’s room, I say he and Rosemary sound asleep. They were still naked and Jerry was cuddled up behind Rosemary with his cock against her pussy and his arm over her and his hand cupping her breast. I got Ginger and Pepper and showed them the sleeping couple. Pepper pushed us on towards the shower and told us that she is positive that Rosemary is falling for Jerry in a very big way and she hoped that she doesn’t get hurt if things don’t go right.The three of us showered together and took turns soaping each other’s body. Once we were all lathered up, we spent several minutes just rubbing our soapy bodies against each other. Ginger and I like to do that when we show together, but having another gorgeous woman joining us was very erotic. After the shower, Ginger and I set about packing up our food, supplies and clothes so everything would be ready bright and early in the morning to head back down south to my field work, along with Bill and Olga. Pepper took that opportunity to relax in one of our float loungers in the pool.While we were packing up our supplies, Jerry and Rosemary wandered out, still looking groggy from their nap. They asked us how long we’ve been home and I told them long enough for me to suck and fuck both of the other sisters, shower and watch them sleeping together. Rosemary looked at me when I said that said that Jerry is so nice to cuddle up against that it makes her feel whole and secure when she sleeps. Ginger smiled at her and the Rosemary turned to Jerry, kissed him and said she hopes to be able to do it again sometime soon and he readily agreed.Rosemary asked where Pepper was and Ginger told her she was sleeping on a lounger in the pool. Rosemary got a really wicked look on her face and whispered something into Jerry’s ear, causing him to smile. They carefully slid the back door open as quietly as possible and tiptoed out to the pool. Jerry got on one side of the pool and Rosemary on the other. Rosemary held up her hands with her fingers counted to three, at which time they both cannonballed into the pool on either side of sleeping Pepper. Needless to say, that started a water war that must have lasted for the next 20 minutes. They splashed and dunked each other like young k**s playing in the pool. It was really fun to watch, especially when I studied their naked bodies and how sensuous the two sisters were. Ginger noticed the erection I was getting watching them and came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me and grabbed my cock. She whispered in my ear, asking me if I was getting turned on watching her naked sisters and leaned my head back to told her I was, but that it would always be her that turned me on the most. Then she asked me to sit with her on the sofa and talk for bit while they were outside. I wasn’t sure what all this was about, so I joined her on the sofa.She snuggled up beside me, laid her head on my shoulder and said that a lot has happened these past two weeks that has changed our lives, probably forever and I agreed. Then she asked me what I thought about all of it and if I was happy for the change or just how I felt. I wrapped my arms around her and held close. Agreeing that life has changed, I told her that I loved the shy innocent girl I married and that I still love the same girl who was now a raging nympho. She slapped my leg in mock anger and said she’s not a raging nympho. Her voice got serious as she said that so much has changed that she was afraid she was becoming something I didn’t like and that somehow this was going to hurt our relationship. I told her that I nothing so far has done anything to hurt our relationship as far as I was concerned. Then I told her that the day we got married, my best man, Jim was walking down the hallway at the hotel and just as he passed her room, one of the bridesmaids opened the door and stopped for grab something before leaving the room and closing the door. Jim saw Ginger as she was getting dressed for the wedding. He told me she was wearing white thigh-high stockings, a garter belt, white panties and a smile. He admitted to me that he saw her breasts and that he would have loved the chance to tough and kiss them. At first I was jealous but by the time the wedding started and I saw her walking down the aisle, the thought of Jim seeing her boobs was turning me on and I couldn’t wait to see them myself. From that time on, I’ve always fantasized about having another man see her and even touch her breast. I never told her because I thought she would think bad of me and be upset. Now, my wildest fantasies have come true. Not only has another man seen her breasts, but several have now seen her completely naked and two of them have fucked her, sucked on her pussy and let her suck them off. Yes, I admitted that I had sometimes jacked-off thinking about such fantasies, but never had I ever dreamed that any of them would come true. She asked me if I ever fantasized about being with another woman. I paused for a second and asked her if she remembered the time that her sisters and their boyfriends and the two of us went to the lake swimming and partying and she said she remembered. I told her that it was the first time I got a really good look at her sisters when they were wearing their bikinis at the lake. It was then that I realized just how much like she was to her sisters, especially Pepper, and yes, that day I fantasized güvenilir bahis what it would be like to have all three of them naked for my taking. It was now Ginger’s turn and I asked her if she had ever fantasized about anyone before the past two weeks. She hesitated and then quietly admitted that she had fantasized about Pepper’s boyfriend on that same swimming trip to the lake. He had a huge bulge in his swimsuit that she couldn’t help but noticed and she wondered what it looked like and what it would be like to touch another man’s cock. I asked her if she ever fantasized having another man touch her body or feeling his cock inside her and I could tell she was embarrassed to admit it when she sheepishly said yes. Then I asked her if she was having any other fantasies now that she has had these experiences and she thought for a moment and said that she dreamt last night that she was blindfolded and put in a room full of men who fondled her, caressed her, sucked on her breasts and pussy and fucked her in the mouth and pussy. In her dream she had no idea how many men were there or who they were. When the blindfold was removed, she was alone in the room except for me. I asked if she liked her dream and she said she did and woke up soaking wet. I think she was about to ask me the same question about new fantasies since everything had happened the past two weeks when the two sisters and Jerry came in from the pool. The three of them said they were getting hungry and Ginger and I realized that we didn’t get anything for dinner. Pepper suggested we order pizza and that sounded good to everyone. Jerry then dared Pepper to answer the door naked when the pizzas arrived and she said she would only if her sister’s joined her. I was surprised when Ginger agreed right away and after a little coaxing, Rosemary gave in to her sisters’ peer pressure. We ordered 2 large pizzas and told them to come to the carport door. It took nearly half an hour for the pizzas to arrive, but it seemed like hours for the girls who nervously waited. Pepper was anxiously watching out the window when she suddenly got excited and said the pizza is here and the delivery boy is real hunk. Jerry and I hid behind in the pantry where we could see the carport door when it was opened. The delivery boy knocked on the door and Pepper opened the door wide open. He was so shocked that he almost dropped the pizza boxes. Ginger was standing next to Pepper and the delivery guy had a clear view of both sisters. They asked him how much and had to ask him a second time before he told them. Pepper called back to Rosemary how much and asked the young man if he would like to come in while she got the money. The poor guy didn’t know what to do, so Pepper reached out, grabbed his arm and pulled him inside the door. Pepper asked him if he was okay and he nodded his head yes. She asked him if he had ever seen a naked woman before and he shook his head yes and then managed to say that none of them were as beautiful as they were. Pepper leaned up against him and kissed him on the cheek, thanking him for the compliment. Then she asked if he would like to touch her tits and the guy’s eyes got even wider. He just stood there, so Pepper grabbed his hand and put it on her breast. Then she took his other hand and put it on Ginger’s breast. Rosemary approached with the money, wedged her way between her sisters and took both of his hands and put them on her breasts. After a few seconds of having him feel her breasts, Rosemary tried to pay him for the pizzas, but he managed to stammer out the words saying there was no charge. He would gladly pay for the pizzas himself for this most enjoyable experience. Pepper said if he won’t take our money, then at least we need to give him a good tip. She knelt down in front of him, unzipped his shorts, pulled out his average sized cock and starting sucking him. Ginger wanted her turn after a minute and then so did Rosemary. While Rosemary was sucking on his cock, Pepper was fondling his balls. She announced that he was ready to blow and Rosemary pulled off of him and aimed his spurting cock so that all three of them were sprayed with cum on their breasts. Rosemary cleaned him off with her tongue; put his cock back in his shorts, zipped them up and the three sisters stood up. Pepper moved over so she could lick the cum off of Ginger’s breasts, Ginger then licked the cum off Rosemary’s breasts and Rosemary licked the cum off of Pepper’s breasts. They thanked him again for delivering the pizza and he said anytime and that he hoped he got the chance to deliver here again and left. As soon as the door closed, the girls busted out laughing at what they had done and talking about the look on the guys face. Jerry and I came out from our hiding place and the girls asked if we saw what happened. We told them we saw everything and that it was so great. Rosemary jumped up into Jerry’s arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. She kissed him and told him that was fun but he was so much better. Pepper then asked if there was something brewing here in the form of a relationship and Rosemary looked at Jerry and said she hoped so and Jerry echoed her response. The poor couple I thought as Pepper and Ginger began teasing them.We grabbed some beer, soda and took the pizza out to the pool and ate outside. The sun as scorching hot, which did keep the pizza hot as well. Jerry and I ate standing in the pool and the sister sat on lounges side by side. I pointed out to Jerry that we had the perfect view from down in the pool, as we were looking up their gorgeous legs to their beautiful pussies and then on up to their perfect tits. Jerry said he was noticing also, but you could tell his attention was focused only on one set of legs, pussy and tits. After dinner, we relaxed, swam and talked. The conversation eventually led to Ginger and I being gone for the next 10 days as I returned to work monitoring the research stations. Pepper mentioned that her and Rosemary’s apartment lease was up in a few weeks and they have been trying to figure out whether to stay where they are or find a cheaper apartment. Ginger looked at me and said we had two more spare bedrooms, but I reminded her that one of those bedrooms was my office. Pepper piped in and said that she and Rosemary could share a room, at least until they decided what to do. Rosemary looked at Jerry and he said no need for the two of them to share a room as Rosemary could stay with him. When he said that, she literally flew into his arms, starting kissing him all over the face and saying yes, yes yes. Everyone looked at me and I knew I was had. I caved in, but insisted on some ground rules. First, everyone was expected to pay room and board like they would living on their own, but I promised it would be far less expensive. Secondly, everyone would be expected to do their part of maintaining the house, pool and yard. Third, if at all possible, no clothes would be worn in the house or out back by the pool. They all laughed at that and said it was the best rule of all. We had a four bedroom house with three full bathrooms including the master bath with the huge walk-in shower. The apartment the sisters were living in was a fully furnished one so they had little furniture that needed to be moved and made room for. It was basically just them and their clothes and a few other personal items. I instructed Jerry to have two sets of keys made, one for each sister and to help them pack and move their things. Pepper and Rosemary thanked me over and over for letting them move in. The first chance I had to talk to Ginger alone, I asked her if she was sure about this and she said if it was okay with that she would love having her sisters stay with us. She was always close to them growing up and missed them after we got married. I then asked her about the open sex in the house and she said she didn’t mind sharing me with them, unless I objected, and I assured her that I wasn’t objecting to that.Ginger and I finished packing up and headed to bed early as we had to load the truck and be on the road by 5am the next morning. Crawling into bed, my mind was spinning with everything that had taken place over the weekend and the fact that two more absolutely knock-down beautiful gorgeous nymphos were about to move in with us. Ginger sucked me off and swallowed my cum as a way of saying thank you for allowing her sisters to move in. We cuddled up against each other and went to sleep. Since we had to get up so early, Pepper slept in her new room.To be continued…