Desert Heat Pt 4

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Desert Heat Pt 4Desert Heat – Pt 4Thursday morning was like every other morning in the small trailer. The temp was freezing and you couldn’t get dressed fast enough. Ginger was unusually quiet and I was wondering if she was having second thoughts or perhaps feelings of guilt about what happened last night at the lake with Bill and Olga. I wasn’t sure how or when to broach the subject, but knew we would have to talk about it sometime. I just hoped that it hadn’t damaged our relationship. Breakfast was quiet and so was the trip out to field. Before heading back to the trailer, I took Ginger in my arms, looked her in the eyes and asked her why she was so quiet and if it had anything to do with last night. She looked back and tears started to well up in her eyes. She told me that she didn’t believe what she did last night and was so afraid that I would think less of her for what she did. I assured her that I actually thought more of her after last night because she allowed herself to open up to her pent up desires. I told her I had no regrets about what happened and that her sitting there in just bra wasn’t any different than wearing a bathing suit and that I thought she was beautiful and sexy. Ginger fell into my arms and told me she loved me over and over and over again. She also kept asking me if I thought she went too far in what she did and I kept assuring her that I was okay with what happened and that she was free to go as far as she dared, providing I was always present to watch, participate and to protect her if need be. Then I asked her if she enjoyed last night and she turned ten shades of red, looked down and whispered that she was so embarrassed but that deep down inside she found it to be stimulating. I raised her head with my finger under her canlı kaçak bahis chin, kissed her on the nose, the forehead and then long and passionately on her lips. The kiss lasted for several minutes, and then we headed back to the truck. The rest of day was routine and we never saw or heard from Bill or Olga. We hit the sack early as we were still tired from the night before. On our first run Friday morning, I asked Ginger how she was doing and if she was still thinking about what happened. She said she was doing great and yes, she had been thinking about what had happened and hoped that I didn’t think badly of her if she told me that she might consider doing it again. I told her I didn’t think badly of her and I would support her in whatever she did or didn’t do. At the first instrument sight, I looked around and we were in the middle of nowhere. I pointed that out to Ginger and asked if she would dare take off her top and work in just her bra while we recorded our data. She looked around and told me she wasn’t sure. I pulled her bikini top from my pocket and asked if this would make it better and she sheepishly said okay. She ducked down by the truck door and changed as quickly as possible. I handed her the notebook and we began the first run of the day. As she walked over to the equipment, I hurried over and began taking the readings and relaying the data to her to record. It takes about 10 minutes at each station and there are 5 stations, about 5-10 minute drive apart. They are all out in the middle of nowhere, so Ginger stayed in her bikini top as we drove to each station and took our readings. As headed back to town, she put her top on over the bikini and told me that felt great and very free walking around that way. I told her I casino firmalari enjoyed it also. She reached over and felt my hard cock and said that she could tell I enjoyed it. When we got back to the trailer, Ginger jumper my bones, practically tearing my clothes off, pushing me back on the bed and climbed on top. She slid down on me in one thrust. As she road me, she kept talking about her being in her bikini out in the desert today and asking if it turned me one to see her walking around like that. Between the sex and talking it only took about a minute before she had her first orgasm. Several minutes later, Ginger built again for a second orgasm and it was enough to set me off and I began to pump my seed deep into her pussy. Coming down from her sexual high, Ginger announced that she was hungry and ready for lunch. Every run we made to the equipment that day, Ginger peeled off her top and went with the bikini top as long as possible. When we got back from our last run of the day, it was about half an hour before sunset. We saw Bill’s van and Ginger asked if we should see if they are home and if they have any plans. I popped next door and was greeted at the door by Olga, who wanted to know where Ginger was. I told her I came over to see what was up and she said they were just trying to figure out what to do. I went back and got Ginger headed back to Bill’s. We noticed that Bill’s trailer was getting quite warm also as the outside temp was around 118 degrees. The conversation centered on how hot it was inside as well as outside. Bill and I had our shirts offs and Olga took her top off, but kept her bra on. Ginger still had her bikini top on under her top, so she took her top off. The conversation continued to center around the heat and how hot casino şirketleri the trailers get with the hot desert sun beating down on their metal outsides. Bill said it was like living in an oven and that there is only so much clothing you can take off in mixed company. Then he asked both Olga and Ginger if one of them went topless because of the heat, would the other one be willing to do the same. Olga said she would if Ginger would. Ginger hesitated and said she would have to think about it. She told them she was shy and had never revealed herself to anyone but me and that she wasn’t sure she could. I told her that she wasn’t being pressured to do it and if she really didn’t want to, then she didn’t have to, but if she decided to do it that I wouldn’t mind. I could tell that Ginger was feeling very uneasy, so I changed the topic of conversation to sports and baseball. About 11:30, I said that we needed to hit the sack since we get up around 5am so we said our goodnights and headed back to our trailer. Before leaving, she put her top back on and I noticed that she wouldn’t even walk 25 feet in the dark to our trailer with just a bikini top on. Getting into bed, Ginger asked me what I thought about Bill’s question about both her and Olga going topless together. I told her I knew how shy and reserved she was and that I fully understood if she didn’t want to. Then she asked me if I wanted her to go topless in front of them. I told her only if she was okay with it, but if she wasn’t, then no, I didn’t want her to. She then asked if it would be okay if she did bare her breasts to another man and I told her if she was comfortable with it, then yes, I was okay with it but again assured her that if she didn’t want to do it, then she didn’t have to. I asked her if she remembered how free she felt going topless at our pool back home and she yeah, but nobody else was there to see her. Doing it in front of someone else was different. I agreed. We kissed, I cuddled up to her and we quickly fell asleep.