Desiree’s Dinner Party

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Desiree’s Dinner Party (from Master Bates Swing Diary)

Desiree is from a small suburb of the Twin Cities called Sunflower Lake. I later found that just about a good third of the cities and towns in Minnesota are named for some body of water — mainly lakes — which made the state “the land of more than 10,000 lakes”.

Desiree came to my Dinner Parties by herself. She tried to hook up with several of the men who attended my or other people’s parties, and all of them have disappointed her in some way; either they couldn’t keep their pee-pullers from other women without consulting Desi; they preferred cock over cunt, which Desi really was not “cotton” to; or they drank or smoke crap that isn’t in line with Desi’s other lifestyle.

Desi was a childcare manager at one of the largest Christian denomination churches in St. Paul. She enjoyed working with kids and someday wanted a couple of her own to adopt and raised them as if they came out of her pussy as “original issue.”

Desiree, despite looking a lot younger than her size and looks, was close to 30 years old when she came to my first Dinner Party. Her dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes and pouty mouth was attention-seekers to just about any guy who paid her any attention. It was her size — at five-five, she carried close to 240 pounds — which made her fuckable but not long-term dateable. She also smoked pot and cigarettes but never around kids and never at my alcohol and smoke-free events.

Before she passed out on the bed, Desi took on seven guys at my first “Fuckin’ Lunchtime Gangbang”. It was her and my “regular” Dawn (herself a short, large woman although Dawn was in her 40s) which “made the event popular” because you had two small, rotund women who took cock (and cunt!) anyway they can for a couple of hours and had a great time at it — everyone was happy at the end, and the men could not wait to come back and fuck them again, or at least get a blowjob.

Desi was superior at giving blowjobs. She gave what I called the “complete ankara evi olan escortlar blowjob”. Desi would start gently stroking your cock, moving her hand up and down to simulate what it would feel like deep in her pussy hole. She would stop, rub herself and get her hand completely wet with her pussy juices, and then use that as lubrication as she returned to jacking the cock, paying attention to the balls and that area between the root of the cock and the person’s asshole before returning and slowly taking as much of the cock as her little throat and mouth would allow…most cases three-quarters of the penis.

Her throat and mouth action for a lot of guys gets them cumming in her throat and mouth almost instantly. For others like me, she would piston up and down the cock, licking and sucking up the pre-cum and her own saliva before we too, would announce and she would stop moving up and down and starting to slurp and swallow gobs of cum generated by her oral actions.

Then she would move, swallow deeply, and motion for you to lick her pussy. You do it because the little woman wants you to…and because she literally is leaking cum from her pussy. Depending on the guy, she will let you stay there between her legs or move downward to jack you off so she can get fucked.

I love little women. They have ways of maneuvering themselves around you to get their pussy connected deeply with your dick. Desiree was an expert at fucking in various off-the-wall positions. On her knees. With her legs under her chest. Bouncing on your dick from her side, or laying down on a bed or couch and rubbing your cock until she gets it in and she starts tightening her Kegel muscles to keep your dick in position for upwards of a minute.

She would cum several times before she would finally just lay there and let you drum into her. She loves it when men cum into her pussy — covered or not. To her, the throbbing of the dick as the body releases the semen and fluid turns her on more than most other things, ankara olgun escortlar and she starts a small grunt which builds as the orgasm builds and she ends up yelling “FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!” while she bucks and rubs until the orgasm slows to a conclusion.

Then, after a minute or two of relaxing, she’s ready for the *next guy*.

“So Mr. Bates,” she cooed into my ear after I’ve eaten her pussy, clit, and rimmed my tongue all around and deep into her ass — making her cum while doing each, “When are you going to let me host one of your Dinner Parties? Don’t you think I would make a good hostess?”

It took me all of five seconds before I answered her…tweaking one of her smallish titties in my hand.

“Sure…two months from today? Would that be okay?”

I had arranged for Curt and Wanda to host the next month’s Dinner Party; so the one in June would be fine…

“Okay…don’t forget. You need to tell me what I need to do to get ready for it.”

“Just have your mouth and pussy ready for it, that’s all…” I said, feeling my dick harden again.

“And ass too, right?”

“You’ll need some lube, but yeah…” I said, rubbing Desi’s ass with the palm of my hand.



The week of the June Dinner Party came, and I called Desiree to remind her of her willingness to serve as host.

“Yeah!” a rich dark voice answered the phone.

“Hey. This is Mike Bates. Desi busy?”

“Yeah man, she’s busy. She’s getting fucked by me and the crew. Wanna come over and make it a six-pack?” I felt a little jealous but it was quickly replaced by the reactions of my body as I hear her yelling “come on…give me more…and whoever the fucker is on the phone, invite him over too!”

The guy tried to muffle the phone but I heard the conversation:

There was a lot of “fuck, fuck, fuck” and slapping of someone’s ass and the words “move that cunt, cunt!”

“It’s the Bates man. I invited him over…”

“Oh shit! He’s not pissed ankara sarışın escortlar off or anything? FUCK Raymond, give me some air!”

“Girl, if he’s not beating off, I am betting that he’ll find somewhere — or someone — to get it done.” He removed his hand from the phone and resumed our conversation.

“How long have you guys been at her? I can’t get there from here…I’m at work…” I said, squeezing my pants-covered dick under my desk in my work office. I was hard as a rock.

“About a good two hours. She’s almost spent. She’d sucked everyone’s stick, had a couple of us in her ass and pussy, and she even rode one guy. She’s a great fuck!”

“Yeah, I know…have fun with her…have her to please call me later this evening. She knows the number.” I said.

“I’ll let her know…sorry man…she really is a good lay…”

“I know…she’s been to several of my parties.” I hung up.

Desiree called me around 10pm — news time in the Midwest — and we talked about the Dinner Party coming up, and the gangbang she got earlier. She said that Raymond — whoever he was — brought over a couple other guys and when they couldn’t get it up right off, Raymond had to call a couple other guys who recently came to the States from Gambia and ready to fuck white gals — and the game was on.

“They all used condoms. right doll?”

“They didn’t touch the coochie without one. I’m safe that way…don’t want any more kids of my own!” she said. “But the ass and mouth were fair game and my tummy and ass are literally full of cum!”

“Still want to do this weekend’s Dinner Party?” I asked, switching the phone from one ear to the other.

“Yeah…I’ll be on my period though…that’s the reason why I consented to the fucking I got today…I wouldn’t be able to fuck this weekend…”

“Okay…you’ll have to announce that…I don’t want to…” I responded.

The Dinner Party went very well, like all of my Dinner Parties, and everyone had a good time, including Desiree who took a shower, came out and found some cunt to do a 69 with. Otherwise her hosting duties were great and everyone complimented her on how well she had things “organized”.

Desi hosted a couple other Dinner Parties, sometimes with a guy she hooked up with and other times just by herself.