Diary Entry 10th Grade: Becoming A Dick Addict

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Diary Entry 10th Grade: Becoming A Dick AddictI was eleven at the time, not yet interested in boys, I spent my time with my sister. My sister at the time was 17 and very much so into boys. I remember the day my interest was sparked very clearly. It was around four in the afternoon and I was looking for my sister hoping she would play some games with me. I walked up the stairs and heard some noise coming from her room. So I decided to try and scare her, I quietly snuck up to the door which was cracked open slightly, I push on it as slow as possible and leered in. And then I saw it. My sister was on her knees with her hands around a boys dick. I stayed quite and just kept watching, all the way to the finish. Since then I have been addicted to knowing more about sex. I want to watch it, I want to talk about it. I want it.I am now 16, my body is filling out and I knew I was lucky to have the body I did. With large B cup breasts which were still growing and my jeans hugging the bottom of my ass cheeks perfectly I knew I was in every boys dreams at school. So I help, by making sure I dress to show off what I know I have. I find my self in short dresses, tiny skirts, and any shirt that showed my breasts off. Unfortunetly, I do all this but I still haven’t found my self in the position to finally get the chance to experience my addiction. Sex.However, everything changed one night when I attended a high school party with two of my friends. We were the youngest girls there though the boys didn’t know it. I knew this was an opportunity so I dressed the part by putting on my favourite red thong and red lace push up, my black leather high heel boots, low cut black jeans, and finally a see through white button shirt that I left mostly unbuttoned. I knew if I wanted it I would have to earn it.Luckily the plan worked and my round tits drew the eyes of several guys, but one in particular who took it on him self to come over and talk to me the whole night. His name was Andrew, a tall, dark skinned, athletic type. Eventually, after many drinks, we found an empty room at the house we were partying in and I finally started what I had been imagining for the longest time. Luckily I could say I wasn’t a virgin as a cucumber stole my V card.When we got into the room he grabbed my waist and drew me in for a kiss but it turned into a make out session quickly. I knew I needed to make this easy for him so I grabbed his free hand which was resting on my back and placed it on my chest. He knew exactly what I wanted as he got a good handful of both my breasts and ass. After several minutes he peeled back and told artemisbet yeni giriş me to lie down on the bed. He took off his shirt as I walked over and when I layed down on the bed he was already over top of me. Without hesitation he unbuttoned my shirt and stripped it off. From there, while kissing me, he reached under my back and undid my bra. I felt the cold air hit my already hard nipples and I opened my eyes to see his mouth wrapped around my right tit. It felt so good to have him eating my chest, I couldn’t get enough. As he continued he reached down and un-did the belt on my jeans and slid the zipper down. He lifted his head and stood up from the bed. He grabbed the ends of my jeans and tugged them off, he took a long hard stare and my soaking wet red thong. Before getting back on the bed with me he removed both his jeans and boxers to unleash his rather large penis. I didn’t have much to compare too except the porn I watched on my laptop at home, but considering they were porn stars I could say he was definitely big enough. He told me to get on my knees as he took a seat on the bed. He asked me if I had ever blown’ a guy before. I replied yes. Though I had not I could say the endless blowjob vids I watched taught me enough. He smiled and then asked if I liked playing with my self. Again I replied with a yes. He smiled again and placed a hand on the back of my head and pressed it closer to his throbbing cock. I started by letting my tongue slowly travel around the tip of his head. It was exactly like I imagined all those nights in bed, a big strong man forcing his dick on me, it excited me. So I continued but now I got a little further down and started letting my tongue explore more of his penis, I would let my tongue go slowly down to the base then slowly back up to the top where I would place the tip in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it like a lollipop. I kept eye contact as much as possible just like the girls in the videos. After teasing him long enough I put more of his shaft in my mouth, getting about half way down before sliding my head up and off his penis I can feel my pussy dripping with anticipation. He could see my wet thong stuck to the lips of my pussy and he knew what I wanted to do. So he told me to rub it while I sucked him off. Without an argument I obliged, and I stuck two fingers on my soaking thong and started rubbing long and hard along the Lips of my clit. At this point I was doing my best to deep throat his gigantic snake while shoving my index and middle finger in and out of me. After what seemed like the greatest ten minutes artemisbet giriş of my life he pulled his dick out of my mouth and stood me up. He slid my thong down to my ankles where I gently stepped over them. He picked me up by the ass and threw me on the bed where he spread my legs. He leaned over and started tonguing me while feeling my boobs. But he pulled his tongue away and dropped his head down to my pussy. He went in full force making me moan in ecstasy. Feeling his tongue swirl on the outside then penetrate in to swirl again. I could barely stop my self from screaming. I played with my tits as he continued to eat me raw. He stopped, though I didn’t want him to, I knew what was coming. He stood up and asked me what position I wanted. I had to think quick, which position looked like fun in the videos. I replied by telling him to lay down. He complied and I took a seat over him. This was it, this was what I had been waiting for. I looked him in the eyes and lowered my self down. It Felt better then I had ever imagined, the warm throbbing shaft gliding into my pussy, the pulsating veins pressing against the tight walls of my insides. I moaned as I slid all the way down. He placed his hands on my hips as I started slowly. It felt so natural to be on top with him, I felt like I had done this thousands of times though I had really only done it once when I managed to tape the dildo to the large stuffed bear my best friend bought me for my 14th birthday. I kept imaging all the videos of those girls that would ride those monstrous cocks for hours. I wanted to do the same. I was really getting into it now as I sped up and leaned over to press my tits on his mouth. After several more minutes he grabbed me and slid me off and told me to turn around he wanted to fuck me doggy style. I was excited. I got on my knees and hands and tilted my ass upwards for him to stare. He rubbed my pussy for a few seconds before sliding back in. The sensation was even greater now that he was in control. He placed one hand on my hip and with the other he grabbed my brown wavy hair and gripped tightly. Pulling my head back slightly but not enough to hurt he laid into me. I felt like I was in another world as his throbbing dick slid in and out with vigor I had never seen. Feeling his tip touch what seemed like my stomach then pull all the way out so that I felt the cold air blow in, only to have it followed by another speeding thrust made me scream, I was loving it. While fucking me he was constantly grabbing my ass and spreading the cheeks. I knew what he was thinking but I didn’t want artemisbet güvenilirmi to say anything until he asked. Which he did. I had seen girls in the videos take a big dick in the ass before. First timers and experienced, either way It looked like fun. So I turned my head to see his face, I looked at him and smiled and nodded. He slid his dick out of my pussy and placed both his hands on my ass. Spreading the cheeks as far as possible he was rubbing his tip on my rim. I decided to help and spread my cheeks for him and told him to finger me first. So he did. As he inserted his index and middle finger in my pussy he reached around and rubbed my anus with his thumb. Just the idea was my hole grow more and more. His thumb found its way in and I felt the pain that every girl talks about. But I didn’t hate it. I loved it. He pushed deeper and I told him to do it harder. So he pulled his thumb out and shoved his middle and ring finger in and pressed forward with force. I cringed but moaned. I knew it hurt but I wanted more. I felt a sensation coming over me, as if I couldn’t control my self as I was telling him to stick it in me. I begged him. He didn’t wait as he pressed his cock in slowly. The pain was immense, but I was loving it. I could feel my pussy dripping with ecstasy knowing that I was getting my ass fucked. He quickened the pace and started into me. The pain was starting to fade but the sensation grew more and more and I was moaning after each thrust. I felt him slow down finally after fucking me like dog for what seemed like forever. He pulled out and asked me where I wanted it. I turned around, and I had so much raw sex energy running through my body I didn’t need to think twice before telling him to cum in my mouth. His eyes widened in amazement, but he didn’t hesitate as he began to jerk the tip of his cock as I sat under it with my mouth open and eyes locked on his. I saw him cringe and I knew it was coming. It was like time slowed down for a few seconds as I saw the first drops come out of his dick, followed by a jet stream. As time slowed even further I could see the load flowing into my mouth. I placed my hands on his sack and shaft and helped however I could. The load kept coming and I could feel it filling my mouth. It seemed time had come back to normal as he took a step back and released his now limp dick. I could feel the steaming hot man goo on my tongue. I stared at him and without letting another moment passed I closed my mouth, smiled, winked, And swallowed.That was the last time saw Andrew. I knew he just wanted the fuck, but for me it was the most amazing experience I could have imagined. You would think my addiction would waiver now that I had experienced sex. But it’s the opposite; I keep wanting it more and more. And my Tastes are getting more wild. I can only imagine where this addiction will take me but I hope its somewhere good.