Difficulty Adjusting to Treatment Ch. 03

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Janet walked forward, looking like she had found a new experiment. I felt like I could melt into a puddle on the floor at that moment, my shock and embarrassment was so great. My boss had just seen me get face fucked while the woman doing the deed rubbed me off with her foot. To add to that, I was coated in both of our juices and she had seen that I had barely held out a few minutes. I was sure that I was in trouble, until I remembered the flier. She must have known this would happen.

Janet stood in front of me, barely a foot of distance between our faces as I leaned back over a sink, before she smiled and walked to the sink to my right to wash her hands. She hummed a small tune, not even acknowledging my presence, before she turned to walk to the door. Just as she opened the door, she turned back and spoke. “James,” She seemed to be speaking louder than she needed to…unless she wanted more people to hear her. My eyes flew wide as saucers. “I need to see you in the office tonight. Make sure that, after your normal business, you come straight to my office.”

I was sure my heart had stopped. I was going to need to go through everyone just to get to her, not to mention it was only eleven last time I had checked. I had hours until I was off and who knows how long it will take before she is done with me. It was Friday, and many would want to leave quickly, but there was no telling how many had seen the pamphlet.

The rushing of the door shut suddenly reminded me that I was leaning with my back against a sink. I moved to stand on my feet, stumbling slightly before I found an acceptable amount of wobble in my balance to begin walking. I washed my face clean, knowing that there was no way I could get the stains out of the shirt or pants I had on, and headed back out of the restroom.

The air in the room was different then before as I noticed a few of the glances my direction. Normally, I just felt like another in the crowd, save for the obvious lacking features, but now I could feel every eye on me as I stepped towards my chair. The subtle glances of a few women had turned into full predatory gazes. One or two even licked their lips as they saw me walk to the kitchen to grab some water.

As I stepped into the communal kitchen area, the first thing to notice was that I was, as had become güvenilir bahis increasingly the case in the past few minutes, not alone. Emily was here with me, enjoying an early lunch. Emily was a slightly larger women than the others around the office, probably weighing closer to two hundred and fifty pounds, but she carried it well. Not only was she tall, but she also had curves that others would be jealous of, with a large, shaking, rounded buttocks and firm, flowing breasts contained in her business suits. Then there was her cute stomach. It extended past her belt and must have been several inches outward, but she didn’t let it bother her.

She knew what people liked about her and was comfortable with her weight. I guess it might have come with the territory of how quiet she was. Must have been all of the personal time with her. Or maybe it was all the men and women who had asked her out that she had turned away. I never heard her talking about her flings or dates, but she wasn’t as talkative as the others around here, so I just chalked it up to her being shy. She was always kind and honest though, which helped to put us into a good position as colleagues.

I walked towards the sink to grab myself a drink and downed an entire glass in one gulp. I heard Emily placing another bite in her mouth behind me and couldn’t help myself to look back at her as I finished filling a second glass. The comfort level in me had skyrocketed since I arrived here, so I was sure that i could relax.

The seat next to Emily became filled as I sat down to take a breather. Her eyes darted across my body as she finished chewing her bite and swallowed the morsel. She smelled the air and giggled.

“Rough time in the bathroom? You look and smell like you had some problems in there.” Her delicate, silvery voice filled my ears before she began to take another bite. I noticed her food was almost gone, but she seemed to be trying to savor every bite left.

“Rough is one word.” I said, exhaling a sigh while holding the bridge of my nose and leaning my head back. It was at that moment, I noticed the scent of strawberries and lilacs. Her perfume, I surmised, not recognizing it until I had gotten to this moment of calm.

Her hand delicately laid on my shoulder, almost daring not to touch me, as she finished the güvenilir bahis siteleri bite in her mouth. “What’s wrong? Girlfriend issues? Having trouble in your treatment? Or did someone just leave the seat up?” The humor cutting through the sincerity did cool my head. She was still her normal self, at least, despite everyone else seeming to be changing around me. I thought that I was the one who was supposed to be going through the changes.

“The treatment is fine, I don’t even know when it will start effecting me so that’s fun. Girlfriend…well, she seems to take initiative sometimes to a bit of an extreme, but I still love her. At least I have someone to talk to.” I gave her a small smile while glancing from the corner of my eye. Her smile came into view and I allowed myself a brief fantasy of hugging into her soft body. Then, my pants stiffened.

The cotton material tightened around my growing cock and I could feel the spot where I had creamed my pants again. I went red as I remembered everything again, but not as much as when she looked directly at it. She looked like she was debating on a second snack, before she shook her head and grabbed me again, turning my chair with a hand on my opposing thigh. “Tell you what, follow me to my desk and I’ll help you relax for a few before you get back to work.” I looked into her eyes and nodded slowly.

Her hands darted across me faster than I could react and, before I knew it, we were leaving the kitchen. The strained material around my crotch was on display as Emily guided me towards her desk. I felt like I was being paraded in front of my coworkers again, a mix of embarrassment and arousal surged through me with each glance. As she turned us down the aisle of desks that she worked at, one of our other coworkers glanced at us, smirking. Arial, a black woman with breasts pressing into her desk even when she sat straight, gazed from our faces to my pole. Her smirk grew wider. As we walked past her, she turned back to her work, softly stroking across the material enveloping my erection.

A moan, higher than any I had ever made before, left my lips as Ariel touched me, only cut off as we sat at the seat next to her, Emily’s desk. Her chair was larger than mine, but I could understand why as we all bought our own. The only truly unusual part iddaa siteleri of this seat that struck me was that I was not sitting in it but rather I was pulled onto it’s occupant: Emily. She had sat me on her lap and I suddenly became painfully aware of the disparity in height between us when I barely came to her nose.

The strong hands that guided me to this strange seating arrangement began to sooth my shoulders as the woman who brought me here massaged me with vigor. I could feel stress exuding from me and let out another, deeper moan. The majesty of her fantastic hands guided my mind into a new relaxed state that I had not felt in quite a while. Tension and pressure seemed to ebb away as the hands of this goddess guided it along my shoulders and back and away from my body.

The sensation of her incredible massage seemed to take away all feelings from my body save for the warmth and comfort and arousal. I was melting into a blob of joy and absolute peace, the pole from my body the only point of tension in my body. No thoughts entered or left my brain.

I had no notion of the time passing around me, but I suddenly felt myself pulled to my body as the hands of this wonderful woman stroked my nipples. My shirt had been unbuttoned and pulled open to reveal my chest underneath and now she was playing with my extending nipples. The unimaginable pleasure coursing through me increased and my cock grew larger at the touch of my sensitive chest. No one had ever touched me like this and I never wanted it to stop.

“Someone has a lot of tension here.” Emily spoke into my ear, beginning to pinch and pull lightly upon my expanding nipples. “Just relax, sweetie. Just let everything rush out of you. Take all of that stress and release it for me.”

With those last words, I came. The feelings running through my body would have sent me into a spasm, but I could feel her arms holding me tightly to her and keeping me from moving. My moans were loader too, as I filled the entire office with the noises of my orgasm rocketing into my awaiting trousers. The only sensation of tightness not relaxing now was the nipples still clenched in the hands of the domme holding me to her.

A heightened awareness of the room around me came with the cool down of my eruptions as I saw that we were being watched by many hungry eyes. The workers around us looked about ready to jump us, some of them even going so far as to begin rubbing themselves. But even worse was Ariel. Ariel was standing in front of us, holding a camera. She had caught everything happening.