Director of Hospitality

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In October 1984 I found myself in Sri Lanka. I was an economist for a large engineering firm with an international presence. My boss asked around the department if anyone wanted a 2-month overseas assignment. I jumped at the opportunity. I always wanted to work overseas.

After a stop over in Hong Kong, my boss and I joined the top 3 guys in the firm’s Asian practice in Colombo. We traveled around the city meeting people associated with the project and gathering information.

Sri Lanka was definitely a Third World country. Shabby, unkempt buildings and people were everywhere, telephones did not work, most cars were British models from the 1950s, the rolling stock was circa Britain 1940, etc., etc.

At my first hotel, The Oberoi, the color theme for the hotel and staff attire was dark, mostly brown. I had a tight work schedule, a Compact III lugable computer and a dark room hotel with poor lighting. That did not work so well.

My second hotel, The Galadari Meridian, was a different story. The color theme for the hotel and staff was light blue and white. The lighting in my room was excellent. The hotel was a 5-star western style hotel.

The local female talent was not so good. Too few local women knew anything about cosmetics, deodorant, clean garments and western attire. All in all, there was not much to look at. That changed soon after moving to The Galadari Meridian.

I moved to the Meridian November 3 the very day Indira Gandhi was cremated on television following her assassination. Living in the Meridian was great. In addition to being a modern hotel I was one of the few guests. The hotel had been open one month. The front desk staff knew me by name.

The first Wednesday at the Meridian I was waiting for an elevator with my PC, printer, printer paper, brief case among other work items on a luggage cart. When the elevator door opened several affluent local women started to exit the elevator. I could tell they were affluent because their saris were colorful, clean and looked tailor made. A crisp Australian accented voice from the back of the elevator said “Excuse us please.” From the accent you could tell she was educated.

I responded “No problem.”

Her accent caught my attention. The last female to get off the elevator was a striking, in her late 20s Australian woman in a knee length drab green floral print dress. She stood 5′ 10″ with 2″ black heels. Her hair was propped up Nancy Reagan style, about the same color. She was slim with 36B boobs. I could not take my eyes off her as she walked by. She was the best looking woman I had seen my month in Colombo.

The following Saturday afternoon I was taking a work break, walking through the lobby. There she was, walking towards me. The tall Australian woman was wearing a dark blue pleated dress with a different pair of 2″ black heels.

As we approached, I smiled and said “Hello.”

She responded. “Hello. Permit me to introduce myself. I am Helen Grey, Director of Hospitality.”

I introduced myself in turn. We shook hands.

Helen said “Are you enjoying your stay at The Galadari Meridian?”

“Very much so.” I replied.

“With the Meridian being a new hotel, I wish to invite you to our penthouse dining room, the Colombo Millennium, for dinner this evening gratis. You will be my guest.”

“Excellent. What time?”

“8 o’clock. Attire is coat and tie.”

“Thank you very much. I look forward to dining with you. See you then.”

Fortunately, I brought a dark suit with 2 dress shirts and 4 neckties.

I arrived at the 15th floor restaurant entrance at 7:50 PM.

While wait for Helen I looked out the windows at the panoramic view of Colombo. Being after sundown and in the Third World few lights were on. There was nothing to see.

At 5 minutes till 8 Helen arrived. She looked great. Her hair was propped up more than usual. She spent time at the beauty salon that afternoon. Helen was wearing a Color Block dress, very stylish that year. The dress was predominately white, plus red and green with black lines separating the colors. Her feet bore a third pair of black high heeled shoes.

I said “You look fetching this evening.”

“That’s best compliment I have received since arriving in Colombo” Helen replied.

The glass paneled west wall of the Colombo Millennium overlooked the Indian Ocean. The color theme was medium blue with dark, smoky glass. The décor was modern.

The maitre d’ greeted us.

“Agit, take us to your finest table with a view of the Indian Ocean.” Said Helen.

“Yes, madam” replied Agit. Agit led us to a table next to the windows.

The waiter, Sunil, pulled back Helen’s chair before I could reach it.

We were the only customers in the restaurant.

“What will the lady and gentleman have to drink this evening?”

“I’ll take a scotch and soda without ice.” Said Helen.

I said “I’ll have a Tanqueray and tonic without ice.”

The drinks arrived within the minute, lightening fast for Sri Lanka.

We could see the eryaman orospu numaraları Galle Face Hotel and Colombo Swim Club. That was it.

Helen was an excellent conversationalist. We quickly got to know each other. She was from Melbourne, I was from Wichita, Kansas. Both of us loved to travel. Helen had been all over, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America, like a typical Australian. In North America she had been to New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Toronto, Montreal and Boston. She had been in Europe when I was backpacking there with a buddy. We compared mental notes, but we were not in the same place at the same time. She had been employed by international hotel chains which made international travel a requirement. I dazzled her with my knowledge of Australian history, geography, politics, movies, television and cultural norms. We had a blast chatting and laughing.

The Colombo Millennium was a South Asian restaurant. I had Curried Prawns. They were terrific. The sauce was red and spicy. I would pay the price the following morning. Helen had Chicken Tiki Masala. The drinks continued to come.

I kept up with her cocktail for cocktail. By the third round she was calling me Mate. Then we started to talk about the peculiarities of life in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has a caste system. Each level of society can only perform certain duties. For example, getting a one page document photocopied is a 20 minute exercise. First, a bell is dinged, eventually someone shows up to take the document. They disappear. Who knows how many people handle the document to get it copied. 20 minutes later you have your photocopy. Communication between castes is poor. Next to no information is passed from one caste to another. As a result, mistakes are made.

Then there is the Sri Lankan tradition in a meeting of moving their head in a sideways figure 8 pattern. You are talking to them. They begin moving their head side to side in a figure 8 pattern. Moving their head in a figure 8 pattern means they hear you. They do not agree with you, but they hear you. This leads to longer negotiations, training, what have you.

Helen had been in Colombo for 3 months hiring and training staff. Other duties included getting to know the movers and shakers in Colombo and other marketing tasks. She had 2-year contract with the Meridian.

After the entrees neither of us wanted dessert. We focused on finishing our 5th round of cocktails.

About that time Helen began chatting about her huge penthouse suite. My 9th floor room was called a Superior Room. Her 14th story room was called the Prime Minister’s Suite. Helen’s suite sounded huge compared to my room, with additional amenities, like a stocked wet bar, plenty of furniture, etc. She insisted that I see her suite. I was game.

We finished our drinks about the same time. Helen was a bit wobbly. Being the gentleman I am, I rushed to her side. She grabbed my left arm with both hands. Once we took a few steps her right arm interlocked with my left. We said our goodbyes to Agit and Sunil.

Helen’s gait improved as we approached the elevator. She was still unsteady. Her high heels did not help.

The one floor elevator ride took a few seconds. Facing the elevator was a concierge desk. The desk was deserted. Earlier Helen told me she was the only occupant on the 14th floor. A few steps later she slipped the room card into the door lock mechanism and we were in the suite.

The room was tastefully appointed with a king-sized bed, wet bar, 4 easy chairs and ottomans, a desk with abundant lighting and a huge sliding glass door leading to a balcony. The view would have been spectacular in the day time. We ventured to the balcony. We were hit by the 80 degree temperature and 75 percent humidity, but a fresh breeze off the Indian Ocean cooled us nicely.

After a minute or so of chatting and enjoying the breeze Helen did a 180, walked in the suite and kicked off her heels. I followed. Once her heels landed Helen turned around. Her lips lunged towards mine. We immediately engaged in intense kissing.

Within in seconds Helen contorted herself and unzipped the back of her dress. The dress slipped down her arms and fell to the floor. She was wearing a sexy white lacy bra and matching tiny bikini underwear. Helen was not wearing pantyhose. The bra and bikini underwear came off quickly.

I was working on untying my necktie without as much success as Helen with her dress. Once I got the tie off the coat and shirt came off in due time.

Helen in her naked glory worked on taking off my pants. That did not take her long. She signaled for me to raise my feet so she could remove my shoes and socks. I did so. That done she quickly slid my underwear down my legs.

My cock was perpendicular to my body. Helen took my cock inside her mouth all the way twice. I tightened my abs. She noticed my tightened abs. Helen proceeded to lick and kiss my cock’s crown. She wanted me to cum inside her not on her.

Once my coat and shirt were ankara escort off, I grabbed her right hand and we jumped on the bed.

We immediately began kissing passionately, laying side by side. Her hands were on my cheeks. My hands we behind her head. Helen kissed like she had not done so in a long time.

My right hand moved down to her left boob. Helen’s nipple was rock hard. Her nipple stood out like a pencil eraser. Her boob was covered with goose bumps. She went “ummm”.

After playing with her nipple and quarter sized areola for about a minute my right hand slid down her torso to her slit. Her love box was sopping wet.

I rolled on top of Helen and slid my cock into her vagina. We went at it hard. Our bodies were making slapping sounds. With each of my thrusts she raised her midsection.

I came in two or three thrusts. I filled her love box with my juices and kept at it. With each of her thrusts she uttered an “ummm.” It did not take her long to come four or five times. After she was done cuming I rolled off her to her left side.

“Mate, that was the best sex if had in months and I’m including pre-Colombo. Let’s celebrate!”

Helen jumped out of bed and headed to the wet bar. She grabbed two champaign glasses and a bottle of Moet et Chandon Imperial Brut. She poured the glasses full, waited for the bubbles to subside and refilled the glasses. Helen bounded to the bed, not spilling a drop.

She handed me a glass and said, “Here’s to tonight and living in Colombo. Cheers.” We clinked glasses.

She tossed back half her glass. I did the same.

“When’s your flight out of Colombo?”

“December 1st at 12:15 AM. But I return in April.”

“That gives us plenty of opportunities to enjoy each other!”

“Fantastic. However, as a reminder I have a tight schedule. I am available Friday and Saturday evenings.”

“No problem Mate. We will make the best of it.”

We polished off the bottle. I hopped out of bed to go to the bathroom. When I returned she was sound asleep. I soon dozed off.

I woke up to morning light streaming through the windows. I hopped out of bed, put on my shorts and walked to the balcony to check out the view in day time.

The view was spectacular. The deep blue Indian Ocean was to the right. Greater Colombo sprawled to the center and left. Then it hit me. I was paying the price for the red and spicy Curried Prawns.

I ran to the bathroom. There was no problem holding things in, but I want to get the diarrhea out of my system. Once I got to the toilette out it spewed. One good push and it was all out. I felt good.

I pulled up my shorts, opened the bathroom door and there she was.

Helen was naked and massaging her clit.

“Good morning Mate.”

“Good morning Helen.”

“As I recall, the last thing I said last evening was ‘We will make the best of it.’ Shall we resume?”

“Let’s”. I replied.

I grabbed her right hand. We ran to the bed and hopped on it.

She rolled on top of me. I kept the momentum going and rolled on top of her. We began to kiss furiously.

My love muscle could feel the dampness on her bush. She was ready.

Without skipping a beat, I slid my love muscle into her slit. Helen went “ummm”.

I did not move. My right index finger massaged her clit. My cock grew. She groaned. Her hips gyrated.

When she was at the edge of orgasm, I started to pump her. Helen’s groaning intensified. I could feel her gripping the sheets. We came simultaneously. We exhaled simultaneously. I rolled off Helen to her left. We were panting.

“Mate, that was fantastic! Let me buy you breakfast!”

“I’d love to have breakfast with you but I have that pesky deadline.”

“Right. But we’re still on for Friday and Saturday?”


I started to get dressed. We chatted. All of a sudden Helen quit talking. She fell asleep.

Once dressed, prior to leaving her suite, I kissed her on the forehead.

Fortunately, across the street at the Inter-Continental was a floral shop open on Sundays. During a work break I walked to the floral shop and ordered Helen a dozen red roses with a card saying “Helen, Thank you for an extraordinary evening. Sincerely, Mike”

When I arrived in my room after work Tuesday there was a sealed envelope on the desk. Inside the envelope was a note from Helen. It read “Mike, Thank you for the flowers. You are the first person in Sri Lanka to buy me flowers. They are wonderful. See you Friday at 8:00 PM in the lobby. Helen.”

Friday evening I arrived 5 minutes early to the lobby. Helen arrived at 8. She looked terrific. Helen was wearing tan skirt suit like Lady Diana was wearing that year. Her hair looked like she went to the hair salon for a touch up.

“You look terrific.”

“Thank you.”

Helen turned towards the doorman. “Charles, the hotel Mercedes please.”

The Mercedes pulled up. We got in.

Our destination was the Galle Face Hotel, an elegant place left over from the colonial era. We elvankent escort dined at The Verandah. The place was two thirds full. Helen knew many staff and patrons.

That was the routine for our following three dates. We dined at the Oberoi, Taj and InterContinental.

The Sri Lankan Civil War started in on America’s Thanksgiving Day, November 22. But that did not stop our dining and sex adventures.

To keep us from getting in a rut sexually speaking I focused on a different activity after dinner and the following morning.

After returning to her suite from the Galle Face Hotel I focused on cunnilingus. I teased, sucked and licked her clit for 15 minutes, bring her to the edge of orgasm many times. Helen grasped the sheets, tightened her abs, thrashed from side to side and moaned the entire time until she could not take any longer. She begged me to plunge my cock in her slit. I did. She came in no time. So did I.

The next evening the 69 position was my sexual position of choice. Helen and I got into it. We pushed each other to a near orgasm and backed off. She gave in first, asking me to plunge my love muscle into her slit. We both came in no time. We collapsed in each other’s arms.

The following Friday we went at it rear entry or doggie style. After we took each other’s clothes off while kissing I spun her around and massaged her boobs while my cock moved around her tush. She twisted her head so could continue kissing.

I moved my right hand to her clit. She was wet. I led her to the bed.

“Get on all fours.” I said.

“Sounds delicious.”

Helen mounted the bed. I got behind her in the spooning position.

I bent over her posterior and dabbled her boobs with my fingers. Then I rubbed and poked her boobs with my finger nails. She went “ummm”.

I went into full massage mode on her boobs. Helen “ummmed” louder.

Catching her by surprise I inserted my love muscle into her love box and massaged her clit with my right index finger.

Helen responded by groaning and subtly gyrating her hips.

After a couple of minutes Helen said “Mate, I can’t stay in this position much longer.”

“Fall to your forearms.” I replied.

She did. This allowed me to penetrate her love box deeper.

We went at it fast and furious. I came first. I kept my cock in her slit after coming. My right index finger played with her clit. She moaned louder and louder and came 5 times. After coming she collapsed on the bed, I on top of her.

“Mate, that was fabulous! Don’t even think about leaving before tomorrow morning’s session!”

“You were terrific yourself.”

Before I left the next morning I asked if she had a sleep mask.

Helen asked why.

I replied “You will find out tonight.”

During dinner that night Helen was like a kid before Christmas wanting to know about her presents. She asked what the sleep mask was for 3 times. I avoided answering the question.

Once in her suite we began kissing. After 15 seconds Helen said “I need to use the loo.”

I proceeded to take my tie and coat off.

Helen emerged from the bathroom naked and twirling the sleep mask around her right index finger.

“Mate is this what you’re looking for?”

“Yes, your glorious body and a sleep mask.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.”

I proceeded to take off the rest of my clothes. In the meantime, Helen was warming up her slit with her right index finger.

Once I was bare Helen approached. I took the sleep mask, placed it on her head and we began passionately kissing. After our bodies meshed for a few seconds, I pushed back and spun her around twice.

While she stood there trying to keep her balance, I pulled the blanket and sheets down the bed.

I grabbed her by the left hand. “I am taking you to the left side of the bed. When your legs reach the bed turn around, sit down and enjoy.” I felt tension in her hand.

Helen followed my lead. When she sat down, I spread her legs and nudged her torso down to the bed.

I grabbed her butt cheeks and gave her slit a long slow lick. Helen shuddered. I continued to lick her slit each time a little faster than the last. She graduated from shuddering to groaning. My hands moved from her tush to her boobs. Amongst the groaning she moved slightly from side to side.

When she was on the verge of cuming I stopped.

“I am going to help you move to the center of the bed.” I hopped to the other side of the bed and led her right hand to the middle of the bed. She slid her body accordingly.

Once she was in place, I resumed licking her slit and massaging her boobs. It did not take her long to come close to cuming. When she almost came, I quit.

I went to the other side of the bed. My mouth took in her right boob. My right hand played with her slit. My left hand wrapped around her neck and flicked her left boob. She was moaning and moving a bit side to side.

Helen was getting more excited, but not near cuming. I stopped, paused 2 seconds and jumped on the bed placing my knees on either side of her upper torso. I dropped my cock in her mouth. I thrusted as deep as I could. After three thrusts I stopped, pulled my cock from her mouth and did a 180. I licked and teased her clit. Helen sucked my cock with great enthusiasm.