Dirk’s Domination Ch. 02

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May 2015

I continued my secret watch of Dirk’s workouts through the spaces in the floorboards. He continued to tease me by stripping naked while he lifted weights. His thick cock swayed back and forth as he walked casually around the room. I could hear his cock slapping his thighs with every step.

This week, Dirk’s workouts were devoted mainly to his huge tree trunk legs. He would literally load hundreds of pounds of heavy iron plates on the barbell and complete his squats perfectly slow. He would stand in front of the mirror and spread his meaty legs in a wide stance. His cock and balls would swing in the air for anyone watching to see. (That would be me!) His feet were set squarely, shoulder width apart. I could see the muscles in his butt flex and strain as he completed his set of squats. Dirk also grunted animal noises deep in his chest as he pushed his legs to their limits. When he was close to finishing his set he would push extra hard and he would roar, “Fuck you cunt!”

It was as if he had some bimbo there watching him. Urging him on, so she could lay between Dirk’s huge legs as he fucked the hell out of her. Sex is what drove Dirk’s workouts. In fact, I think it drove his whole life. He was a healthy sexual man. He was motivated by the way his muscles attracted new pussy to submission.

Last night Dirk came out of the Stop and Shop and bumped into a horny big breasted cougar. She started talking to Dirk and ran her hands over his beefy biceps. Dirk knew what she wanted. The same thing all women wanted from him. The same thing most men secretly wanted from him. It was the same thing that I wanted from him. Dirk pulled her behind the store, pushed up her dress and fucked her while she had her back to the wall and her legs wrapped around his waist. He came quickly, then carried her over to the dumpster behind the store and dropped her in. Dirk snarled at the woman, “You fucking whore. You piece of trash. A woman of your age should have some class. Instead you let me fuck you like some horny slut!”

This happened to Dirk all the time. Women always came on to him. He loved the attention that his looks got him. But, he hated pushy cunts who wanted his dick. Those pushy cunts had no self-control. Those who would fuck him behind a Stop and Shop!

Dirk always performed his workouts in front of the mirror. Admiring himself in front of the mirror gave us both boners. Of course his girth and length were a lot more than mine. I was fine with that. Actually, I was real fine that Dirk’s cock was so large. It gave him his cocky attitude that I both loved and hated. He had the dick that I desperately wanted and was a man who I feared.

I hadn’t seen Dirk face to face for a couple of weeks. I went down to his apartment to give him his rent check. He told me to come in and asked me if I was still gay. Actually he said, “You’re a fag right?”

Damn I hated him. I don’t care how muscular or how incredibly handsome he was, I hated to be called a fag! “I could use a good washer woman to do my laundry. I thought you should do it,” he said.

I exploded! “Dirk, don’t call me a fag and don’t call me a washer woman!” I screamed.

He walked over to me and said, “Calm down washer woman there is something in this for you.”

This pissed me off more! He walked behind me and slipped his jockstrap over my face. He put the straps behind my ears to keep the pouch where he wanted it. I was surprised, and at first, I didn’t know what to do. It took a moment to realize what had happened. I was breathing inside of Dirk’s jock strap. My dick started to instantly get hard. I knew I should yank it off me face and head right back upstairs to my apartment. Then, Dirk leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Stick your tongue out and lick the inside of my jock washer woman. I know you need it. Breathe in deep washer woman.”

Mother Fuck I thought! He doesn’t listen to me. He thinks he can talk to me any way that he wants and I’ll do what he says. But, my mind was not staying focused. Being inside of Dirk’s jock was the kind of thing I had dreamed about. Dirk had rested his cock and balls inside this jock while he worked out. It had his manly smell. Not unpleasant. In fact, it was intoxicating! It was as if I was breathing in a bottle of poppers! My brain got disoriented and my dick got fully hard. The thoughts that were running through my head were a jumble of submission; I’ll do whatever you want to me, and I felt revulsion at the şişli bayan escort way I was being treated.

Before I had a chance to think about what was happening, my tongue reached out to run along the fabric of this stud’s jockstrap. I was searching for a taste of Dirk’s dick. I felt like I had no control over myself. I may never get the chance to taste Dirk’s jock again. I heard a primitive moan come from deep in my gut.

“You can wear my jock strap whenever you are doing my wash,” he growled softly into my ear.

His face was so near my own, and his deep voice seemed so intimate, whispering in my ear I didn’t know what to say except, “Yes, I’ll be your washer woman.”

Then Dirk pulled the jock from my face and said, “I knew you would. Come back tomorrow and do my laundry, while I’m at work. Be gone when I get back. Have everything folded and placed on my bed. I don’t want to see your fag face again until I’m ready.”

I went upstairs to my apartment and I cried. They were tears of frustration. I had let Dirk thoroughly humiliate me. It made me so angry that he called me a washer woman, a fag. He had treated me as a lesser person, as if I was one of his throw away girls. Through my tears I realized my dick was rock hard. What had happened downstairs was down-right degrading. I had never been so turned on in my life. I dropped my jeans and pulled out my cock. I came before I could finish three full strokes of my cock. I shot great gobs of cum. Talk about the ultimate foreplay! That fucker had me so turned on I couldn’t stay mad at him for long. If the price for his attention was a little verbal abuse, then it was worth it. I could handle it. I couldn’t wait until the next day to do Dirks laundry!

A couple weeks later, I passed by Dirk in the hall and asked him if he had any wash for me. He loudly told me, “You Fuck, I’ll let you know when I need my laundry to be done. Don’t ask me again!”

He said it like he was angry with me or something. Dirk seemed to have two personalities. He was either telling me what to do, or telling me to get the fuck away from him! There never was a middle ground with him. I decided to stay clear of him until he was ready for me.

A couple days later Dirk told me he may need my help Saturday night. “You going be available for me woman?” he said.

Man, here we go again. Woman! I wasn’t the man’s man that he was, but I shouldn’t be called a woman. God, how I hated that! I should tell him to fuck off, but, instead I said, “Sure I’ll be available Saturday night.”

He said, “I figured you would be. I’ll let you know when I need you. So don’t ask!”

I said, “Yes Sir.”

I Looked down at the floor like a scolded puppy and walked away.I was so pissed that I said “Yes Sir.”

I was giving Dirk further control over me. I was turning into his maid, his slave, his woman. “Fuck!”

The rest of the week I watched Dirk workout through the spaces between the floor boards in my apartment. His chest and arms seemed to be growing and made his clothes a little too tight. He seemed to be getting hotter as every day passed.

I wasn’t sure if Dirk knew I was watching him, but, he would occasionally stroke his cock or pull on his ball sack. It was enough to keep me interested. He posed in front of the mirror and licked his biceps. I felt it was for my benefit, but I never really knew for sure.

Saturday night came and Dirk was going on the prowl. He would follow his ritual and pick someone up at the bar. He would bring her home, spend a couple hours getting himself off, then, send her on her way. He always made a night out of sex. He would play his mind games. He would tease his slut until she could stand it no more. Finally he would let himself cum, then her. She always, always had to wait for Dirk to cum first. Then he would quickly finish her off and push her out the door. Of course, I would be spying on whatever he did. I think I enjoyed it more than he did.

Dirk asked me to come down and help him get dressed for night on the town. This was something new. Of course, I jumped at the chance. Dirk had showered and pulled on his pants before I arrived. He had me pick out his shirt. I picked a powder blue shirt that was way too tight, but, showed off his arms and displayed his chest nicely. I buttoned it up for him as far as I could. I felt like I was his man servant. I stood in front of him so close I could feel his breath on me as I buttoned his shirt. My şişli escort fingers fumbled ineptly making the task harder than it should be. I could smell the soap on his body. I was so close that I could run my hands over his thick chest. I was always nervous to be around Dirk.

Once his shirt was on, Dirk sat on the chair and put his socks on, then said, “Get my black shoes out of the closet and put them on my feet for me.”

I got his shoes and sat on the floor in front of him. I slid each shoe on his feet and tied his laces stealing a touch of his silk covered foot whenever possible. I was taking my time. Dirk had beautiful feet. They were big like the rest of him. I was taking too much time and moving too slow for Dirk. He said, “Hurry the fuck up!”

I quickly finished and he sent me back upstairs to wait for his return.

It was a little after eleven when Dirk pulled up to the house with a couple he had picked up at the bar. It was a young man and his wife. They were a good looking couple. The wife had a nice figure and brown hair. The husband was trim and slightly muscular. Not even close to Dirk’s perfect body. Dirk had them come in and had the wife make everyone a drink before things started to get hot.

Mary and Dirk sat on the couch and Mary’s husband, Tim, sat in the chair across from the couch. Dirk ran his hands lightly over Mary’s blouse feeling the outline of her breasts. Mary acted a little shy while Dirk took charge. He unbuttoned a couple buttons and slid his hands inside her blouse and began to squeeze her tits. After a moment he said, “Mary, take off your blouse and bra.”

Mary did as she was told and was rewarded with Dirk’s mouth on her breasts. She began to moan. I could see Dirk sucking on her nipples and hear the sounds of kisses he made as he continued to mouth her tits. The whole time this was going on, Tim was closely watching and rubbing his crotch. “Are you enjoying this?” Dirk asked. You want to watch me fuck your wife?”

“Fuck yeah!” exclaimed Tim.

“Well, let’s all get naked,” Dirk said. Come on over and sit on the couch with us Tim.”

Dirk was on one side of Mary and Tim was on the other. “You just watch,” Dirk said. “I’ll tell you when and what to do.”

I could see Tim was paying a little too much attention to Dirk’s beautiful body.Dirk had Mary get on her knees on the floor and placed her arms on the couch. He was going to fuck her doggy style. To make it more interesting he told Tim, “I want you to lick your wife’s pussy, while I fuck her? Get on your back and stick your head between her legs so you can get at her pussy.”

Tim did as he was told. He would have a hot view from this position. He would see Dirk’s cock fuck his wife’s pussy, just inches away from his face! Dirk got on his knees and straddled Tim’s torso, then slid his thick cock into Mary’s pussy. Mary gasped at the sudden invasion of her cunt. “Can you get at her pussy?” Dirk asked.

Tim raised his head and began to lick his wife’s pussy while Dirk fucked her slowly in and out. Dirk knew from experience, that Tim’s tongue would have to lick Dirk’s cock, in order to get at his wife’s pussy lips. His balls would also slap Tim in the face on each stroke. Dirk had done this before with guys like Tim. He would pretend to be licking his wife’s pussy, but he would end up licking Dirk’s shaft as it went in and out of Mary’s cunt, and eventually, playing with his nuts as well. Dirk knew he would be feeding his sperm to Tim. That was really hot, when Dirk could get a straight guy to eat his cum. It made Dirk feel like he was truly the master of his world. That he was the alpha male!

Dirk started to fuck a little faster and Mary started to whimper. Dirk could feel Tim’s tongue on his shaft as he tried to lick his wife’s pussy. “How you doing down there Tim? Push your tongue way in her snatch Tim. Make sure she can feel your tongue.”

Tim doubled his effort on Mary’s wet cunt. Dirk could feel Tim’s tongue flicking up and down his shaft. He could also feel his balls slap on Tim’s chin. I almost have them where I want them, Dirk thought.

Dirk said rather loudly, “Bob come on down here, I need your help.”

Dirk explained to the surprised couple, that I would be participating. “Bob is going to help you two get off!” he said.

I jumped up and quickly ran down the stairs. When I arrived, they were in the same position. Dirk was slowly fucking Mary and Tim was licking her pussy. Dirk mecidiyeköy escort told me, “Get down on your back just like Tim and help him lick Mary’s pussy.”

I could tell Tim didn’t like sharing his wife’s pussy or Dirk’s cock with me. We didn’t have much room between Dirk’s legs. Tim and I were jammed naked next to each other both trying to get at Mary’s pussy and Dirk’s dick. This was as close as I had ever got to Dirks fat cock. I left Mary’s pussy for Tim and concentrated on Dirk’s dick. Evidently, Tim had the same idea. We ended up French kissing while servicing Dirk’s swollen cock. “Tim, you and Bob use your hands to play with my balls,” Dirk said.

We did as we were told. I lifted Dirk’s heavy balls in my hand and I felt privileged to have these macho nuts to play with. I manipulated his balls in the loose sack and continued to lick the underside of Dirk’s cock. “All right, now I’m going to really fuck you Mary so you better hang on. You two keep doing what you are doing.” Dirk said to us.

Dirk started pounding into Mary’s cunt and Mary started to shake like she was going to cum. “Slow down Mary, hold your climax as long as you can,” Dirk said. “You two squeeze my balls tighter and pull on them hard.”

Just as I thought, Dirk was going to cum first. He always came first. Let the pussy and fag wait. He could feel his cock swell like it was ready to spit out his sperm. Dirk gave a final thrust and began shooting his thick juice into Mary’s pussy. Some of the fluid was pushed out of Mary’s cunt as Dirk continued to slowly fuck Mary. After emptying his balls Dirk pulled out his cock and said, “Tim and Bob, lick my cum out of Mary’s fuck whole.”

He didn’t have to tell me twice. Tim began pushing his tongue in and around Mary’s wet dripping cunt. I pushed my tongue into her pussy as far as possible. I needed to get Dirk’s cum before Tim had lapped it all up. Some of the sperm was leaking out Mary’s swollen pussy but before it got too far, Tim or I had slurped it up. We were like dogs fighting over a scrap of meat. I needed Dirk’s seed. I had been thinking of tasting his sperm for months.

Dirk pushed Tim’s and my head back down on the carpet away from Mary’s pussy. Dirk slid a couple of his thick fingers into Denise’s cunt and began a rhythm of pushing in and withdrawing his fingers. Both Tim and I were wedged between Dirk’s thighs. With his other hand Dirk pushed his dick down toward our faces. “Go head Tim. Put my cock in your mouth. Bob you watch. This is for Tim only.”

Tim quickly took Dirk’s cock into his sucking mouth. Dirk could feel his cock being sucked down into Tim’s throat. It was as if Tim was starving for sperm and thought he might just suck a little more the hot seed out of Dirk’s cock. Tim continued to beat his meat until he started to convulse with a giant orgasm. Tim shot cum all over his chest and onto Dirk’s back. He must not have cum for weeks.

Dirk decided to finish off Mary and stuck all four fingers of his hand into her fuck whole. Dirk started pounding her pussy with his big hands. Faster and harder he slammed Mary’s waiting cunt until she screamed and thrashed around as wave after wave of orgasm racked her body. Mary went limp from the pure exhaustion of her powerful orgasm. Dirk pulled his cock out of Tim’s mouth and went to the bathroom to clean off his crotch and muscular back with a warm washcloth.

When Dirk got back he was through with these two cum sluts. He rudely told them he had to work in the morning so they should leave. Both Tim and Mary were taken aback by Dirk’s curt dismissal. They grabbed their clothes, got dressed and left. As Tim walked by, Dirk whispered in his ear, “I knew you were a fucking faggot the second I saw you.”

Tim got the strangest look on his face and then hurried out of the house. I headed upstairs before Dirk kicked me out as well. I got to taste his cum tonight, even though I had to share it with Tim and lick it out of a pussy. It still was a total turn on! I wanted more!

After Dirk went to bed, and fell asleep, I carefully stole into his apartment. I quietly went into the bathroom and stole his washcloth. The washcloth that Dirk had washed the sex off of his cock and balls earlier. I took the washcloth upstairs to my apartment and beat off while I smelled the pungent order of Dirk’s cock and balls. Right before I shot my load, I was pretending I was Mary. Dirk’s heavy body was on top of me pinning me down, while his thick cock was erupting hot sperm into my ass.

I knew Dirk only went trolling for new meat to fuck once every month, but I would see how much I could interact with him until next month. Hopefully, he would include me in his next sexual adventure.