Discovering I’m a Cougar Part 12

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Discovering I’m a Cougar Part 12The next several days seemed to add tension to all the drama that had been going on.Emily had announced that her parents had separated and would likely divorce. Her mom Bev called and we talked but she remained reluctant to end her issue with her husband even though they both wanted to have sex with Emily. Deep down she was terrified of her own sexual desires and what might happen.Then there was Nate’s family and the problems only seemed to get worse; at least other than his father who was now coming over regularly to fuck either Heather or myself.Then there was my neighbors Sara and Chad who stopped by to borrow handcuffs and other sex toys as they discovered just how kinky they were. The good news was that her car had been found and returned. I also found out that Pete was stopping by on a regular basis to visit them. Sara did seem much more satisfied as a result of Pete’s big dick and her kinky son.I found it odd that the families that were the most happy were also the ones having sex in the house openly. It got me to thinking and something needed to change. It was then that I decided a little get together was in order. It was just after six when my doorbell rang. Bev looked absolutely stunning. I wondered if she was hoping for some girl sex. The answer was yes when she took me in her arms and kissed me deeply.”Please, Robin, I’m going fucking crazy! I need to have sex!” She said breathlessly.”Not yet! I have few other guests coming over; maybe after.” I said as I ran my hand down her cheek and then lightly touched her tit.Then the bell rang again and I opened the door to see Sara there.”Hi Sara! I am so glad you could come over! This is my friend Bev. Please go on in the living room. There is some wine so go ahead and help yourselves.” I said as the bell rang again.”Judy! It is so nice to finally meet you! I’m Robin. Please come on in! These are two of my friends. This is Bev and this is my neighbor Sara.” I said we all gathered in the living room.Judy seemed a little uncomfortable but helped herself to a glass of wine. We made some small talk as we sipped the wine.”I’m so glad that we could get together. Especially you Judy! Since Nate and Heather are getting so serious we should have a real interest in what is going on with their relationship. They are a wonderful couple and I think they really love each other.” I said as I watched Judy relax.”Nate adores your daughter and she is always so nice to have around.” She said back as she smiled and when she did she looked so more beautiful.”I hope you don’t find it too strange with Nate dating a girl that looks so much like your daughter! When I saw Beth’s picture it was a real shock! Heather could be your other daughter.” I said as I showed pictures to the other two women.”Wow! Are you sure you were not fooling around with Nate’s Dad?” Bev asked as a joke but Judy seemed to scowl.”Nope! At the time I was only fucking my former husband and his little dick! Best thing that ever happened was him leaving me! Other than having Heather that is!” I said and now they all laughed.”Well if he had a little dick he was no relation to Steve. He has a big cock!” Judy laughed and we all joined in.”Well I have been seeing a new man that has real monster! The first time we fucked I didn’t think we would ever get it all in and once we did I wondered if I would have to walk bowlegged for the rest of my life!” Sara said and then laughed as the rest of us joined her until we had tears in our eyes.”So Pete and you are dating? Is it alright if I still fuck him once in a while?” I asked and giggled. “He does have the biggest cock I have ever seen!” I added as I held my hands apart to illustrate the size.”You had him first but he says you have other preferences.” She teased and Bev and Judy raised their eyebrows as they wondered what I was into.”Well yes sivas escort there is my little taboo secret but then you seem to like some of that as well.” I said as I sipped more wine and watched as Judy and Bev looked at me with a questioning look. “We all have a little kink in our sex lives and I actually know what each of yours are; at least some of them. For instance my neighbor here was a frustrated and very horny single mom. She even tried to find relief on the Internet. How many guys gang banged you?” I said and Sara looked a little red. “Please Sara do share with our new friends!” I said and she then shrugged.”Twenty.” She said but then looked at the other women with self-assurance.”Twenty!” The other two said but more with envy than disgust.”She loved it too except when they stole her car and clothes!” I said and we all laughed including Sara.”As for Bev here, she has also been frustrated. She has tossed her husband out because she caught him jacking off looking a video of their daughter.” I said and Bev seemed to have trouble looking up from the floor. “At least that is the reason she gives but I suspect the real reason is she discovered the joys of girl sex.” I added as she looked embarrassed.”You don’t like men?” Sara asked with curiosity.”I’m not sure. I just want to try some new things. I’m not sure my husband would understand.” Bev said quietly.”You mean the guy who wants to fuck his own daughter. Some men are such pigs. Good thing your daughter is not a cheap slut.” Judy said with some disgust. “Yes!” Replied Bev but she understood that Judy had something more than just an issue with the taboo desires of Bob for his daughter.”Now Judy I understand you are definitely in the cock camp. I heard that in fact you spend a lot of time fucking every black cock you can.” I said and Judy looked shaken as her mouth hung open.”Who told you that?” She finally managed to say.”Actually it was your son. Would you like to see the video he made of you? Sara you would be impressed; the guy was hung like a horse!” I said and Judy seemed to be shocked.I then played the video as we all watched. All three of them had their eyes locked as video Judy sucked and fucked the large cock until the guy’s cum was dripping from her gapping pussy.”Oh my god! Nate knows!” Judy said with real shock. “Did you do this to just humiliate me?””Oh no Judy!” I said as I took her in my arms. “I just thinking we need to clear the air. You and Bev both have problems that could destroy your whole families but Sara and I have overcome some of the same challenges. You see I have sex with my daughter but I also prefer guys young enough to be my son. I fuck Nate and trained him to be a good lover. Heather is fine with us fucking as is Nate with her having sex with others.” I said to her as she looked at me even more shocked.”She trained my son Chad too! She does a wonderful job with young people. He is so good now. Yes, that means I fuck him too!” Sara said as Bev and Judy looked at her too.”Yes, and I also have trained Emily’s boyfriend Rick! Good thing I did too. Little Emily was so horny she started fucking two black guys and was not even on birth control.” I said and let them all think about it. “As for Pete, he has a nice twelve inch cock but you have to get him away from his daughter Megan if you want some; although she does like other women. You see we all have our little kinky things, young guys, black cocks, and girl sex. Our daughters have their things too. Your husband wants to fuck Emily and frankly she loves cock.” I said looking at Bev. “Let her and your husband decide if they really want to fuck.””My husband fucked my daughter. I walked in on them and they were being so tender with each other. I watched until they had both orgasmed and then I got so mad. I was so jealous of what they had! Oh god what have tekirdağ escort I done!” Judy said as she sat down.”Yes, I know about that too. It is time you let it go.” I said as I sat next to her.”I told myself that I was so angry over how perverted what he was doing and so angry at Beth for fucking my man! I was also so angry that I could not please him the way that she did. I just wanted to punish us all!” Judy said as she had tear trickle down her cheek.”Maybe you need to change that!” I said and she looked up and nodded. “By the way, I know all about Steve’s cock! All I want to know is; how could you not want to ride him all night long!” I laughed and she did too.”It is a wonderful cock! Is Nate’s as good?” She asked.”Find out for yourself.” I said as I played the video of him jerking off to her interracial video.”Damn he does have a great cock! You say his dad is just as big….hmmm father and son…” Sara said lustfully.”He does look just like his father!” Judy said with a giggle.”He loves his mom too! Look at him shoot! I bet he is just as big as some of those black studs you slut around with.” Bev said with excitement.”Ok Ladies! We now all know each other much better; I thought we might finish this little bonding experience with a few of my friends.” I said as I went to my room.When I returned I had the coach, Rick, Shawn and Chad. They were all nude and their cocks were standing at attention. I led Rick to Bev and put his cock to her lips. There was a wanton groan as she slipped to her knees and sucked her daughter’s boyfriend.Then I turned around I was surprised to see Sara being licked from behind by Shawn while the coach fucked her mouth. Judy was kissing Chad as he tried to undress her. Finally Judy pulled the dress over her head and fell back in the couch. Chad soon had his head between her legs eating her pussy as she jerked.I clicked a picture of Judy and sent it to Steve. “Come over and bring Beth, Nate and Heather!” And the response said “wow!”I picked up my phone and called Pete.”Hi Pete, it looks like there is an orgy breaking out at my house. Come on over and bring Megan!” I said into my phone.”Rick, call Emily and tell her to bring her father along! Time to get the air cleared for everyone!” I said with a laugh as the doorbell rang.I was sucking Pete’s cock when Judy knelt next to me. “Could I ask a few friends to join us?” She said with a rather mischievous smile.Then I looked up to see Steve, Beth, Heather and Nate standing there.”Come in and take off your clothes and fuck whoever you want!” I said and watched as Nate and Heather tore off their clothes.Then I watched as Judy walked up and kissed Steve passionately as Beth watched with a stunned face.”You can fuck him but he is my husband! Now get on your knees and suck Daddy’s big dick!” She said as she pushed Beth to her knees.I watched as the sexy redhead bobbed on the cock she wanted the most as Judy rubbed against Steve.There were more people at the door and Bev jumped off of Rick’s cock to go answer the door. In a few minutes she led a rather confused looking older guy who was holding Emily’s hand. Emily looked more and more shocked as they talked. Then the bell rang again. I walked to the door and was aware of just how loud the orgy noise was as I opened the door to three huge black men. They all had to be well over six feet tall and they all looked like bouncers at a tough club.”Hi, we are looking for Judy!” Said one with a really deep voice as he looked down at my exposed tits.”Come on in and join the party!” I said as we walked down the hall to the living room which was now wall to wall sex!”What fuck is all of this!” One of them said so loud that everyone looked up.Judy ran over to her friends and hugged them. “Get naked!” She said.”Hey before we all get back at this I would like to have the following escort bayan come over to this side of the room. Pete and Megan, Steve and Beth, Bob and Emily, Sara and Chad, Judy and Nate. Ok just to be clear that everything is ok I want all of you little sluts to get on your knees. Now suck your daddy or son until they cum!” I said with a laugh and watched as suddenly there was a line of bobbing heads.”Come on Rick! I need a son too!” Bev said as she pulled Rick over to join.I looked and that left Heather and myself and five hung black men. Soon we were on our knees surrounded by black cocks. We sucked and pumped like crazy as the noise from the taboo blow job line intensified. When I looked over they had all moved to a doggy position and fathers, daughters, mothers and sons were fucking like crazy.I had not noticed that Heather had moved but then I saw her on the couch with Shawn under her fucking her ass as a large black stud pushed the largest cock I had ever seen into her pussy. I felt myself being picked up and I was lowered onto the largest cock I had ever had in me. It was as big as my forearm! When I was positioned I was hammered from below as the other two men took turns fucking my mouth. I started to cum and lifted off the monster cock just as my pussy juice sprayed onto the man’s thighs and feet.”Oh fuck cumming!” Moaned the man below me.I was rolled onto my side and then felt another giant cock pushed into my still tingling cunt. It was then that I looked around the room which had dissolved into a pool of willing flesh. People were fucking, sucking, kissing and doing all kinds of things. I saw Bev with her ass in the air as Shawn pushed his cock into her ass as Emily and her father kissed each side of her face. Then I was rolled over and felt a cock pushed in my ass! I could not see who it was and it did not matter.I looked to see Heather passed out on the sofa. Her face was smeared with cum. Nate was stroking her hair but Judy was sucking his cock. She pulled off just in time for Nate to blast in the air. Whoever had been fucking my ass had cum as I felt cum pouring from it.”Cumming!” Grunted the large black man I was fucking. I rolled off and crawled to where Heather was. Her eyes were slightly open but she was done with sex for the time being and so was I. Chad was fucking Judy from behind and pulled out and blasted a giant shot across her back.After that there was nothing but sound of breathing and giggles as we all quietly talked about the orgy.As the afternoon went by; we all became much better friends and we all started to have regular fuck parties. The rule of our group was that we needed to explore the sex that brought us the most pleasure but that we also needed to try new things.Over the next several years we slowly changed. Rick and Emily dated for a while but eventually they called it quits. Emily became an erotic dancer at a gentlemen’s club and eventually found an older friend who became her sugar daddy. Rick went to college and met the girl who became his wife and they are both teachers and love to help their students discover the joys of sex. Bev and Bob did stay together and continue to find new things and lovers. Sara ended up marrying Pete and now lives with Chad and Megan. Judy and Steve also made up and are active members of the group with Beth at their side. Coach Ramsy married one of the teachers at the school who shared his desire for sexy white female students. Shawn became a male stripper. I heard a rumor that he was gay but I am not sure I would buy that. Nate did marry Heather and they now live in LA where they own and run an adult movie production company and they have both appeared in several of their own movies.As for me….The doorbell rang and I opened it to see my newest special student, Jack!So many guys and so little time!The end!(I know that many of you have really enjoyed the cougar series. I have decided to end it for now but it may be resumed later but for now I need a little break. I hope you enjoyed this long and twisted tale! If so a thumbs up lets me know….I will be thinking of other perverse stories for you all soon!)