Doc Zach and the Pharma Rep

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Doc Zach cures the blues for a pharma rep and gets her ass as payment

WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. This is a story in a series of Doctor Zach and various encounters.


I am an emanate internist in the Los Angeles area. I concentrate my practice to young females with eating disorders, and young patients seeking “weight control”. I attend a few medical conferences throughout the year and was attending one at a resort when this event occurred.

It was late in the afternoon of the last day of many informative and a few boring presentations. I was making my way to the elevators to return to my penthouse suite. The doors opened and I entered and stepped in. Just as the doors were about fully closed a very slender hand slipped in. The door re-opened and in walked a very strikingly beautiful red-haired young woman. “Ah, one of those pharmaceutical reps” I thought since they were thick as bees at these events — swarming doctors and dripping honey to get face-time to detail their medical products.

She was the typical “10” required of a female pharma rep, pretty face, nicely shaped and dressed well. I could detect the full swell of her breasts under her business suit. Her short sweeping skirt showed off her long slender legs, that I quickly thought I could put to good use. She smiled briefly at me but I could see she was bone tired. She turned around and pressed the 28th floor and stepped back a bit towards me. Her phone buzzed and she looked at a text message then said under her breath “Damm, I hate my life” and sighed deeply.

As the door was closing I could see the young woman checking me out in the elevator mirror. I am very good looking, keep myself in great shape and my young female patients are successful in following my treatments because I think they want to please me and get my praise. I also have a degree in psychology and have a knack to quickly and correctly evaluate my patients on both a physical and emotional basis. I have a very high success rate with my young adult female patients because of that. I quickly came to the conclusion that this young rep could be quickly conquered.

While the elevator was moving to the next floor I moved forward and stepped in front of her — close into her “personal space”. She looked at me with wide eyes as I began to step forward which caused her to step backwards until her butt reached the back wall. I could see her face start to blush and her chest was taking quick shallow breaths — as if trying to calm herself. I reached my hand up, tilted her head and captured her lips with mine. I started softly kissing and sucking on her lips. She sighed and closed her eyes.

I felt the elevator begin to stop. The conference used meeting rooms on the next 4 floors so I knew people would be getting on at different floors. When the door opened I pushed hard up against her body to keep her pinned to the back wall. I heard a few people enter — a few drew in their breath in seeing what was going on and few mumbled an “excuse me”. My beautiful rep was slowly melting into me from our passionate kisses. I slipped my hand between us and ran it up to cup one of her breasts on the outside of her business jacket. She gasped for some air but made no move to get me to stop what I was doing.

While the elevator was slowing for the next floor I quickly swung the two us around to change places. As the door began to open I tested if she was mine tonight by slipping an arm across her back at the waist and pulled her strongly against me. My large cock was beginning to firm up (sorry, not porno size but well hung) so I knew she could feel it against her thigh.

We still were kissing all this time and were running out of breath. I then pushed the envelope and with my other hand ran it up the back of her thigh and slid it up her skirt. I bit down lightly on her bottom lip to send a non-verbal command to stay. My hand continued upwards on her stockings then felt bare upper thigh, then bare ass cheek, then the top of a thong. When the door opened I roughly squeezed an ass cheek and pulled her tightly to me.

I opened my eyes and watched a few people enter. I caught the eyes of a few of the woman entering — and saw one more mature woman enter, size up the issue, fan herself with her hand and mouth an “Oh my!”, then smile deeply. I winked at her and she blushed as she turned to face the door but she watched as best she could in the elevator mirrors.

When I again felt the elevator begin to slow down, I whispered to my captured female, “Do not move to stop me”, and slowly raised my hand that was under her skirt to the small of her back. That made her ass cheeks and thong come into full display. She broke our kiss and buried her head on my shoulder. When the door opened I watched the females quickly blush and look away — the halkalı escort guys stared as long as possible, a few let out low wolf whistles.

The elevator then made various stops to let people on or off. As the elevator began to climb I slid my other hand up between us and opened two of her suit jacket buttons. I slid my hand inside and felt a soft silky chemise and it was obvious that she wore no bra. I slid my hand over a large breast and squeezed tight several times. She drew in her breath across my shoulder and again made no move to stop me. I slid my hand onto a very firm nipple and spun it between my thumb and fingers. She moaned, opened her mouth and began to lick my neck.

I dropped her skirt but kept my hand under it and roamed it across her ass cheeks and up and down her hot hard cheeks. When I neared her brownbud she pushed her cheeks together to capture my fingers and rubbed her thigh across my cock. You could smell her pussy honey strongly in the elevator.

Most of the people had exited the elevator when I saw it open on the 28th floor. I removed my hands, spun her around and said, “Walk.” Keeping her head down, perhaps to keep her identity hidden from the few left on the elevator, she stepped out into the corridor. All I said next was, “Your room.” She walked down the hall to her door, fished for her door card then opened the door. Her room was a nice sized suite.

We walked to the middle of the room and I said to her “Come here and do not speak for the remainder of the night — do you understand?” — She stared at me for several seconds fighting a battle within herself, and then nodded her head as a “Yes”. She walked slowly like a doe stalked by a wolf till she stood in front of me. I began to unbutton her business suit. When that was done I told her to take it off and toss it across the room. Through the silky chemise I could tell she had large but perfect sized and shaped breasts. I then reached to her hip and unzipped her skirt letting it slide to the floor. I told her to turn around and bend over to step out of her skirt. With her beautiful ass pointing my way I brought my hand up quickly to swat one of her ass cheeks. She flinched a bit but still picked up the skirt and tossed it also across the room.

That left my captive in the pretty pale blue chemise and matching thong. I told her to face me and take off the last of your defenses. She nodded “Yes”, and then pulled her top off. Her breasts jiggled a bit then settled onto her chest. She stood still while I brought both hands up to caress and squeeze her boobs and she got weak-kneed when I pulled her firm nipples and gave each of then a bit of a twist. She moaned a bit and licked her dry lips.

“Continue,” I said. As she turned away from me she slid her thong down her long legs and stepped out of them. I told her to bend over and pick them up. I was presented with a beautiful ass and pussy. I was pleased to see she had a nice red bush — neatly kept — and two nice red rows along her pussy. When she stood and turned back to me I said, “You have a very pretty pussy and I am pleased that you are not bald” – she broke into a deep smile. “Give me your panties,” I ordered her. She blushed deeply then meekly extended her arm and placed her pale blue thong in my hand. I stuffed the thong in my back pocket.

I left her side and positioned a chair in front of a door length mirror. “Sit and remove your stockings but do not bring your legs together — I want to look at your pussy in the mirror while you do this,” I told her. I saw her look in the mirror and her eyes became wide and a deep blush spread down to her cleavage. She must have thought about it for a bit, and then with her legs opened some she slid the thigh high stocking tops down past her knees on both legs. She then placed her heal on the edge of the chair and began to slide the stocking down when I commanded, “Wider.”

She slide the foot on the floor to the outside of the chair and spun her other foot more to the other side of the chair. This caused her pussy lips to open wide and I could see her juices collecting at the door to her playroom. “Continue,” I commanded. She finished one leg and then repeated the process on the other. She remembered what she was told and placed both feet on the outside of the chair.

“Touch your breasts and nipples,” I told her then watched in the mirror as her dainty well manicured fingers began to arouse her breasts. “Show me how wet you are — run your fingers through your red lips,” I told her, then watched in the mirror as she slid her fingers up and down her pussy slit. “Clean them off,” I commanded her and she slowly brought her fingers to her mouth and licked her fingers clean. “Wet your fingers again then offer them to me as your first gift of tonight,” she was told. As she slid her fingers up and down her pussy slit collecting her moistness I moved in front of her.

She raised her arm taksim escort and fingers to me and I dined on the sweetest pussy honey I had tasted in some while. “Well done young lady, now stand and undress me,” I said and she slowly began to remove my business clothing. I told her to neatly fold them across the back of the chair. She removed my tie and shirt and ran her hands across my developed chest and toned abs. She sat on the chair to do my shoes and socks first but acted quickly to place her feet wide apart. She brought my first shoe up tight against her pussy and as she was untying it she rocked her hips back and forth massaging where her clit was hiding. She removed that set of shoe and sock and repeated the same process on my other foot. “You are being a very naughty young girl,” I scolded and she blushed deep red while nodding to me a “Yes”.

She dropped to her knees to remove my pants but stood back up to fold them neatly over the back of the chair. She then dropped to her knees again and slowly slid my boxers down my legs and off my feet. What I have always liked about my dick is that it is the full 8 inches soft and hangs down fully between my legs and leaves a nice bulge in my pant leg. It must be a sexy sight to the women I’ve met because when they scope me out their eyes always linger on my crotch. When I have to adjust myself for example in an airplane I can see a woman near me lock onto it with her eyes. When they look up at me I smile & wink and I can see them blush and try to hide behind their magazine. It has lead to many a hook ups especially if as it sometimes happens both of us are headed to the same medical convention in town.

The redhead looked up at me waiting and I said to her, “Yes you may play with it for a little while but I have other plans for how you will enjoy its use.” With her well manicured fingers she first hefted my balls and ran her nails under the sack. She then gripped the base of my cock and lifted it towards her waiting mouth. She ran her pink tongue over and under my cockhead then slid my helmet slowly into her mouth. I could not tell if she sucked her other men but she worked my cock like she needed it to exist. She was soft and warm and slowly slid my cock deep to the back of her throat then tightened her mouth and pulled back to just the head. She worshiped on my cock like that for a few minutes till I told her to stop. She reluctantly let me slip from her mouth after making sure she cleaned all my pre-cum with her tongue.

She slid back onto her haunches then I watched her open her thighs as wide as she could. I told her to stay and went to the phone and called room service. I asked to speak to Johnny who I had got to know at this hotel and ordered lobster, some fruit and a nice bottle of champagne. I told him to charge it to my room. I then asked Johnny to have Anne and Kent bring it to this room number as I appreciated their great service and wanted to tip them well. I asked him to have it delivered in about 45 minutes as we had a shower to take.

I walked to the kneeling redhead and gave her my hand to help her up. We went into her bathroom and I was pleased to see she had a walk-in shower that could fit us both. I set the water to a good temperature, told her to tie up her long red hair and walked her under the shower. After we were both wet I told her to open her legs wider. I stood in front of her so I could look deep into her eyes. I ran my one hand down between us and cupped her pussy. She flinched just a bit then lowered herself to set her pussy firmly onto my palm.

Watching her eyes I said, “Pee”. Her eyes popped open wide! I waited a bit then brushed my fingers along her red pussy hair and again said, “Pee”. Her eyes closed slowly. I did this not because I like golden showers but because I knew she had not been allowed to use the bathroom and probably had to go and I did it as another test of my control over her for this night. I stroked her pussy lips once more and she leaned her head to my shoulder and I soon felt even warmer ‘water’ on my palm. I waited till I thought she was done and I said to her, “Good girl, now I will wash you.”

I took the fragrant soaps presented in the shower and started on her front. She began to hum and moan when I worked on her breasts. I spent some time on each full breast and worked her nipples to hard eraser points. She placed her arms on my shoulders for support as her knees went weak a few times. I slid down to my knees and washed each foot and leg removing any golden water. I worked up her legs which she opened wider knowing I was going to spend some time on her pussy. Even with the fragrant soap I could still smell her pussy juices and see the slick moisture seeping from her lips.

I dabbed some soap on my palm and gently washed her pussy lips. I let the shower rinse that area then ran two fingers up her slit and caressed her clit which grew larger the more I caressed it. She moaned deeply and lowered her knees şişli escort a bit to get a more firm contact on her clit by my fingers. I held two fingers together, slid them down her lips and slowly pushed them up her cunt. I woman has a pussy until it is getting fucked then she has only a cunt. I rode my fingers deep up her cunt for a bit and felt her beginning to tremble. I slipped my fingers out and heard her whine her disappointment.

“Turn around,” I told her and began to wash her back. I dropped to my knees and washed the back of her legs working my way up to her nice firm ass. I washed her cheeks, then stood and again dabbed soap on my palm and began to clean between her crack spending some time directly on her brownbud. I pushed her forward so her breasts were hard against the shower wall. I then moved full up against her back and cupped her ass.

I leaned down to her right ear and whispered, “I am going to ask you a question and you may speak only one word tonight. Your answer can be only, Yes or No.” I then soaped my hand and slid it between her ass cheeks. I slid my hand downwards and stopped when my thumb was directly over her rosebud. I pushed it in just a little bit then whispered, “Will you give me this as your gift to me tonight?” I slid my thumb in a little further and waited. The redhead pushed back to capture more of my thumb and hissed out a long “Yes” so I slid my thumb fully up her back door, curled my two fingers and slid them fully up her pussy.

I now had her fully in a six-pack grip and slowly began to pull out and push back into both her love canals. I kept up a slow pace for a few minutes until I felt her begin to tremble. I worked away at her until I felt her body shake and her cunt and ass grab my fingers and pulse through her orgasm. “Enough for now,” I said and slowly withdrew my thumb and fingers. She did a low moan and pushed back into my arms for support. I let her rest a bit then said, “Wash me”. She turned around, held my face with her two hands and standing on her tip-toes, she kissed me deeply and wildly.

She then reached for the soap and washed my body with great tenderness. She spent some time on my dick, balls and ass making sure they were as clean as can be. She soaped my dick into full hardness and after rinsing it off slipped it fully into her mouth and to the back of her throat. When she looked up this time I nodded “Yes” and she began the most tenderest blow-job I had received to that date. She used her tongue and mouth and the back of her throat to drive me to the brink. She knew I was close so she used one hand to hold the base of my cock and the other to scrape my balls with her finger nails. “OK, Red I am very close and when I cum you are NOT to let any cum escape and you are not to swallow any of it at all,” I told her.

She tightened her mouth and drove her head forward until I felt myself slide into the opening of her throat. She squeezed my balls and sped up her sucking and licking the head of my dick. I grabbed her hair with my two hands and rammed my dick several times hard then began to explode in her mouth. As I shot off five or six times I felt her mouth suck on my cock head the same five or six times. She did not release me until she was sure she had received all my cream then she tenderly cleaned my dick with her tongue while it was held softly in her mouth.

She finally released my dick then slid her breasts up my body and tilted her head up towards me and opened her mouth. All evidence of my barrage of cum was still in her mouth. She looked into my eyes for confirmation — I said to her, “Good girl” and she swallowed it all then smiled broadly and tucked her head against my chest.

I turned off the shower then pulled her out and began to dry her off. She liked when I spent time on her breasts and nipples and especially when I dried up her legs patting her pussy and ass. I gave her ass a quick slap then told her to dry me. She took the other plush hotel towel and spent her time drying all the parts of my body. When she finished my legs she lifted my full dick and gently licked and kissed the head. “Come with me,” I told her and walked towards the suite table. I turned one of the chairs to face the door to the room and told her to sit.

She sat down and quickly spread her legs wide to either side of the chair legs. I untied her flaming red hair then walking into the bathroom I returned with her hair brush and the hotel hand cream bottle. I brushed her long red hair till it was smooth. “Put both your arms behind the chair and clasp the end of your hair in your hands,” I told her. When she did that I told her she was to stay like that no matter what happened next — sure enough the door to her room buzzed. Walking naked to the door I opened it.

Anne and Kent stood at the door with our room service meal. Kent’s eyes went directly to the body of the naked redhead. His eyes devoured her breasts then drifting down and tried to memorize her spread wide pussy. As I indicated my dick stays full hanging down between my legs and Anne’s eyes centered on my crotch then she began to blush. I told them to set our diner on the table. Kent had to walk closely by the redhead and continued to drink in her body. When they were all done setting up I asked them to stand at the front of the table while I paid the bill.