Doctor, I Got a Problem

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I am a clinical sexologist and I work for an hospital in Rome (Italy).

I decided to write this story after the “particular visit” I had few weeks ago. It’s something which cannot be a subject of discussion with other collegues of mine but definitely I believe the readers of this site will understand me.

The visit

I’ve been taking few surveys about sexuality and third age, but this is the first time I am part of one of them!

This elderly lady arrived in my study with an appointment and, on the summary wrote down by my assistant, it said for “personal consultation”… nothing more. I made her sit on the chair in front of my desk and I asked her general questions regarding personal details and health status.

She was 78 years old, widowed since ten years after a 28 years marriage, married at 40 because she was taking care of her old parents until they died, no children, using a walking tutor after two hip replacement operations and in general good health, apart from some blood pressure problems and senile arthritis.

When I asked the reason of her appointment, she lowered the eyes mumbling something about “questions on sexuality”. Her wrinkled face looked like a mixture of embarassment and fear while the knuckles of her hands went white for the strength she was clasping the cane.

I explained that my role was exactly to help her on this matter and there was no reason to be worried. Therefore, I helped her to move on my consultation sofa and I sat on the armchair in front of it. I offered to the old lady something to drink which she refused and then I explained her the importance to be open on this subject, the silence allows misconceptions to flourish, including the widespread assumption that seniors should be asexual.

The best procedure is to make them talk about something less specific and move later to the specific point, in this case the starting conversation was about her marriage.

The Conversation

The marriage of the old woman had been like millions of other ones. The husband was 8 years older than her and they have known each other because they were living in the same apartments block. After the death of her parents, he had given his support in the period following these sorrowful moments. They became close friends and this led to affection and love later on. He had been an active and jolly fellow until the last years when heart dysfunctions had made him miserable and weak.

I asked about their sexual life and she answered, quite comfortably as a matter of fact, that it had been normal and periodical for the first years, slowing down subsequently and completely absent when her husband got sick.

I reckoned it was time to go back to the point and I asked her again the reason of the consultation.

It took some moments but then she felt enough confident to explain me the problem.

Since the husband’s illness she had not had any sexual relationship. After her companion’s death, there had been few occasions when men had approached her but she had declined the offers initially for a sense of respect toward the memory of the dead husband and later, after turned 70, she started to feel wrong when thinking about sex (“a horny old broad” as she defined herself). In the meanwhile, sexual unsatisfacted desire was still present and the idea of some sort of disorder grew in her mind. This was the reason why the elderly woman had come to me, seeking for help to vanish this urge.

The explanation

My aim was to explain her that there is no age limit on sexuality and sexual activity. Reports show that the majority of men and women between the ages of 60 and 80 are still enthusiastic about sex and intimacy. Therefore, there was nothing wrong in feeling such desire, actually other reports tell that sexual activities combined with a right diet and physical exercises help to slow down the aging process.

I told her to don’t feel ashamed or worried about those feelings but actually leave the door open for a possible partner and, when the sexual desire is sakarya escort showing up, practice eventually some self-loving to ease the pressure and please her body.

The suggestion

At these words, the old woman opened wide her eyes behind the glasses. She had never masturbate in her entire life due to the teachings received during her youth. It was quite common, especially in the catholic culture, for the parents to teach at the children that masturbation was unnatural and forbidden by the Church.

Here I had to lecture again on misconceptions and wrong assumptions regarding masturbation.

At the end of my speech she looked quite convinced but still she didn’t have any idea about how give pleasure to herself.

I went back to my desk in order to write down some titles of books on the subject of the auto stimulation but the elderly lady told me that her eyesight wasn’t good anymore (I forgot to mention her cataract surgery) and read was almost impossible. Therefore, she was asking me to explain her the theory as I was the only one she could trust.

Here I started another lecture, this time on a more delicate matter, trying to use easy and not too crude words. I went through clitoris, pubococcygeus muscle (even known as PC muscle), urethral sponge/female prostat and g-spots, giving her some tips on where she should stimulate her vagina to reach an orgasm.

The old lady was still skeptical and I explained her to start from an external stimulation in the area of the clitoris to move later inside the vagina using her own fingers or a dildo.

The experiment

I should had imagined she had never heard about dildos before. I went on an explanation of stimulators and vibrators, making clear it was safe and healthy, and telling her that it was possible to buy them by post or in “specialized” shops.

As soon as I said it, I realized how difficult could be for an octogenarian the purchase of such instrument, even in the third millennium society does not accept easily the imagine of old folks and sexuality.

In my job happens sometimes to receive sample products from salesmen or when you take part in some convention. During one of these, I had gotten a vaginal excerciser designed by an american sexologist. It is a 6 inches long stainless steel instrument, with balls of different diameter along its length, designed to stimulate the PC muscle through its insertion in the vagina.

I went to the glass cupboard and I took the box containing the instrument, I brought it to my old client explaining its function and offering her to try it at home; if she was finding it useful, I would buy one for her later from the producer.

Doubtfully she thanked me but the problem was her inexperience with that kind of tools, she didn’t know how to use it properly.

Due to my specialization, I am accustomed to the most weird requests and situations but this was something I’d never heard before.

The matronly woman was asking to try the exerciser there in my study, under my supervision, in order to understand properly its usage!

I was speechless for few seconds, even with all my experience this was really something incredible. I tried to explain her the unfeasibility of the experiment, a medical study is not the right place for such an intimate situation and there was not a way for me to be there and not watching her.

Very old folks can be so naive about certain things but they can be very practical about others. There is a folding screen in my room, it is where people get undressed before physical examination. The old lady suggested to move it in front of the sofa, so she could stay behind the screen experimenting and I could be on the other side, giving her the proper pieces of information.

Still concerned about the awkward request, I was not able to find something to refute the suggested method, therefore I granted her an attempt.

I moved the folding screen in front of the sofa, then I handed her the vaginal excerciser and a tube sakarya escort bayan of water-based lubricant before to return to sit on the armchair where the view of the couch was screened.

The test

Rustlings coming from behind the screen informed me that she was undressing. I instructed her to lie down on the sofa and bend the knees, keeping both the feet on the floor as the tool’s instructions were suggesting.

She confirmed the acquired position with trembling voice and I told her to put some lubricant jelly on one hand and apply it on the genital parts includind the clitoris.

It was so weird to teach an interactive masturbation course in that way, especially to such a inexperienced senior.

As soon as I received the confirmation of the achieved operation, I instructed the old woman to lubricate the dildo and place the extremity with the smaller ball just at the vaginal opening.

During all these phases there was a deep silence on the other side of the screen but, every time I wonder if there was something wrong, she communicated the completion of the instruction.

Now the toughest part was coming, telling the elderly lady to relax the vaginal muscles and insert the instrument an inch in the vagina. There was a longer pause and I asked her if everything was OK or if she wanted to stop at this point. She expressed the intention to proceed just at a slower pace. I left her alone, waiting for the authorization to go on ahead which eventually arrived. The next phase was to continue slowly the insertion until the full penetration should had been achieved.

The good course of the process was confirmed by her some time later and I told the old lady to use one hand for clitoral stimulation which, combined with a slow movement of the tool back and forth inside the vagina, was supposed to arouse the sexual excitement.

Politely I respected her intimacy and I waited patiently for few minutes. Sometime later I asked her how things were going. The old woman sounded weird, she was puzzling about the missing feeling of excitement, maybe she was doing something incorrectly and she asked for my suggestions. She was doing exactly what I told her, I gave her some additional hints but everything was vain.

I suggested her to repeat the procedure at home in the following days, that was the confirmation of my douts about the inadequacy of a medical consulting room for such an intimate procedure.

The octogenarial replied that was something wrong in the way she was doing it and she begged me to go there in order to check what was incorrect.

Reluctantly I got up and I went past the folding screen, I was resolute to dismiss this ridiculous situation as soon as possible.

The help

Obviously she had not moved from the first position I explained her.

The 78 years old woman was stretched on the sofa with a pillow under her back. She was just wearing a corset, covering a small bosom and probably a flaccid belly, with the band passing under the crotch unbuckled. Her legs were bony and skinny, clad in brown stockings still clasped to the suspenders of the corset, and she was still wearing the low heel shoes.

The dildo was poking out of the vagina for more than half of its length, one hand of the granny was holding it while the other was resting against the sparse hair covering her Venus’ mount.

Her worried eyes were seeking my help, somehow I had put her in that situation and now it was my duty to take her out of it.

I sat on the couch and I asked why she did not insert deeply the tool. My old client said it was painful and I explained that old women have lower levels of the hormone estrogen, which in turn decreases vaginal lubrication and elasticity. In many cases, dryness can be relieved by something as simple as using a water-based lubricant, which should make easier the insertion of the partner’s penis during sexual intercourses or of a dildo like the one she was using.

I asked her to remove the instrument escort sakarya and lubricate it again while I was putting on some rubber examination gloves. She passed me the vaginal exerciser and I inserted it back with tactfulness using one hand to keep her vagina wide open. In this way the dildo was going a lot deeper and I advised her to tell me when it was reaching the cervix.

She nodded and closed the eyes looking more relaxed. Inch after inch, the tool entered, at least, for three quarters before the old lady declared it was arrived at the end. At this point I requested her to show me how she was doing the stimulation of the clitoris and, as I had imagined, I verified that she was making it in the wrong place. Therefore I grabbed her old frail hand and I moved the finger on the right spot, this woman had never experimented with her body before.

As soon as the index started to rub the clitoris in the right way, she released a sigh of enjoyment. As I said bebore, I’ve been in some weird situations for my job but I have to admit that, watching this old wrinkled octogenarian, wearing nothing but a corset and a pair of stockings, fingering her clitoris while my hand was holding a dildo in her aged pussy, was arousing and giving me an hard-on.

I angled up the instrument, pressing it on the ceiling of the vagina and stimulating the g-spot of the female prostate. The elderly woman moaned with pleasure and released abruptly a short flow of urine without even notice it. Keeping the same angle, I started to move the dildo back and forth inside the vagina while my eyes were locked on her old body and my cock was throbbing in the underwear.

The situation was so weird, an old lady moaning with pleasure while fingering her clitoris and an horny sexologist using a dildo on her while his penis was asking for some action. By this time I was out of control, I grabbed her free hand and I put it on the bulging front of my trousers. She slightly opened the eyes to watch me, definitely my facial expression was not anymore a professional one. The matron closed her arthritic fingers on my hard cock and I could not stop a groan. Still riding the dildo in her pussy, I unbuttoned my trousers and somehow I managed to lower my underwear, allowing the bony and aged brown spotted hand of hers to grasp my full grown cock.

At this point, I moved my free hand to her breasts where I caressed them for a while through the fabric on the corset. She kept massaging her clitoris with one hand and my penis with the other one, meanwhile I have slipped in the cup of her bra and I was tickling the small nipples of her saggy tits.

The rest came naturally. I kneeled between her legs and I slipped the dildo out of her vagina, I got close to the edge of the sofa where she was lying on her back with the feet still on the floor and I placed my penis just at the opening of her old pussy. The 78 years old lady demonstrated to have learned the lesson, she relaxed the vaginal muscles and I entered, inch by inch, up to the cervix where I rested motionless for a while. Next I grabbed her stockinged knees and I begun to pump her, thrusting my overheated penis well inside her cunt.

Due to the previous treatment, she reached the orgasm quite quickly emitting an extensive groan keeping the eyes closed and the lips sealed.

For me it took a little bit longer and she did not dislike my continuation, the old lady was now watching me with a smile while I was sweating and riding her aged pussy.

As soon as I felt the spasm of the approaching orgasm, I got out her vagina to ejaculate on the corset and the hair of her old pussy.

The conclusion

I don’t remember exactly how it finished. I guess I rested for a while on the sofa while my decrepit lover kept caressing my chest and my crotch.

Maybe she planned all this before or maybe it was a pleasant surprise for both of us but definitely this was the practical confirmation of the words of a collegues of mine: “There is no age limit on sexuality and sexual activity. While the frequency or ability to perform sexually will generally decline modestly as seniors experience the normal physiological changes that accompany aging, reports show that the majority of men and women between the ages of 60 and 80 are still enthusiastic about sex and intimacy”

Too bad I cannot tell him that he was right!