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Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 193 While the Doctor’s evil, he says if you don’t donate to Nifty, he’ll remain that way …forever! DONATE, Doctor declares! https://donate./donate.html DOCTOR WHO 193 HAPPY ENDINGS: THE BATTLEFIELD WITH DOORS (sequel to THE ROOM WITH NO DOORS) Part four: THE BOI TOY AOI Aoi looked around for a leftover of coverings and found some rag to put over his dick. The Doctor moaned for a long time and laid in the same spot, even as Aoi moved to his feet. “It’s over,” Aoi finally told Jeremy and Jesse who ran to the naked Doctor. Kadu gathered the Doctor’s clothes and brought them, too. A low voice came from the Doctor. “Oh, no, Aoi, it’s far from over…” the Doctor, with his back to them, rose up, his muscular back all they could see along with his chiseled glutes, and thick leg muscles. He turned. His eyes were red with glowing power, which made Aoi and Kadu jump back. Jeremy and Jesse held their ground but slightly clung to each other as they saw the Doctor step toward them, deliberately menacing and for effect. “It is just beginning my love. I am the Doctor. I am the Ship. With the energy of my DNA from two humans…my two loves…nothing will be but me…I am the Doctor. I am and will be in EVERYTHING!” Aoi, Kadu, Jesse and Jeremy screamed, “NOOOOOOO!” The Doctor laughed with a long evil laugh that Jesse and Jeremy believed was more akin to the Master than the Doctor. A sort of old fashioned evil doer laugh along the lines of “Mwaha Ha!” Jeremy says, “If Time Lord DNA…” “I have the same idea!” Jesse gasped. Jeremy nodded. Jesse and Jeremy rushed at the Doctor. Incredulous, both Aoi and Kado watched as the Doctor floored both boys onto the grass without even touching them. A power came from what seemed to be his aura and the two boys fell. Jesse fell one way and onto his back, stunned. Jeremy fell onto his front and struggled, almost at once to get back up. Both found themselves imbibed with sexual energy, hard as hell, and pre cumming. Jeremy was about to push himself up and off the ground. “Does it think giving us sexual energy will stop us?” “And now…” The Doctor looked at the monk Kado. “I will see fit to do as I should have done a long, long time ago and a long, long time from now…order this universe and the one after it and the one after that and the ones before this one and the ones alongside this one…order it to my specifications!” “Time Lord Victorious?” Kado asked. “Oh no,” the Doctor took a step toward Kado. “Much more than that. That puny thing…I shall start with giving you, my dear monk, the gift of future lives…” Kado nodded, “NO!” He fell to his knees. “…for protecting myself…” “You are the device!” Kado refused to look into the Doctor’s glowing eyes. “Yes, I am…” Aoi’s eyes widened, behind the Doctor, so insignificant to him now that he was forgotten. He looked afraid. “…but I am so much more, Kado, my dear monk of monks. I shall be that and the Doctor, every living being and some that are not, shall behave. Shall be as I want them to be. There shall be peace. My peace!” Kado knew the answer before he spouted out the question, “How will you do that, my Lord. My Time Lord?” he quivered at the answer. “I shall impose my will on EVERYONE!” The TARDIS slowly vanished. “You shall be opposed!” Kado still did not look up but had his head bowed. “NO!” The Doctor lost control as Jesse and Jeremy moaned in recovery. He pointed at Kado. “No! Not more lives. I will take your life! Your one life. Puny humans! Do you know how fragile you are? You have one life…” “You are wrong, my lord. We have many incarnations but not the way you Time Lords do here. We have them in a different way!” “Better?” The Doctor whined and his voice sounded like the Fifth Doctor for a moment. “More superior?” He asked as the Tom Baker Doctor voice. He laughed as the Colin Baker Doctor would. “You pretend!” Kadu ranted. “No, sir. We reincarnate on a superior level in the afterlife. Your kind must go through that in the flesh time. The inferior time. It is your gift. It is your curse. Only then when you die the real death, whatever incarnation you are in can you achieve…” “STOP RIGHT THERE!” The David Tennant Doctor voice yelled as he pointed at Kado. “Now,” he took out the Sonic Screwdriver and pointed it at him with his other hand, a right hand pointing a finger and the left hand pointing the Sonic at the monk. “Do you know what it is to feel pain!? Real pain?! You shall!” Jeremy shook his head and looked up from trying to get off all fours. “Doctor, stop it!” The Doctor ignored him. “I shall now kill you!” Jesse managed to stand up. “Doctor! This isn’t you! Fight it! You’re not like this!” The Doctor turned his head only and snarled. At Jesse. Jesse took a few steps back, intimidated. “OH!” The Doctor turned and pointed the sonic screwdriver at Jesse. “I didn’t know you wanted to get in on the discussion Mr. Helper.” “I…” Jeremy shook his head. He tried to clear it. It may have been sexual energy but negative sexual energy and he was still floored on his belly which was getting a nose dive of his own dick up it. Still, he was worried for his lover. “Jesse!” “Doctor, I…I…I…” “Three I’s in one sentence, young lady, makes you a very egotistical young girl, sissy. You can’t even fight. I bet you don’t even know what a Piri is!” He came at Jesse. Kado’s face fell down into the sand. He was on his face. Aoi watched, horrified as the Doctor came at Jesse, first fast, then slow. Jesse stood, transfixed. The Doctor’s eyes widened. He seemed to be trying to hypnotize Jesse. It looked as if it were working. It was working. “I am your Master and you shall obey me,” the Roger Delgado voice came out of the Doctor’s mouth. “Do you have ANY…” on the word “any” the Doctor laughed like the Anthony Ainley Master and continued, “idea what I’m going to do to you…it will take hours…HOURS! Time means nothing to me but it will to you…and these other three…first you, my love, I single out YOU singer…pop star…pop this into you…” “Jesse, remember how we got free of the Valeyard and the Master…” Jesse blinked. “Those fools,” the Doctor said. He snarled at Jeremy, turned his head from Jesse. Jesse blinked again. “One of them was you so you’re, in a sense calling yourself a fool.” The Doctor turned his pointing from Jeremy back to Jesse. He put the screwdriver to Jesse’s cheek. Jesse blinked. “Admit it! Admit you are afeared of me, my love! ME!?” “Okay, okay,” Jesse shut his eyes as his cheek was invaded. The Doctor put the screwdriver on Jesse’s stomach under the gi he was almost wearing, skin showing everywhere so that he might not as well have been wearing it. The Doctor somehow had his own jacket and clothes back on instead of the gi he had been wearing. He walked away from Jesse. “Doctor, fight it!” Jeremy said. The Doctor moved over to him and put a foot on Jeremy’s back and pressed. Jeremy squirmed in pain. Gasped. “Doctor, fight it? Doctor, fight it?” The Doctor mocked. Jeremy repeated it. “Can’t breathe…gonna die…” “Jeremy!” Jesse yelled and tried to move. “My feet are stuck!” The Doctor laughed. “Doctor, stop it!” Aoi yelled, “Stop it!” “You shall remain quiet or I shall kill these two blond, blind blinking bimbos…” The David Tennant voice spoke again, “Oi, that’s good, that is, alliteration to the max…” then the voice of the Chris E Doctor, “Fantastic! You’re all so gorgeous. Cept you,” the Doctor nodded to the monk, and in the younger Jeremy Sumpter Peter Pan voice said, “Cause you’re too…old…if I were you, I’d be ugly.” “Doctor!” Jesse yelled, “You’re killing him!” “That is, my loves, the idea!” The Doctor laughed like William Hartnell. “And a gentle man to boot!” He kicked Jeremy’s side, lifting his foot off the back. “OWWW!” Jeremy felt his body bounce back fast and wondered if that had to do with the TARDIS and his connection to it, the Doctor’s own DNA inside his, or both. No matter, Jeremy began to breathe better. The Troughton Doctor voice, “That is the sexual air supply. Soon to be cut off…mind the steps to your death!” “Doctor, you can come back to us!” Jesse said and started to move his fingers on his right hand. The Doctor eyed him and turned to him again. His eyes seemed to stop glowing. He slowly moved toward him. “Do you have any idea what I’m going to make you feel?” “You make me feel a lot of things all the time,” Jesse murmured. “You. Oh, you, that’s good, that’s very good,” The Matt Smith Doctor flopped his hands around. Then the Doctor pointed the sonic at Jesse’s face again. “I’m going to make the …I’m going to …reverse the pattern of your neutron flow in every cell of your body…do you know how that is going to make you feel? How agonizing it will be to transform into something not human…to have your very cells reversed?” The Doctor smirked an evil smirk. “And I’m going to do it to you! You, first. You who think a quick quip or a judicious joke is the right time for everything or that it’s right to make such jokes and comments all the time to stop things flat. You’re flat…” Jesse was truly offended. “No, I’m…No, I’m not. I’m anything but. I have a great body.” Jesse tried not to look at Jeremy, who was managing to stand on all his legs again by pushing off the ground with his hands. “First you four. Then, the Earth but maybe first…hey, where is…” he turned. “Doctor, the TARDIS is…it’s gone!” He sounded like Romana 1, the Mary Tamm Romana. “That dog,” The Tom Baker Doctor sounded off. “Bad dog,” he sounded like Anthony Head. “Brother Lassar, that lazy good for nothing, thought he could kill my dog. Make me regenerate, that Finch! Killing the stupid tin dog …That’s my job. When I get him back here, I’m going to strip him of his ability to fly the TARDIS!” Jesse gasped. “No, we need him to do that. Might as well give him no ability to drive Bessie, while you’re at it.” The Doctor put the sonic under Jesse’s chin and raised it. “What a great idea, right before I melt him down!” Jeremy murmured, “Jesse, don’t give him any more ideas!” The Doctor turned. “Oh ahh, on your feet, aye? Good. How do you feel? No, don’t tell me. We’ve got other problems. Let me see, the Daleks…” he laughed, “I shall utterly wipe them out from time itself. No problem there. Cybermen, pfffstts, gone. And any Time Lord…no, every Time Lord that opposes me, I shall do the same, no more of that, no more of them. I can do it, too. I’ve done it before. They think I reversed that but that whole Day of the Doctor thing was a lie. THAT never happened. I care not for any of them. Romana. The Monk fellow…” He turned to the shivering Kado, “Oh, not you, you’ll die before him and easier but harder if you see what I mean, he’s harder to kill but you will die hard, probably hard for the first time in your life…” “Doctor, stop it!” Jeremy strode at the Doctor but stopped as the Doctor matched his stride foot for foot, mocking him. He had the screwdriver still pointed at Jesse’s face, dead center. “Doctor, stop it!” “I will. The Monk will die, as will Susan, Alex, the Master, Roman, Rodan, Omega, Borusa, Rassalon, what a wimp he was in every incarnation. Can you imagine, looking like James Bond? I mean even Bruce Lee over there can’t imagine making yourself look like the greatest Time…spy in the history of the UK. The UK? The Soviet Union! Canada! Germany. What a bunch of moral superiority complexes they have. Think they’re better than any other country. What pompous shits they are. Australlllllllliaaa. New Zealand. I shall make them fall to their knees and admit who is moral. MEEEEE!” “Doctor, you are not in your right mind!” Jesse gasped. “I am in my only right mind for the first time in ever…” The Doctor kept his eye on Jeremy while speaking to Jesse. “I don’t care if my family dies in the process of stopping the Time Lords but biggest pomps are in France…what a bunch. Unbury the Americans that fought to free them from the Nazis they wimply surrendered to? HA! I’ll teach them. That Tower will fall all the more. Gallifrey, all the Gallifreys, will fall. All the Skaros, too. I shall utterly kill the Black Guardian and the White Guardian, pompous bird loving wimps. I’ll sonic their black hearts from their chests or wherever their hearts reside.” He turned to Jesse and whispered, “That is if they have them.” He laughed like Hartnell again and cleared his throat like Troughton. “My family. I care nothing for any of them. They will, with all the other Time Lords and boring people of Gallifrey DIE!” “That’s not true!” Jeremy said. “You love your family. Deep down you love all Time Lords.” The Doctor looked skyward and laughed. “Oh, you are funnier than the former singer over there. And that stupid old lady who killed herself for me to make me see Time Lord Victorious was wrong. What a dopey old negative jerk off she was. But you, former singer that you are…” Jesse said, “I’m not a former…” He started to feel inadequate and thought it has something to do with the Doctor’s talk or his connection to the Doctor…which now included this alien device. This thing. “Form her! You’re a gurl! NO, you’re a girl!” He felt his Adam’s apple. “I’m not a gurl, thank the Time Lords. Too much emphasis on turning all my heroes into girls these days. I mean I don’t mind when I’m effete…but…enough is enough when they turn Starbuck and Higgins into girls!” The Doctor took out another sonic and pointed it at him and the other at Jeremy. “Now, where was I, Jo?” Pertwee’s voice issued forth. “Ahh, yes, reversing the polarity of the neutron flows…in both your bodies!” “You can’t do that.” Jesse smiled. “The Sonic is NOT a weapon.” “Tell that to the guy who made it so.” Jesse shrugged. “Who?” “No, not that stupid, bald Picard guy. A dope called…well, he wasn’t such a dope, he made this. A small attachment to the sonic screwdriver that makes it a weapon. What was that twat’s name? Moffat something or other. That’s it, Moffat. He made the sonic a weapon like a gun…” the Doctor pointed it at Jesse, moving closer to him but further from Jeremy. Jeremy looked at the monk and knew that the old man could not help them now at all. He saw Aoi behind the Doctor, who faced Jesse. The Samurai youth was slowly crawling on all fours toward the Doctor. Jeremy shook his head NO. “Across …I am a Guardian of the heavens! I have two hearts! A 60 degree body temperature!” Jeremy joked. “Aw cum on, you’re hotter than that!” “Shut up! Time Lord Victorious! HA!! I’m Time Lord Conqueror! All will bow down before me. I won’t have to ask them to attend carefully! They will attend or never be born!” “You’re just a liar now. The Doctor SOMETIMES lies but only when he’s being taken over. This is not you. You’re not our Master. You ARE our Doctor!” Jeremy spat out. The Doctor snarled. Jeremy smiled. “I hate you!” Jeremy stopped smiling. “Yes, it’s true. I hate you! But I love him and him and not that old monk though. I feel nothing for that old fart at all but you… I hate you, Peter Pan, though! I hate Jeremy. Always have. Love Jesse. Love Aoi. Love Theon and Grayson, too.” “At least you love someone!” Jeremy snarled back. “Pity I have to kill them. I think I’ll tat Theon up with a sonic knife, pull Grayson’s dick out by the root until I unwind his intestines…as for you…the one I hate the most…Jeremy Sumpter, you will die slowly and viciously even more than they!” Jesse yelled. “Doctor, you don’t mean anything you’re saying!” “Do ever shut up?” Jeremy asked. “I mean I really need for you to shut up!” “Whad the fuck was I saying before that tall, has been actor rudely interrupted me…I hate him so much, Jesse. But I love you but I have to still kill you. I’ll make you last an hour less than him, how about that.” Jeremy gulped. All his bravado began to leave. Jesse had tears coming down. The Doctor ignored Jesse. “I have over 513 lives…or was it 17, 513? Lost track! 138? 21,038? Does it matter? I will go on forever, after you die there’ll be more Doctors without a name. Doctors they will call Who or Von Wer…or Mister X…where was I? Oh dear, this is getting monotonous!” “I’ll say you big fat bore!” Jeremy snapped. “If you’re going to kill us get on with it, why don’t you? YOU can’t. That’s why we’re subjected to listening to your crap. By the way speaking of hate, I hate your incessant chatter about all your supposed conquests…name dropping. You ain’t done half the shit you say you do and you’re the twat…you won’t do ANY of the crimes you say you’re going to. You moral Time Lord NON Victorious. That’s you! Non victorious. More like Victoria from…” He clicked his fingers, “Jesse, what was that show?” “Victorious?” “Yeah, that one. You’re weaker than she is.” The thing in the Doctor controlled the rage it felt…he felt and its face went from one of pure hate and malice to an understanding of what Jeremy was trying to do. Still, its brow indicated it felt malice and it narrowed the Doctor’s eyes. “You can’t even save Adric. One boy. You had to let others do it, you ineffective, cowardly half human…” Jeremy blinked with rage subsiding. Jesse bit his own lip. He was on his knees. The Doctor controlled his rage. “How dare you mention…?” He moved slowly over to Jesse and put his right hand on Jesse’s right shoulder. Jesse dare not look up but looked at Jeremy and started to cry some more. “Put a bit of pressure here and he’ll get one helluva Vulcan death pinch…” “Oh, you would be conqueror of worlds, you’re going to start with one wimpy blond boy that can’t even beat up one person let alone an army LIKE ME! C’mon, you old faggit!” Jeremy goaded the Doctor. “Jeremy…” Jesse said. He then looked up at the Doctor, who left him. He then felt his shoulder. “Ow…” The Doctor moved toward Jeremy. “Oh, you ain’t seen conquests yet but you will. Duel Draconians and win, kill Krotons, and slay Zygons. I shall defeat them all and wipe them from time. Killing all who are evil. AND I can kill you. You especially. Think that your teaching by Bruce Lee or Caine, those sissies…can help you or even help me? What a waste of time and time travel.” Jeremy was stung but tried not to let it show. “Then go ahead, you fucker, kill me, kill me first and kill me now, lying sack of shit!” “I can but anyway a new body is like a new house, takes a little bit of time to settle in, once I do, though the killing and the new order will begin!” “How has this happened? I thought…?” Jesse asked. Tears entered his mouth. “I have the ability to regenerate himself. Myself,” he corrected, “Totally replacing my mind and my booty…body. And what a body,” he felt himself up and under his shirt. “My stolen vehicle, stolen by a dog, how undignified, is the TARDIS, a time machine, my dear chink a dink,” he looked at Aoi who froze on all fours, sneaking up on the Doctor from behind. “Don’t call him that!” Jeremy yelled. “Did you know I can travel in time and space? I have to melt down that dog. Maybe I’ll melt down Jesse, too, while I’m at it in the Eyes of Harmony. It can blend itself into any environment…” He took out some machinery from his pockets with his free hand, putting down both sonics. “That’ll blend Jesse into the machinery…give the TARDIS his voice.” Jeremy looked. What was he doing? He moved around in a circle, toward Jesse, eyeing the Doctor. “I’ll get it back from that tin dog. Just have to build what I should have built decades ago…a TARDIS recall magnet device…” The Doctor sat down cross legged and started building a device. He was murmuring, “Across continents. Across generations. Across time. I will be there. I will be in charge. No more strife, no more division. No more Russia. No more war!” In the TARDIS, his antenna attached to the console, K9 talked to it. “Search parameters narrowed. Psychic ability in 1500s larger than expected. Narrow to alien telepathic traces. Avian DNA patterns clustered, entered data, and noted.” As the Doctor sweated, his brow wet, his arm pits wet, and his chest caking sweat, he talked out loud…to himself mostly. “We have the power to do anything we like.” “Did you hear that, Jesse?” Jeremy put his head next Jesse’s. “He said we, I think it means the Doctor’s in there fighting this thing?” “Or he’s just referring to his other selves, trapped in his head, remember?” “Either way he’s planning something.” “Maybe he’ll just say out loud what he’s planning.” Jesse suggested and then looked at Jeremy, who stared at him. “It’s a Time Lord thing. They all do it. Doncha remember? Omega, the Master, all of them, awful chap of them, Borusa, that Rani, male or female…tell us all we need to know…” “We should be so lucky!” “No, I shall have…I do have the power to do anything I like. Absolute power over every particle in the universe. Everything that bursa yabancı escort has ever existed or ever will exist. As from this moment are you listening to me, Roman?” “Yes, of course I’m listening.” Jesse pretended and shrugged. Jeremy looked confused. “Because if you’re not listening I can make you listen,” he jumped up, wide eyed and moved at them both, palming their chins, they are not move. He went on a hoarse rant, “… because I can do anything. He rolled his eyes back like a maniac. “ANYTHING! As from this moment there’s no such thing as free will in the entire universe. There’s only my will, because I WILL GO AND GET AND possess the Key to Time!” Jesse pondered. “Well, that was easy,” he tilted his head. The Doctor nodded at them, pointed at them, “I shall kill you both next but first…” He sat back down to continue building his TARDIS recall. Jesse whispered to Jeremy. “Is the Doctor building that or is the device building the device?” He realized what he just asked, “I’m talking nonsense…” “We have to stop him.” “How?” “Same idea.” Jeremy put his hands on Jesse’s shoulders. “You game?” “Always.” “It could mean…either we get possessed or…” Jesse finished, “Or die…” “I was going to say or we exorcise that immoral shit from the Doctor forever and free those trapped souls…but I’ll go with that.” “Go with…? I hope…I certainly hope not…when do we make our move?” Jesse asked. “Now, while he’s quiet…” “I’m never quiet!” The Doctor somehow rose up on his feet, turned around and had his eyes glowing again, all in one move. He confronted both boys. They were wide eyed. “We’re not afraid of you!” “We’re willing to give our lives to free you,” Jeremy added. “Or die in the attempt!” The Doctor laughed, “Two tiny midgets trying to attack whole worlds of giants…” he patted his own chest, “In here…I am a giant compared to you puny Earthlings. There is no resistance. Oh, I always wanted to say this next bit,” the Peter Capaldi voice said, “Resistance is futile!” “Fuck you!” Jesse said, and undid his clothing, dropping his gi. He was totally naked now. He had on thin red ropes that were around his shoulders, his ribs, his abs, and even his legs near his testicles leaving his navel open in a huge semi triangular shape. “Take that off!” Jeremy scolded. “Yes sirrrrr,” Jesse did but had some trouble. Jeremy held the bridge of his nose and then his forehead and shook his head. He looked sad but then smiled as Jesse bowed his head to try to get the rope around his neck and shoulders off. Jeremy laughed and helped him get it off. Both their cocks were expanding from this and leaking. “Rape you!” The Doctor spat. “Not again,” Jeremy murmured. K9 was in the open doorway of the TARDIS. A being was near it. “Need your assistance. Urgent.” K9 noted the being had no resistance to giving of itself…and it might mean its life. Jesse nodded to Jeremy who had stripped, too. They began to jerk each other, standing side by side. The Doctor, for the first time since the possession, looked worried, suddenly. “What? What are you doing?” “Giving you what you need. Time Lord DNA. We have some of it!” “NO, you don’t! He lied!” “Doctor,” Jesse raised an eyebrow. “If that is you why are you using the pronoun HE? Shouldn’t you be using first person?” The Doctor’s worried look turned to rage again. “You are too wise for your own good, you blond…” “I thought I was a bimbo?” “Vallery Irons, that’s what you are.” “Thank you!” The Doctor Thing raged and screamed and eyes glowing, grew claws and rushed at the two boys. He screeched, “Geronimo!” Jeremy stepped in front of Jesse and rushed right at the Doctor, too. At the same time, from behind, Aoi rose up and wrapped his arms around the Doctor’s shoulders and tightened his grip so that he could clasp his own hands together over the Doctor’s now bare chest. Aoi also wrapped his legs around the Doctor’s hips. “GET OFFA ME, you stupid Asian boy!” Aoi had the Doctor’s arms under his own in a grip. With both arms straight out and hands flat, Jeremy pushed from the front. “Get him down, get him down!” Aoi threw himself backward and this made the Doctor roll back with him. Aoi found himself kneeling behind the Doctor, his dick moving up the Doctor’s crack between solid glutes. Matted down with his own pre cum and now sliding among the Time Lord sweat on the crack, growing harder and harder with each, the head of the cock heavier than the shaft which almost couldn’t support it. The shaft caught up to the head and expanded to an almost steel like constitution. The Doctor’s eyes rolled back as he felt the cock on the small at his lowest of spine just before his ass crack and then felt it slip down and get nuzzled between his glutes, wet on both sides and the top, slime covering his lower back and ass crack. Jesse grabbed the Doctor’s right hand as it reached in a pocket and took out the sonic screwdriver. Jesse twisted the arm and made him drop it. He held on with his left hand and grabbed it up with his right hand. Jesse looked at it and pointed it at the Doctor. “I think he had the setting…it might help drain that energy!” “I’ll drain all three of you! I’m a Time Lord. Stronger than Hercules! Samson! Delilah!” Jeremy moved over the Doctor’s body, jumping on him, making the Doctor almost lie flat. “I shall bite it off if you do that to me!” The Doctor yelled as Jeremy used Aoi’s struggle to advantage. “I think not!” Jeremy put his dick toward the Doctor’s mouth. A razor sharp set of teeth grew, white and yellow from both upper and lower gums. Jeremy shut his eyes. “It is not gonna happen!” He stuck his dick, leaning over the Doctor’s face and putting his hands behind the Doctor and Aoi to hold himself up. “Fuck. I heard of Cold Play but there’s no time for gentle Foreplay. Here I go in! I’m going in, boys! Fuck yeah!” As Jeremy fucked the Doctor’s mouth, Aoi fucked the Doctor from behind. Aoi moved himself up and as he did, still sticking the Doctor upward with his dick and in the Doctor’s throbbing, leaking hole, Jeremy stood up straighter with his dick continuing to pump away down the Doctor’s throat. The Doctor blinked and took it in. “MPFPAHFHAHMMM!” The discomfort turned to something else. It spread from the contact areas of all three of his friends. Yet somehow the thing spoke out of that mouth, from deep within. “Know what I’m going to do to that Brigadier? Turn him into a Cyberman! Oh, wait, too late!” He laughed out loud without moving his mouth. “Sarah Jane? I’m going shave off all her hair and give her to something out there called V’ger far beyond the Moonbase Alpha! As for Leela, I’m going to stick that knife so far up her…” “Doctor, don’t!” Jesse snapped. Aoi felt a rise and he was on edge but for the Doctor’s sake, burningly, held it in his balls and cock as long as he could before the popping release of rockets to the virtual moon. With a nervous smile, as he did so…and it took at least four minutes for all the shooting to subside, Aoi turned his smile into a sly one. He began a trail of heated kisses down the Doctor’s neck and back, bent as it was from Jeremy’s efforts in front. Aoi enjoyed every inch of the kissing. “Time Lord tastes good.” Jesse got behind Aoi and gently took his shoulders and removed him from the Doctor, Aoi’s dick going off all over the Doctor’s bare muscled back, shooting up so high that it hit Jeremy’s abs and covered them with a wash of boy juice. “Here, let me…” Aoi smiled and shut his eyes. “He needs your DNA, not mine.” “Not untrue but he welcomes yours, too.” He pointed, “Hey, they rhythms. So do I but later for that…” Jesse kissed Aoi’s mouth and tasted the Doctor’s back, for Aoi had been kissing the Doctor’s back. Aoi took a position in front and began to jerk the Doctor’s burgeoning penis. It expanded to double the size and grew twice as long. Aoi widened his eyes an increased his gyrations with his fist on the Doctor. At first, he just moved his fingers over the shaft and the head, teasing it. Then, he slid hand, fingers out, palm against and made sure to gesture this way on all sides of the Doctor’s dick. Jesse shut his eyes and put his head on the Doctor’s neck and then his right shoulder as he entered the hole made wet by Aoi. He slid in with sensations that amplified his sexual feelings, tingling through from penis to balls and up again and from there to his legs, both legs. And upward to hips, erogenous zones firing on all cylinders. Up to his belly, which fluttered. His dick found Time Lord prostate, if that is what that mass was. It felt good and the Doctor arched in his grip. Jesse held him firm. “I got you covered, Doctor. Literally. I got your back, literally. And I’ll have you covered in my cum in no time! I’m fucking you up Doctor!” “Get off me you second rate male substitute for Rose, my only real love! Get the fuck off me!” “The fuck is getting off in you! So fuck Rose, Doctor and fuck you, too!” Jesse rammed in. Jeremy slowly moved dick in and out in the back of the Doctor’s throat, without taking his dick fully out of the mouth. He moaned loudly as the pleasure was all his. Occasionally with a free hand, Aoi could rub Jeremy’s butt cheeks and balls, which swung down like pendulums. Aoi thought Jeremy gift with such a hang. Big testicles, swinging. A firm shaft. He had to reach up to do this and once he felt the need to finger inside the hole of Jeremy’s butt. When he got the Doctor off, he’d make sure to do more of this and then fuck Jeremy, too. Which he did. The thing in the Doctor said more comments as they continued the sex. “Know why a pig can’t be a sailor? Can’t look aloft, can they?” Jesse rolled his eyes behind the Doctor. Jeremy saw that. He wondered if it was the bad joke, the good sex feelings tingling up Jesse’s shaft, which somehow Jeremy also felt tingle from there to himself. Aoi seemed to feel it from the Doctor’s dick to his hand to up his arm to his chest. He hummed with sexual excitement. PyschoKinetic, the bird being, spread its wings. Energy came from it. “Should have done this in the past. Didn’t think it was needed. May take my life force.” K9 listened, almost coldly. He didn’t feel cold. He felt sorry. “This unit is sorry.” “Your sorrow is welcome but do not be. I gladly give of myself to save this planet I have come to love so much. I save this universe…it saves me. All the universes. I could not let it go this way because of a mistake I made.” The device snarled but then sounded sorry and afraid. “I do not want to die.” “You, like I, will have peace. And find love. This time you need my imprint of love. The imprint of revenge and hate sought you and you clung to it for no fault of your own or the boy Samurai but it was not good. Now, it is good for you and for I.” The device started to glow with a luminous, phosphorescent light. Another stronger line of light was outlining it, green, blue, red, white. “I want to live.” “You will but elsewhere.” “I don’t want to be alone.” “You shall not be. I am making the journey with you. We shall enter together.” Psychokinetic Bird hugged alien device. They both shined. K9 backed away into the TARDIS open doorway. He continued as the device and bird being both vanished with the lingering light a few second later than themselves. The TARDIS doors shut, seemingly by themselves. It took off. Jeremy gasped. “You have a strong moral stance on every issue.” His hard cock came out and rubbed down to the Doctor’s hard chest which added stimulant that excited and terrorized his continually throbbing, unsated cock. He moved to put it up to the Doctor’s mouth again. This time he noticed that the Doctor eagerly accepted and his eyes were not glowing. They seemed to return to normal. He moved his cock around the Doctor’s lips and that motion set him on edge but the thing that got him was the Doctor jabbed the underside of his cock with his Time Lord tongue. That sent over the edge and he moaned with the release of a drawn out pleasure! Jesse fucked him from behind and moved up his jerking in to a faster pace. “A moral code of justice and fair play. A uni…a multi universal code of justice and fair play…” “Play me like a piddle…a fiddle, dear boy!” the Doctor arched, shut his eyes, and jerked his head backward. As he went off, He took his dick out of the Doctor’s mouth area and Jeremy went off, jerked by Aoi, who went off, too, and at the same time, Jesse splattered the insides of the Doctor. All of them moaned and gasped and yelled. “Always hoping for the best!” Jesse. Collapsed under the Doctor. Dick retracting from tight Time Lord ring. Seeping. “Always wanting to see the good!” Aoi. He moved to the side and his legs tangled with the Doctor’s and his arms tangled with Jeremy, who fell onto his front. “Once you’ve been involved with the Doctor, some of the magic stays with you for the rest of your life.” Jeremy, struggling to remain on all fours but finally giving in to resting face down. When it was over, Aoi fell onto his back, shut his eyes and gagged. “Glass of water for Aoi!” The Doctor sat up around his stunned companions. Jesse puffed. “Oh, that’s funny. From Are You Being…” “No, really!” The Doctor jumped up. “Glass of water for Aoi!” He ran into the TARDIS where K9 backed away. “Oh, hullo, K9! Good to see you, you great boy!” “Master?” “Sorry must dash for some O two.” “Master.” K9 felt confident that this was the unpossessed Doctor. The Doctor raced out with the water and gave it to Aoi, who sat, up, his abs crunched. The Doctor couldn’t help but touch those abs. His eyes darted to and fro. “Okay, that’s a good sign. No errant energy in the pit of your hot ab…s…tomach. Stomach.” “Am I free, great one?” “Oh, don’t call me the Great One. Reminds of an insignificant one. A big lumbering Goliath like vampire. Know what happened to Goliath, huh?” Aoi shook his head NO. “He went down from a very faithful man’s blow.” “Bit like you.” Jeremy put a hand on Jesse’s back as he referred to the Doctor. They looked at each other, both huffing into recovery. “Then, now…” Jesse pointed. “The final blow was yours, Aoi.” Aoi smiled and touched his own chest. Jeremy whispered to Jesse, “He’s so fucking hot.” “I know. I don’t think he even knows it.” “The Doctor?” Jeremy asked. “Aoi himself. So innocent. But the Doctor knows. Look.” The Doctor was making out with Aoi, who was not resisting. They hugged, too. “WOW!” Jeremy gawked. “I’m so turned on right now.” “We can do sum cum thin about dat. Ready to go again? It makes me wanna,” Jesse told him. “I’m hungry…” Jeremy said. “Okay.” They started to go at it again with each other this time. Arms hugging, sitting on the ground. Jesse murmured, “Those armies could come back…Mmmm…” “I don’t care…” Jeremy kissed him, lips and arms wrapped. “You are the Great One…” Aoi murmured. “That spider Queen…I’m no queen…” The Doctor said as he kissed Aoi. “He still doesn’t know…” Jesse murmured as he smooched Jeremy. Jeremy half broke the kiss and laughed, Jesse’s mouth laughing into a half moon, too. Jeremy finished, “That he’s the biggest queen in the multi verse…” “Straight acting, straight seeming… look at em, ream Aoi…’s…oh that’s good, keep doing that, Jeremy…” “I am sorry I put you through that, Doctor. Lovely boys.” “It wasn’t you. You couldn’t help yourself, Aoi,” The Doctor had his hands on Aoi’s shoulders from behind. He turned him around. Before the Doctor could say more, he said, “I put you in peril…” Then he remembered the monk. “Kadu…are you?” The Doctor found the monk hunched down, face in lap. “Well now, that’s a very interesting position…reminds me of one of the prototypes we made for the TARDIS early warning system…or was it the distress call?” “You must have disconnected it because you’re always in distress,” Jesse broke from Jeremy’s mouth again. “What? Me? In distress? I’m never in…” Both boys raised their eyebrows. He put his hands up and out at them. “Okay, okay.” He moved to Kadu and put both hands under his arms and lifted. “Up you go.” “Doctor, you freed the boy?” “Yes and then my boys freed me. Go back to the monastery.” The Doctor said breathlessly. “You must go and tell the others…” Kadu bid them all goodbye. Jesse stood up to shake his hand. “Don’t worry about it ole boy,” he said totally naked. Jeremy looked around and shook the monk’s hand, too. He was naked, too. “Goodbye, Kadu. Tell we meet again…” The Doctor stated and shook his arm. Kadu wandered off. “Will he be all right?” Jeremy asked. “All right? He’ll be marvelous.” The Doctor touched his own chest and turned to them, eyes wide and raised eyebrows. “Once he gets over his culture shock.” “The TARDIS?” “No, seeing you two all over me.” Jesse put his arm around Aoi’s shoulders and breathed into his right ear. “Come with us.” “I already have. All three of you.” “No, he means do you wanna come with me?” The Doctor took Aoi’s hand. “That thing was colored yellow and it gave you peril,” Aoi said. “Not me?” “Best not to think about it, now, Aoi. “No.” “Okay.” “I can’t.” “No, that’s fine.” “No, but really. Everything we did today. Do you live your life like that?” “The sex?” “No, that was the good parts. The part after I was freed was mostly all good. The possession, the death stuff, the things you talked about…Dale Eeks and Cybers and blobs…I saw some of that in the thing’s mind…I saw The Arardjacks of Heiradi wh lived in a hollowed out huge subterranean city under their planet during the Twenty Aeon War. And you there…is it always blood?” “Not all the time. I don’t live in that all the time.” “I think you do. And I couldn’t.” “But I saw what you saw in the Kannon Avatar…the…the Caxarid slave trader Pod…that thing as you call it. It showed you what you would have taken over. So…I mean but you’ve seen it out there. It’s beautiful.” “And it’s terrible. That place was flooding and burning and they were dying, and you were stood there like, I don’t know, a stranger. And then you made it snow. I mean, you scare me to death.” “It showed you that, did it?” “Hai.” “Right. Must have been trying to turn you against me.” “It almost did a good job.” “I love you, Aoi.” “I love you, too, Doctor. I will never forget you. That you…you came back for me.” Jesse whispered to Jeremy. “Only took him, what some 137 regenerations?” “Goodbye, Aoi, do great things. Turn the Samurai around for a force for good.” “Doc-tore…” Jeremy nudged from behind. “Aren’t you crossing that line again? I mean you might be getting him to change time.” The Doctor shrugged. “For the better.” He put hand to mouth after saying, “Bat’s breath…” “Bat’s breath?” Jesse rose his eyebrows. “Aoi…” he put a forefinger up. “Don’t tell the Time Lords.” “Time? Lords? Is there such a thing over so small a domain?” “I don’t like the sound of that.” The Doctor squinted and turned and looked at Jeremy and moved over to Aoi. He stared into his eyes. “Just joshing, Doctor,” Aoi repeated the word he heard them use. They all breathed a sigh of relief. “That not funny,” the Doctor said, sounding like Short Round from INDIANA JONES. “Yeah, it is,” Jeremy said along with both Aoi and Jesse who said pretty much the same thing but in a different way, each. “I did see a bit of Time Lords when the thing took me over. In my mind’s eyes. Beautiful planet. Stuffy old jerk offs, though.” Jesse pointed to Aoi. “You got it! You totally got it!” The Doctor rolled his eyes. “I have to admit there was a time I didn’t like them very much and a time I sort of …I think it was from my ninth to the my fourteenth self…anyhoooo, I sort of had blinders on and thought they were the greatest things but that could be the land of fiction Masters writing the wrong things. You know RTD and Moffat and the Chibs and all that?” “No,” the boys all said. “Bat’s breath. Never mind all that,” The Doctor kissed Aoi’s cheek and Aoi responded with a kiss to his mouth. A deep one. Not to be outdone, Jesse and Jeremy exchanged kisses with the young Samurai, too. “No use term yellow peril,” the Doctor told him and they waved to him and he waved, unsure, to them. “I think we, or rather Aoi, may have just coined the term Yellow Peril?” Jeremy said as the three of them entered the TARDIS. “Naw, I think that started in the 1930s or so…books, they’re not always good for your mind. We’re not allowed to say yellow peril these days, Jeremy.” “They did in…what was year was that? 1933?” Then he realized, “What? Why?” Jeremy asked, “Wait. I know why. You’re woke now but…?” Jesse raised his eyebrows. “What’s woke mean when it’s at home?” “PC, political correctness,” The Doctor wrapped his arms around both of them and moved them all to the far cabinet in the console room. He opened a drawer under the closet area of hanging clothes, bursa sınırsız escort fishing rods, wet suits, Voord wet suits, a yellow rain jacket and yellow hat, and a ball of string from ancient Greece, the jaw bone of an ass from Israeli history, and more. He took out a parchment and as Jesse moved away from them, disinterested in that but interested in something else, Jeremy took it. “A list of things we’re not allowed to say…” Jeremy took it and the bottom opened up to a very long scroll, reams and reams of parchment. Jeremy’s eyes went wide. “If we say these things?” “We’ll get rejected from the net, maybe for good. They might even cancel us permanently.” “Kill?” “Worse, ban us, block us, cancel culture us, you name it. We’ll never see another chapter in our lives!” “A…?” “It’s…oh, you’re reading it…” The Doctor slapped his back and then took to Jesse, having noticed Jesse being troubled. “Dark Skin. Indian. Indian Burn, Native American giver, Indian giver: see; aboriginal? Colored, what color? I’m confused. Maybe Jesse and I don’t spend enough time on Earth in 2022?” Jesse was absent in thought but heard that. “Yeah and going back to 2018 with the Time’s Up movement…we miss a…a lot of the nuances of history by traveling through it so fast…” “Fast?” Jeremy balked. “You call almost two years or more in the Lewis and Clark expo fast? Or two months or so in the Old Old West fast?” “Relatively speaking, it was.” Jesse felt the Doctor at his back and the Doctor rubbed his shoulders and lats. “That feels good.” Jesse shut his eyes and arched his back. “Thinking of Chris…” “I know.” “What’s Time’s Up on this list?” Jeremy asked. “Well, sometimes, I mean Oprah called it Dime’s S’Up.” Jesse joked and shook his head. “But no one knows what that means.” Jeremy read from the list again. “Yellow. Cracker. Gypsy. But what about that old lady in the woods who told us about the pure in heart? Ali Baba? Ching Chong? Cheech and? Guido? But we met so many of those in the Disco Era…Blimey.” “Yeah, watch that one!” The Doctor pointed at him and then tuned back into Jesse. “I said Blimey, not Limey. But Limey is on the list, too,” Jeremy scoffed. “Caucasian? Minority? Ethnic? Urban. Exotic, refugee, foreigner? What about the band.” “S’okay.” “Spicy Latina. Black Sheep but what if they are? Hillbilly? Really? What if we’re in Beverley? White trash. Illegal immigrant? Illegal alien, met plenty of those on Peladon. Can I say Pel?” “NOOO!” the other two yelled at him. “Uncle Tom. All lives matter. Hollywood run by Jews. Carpet munch? Circle jerk? Sweet heart? Honey? Chick, what about those chick people on planet Chick?” “Ohh, Chick. Get in here between that,” The Doctor snapped his fingers. “I know that one. It’s a reference to Abbott and Costello Meet…that guy we met, too, oh, Dr. Frankenstein.” “Wow. You guys must have missed a lot of pop culture but not that much.” “Stacked. Girly man. Momma’s Boy. Feminazi. Christmas Nazi like on Roswell. Roswellies with aliens from Roswell. Smear the Queer? Can I say smear it on the queer. Like when I do that to Jesse or…cunt? Pussy, s’I’m okay with that one. Fuck boy? Not so much okay with that one. I like fuck boys. Fuck, I’m one of em.” “Sure are.” “Shut up, Jesse.” Jeremy smiled and read on. “You throw like a girl. There are only two genders. Well, on Earth there are but on most other planets…that’s how we roll?” “Oh, there’s a planet called Roll and they’re even more offended than Earth people in the year 2021, 22, so on and so on, Jesse?” “This one I never say. I hate it. It’s my least favorite word.” “N word?” The Doctor asked. “Yeah.” “My least fave, too. I hate that word. No matter what color the person is…” “You can’t say color!” “Fuck you, Jeremy!” Jeremy laughed. “That you can say and better yet DO!” “…I mean whatever the person is, instead of saying the N word, there are plenty of other words to use if someone’s being an asshole.” “Asshole for instance?” Jesse picked his head up. “But wouldn’t the actual Asshole People on the Planet Hole be offended?” “Nah. They like all words.” The Doctor nodded. “Especially long thick ones.” Jesse rounded on the Doctor. “Say, Doc…” The Doctor’s withering look at him made him add, “Tore. Ha. I tore you a new…” “Can you?” “Shut up?” “Not.” “Not shut up?” “What was your question, love? The Doctor forced a smile. “I’ve got things to see and people to do…or was that…” “Can you not?” “Sometimes.” “What?” “Your question was, will be, is…why, if I can cure this can’t I cure other diseases. Well, we’ve been all through that, haven’t we?” “Not really. I mean covid…but…” The Doctor put an arm around Jesse’s back and encompassed him. “Jesse, I’m not just a man of action…” Jeremy’s attention was caught and he turned back to them. He raised his eyebrows and laughingly said, “Oh, yeah?” “…and sexy to boot,” The Doctor winked at Jeremy and then at Jesse, which soured his dour mood and made him smile. “I’m a…I mean I happen to be a scientist, too, to boot and a gentlema…” “Man?” “Shut up, Jeremy.” “I’ve attempted to cure every disease known to Earth man and woman and in betweenie there is. But time or fate won’t let them. Something goes wrong for the known diseases. Let’s see…Addiction though I am not sure that is really a disease, AIDS, Cancer, check�but man and woman kind are doing their very own, non-Time Lord best at improving survival rates on their own there; COPD, check. Diabetes. Diphtheria, check. Dysentery, check; Diana Conspiracy, check. E coli, check.” Jeremy started to roll up the scroll in an attempt to angrily replace it in the closet. “You’d better stop him, Jess, he’ll go through the entire list.” “So what did you cure?” “Well, if I cured them and I did…you’d not know their name because I wiped them from the history of humanity. I mean there were diseases I was able to stop. Why I can’t stop the others, I have no idea. They’re stopped on other planets but then again, some of those other planets have diseases that, on your Earth and other Earths are cured. I think it has to do with the plans people make in the afterlife before they incarnate. I’m not sure. Time and God, if you will, wont’ permit me to interfere where there’s a greater plan going on. A plan I’m not privy too and I guess that’s as it should be.” “But all the suffering?” “I know. I know. And look, I’m sorry. We just have to accept it somehow. I think some people are whisked right from their bodies before the moment of death. Maybe even months before, I’ve never fully studied that. Always meant to but there are, are, will be other pressing matters that require my attention that I CAN stop.” “Like Daleks…” “Mmmm. Daleks. Cybermen. Sontarans. Zygons.” Jeremy saw one end of the scroll that misplaced in his rolling of it. “Retarded.” “What?” The Doctor asked. Jesse laughed. “Your scroll…” Jeremy said. “No…it…no it’s not. It’s history.” “I mean that is one of the words we’re not allowed to say.” “I think at some point in earth history we’re not allowed to even say the word God.” Jesse’s eyes went wide. Jeremy said in frustration as he ran his hand through his hair. “God.” “You just said it!” Jesse laughed. “And I’ll go on saying it. God,” he said over and over. “Hey?” “Yeah?” “Do you consent to me touching your ass?” “Get the fuck outta here!” “So, that’s a yes, is it?” “Fuck!” “That, too?” “Yes!” “Fuck me.” “I need a clear consent.” “Get the fu…” “Oh, and a form.” “Fuck me!” “You like to renegotiate as we go along, doncha, babe?” “Hey, Jer, he just called me babe. You heard that, right? Call that girl from GOOD TROUBLE. You know the lawyer one, not the slutty app one.” “You can’t say slut, Jess!” “Fuck, yeah. I mean oh, shit, no. Take backs.” “Take backs? What is this second grade?” “You can’t talk about second grade in a slash story.” “I didn’t in the context of…” “Fuck all this shit.” “You cannot, under any Sir Cum Stances, say the F word.” “Fuck? I like the word fuck. I say fuck all the fucking time, fuck!” “No, not fuck. Fag.” “That’s so faggy.” “I know. Gay, too.” Jeremy thought for a beat. He returned to the scroll and unrolled a bit. “The B word, too!” “Bitch? Bastard? Bust? Breast?” “Biden. We’re not allowed to talk about him.” “Oh and never ever refer to a baby before their own gender reveal their…uh,” the Doctor struggled for words. “Their own gender?” Jeremy asked. “Yeah…” “That’s so retarded,” Jesse said. “Foul!” Jeremy pointed at him. “You can’t say that. Instead say That’s SOOO Ravennn!!!” “It’s the past I can see?” Jesse winked. “I’m okay!” Jeremy put the scrolls down and closed the closet door with a push of a button and an electronic sound. “You know what I don’t ever want anyone ever to say?” “What fuck boy?” Jesse smiled mischievously. Jeremy did the same. “Bye Felicia.” “Yeah,” Jesse acknowledged. “It’s just so…so…dickie and cunty. Anyone that uses that is a dick and / or a cunt.” “Depends on their gender.” “Shut up.” A tender hand worked the big red button that closed the doors. Jeremy looked at Jesse who looked as he spun round on the Doctor. The three of them watched Aoi close the doors. They went wide eyed. “I changed my mind. I want to cum along.” END CREDITS THEME Doctor Who – Clean Peter Davison Closing Titles (1982, Reconstructed) – YouTube Aoi was naked laying on the Med Bed in the med room. “He’s fine,” the Doctor turned from a device that monitored his every bodily function. “Some sperm still in there but that’s to be, ahh, expected…” He jerked Aoi’s penis playfully. Jesse turned to Jeremy. “The quintessential perv Doctor.” The Doctor frowned. Nearby, with a small pad and pencil was Jesse. He turned to Jeremy who helped Aoi off the bed. The Doctor, Jesse and Jeremy had dressed. Jeremy led Aoi to a chair. “Chair of truth time.” The Doctor groaned. “He’s free. I said he’s all right.” “You want me to ask?” “You do one and I’ll do the other.” “We already just did that and I’m tired,” Jesse said. “I meant the questions.” Jeremy chided him. “I said there’s no need. I said he’s all right.” “We’re not even sure you’re all right.” The Doctor rolled his eyes. “Sit here,” Jesse said. Aoi looked at the metallic chair with a red seat of what seemed to be plastic metal (?) and looked up at the boys and then at the Doctor. The Doctor nodded. Aoi sat. “Have you ever tamshigiri?” Jesse read from his print out from the console room computer. The Doctor put a pair of fingers to the bridge of his nose. “Oh sweet baby Je…” “Cut someone in half just to test my blade?” Aoi asked, astounded they’d ask that. “NO! Never. Well, other than the criminals.” “Good, good.” Jesse handed Jeremy the pad. “Oh, and when I possessed…” Aoi added. “Oh, cross that one off, Jer. I think. I mean criminals deserved it. I mean it’s not like you went around murdering non-criminal innocent people just for fun.” Jeremy did and then asked, “Have you ever randomly murdered or thought of murdering random innocent people just for fun? Non criminals I mean.” “What? NO! I mean I know friends that did that but they’re dead, too, now.” “Did you kill them?” Jeremy asked. The Doctor went wide eyed. “I don’t like this line of questioning.” “Well, Doc, we question all possible companions. I mean we don’t want to be murdered in our sleep, do we?” Jesse asked. Aoi nodded. And pointed to the Doctor and then to Jesse, “He has a point, Master.” “Oh, don’t call me Master. I’d have trouble distinguishing you from K9.” Aoi pointed at Jeremy. “You may continue…” “I did not slay my friends. And no Tsujigiri. No random slaying of good people. Or bad people that weren’t criminals.” “Good, good!” Jesse said and took the pad. He wrote something down. Then asked, “Kiri-sute gomen, did you?” “Kill someone who insulted me? Just once. He told me that I was only a Samurai because of my father.” “That’s all he did?” Jesse asked. “Aoi,” Jeremy started. “No, he also said that I had no skill for the kill. So I…” “Killed him?” The Doctor asked. “Yes.” “Aoi!” “He also came at me with two swords drawn of his own. He was also a Master Less Samurai. A, what you would call a Kabukimono.” “That makes it all better,” Jesse said. He shrugged when he saw the Doctor’s and Jeremy’s reactions and cutting stares at him. “What? It does. I mean he didn’t just murder someone who was insulting him. The guy defended himself.” “And he was named Betty,” Aoi added. “A woman’s name.” The Doctor cleared his throat. “Yes, well, are we through?” Jeremy ignored him. “Did you ever take money-tage from a woman to force her to marry you?” “Not interested in women.” “Yeah, we get that a lot.” “We do get that. A lot. We get it.” Jesse: “Did you ever force a woman to do a jig?” “Only once.” Aoi answered. “To die by beheading herself?” “No, to see if I liked females.” “She beheaded herself?” “I didn’t like females. I did mention that.” “And showed it.” “Aoi, you let a female behead herself for you because you messed up?” “Oh, I see the confusion. You mean did I make her jigai. No, I never let a woman do that. I did try to jig…let her dance for me but not kill herself. I would never do that.” The Doctor, Jesse and Jeremy visibly relaxed. Jeremy: “Jesse, I think we can safely cross off from the list this next one…” “What is it?” The Doctor wondered and wandered over to take a look. He read it. “Have you ever killed thousands during WW2?” “No, never,” Aoi said. Jesse took the pad back from Jeremy. He rewrote something. “Have you ever time traveled to WW2?” “I don’t think so.” Aoi looked at the Doctor. “Yet.” “Wot?” The Doctor asked. “I am in complete control of this TARDIS.” Jeremy and Jesse took about five minutes to laugh that off. This made the Doctor leave, declaring he wanted no more of this business. “Inuoumono?” K9, who had entered the room, groaned and whimpered. “Shoot dogs with arrows for training how to use bow and arrow.” K9 put his head down. “No, I love dogs.” K9 perked up. “The Monks declared it sinful. We then used padded arrows but I never took part in that. It almost cost me being a Samurai.” Aoi looked as Jesse was about to say something so Aoi added, “And I never did that to cats either. Or any animals. I love animals.” Wolsey jumped into Aoi’s lap and cuddled there. “Did you ever have sex with teen boys.” “As a teen I did stuff but never sex. AND I was a virgin when I met the Doctor. Apparently, the Doctor also feels since it was the ale-ien Pod that made me do all that other stuff, that didn’t count as sex so I was a virgin when I met you two, too.” “Well, that’s over now.” “Most people meet us and lose it.” Jesse added and then realized what he just said. He reacted to it and scrambled his face up in realization and confusion at the same time. “Do you feel as if you are above working?” “No. I love working.” “And we know you were not a Master Less Samurai.” “No. They, the kabukimono actively engaged themselves in making the world a worse place. Often, they engaged in all the things you asked and even left restaurants without paying.” Jesse looked at Jeremy and smiled. “The villains. Such evil!” He added, “Not like I would ever do that, just saying. Really evil.” “…they’s roam the streets killing and beating random people, doing all sorts of things. My father often killed such men…I did that one time, too…” “All done!” Jesse touched Aoi’s shoulders as Aoi stood up and brought him to himself. “Welcome to the TARDIS!” Jeremy hugged them both from behind Aoi. “Tard, Cut to the Feeling background music please!” Jesse grabbed Aoi’s hand and dragged him out of the room, his eyes wide, stripping off his shirt as he went and singing… Cut To The Feeling: I had a dream, or was it real? (Jesse and Jeremy stand over the Doctor who seems to meld out of his Master shape and into the Doctor they know) We crossed the line and it was on, we crossed the line (Jesse wakes up in bed with Aoi and skips him out of the room as he and Aoi naked dance through the TARDIS; along the way he puts on some far out yellow space pants and slip on footwear; they dance through ALL the rooms, Jesse leading and holding Aoi by the hand most of the time, spinning him, making him go out front to lead, dancing throughout every room, even the wardrobe and boot cupboard). It was on this time (the clock room) I’ve been denying how I feel (In the hallway near a mirror draped with a cricket jacket and a tray of celery, Jesse swings Aoi into him and their bodies press and he holds his face with his free hand kisses Aoi deep on the lips to Aoi’s wide eyed joy; a cricket bat leans on the mirror and a cricket hat is on the mirror edge). You’ve been denying what you want, you want from me (Jesse takes Aoi through the shower in one of the huge bathrooms and turns it on, strips again and strips Aoi out of his flimsy gi; he presses the Japanese boy into him and kisses him, his hands go behind Aoi and finger into him). Talk to me, baby (in the console room, Jesse presses a button on the console and starts singing this song into different languages one of them English and one of them Japanese and another Klingon, which astounds Aoi, but then he returns it to normal so Aoi hears Japanese and Jesse hears English) [Pre-Chorus] I want some satisfaction, take me to the stars (Hey) (Jesse grabs the console and flies it like STAR WARS fighter ship, he acting as a pilot; Aoi clinging on behind him, bare front to bare back; Jesse points to the huge screen ahead of them and we see the stars forming into the Doctor’s faces, the 4th and then the 5th as in the EXTENDED THEME SONG VIDEO… Black velvety space is dotted with smaller white specks that gravitate toward the center with the occasional rainbow like effect emanating from their own centers. TARDIS is drawn into its center, too, long lines of rainbow colored streaks appearing and vanishing as their stars move along toward the center. Forming the Doctor’s face and then expanding outward to form more stars and more galaxies… Just like ah-ah-ah, ube/watch?v=D4QWW-3fhXo (Aoi races out of the TARDIS, following Jesse, who, shirtless of course grabs Adric’s left arm, putting his upper arm under Adric’s armpit from behind and Jesse turns his heads to nod to Aoi who grabs Adric’s right arm in the same way and from behind. Adric is stunned and turned his head to Jesse, who put a SHHH sign to his lips with one finger. They dragged him back into the open doors of the TARDIS, a vast explosion filling the control room of the Freighter Spaceship that was even now falling to its constituent metallic framework and it the heavy atmosphere of prehistoric Earth. Jesse fell sideways into the doorway of the TARDIS which was blown backward and he and Adric fell out of the threshold into the console room, Aoi, still on his feet, torn away from Adric entered second but the tilting floor threw him sideways. Jesse motioned to the red door control. Aoi managed to dive head first at the console and shut the doors. The TARDIS vanished just as everything exploded and the universe seemed to blot out in whiteness but…) [Chorus] I wanna cut through the clouds, break the ceiling (…it did not! Jesse shot the TARDIS up past the Eiffel Tower—Duggan looked up at them— and the Empire State Building —Anne Darrow waved at them to help her get down—TARDIS shot up into the clouds…) I wanna dance on the roof, you and me alone.. (On the ceiling of the Panopticon, Jesse uses the sonic screwdriver to open a hole in the ceiling and a huge light ray went down to a waiting Leela, another and older less streamlined K9 who looked up at the newer K9 at Jesse’s feet. Aoi nodded to Adric who jumped into the hole and slid down; Andred and Roman the male Romana, joined Leela and K9; Rodan, the male muscle boy Time Lord waved up at them; Aoi nodded he wanted to go down and fuck at least two of them down there and Jesse knew which two but nodded no and put a finger to his lips to indicate silence). I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah Holding hands, Jesse and Aoi jumped off a cliff in Rio de Janero, the huge statue of Jesus looking over them. Below was the Myrka, slithering, electrifying the water. Jesse pointed the sonic and it rose up and smiled at them. It caught them gently on its back and lead them a grotto where a young boy nursed a hurt Sea Devil. Aoi saw its Samurai like hat on and bowed to it. The Sea Devil bowed. Jesse picked up the little boy in his arms and they smiled and waved the Sea Devil. I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah (Woo) I wanna play where you play with the angels (In a cemetery, Jesse danced between two stiff Weeping Angels and dragged a hesitant Aoi, who made devil signs over his head to indicate görükle escort his fear of the Angels, between a small space between two of the Angels; as they passed the Angels moved; Jesse turned and put a devil sign behind the one on the left; he waved the sonic at them and the two Angels vanished). I wanna wake up with you all in tangles, oh A large expansive and expensive white bed soared down a California highway at incredible speeds early one sunny summer morning. From under the covers, Aoi and Jesse sat up, shocked as the wind whipped through their hair, Aoi’s hair getting into Jesse’s hair and whipping his face! Their bed was racing down the highway which was mountainous behind them and they were going downward as if on wheels which they were on, or rather their bed was. This was the TARDIS changed shape. Jesse kissed Aoi and tangled his legs into the young Japanese boy. TARDIS changed back and at the last minute as it was going to collide with a huge van carrying GORGO’s baby, it didn’t. It vanished through it! The baby managed to wave. I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah (at a zoo, behind the car park, Jesse tried to the sonic on the ropes to free Baby Gorgo, petting the reptilian hand with his free hand and not having any luck.) I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah CUT TO THE FEELING. Aoi gently and confidently moved Jesse out of the way; Jesse confused but listening for once; Aoi, from his robe revealed his huge Samurai sword and cut the ropes. Baby Gorgo roared and as Jesse and Aoi tried to get it to lower down its roars, they also backed away. CAN’T MAKE IT STOP! [Verse 2] Cancel your reservations (On the surface of the Moon, not far from MOONBASE ALPHA, Jesse and Aoi are in spaces suits, Alpha Style Space Suits with helmets on, smiling, bouncing from crater ridge to crater ridge…) No more hesitations, this is on, can’t make it stop (The LOST IN SPACE Space Pod is on the surface of the Moon not far from MOONBASE ALPHA’s large tower, Alpha behind it in the crater; a yellow MOON BUGGY is nearby; floating off a ridge and down toward Jesse and Jackie the now grown first Alpha baby is Aoi and Will Robinson; extensions on their suits in the crotch area making them, naked inside, able to fuck from the front and be fucked from behind; Jesse is IN Jackie; Aoi is in Will; but soon…) CAN’T MAKE IT STOP! Baby Gorgo stomped in the parking lot. People under it ran away. Fortunately, no one was killed. It moved toward the smaller TARDIS. Aoi started asking Jesse about this. Jesse smiled and winked at him like his face belonged in the DOCTOR WHO opening credits. He pointed his sonic at the TARDIS doors and the TARDIS and the doors enlarged as if for a tribe of Loch Ness babies, which it once or twice, also did. Gorgo entered the doors, roaring. “Oh sweet baby Gi, what is this now?” The Doctor woke up in bed with Jeremy. Give me all you got Jesse nodded to Aoi to run and he did. They were on Siluria and Raptors had chased them; a diversion the boys caused to save very young Bronto babies. They just make it into the doors and the doors slam when raptors hurt their noses by slamming into the doors. Jesse and Aoi collapsed on the other side of the doors, laughing but heads mingling. Aoi’s hair comingled with Jesse’s. I want it all or nothing Jesse looks at the firefighter EMT named TK (twink strong man) from 9-1-1: TEXAS LONESTAR while Aoi looks at the policeman Carlos (puppy dog eyes but muscular muscles. Both Jesse and Aoi shrug and kiss each of them, then switch and kiss the others. At first upset, the two Americans are ready to pounce but shrug and kiss each other. Jesse, from behind the cop, jerks him and runs off. Aoi gets in between the cop and pulls him to him while pulling the firefighter EMT to him and kisses both their lips at the same time and then runs. The two fall into each other and their kiss mingles. They start laughing, too. No more in-between, now give your everything to me Aoi dropped his gi and was completely naked now. Jesse ran to him and jumped and wrapped his legs around Aoi’s hips. Let’s get real, baby We see as if in the SIESTA KEY opening TJ; Collin; Austin; Santiago on a beach and shirtless…the ocean in each scene… [Pre-Chorus] A chemical reaction, take me in your arms (Hey) Jesse took Aoi to the beach room but soon they were on a real beach and dancing with guys playing American football, sweaty, shirtless, fine looking, hairless. Santiago kisses Aoi on the mouth and then they vanish behind a dune. Jesse runs behind the dune. And make me ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah TJ, Collin, and Austin Butler react. TJ had his arms out as if “Are we gonna play?” was the only thing he thought about and didn’t understand. Collin put his forefinger though a hole he made with his other hand’s thumb and forefinger. TJ nodded affirmative as if it didn’t matter. Then he realized and made a funny face as if EWL. Collin slapped his back. Austin, who saw all this interaction drew knowledge and confidence from that, too. He ran toward the dunes. Collin looked at TJ and both reacted. Collin wanted to pull TJ back there but TJ shook his head NO. [Chorus] I wanna cut through the clouds, break the ceiling (Jesse is in a flying parajet belt with a helmet on; Aoi is behind him holding on, both belted together, Aoi’s long black fine hair hanging out the helmet, eyes wide in a bit of fear but mostly amazement as Jesse takes off and they both go flying through the clouds, Jesse holding the drive sticks but Aoi putting his arms up straight in exhilaration). I wanna dance on the roof, you and me alone (Aoi and Jesse ARE on the TARDIS roof dancing on the small spaces, Jesse leading; Aoi picking up the steps quickly but almost falling; Jesse pulls him back from the edge and presses a button on a remote in his hands and tosses the remote down to Jeremy who is inside the TARDIS somehow it goes through the roof to him and he can look up and see them; the TARDIS roof expands to a huge dance floor measurements) I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah Austin was naked behind the dunes and saw Jesse IN Santiago IN Aoi. All three moaned but noticed him as he was turning away and they noticed he looked sad. Jesse unplugged from Santiago dripping a load of cum in the process and gestured. Austin got in Santiago and Jesse got into Austin. They all hugged as they fucked. I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah (Woo) Austin turned his head and Jesse kissed it, the two of them locking eyes. Austin put a hand on Jesse’s side and then back on Santiago, rubbing smooth Latino skin. I wanna play where you play with the angels (On the Moon, same scene: but…soon Jesse is in Will; Jackie is in Aoi; Barry exits the Space Pod in LOST IN SPACE silver space suit and looks like “What about me?” They urge him over and he floats over to them with a jet pack on his back. The four of them unstick, cum flying out of the waste holes in their suits, a kind of mini airlock for cum; the laughingly tackle Barry and into the Moon Buggy and all of them exchange body fluids; Barry is in Jesse; Will is in Aoi (“I’ve always loved Asians!”), and all possible combinations. I wanna wake up with you all in tangles, oh (Aoi, Jackie, Will, Barry, and Jesse are in a huge tangle but soon it happens that Aoi is in Jackie who is in Barry who is in Jesse who is in Will; and then they reverse, having sex in low gravity of the traveling Earth moon…) I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah Aoi played with his sword and put it to Jesse’s navel. Jesse laughed at it and moved in a bit but then backed off. Aoi handed it to him and Jesse played it to Aoi’s navel. I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah (Yeah, yeah) This play went on for some time before they smashed bodies together, dropping the sword first. [Bridge] (Hey, woo) Jesse and Aoi were in tight speedo bathing suits swimming with whales Gracie and George! The whales, playfully went under the boys and rose up so that the boys were on a whale each; Aoi on Gracie; Jesse on George (he’s later joke he’d been on George’s in the past, the present and the future); the whales rose up so the boys resurfaced, water streaming off their wet boy flesh, dripping seductively off them in a hot summer steam. (C’mon) Take me to emotion (Hey) Jesse is face to face, not an inch away from Alex Rider’s thick lips. “You hot British limmie!” “You colonist!” Aoi pops up in between them and kisses them both turning first to Alex and kissing him and then quickly to Jesse. They tongue kiss in a three way tongue mingle. They look up and see huge atomic missiles headed their way. They are in the water, scuba gear around their ankles. They go wide eyed. The TARDIS appears between them and the missiles. Beach goers are running from the water as Shark People emerge and chase them…on shark legs! Jesse makes a peace sign. The Shark People make one back at him. Above them, the TARDIS. Inside, the Doctor and Jeremy are jerking each other over the console but the Doctor shakes his head clear and hits a button. The force field of the TARDIS emits a huge green glow and the missiles reverse and fly into the sun. The Shark People vanish into a huge shark spaceship and it flies away. I want to go all the way (All the way) Jesse down, Aoi down on mat in TARDIS gym they had danced into. Their dicks mingled and intertwined. Slick, wrapping around each other and spilling their bursting, burning thick creamy loads. Show me devotion and take me all the way Aoi and Jesse run TOWARD the Taj Mahal which has huge Leviathan Cthulhu tentacles coming out of it. Grayson, Tyler, Adam, Rosario, Adric, and Theon are running out of the Taj Mahal as they help families out, all running, some stumbling. Huge tentacles whip all around the building and slap down toward some people but as Jesse fires the sonic it messes up the aim and it misses EVERYONE. A huge maw opens up at the front doors of the Taj Mahal. Jesse runs up and KISSES it. It smiles. It vanishes. Aoi puts his sword away. Jesse laughs and sits down on the Taj Mahal front vestibule. Aoi sits on his leg and laughs with him. Jesse touches his face and lines his jaw with his thumb. Take me to the emotion, take me take me, I want to go all the way (Jeremy is in a glowing blue forest as night wants to approach; floating over him is the real Peter Pan who looks like Jeremy, hair even blonder than blond and a bit younger than Jeremy, floating he catches eyes with Jeremy and Jeremy sees the devil, the angel, the sprite, the love, the god, the innocence and the mischievousness in those sparking blue/green eyes, his own eyes, the smooth skin, the nakedness; Pan moves in and he can barely move; he doesn’t want to move; their lips lock and Peter is horizontally floating over him; flying. Jeremy looks down at his feet and he’s barefoot and notices the ground far below him; a male fairy Oliveer, fluttering near him, almost angry but then kissing his butt at the very rim; Jeremy squirms and would later swear he came out his buttocks hole; and Jesse points to them with a naked Aoi at his side, both of them in the air, too with more fairy boys and Lost Boys: …dark haired blond Landen (looking like Jonathan Brandis); Sole (looking like Stian Smestad of SHIPWRECKED); black haired Italian former male prostitute Rollin (Sage Stallone); Puerto Rican Rico (Angela Garcia) and his twin Pa’re; Je’ne (Kenny Morrison); very young Bo; a boy named Barry; an unnamed Asian boy (actually named Aoi, too but younger than “our” Aoi and not to be confused with Aoi of TRIO who the time travelers with the Doctor also meet and fuck the shit out of; redheaded Bailey; and others… With them were various Native Americans floating, too and also non-LOST BOY Seth the former son of Satan (Armando Araiza and with long, long brown hair, but almost on fire but he’s not evil at this time, it’s his future self). All of them were naked and most of them were dripping cum from their penises…into evil smaller demons that were getting cummed on and shrinking… Show me devotion (Take me, take me) (Sex with all iterations of the Tomorrow People: including John, Stephen, Peter the Time Guardian, Chris Harding, Australian long haired Adam, flaming redhead —his hair is flaming, not him, but he’s gay–Megabyte, grown up Kevin, the alternate CW versions of John and Stephen and a few of their allies and enemies turned allies)… And take me all the way (Take me, take me) Lex, Patch and Ved from THE TRIBE have sex with Jeremy, Jesse and Aoi on an alternate Earth where the young have grown up and are the only adults now on Earth where ten years ago all the adult died from a virus… (TRIBE theme song) All the way, all the way, all the way An ocean breeze graced the surf against a calm beach in DINOTOPIA… Rampant and exotic sex on a dinosaur filled beach (only plant eating dinos) between two different alternate universe versions of the boys from DINOTOPIA (Karl and ) and exotic blue eyed black haired Nikko Zond (Ryan Merriman) and his new pal VERITAS young hot shot Calvin Banks (Eric Balfour). Long and lanky and sexy in a machismo manner, Calvin was climbed by Jesse. Jesse climbed him and rubbed his cock all over balls, cock against cock, Calvin’s own balls, his abs, into his navel, layering pre cum lined up against bare nearly hairless flesh, following the trail from pubic to upper stomach and beyond…cum from Aoi on his lips, Calvin kissed Jesse deeply. Take me all the way (Ah-ah-ah) While this was happening Aoi was having his dick sucked by both Karl (Tyron Leiso) and Karl’s brother David Scott (the crewcut headed version of Wentworth Miller sans tattoos). At the same time, the alternate versions of Karl (the incredibly versatile —and not just with his hair color—and almost winner of CELEBRITY MOLE: HAWAII) and David (the boy next door Shiloh Strong, brother of Rider Strong) were working from behind on Aoi’s glutes, fingering the rim and eventually the hole, plunging deep inside with, first, a forefinger each and then thumb and forefinger but eschewing that for both fucking him from behind at the same time; Aoi was entered by Karl and David while being sucked off by Karl and David! While benign dinosaurs walked all around them not noticing, eating plants that lined the beach. All this took place as the lovers were ankle deep in water. David and Karl fucked their alternate selves…Aoi took them all on; Jesse was fucked by David; Karl was fucked by Jesse; and you get the idea! And then they all switched it up… The Erik Von Detten version of Karl seemed to be bursting with smooth but hard boy muscles everywhere. Jesse noticed this and licked every inch. The boys’ sex took them onto a bowing down bronto which they had to help clean after they re-sexed each other on its back as it rose up and walked to drink some fresh water near a lake away from the ocean they were near. [Chorus] I wanna cut through the clouds, break the ceiling (TARDIS shoots down a highway—the A4232 Grangetown/Butetown Link— between moderate but fast moving traffic to get Jeremy who is hanging onto a car driven by an Auton; Aoi reaches out the door to grabs Jeremy as Jesse holds Aoi’s hand while steering the TARDIS; from the back of another car, very small kids watch in panic but then cheer as Aoi pulls Jeremy in and the trio all fall onto each other in a tangle of boy; they laugh; the TARDIS goes wild and almost hits the traffic but the Doctor, shaking his head in disapproval, flies it right after running into the room and finding his three lovers on the floor in a laughing tangle of mirth and kissing and other things). I wanna dance on the roof, you and me ons/locations/internationalpresscentre (Jesse dances to the edge of the roof on top the International Press Centre, high above the London Skyline; Aoi pulls him back. Jesse dives anyway but has on Flash Gordon flight wings which he sprouts and flies back to Aoi, who was holding his own chest in fear and lands on him; they crash onto Aoi’s back, Jesse on top and wiggling, sexually; Aoi slaps his butt and then laughs and kisses him, enters fingers into pants of Jesse.) I wanna cut to the feeling (Oh), oh yeah (Jesse points to a convention table where Arthur C Clarke was signing books; Aoi nodded to him and went forth but Jesse grabbed the Samurai sword from his back held by his cheeks in his thin silk gi and tossed it over to Jeremy, who caught it, and turned to see Grayson Chance, who shook his head NO). I wanna cut to the feeling (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah), oh yeah (Woo) I wanna play where you play with the angels (Jesse pulled Aoi down as a robotic HOST angel threw a halo, which was razor sharp at them; Aoi watched as the halo stuck into the metal wall of a space ship or was it an ocean liner, the Andrea Doria; he stood up despite Jesse pulling on his leg; Aoi undid his sword and knocked the halo back into the HOST which had the halo stuck in its neck. Jesse shrugged as Aoi helped him up. The turned as the HOST head fell off, severed slowly by the halo. A family and the captain ran to Aoi and hugged him, showering him with love; Jesse pulled him from them back to their cabin where he…) I wanna wake up with you all in tangles (Yeah), oh (…fucked him and at first it was just them but in the morning of the ship, he and Aoi then woke up in tangles with each other, Grayson, Adam, Theon, Rosario, and Tyler; the door flung open and at it stood Jeremy, Fesh in his outlandish cyberman fighting thong and Leelo, in his Native American loin cloth; they looked mad to be excluded; Jesse waved them over and so did the others; they jumped into the bed and the bed collapsed but since they saved the whole ship, it didn’t matter; outside the window on one side was an Earth ocean; the other window sported a vision of outer space; one was an illusion, one was not. Cum flew everywhere…) I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah Jesse danced with Aoi into the SHIP BAY area of the TARDIS and danced along the hulls of the SPINDRIFT and the JUPITER 2 as well as the FLYING SUB, all gifted to the Doctor at some points in the future or the past…by the crews whose lives he saved countless times and who were returned to Earth by the Doctor when time would allow it…in various different alter universes in this multi verse of universes…confused? “SO is the TARDIS,” the Doctor told Jesse and Jeremy when they questioned that he once told them the SPINDRIFT crew HAD to remain on the LAND OF THE GIANTS planet because they would be instrumental in having ALL Earth inhabitants migrate to the giant planet when in the far future Earth was going to be destroyed by the green space warp. That was just one timeline or parallel universe. “Confused? So’s the TARDIS, ha,” is all the Doctor said, annoyingly. I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah Jesse danced on the top of the book shelves in the TARDIS library and almost tipped a few over to Aoi’s amusement as he joined him up there. The TARDIS righted the shelves before they could tip over and made sure they were gravity stationary. [Outro] I wanna cut through the clouds Jesse flew the Jade Pagoda through clouds with Aoi behind him. Clouds passed the window they were looking through. Mmm, cut to the feeling (Cocktails under the stars) I wanna dance on the roof, oh-oh-oh, yeah Aoi flew the Jade Pagoda this time, through flying dino birds. Jesse was behind him, Aoi sitting on his lap. I wanna cut to the feeling, I wanna cut to the feeling I wanna cut to the feeling, I wanna cut to the feeling Aoi is under the Leaning Tower of Pisa trying to hold it up. The TARDIS is next to him. Jesse runs outside, stops and shakes his head NO to Aoi. Aoi shrugs. People are running. “Pizza no food in Italy.” Jesse shut his eyes. The Pisa Tower was falling. Jesse pointed the sonic at it and put it right. He looked over at Esmeralda and put one fore finger over the other to scold her. Esmeralda vanishes in a TING. Aoi looked confused. Jesse made a broom riding gesture. Jesse, the Doctor, Jeremy, and Aoi ended up in a cabin in upstate New York during a snow storm. They were on a huge facsimile bear skin rug. Jesse asked about it. “It is fake, isn’t it?” “That’s what facsimile means, dear boy!” The Doctor mocked him, gently and lovingly. They, of course, had sex on that rug. In the after flow and afterglow, the Doctor stretched out on top of the boys, much to their chagrin and said, “I feel we’re all about to have some fantastic NEW ADVENTURES!” “Yes and that does not include VIRGIN anyone!” Jeremy joked. Place thousands of unseen adventures here in this gap. Or any of the many gaps… DONATE for fty/donate.html EXTRAS: Here are some notes I made a long time ago. I am not sure if these were intended for a one off adventure or not or a sequel but probably a one off because I didn’t think Bruce Lee would be in THIS storyline but some separate individual one. As it stands this might be a sequel? Here are the notes: “1950 alley in Hong Kong: young Bruce Lee faces Jeremy in karate stance. Jeremy takes his own stance and smiles, furrowing his brow. Bruce Lee turns around and looks at a huge gang coming at him. The gang has chains, knives, swords, and others weapons. Jeremy’s eyes go wide but then he lowers his head and smiles. He joins Bruce at his side.”