Does It Feel Better Now?

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Eric was waiting outside his apartment building when the Uber pulled up; just as his app had told him, “Jason” was driving a blue Ford Explorer, and it stopped right at the curb in front of Eric. He quickly opened the car door, and slid into the back seat.

“Eric?” Jason was asking, checking the photo on his own app and comparing it to Eric. Eric huddled a little more in his hoodie and sweats, hunching over, while nodding and answering.

“Yep, that’s me,” he answered.

“Where are we off to, Eric?” Jason asked as he pushed the button saying he had picked up his passenger, and waited to input the destination.

“The hospital, please,” Eric responded.

His driver inputted that info, then asked “Everything okay?”

Eric didn’t know how to respond. It wasn’t an emergency, but… everything wasn’t okay. “Just going to visit someone.” Just to avoid having to talk about the issue.

The hard issue. The hard issue pressing against his sweatpants. The hard issue that Eric couldn’t help but rub against with his hands while they were in his hoodie pocket, trying to keep his hoodie over his lap. Eric bit his lip, trying not to moan. It felt so, so good, though, still.

Eric had stolen one of his stepfather’s Viagra pills. He had really wanted to try it, see if it made things feel different for a guy who wasn’t having any issues getting hard. The internet said not to do this, you could build up a tolerance for it, and it could lead to erectile dysfunction, but Eric was too curious. He wanted to know how many times he could cum while on the medication.

Eric had gotten to 17 times cumming before the 4 hour mark came – the time where if you were still hard, you needed to go see a doctor.

Eric didn’t know if it was some sort of placebo effect, because the internet hadn’t said anything about it feeling better when you were on the drug, but each orgasm had seemed more intense than the last – especially when he drew it out, as he usually liked doing when he was masturbating.

Jason had started driving already, and Eric knew it was about 10 minutes to the hospital. He would have just driven himself to the hospital but he had also been drinking, too, and knew it would be just his luck if he got a DUI while dealing with an erection that just wouldn’t go away.

He pressed down on his hard on again and started rubbing himself through the hoodie and sweatpants. His eyes rolled back into his head and he clamped his mouth shut, trying to hold in more moans.

But one must have escaped because Jason glanced over his shoulder briefly, before returning his eyes to the road, and asking “Are you okay back there, buddy?”

Eric didn’t want to stop touching his dick – he really didn’t think he could – so he tried to moderate his voice as he answered “Yeah, I’m all good.”

But he wasn’t. He needed more contact. So Eric pulled his hands out of his hoodie pocket, slipped them under there and under the waistband of his pants and put his hand directly on his cock. He lightly shuddered at the contact, and tightened his grip around his cock, slowly working it, trying not to make too much motion. But it was so tempting to really just go for it, with both hands wrapped around his cock, one under the other.

He didn’t realize that Jason had stopped at a stoplight, but the car wasn’t in motion and Jason turned to look back at his passenger again; Eric had his head thrown back, lips shut tight, and despite the little light that came from the stoplight they were halted at and a few street lights, Jason could see very small movement in his pants. He was a little shocked; was his passenger really doing what Jason thought he was doing? Could he really be masturbating, in HIS car?

The light had changed but Jason hadn’t seen it, his focus still on his passenger in the backseat, and the car behind him honked. He jerked his gaze forward, hitting the gas immediately to go through the intersection, and checked his rear view mirror to see if Eric had noticed he had been watching.

Eric’s head was forward now, eyes forward, and Jason couldn’t be sure but he thought maybe he saw a slight tinge of red on Eric’s cheeks?

But he looked a little farther down, and Eric hadn’t stopped stroking his cock.

So Jason cleared his throat, and tried to intervene; “Hey, man, not trynna ruin your… Mersin Eskort

mood, or whatever, but you can’t do that in here.”

Eric froze, his hands not coming off his cock. His face was so hot, he could only imagine how much he was blushing. “I’m sorry,” he said bashfully.

But Jason saw that he wasn’t removing his hands. “Ya gotta… you need to get your hands out of your pants, please.”

Eric tried to, he really did, but… it just felt too good. He tried to open his hands and take them off his cock and out of his pants, but his hands just clenched over and over again, squeezing his cock as he tried to take them off and never succeeded.

“I… I can’t,” he responded, moaning at the end. And then he went back to stroking, not bothering to hide anything this time. “I’m sorry,” he went on, as he humped his hips, fucking his fists. “It just feels so good, I can’t stop, I’m sorry. It might have been the Viagra,” he blabbered on, trying to make his driver understand. “I was just trying it out, I didn’t know… I’m sorry.”

Jason was astounded that Eric wasn’t stopping; how little shame did this guy have? How was he supposed to handle this? There had been no training or articles on how to deal with overly horny guys.

But also… he couldn’t help but start to get a little aroused himself. This guy was so horny, it felt so good to have his hands on his own cock, that he couldn’t stop doing it in another guy’s car. Even after that guy called him out for touching his cock. Was this guy on something or was that his normal level of horny?

So he pulled over, trying to figure out whether he was going to have to kick Eric out of his car or not.

So he turned around in his seat after putting the car in park, and was about to ask Eric to cease and desist again, but couldn’t get any words out. Because Eric had pulled his pants down under his cock, raised his hoodie, and was stroking it out in the open now. His eyes were on Jason, and they were almost apologetic, but he wasn’t stopping. His tongue came out to wet his lips, and he grunted as his hands tightened on his cock.

That was the last straw for Jason. He opened up his front door, got out, and climbed back into the back seat, opening his pants and pulling out his own cock while he did. It wasn’t all the way hard, but it was thickening. He closed the door behind him, held out his cock to Eric, and said “Suck it, slut.”

He had taken a slight risk using the slur, but when Eric moaned and immediately leaned over to put his mouth over Jason’s cock, Jason knew no mistake had been made. This guy was a slut; was it just for cock? Who knows. But Jason was going to take advantage of it, he thought, as he placed a hand on the back of Eric’s head and shoved his cock farther into this slut’s mouth.

Eric moaned on the cock as it made its way deeper into his throat; he loved being used. So he gave that cock all he could; he slobbered on it, licking all over, and sucking as he worked his mouth up and down the cock that was now fully hard in his mouth. He pushed his lips down until they reached the base of that hard cock, gagging on the part that was in his throat, but forcing himself to stay on there as long as he could; Jason moaned, threading the fingers of both hands into Eric’s hair, and Eric finally pulled his mouth off the cock, gasping for air, before moving his tongue to lavish the balls with his attention. He used one of his hands to stroke the drool-soaked cock while he put one of the balls into his mouth and sucked gently, then gave the same treatment to the other.

“That’s right, slut,” Jason breathed, “suck on those balls. They’re full of cum that’s gonna go in your ass if you’re not careful.”

Eric moaned. “Yesssss, please fuck my ass,” he whimpered, sucking on the head of Jason’s cock hard before popping it out and adding “Breed my ass, master.”

Jason chuckled breathlessly, sliding Eric’s mouth back down his pole. “Master, huh? You’re a real whore, then. I bet you’re a real sissy slut. Do you have sexy little panties on right now, baby?”

Eric shook his head while keeping Jason’s cock in his mouth, and got a grunt from Jason for his efforts on that. But he pulled his lips off of Jason’s dick to add, “I’m not wearing any sort of underwear, sir.”

“Okay, that’s it,” Jason said before pulling Eric’s Mersin Escort Bayan head up and maneuvering him to be on his hands and knees in the back of the explorer. “You’re getting fucked now.” Jason pulled the sweats over Eric’s ass and pushed them down his legs, smacking the bubble ass in front of him, before leaning down and spitting on Eric’s asshole. He worked his spit into Eric’s asshole and started trying to stretch his little hole.

Eric twitched and moaned as Jason worked his asshole, especially when Jason leaned down to start licking his ass to get it wetter. He worked his tongue in and around Eric’s asshole, and Eric humped his hips back to meet the tongue and force it farther into his hole. Jason worked one of his hands around to the front of Eric and grabbed onto his hard, sensitive cock and Eric almost jumped out of his skin at the feeling of another person’s hand wrapped around it. “Fuck,” he moaned, fucking his cock into Jason’s hand and his asshole back onto Jason’s tongue. “That feels so fucking good, sir.”

“We’ll see how good this feels with such little lube, whore,” Jason said as he straightened up and grabbed his own cock with his free hand and pressed it against Eric’s tight, wet rosebud. “You’ll probably love it though, either way, because you’re a cock-loving slut,” he hissed out as he worked the head of his cock into the asshole. So fucking tight around his mushroom cap top, Jason almost couldn’t stand the thought of what the rest of that tight asshole would feel like around his thick, ready to burst cock.

He worked the rest of his cock in, slowly, inch by excruciating inch. Both men were panting, grunting, loving the feeling. Eric was loving being stretched, even with the slight edge of pain from only having spit as lube. Jason couldn’t remember anything that had felt quite as tight as this little asshole did around his cock, and had to take a moment when he was finally all the way seated, his hips pressed against Eric’s ass.

He put both hands on Eric’s hips as Eric seemed about to move. “Don’t,” Jason breathed harshly. “I need a moment; otherwise I’m going to blow before I can properly pound this asshole, and I intend to fuck you until you can’t walk straight.” Eric shuddered at the thought; he hadn’t been fucked well in so long. Maybe that’s why he had taken the Viagra. Because he just needed to feel again. But he did as he was told, and held still; except for his ass, that was clenching and relaxing around Jason’s thick cock. That, he couldn’t help. Not that his ass had much room to clench down on; Jason’s cock was so broad inside him, he could barely feel any give.

As Jason got himself under control, he smoothed a hand down one of Eric’s ass cheeks, rubbing it, kneading it, spreading the cheek, and then rained a few hard smacks down on it.

Eric cried out, pushing his hips back even though there was nowhere for him to go; Jason’s cock was still fully embedded in his ass. Jason gave the same treatment to the other ass cheek, and then gripped both hips again. He started to slide his cock out, slowly, tortuously; as soon as just the tip of his dick was in, he rutted back in, fast, hard, and both men let out a long groan, although Eric’s sounded more like a keen.

Jason did the same slow, excruciating drawback, one more time, and then started fucking into Eric’s ass, with rough, quick jerks. Eric moaned with almost every thrust inside; it was hitting that fun batch of nerves, and even though he had cum so many times already in the past 4 hours, it was looking likely he was going to go off quickly again. He didn’t even need to touch his cock to feel such intense pleasure; was he going to cum without touching it?

“God, this ass is so tight on my cock,” Jason bit out, using extra force for a few drives into Eric’s hole. He leaned down to whisper into Eric’s ear “I’m gonna cream so much inside your little whole, you slut.”

“I’m close,” Eric wailed, the extra pressure of Jason’s deeper lunges into his ass and the dirty talk pushing him embarrassingly close to the edge. God, sometimes just the thought of cum could send him over the edge; he was a cum slut to the extreme. Always just wanted to be a cum deposit for any man who deigned to use him.

“You’re easy,” Jason mocked. “I’ve barely been fucking you for a minute and you’re already about to blow. Mersin Escort Then again, you couldn’t keep your hand off your cock in a stranger’s car, so that fits. You’re such a cock slut, aren’t you, baby? Can’t get the idea of being a dick-pleasing little whore out of your head, I bet you crave cock and cum day and night.”

Jesus, that was it. Eric loved being called a slut, too much, and he shot off like a rocket, cum spewing from his dick. It shot onto the seat of the car below him, and Jason told him, “You’re paying to clean that, slut, but first you’re going to lick it all up for me. I know you’ve tasted your cum before, so don’t pretend you haven’t; you’ve got cum slut written all over you, and that’s what cum sluts do. They eat cum, no matter whose it is.”

With as many times as Eric had already cum, there shouldn’t have been much left in his balls; but it just seemed endless as it shot, and then leaked, out of him. The extra demeaning words Jason were saying as Eric came were just prolonging the feelings, and Eric fucking loved it. When he stopped cumming, he finally felt it; his cock started to soften, finally. Not immediately; it was a slow process, but, at least it was happening.

Meanwhile, Jason was still jackhammering away at Eric’s asshole. Panting and grunting intermittently, his fingers gripping Eric’s hips so hard there might be fingerprints imprinted on them tomorrow. His grunting grew harsher, as Eric’s ass kept clenching and relaxing as he came down from his orgasm, and suddenly he pulled all the way out of Eric’s ass.

“Turn around,” he demanded, stroking his cock quickly. “I changed my mind, I want to cum all over that slutty face. Wanna mark your face with my cream, cockwhore.”

Eric almost got hard again at that command, but did as he was told; he turned around as quickly as he could, albeit a little awkwardly in the back seat of his uber driver’s car, and put his face right by Jason jerking his cock, and opened his mouth, tongue stuck out.

“Yeah, that’s it, slut,” Jason groaned. “Beg me for my load, baby,”

“Please give me your cum, sir,” Eric moaned. “I want your load so bad, all over my face; you were right, I’m just a cumslut, and I don’t just want your cum, I need it. I bet it’s going to be a big load, warm and gushing all over my face. I love feeling cum on or in me almost more than I love cumming.”

“Ughhhh,” Jason grunted, his hand stroking his cock roughly. “That’s it, here it comes, all for you, baby,” jerking his dick quickly until finally, he unloaded all over Eric. Eric’s eyes closed in bliss as he felt that first spurt of warm cream hit him right on the cheek, and it slowly made its way into his open mouth as the rest of the spurts of cum landed all over his face; one shot in his open mouth, one shot on his forehead, one right on his chin. Fuck, he was in Heaven; cream covering his face, his ass sore from a good, thorough fucking, and the Viagra was no longer affecting him.

Jason was still leaning over him, still twitching a bit from his orgasm, and one last little pearl of semen leaked from the tip of his cock; Eric leaned forward and licked it off, causing Jason to jerk hard. “Fuck,” he bit out. “Don’t,” he warned as Eric tried to go for another lick. He let out a raspy breath. “Fuck,” he said again, not as forcefully this time. “Holy fuck,” he repeated. He finally looked at Eric. “I’m getting your number,” he ordered, “and using it whenever I need to cum that hard. Jesus, your ass was as tight as fucking vise,” he went on, as he leaned into the front of his car to grab his phone and then he handed it to Eric.

Eric used one of his hands to wipe some of the cum off his face, and licked it off that hand. “Yes, master,” he responded, peering up at Jason through his eyelashes, hoping he looked coy. He grabbed Jason’s phone and, using his clean hand, typed in his number and just labeled himself “Slut” under the name part. “You can take me back home,” he said. “I don’t need to go to the hospital anymore. And,” he shyly added, “you can use my mouth or ass anytime you want.”

Jason laughed as he took his phone back. “That wasn’t an offer you needed to make,” he explained, “but thanks anyways. I will definitely be using you whenever and however I feel like it.”

He got out of the car, back into the front seat, and then drove Eric home, smiling the whole time about the interesting way this night had turned out.

Meanwhile, Eric was thinking to himself he was also grateful the way this night had turned out. The Viagra had made it out of his system. He felt much better now.