Doing It

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It’d been three days and still nothing.

He’d thought he might get some action on the first night, but had been disappointed when she’d disappeared with nothing more than a pat on his chest.

He’d almost hoped to get some action on the second night, but had been disappointed when she’d disappeared with nothing more than a chaste kiss on his cheek.

And now he was positively chomping at the bit for some action tonight.

She professed to not being that kind of girl, but he hadn’t believed it. She acted like that kind of girl. She looked and smelled like that kind of girl. She must be that kind of girl.

Perhaps she wasn’t that kind of girl with every other man, but he’d quickly decided that with him, she’d be that kind of girl. For him she’d give it up sooner. And like it.

They’d met up by chance, seated next to each other on a late night, cross-country flight. They’d started out in a minor disagreement over the overhead light. She’d want to read and he’d wanted to sleep, and a compromise wasn’t an option.

So he’d talked her ear off until she’d finally put the book down and turned off the light.

He’d smirked to himself, had barely managed to contain his snort of amusement at having gotten his way.

Had nearly choked when he felt the heat of a small hand find its way under the blanket and onto his upper thigh.

The brazen hussy had quickly turned the tables on him and sleep was no longer an option.

And she knew it because just as soon as his cock had sprung to attention, she’d removed her hand and turned the light back on. Quietly picked up her book and opened it to the marked page.

But he didn’t miss the glint in her eye or the subtle turn of her lips as she read her stupid book and ignored him.

By the time the plane landed he’d managed to assuage his feral thoughts, but really he wanted nothing more than to assuage his inner beast by plunging his hard cock into the warmth of her pussy. Or that delectable, smirking mouth.

How they’d both ended up in the lounge of the same hotel was beyond him, but he’d silently thanked the comedian of errors for making it so. Retribution was in sight.

He’d sent her a drink, she’d sent it back.

So he drank it.

Finally walked over to her and sat down in the chair beside hers.

She eyed him skeptically, but then went back to reading her book.

That stupid fucking book that she just couldn’t take her eyes off of for more than a moment.

“Is that a religious testament you’re reading or can you spare a few minutes for some conversation?”

She snorted, kept her eyes focused on the book as she responded, “Some may call it a religious experience, but I’m more realistic than that.”

“Then what would you call it?”


He’d been a little shocked by this confession and instantly became even more turned on.

A hot woman who appreciated the finer points of porn.


Or at least it had seemed to be so at the time.

Now, two nights later, he had to wonder where things had gone wrong.

This was his last night here. He had one last chance to fuck her and then it would be over.

He didn’t know her name and she didn’t know his, so after this there’d be nothing left. He’d have to live with the failure for the rest of his days and never know the feeling of having her naked beneath him. Over him. Beside him.

Failure was not an option.

She’d istanbul escort be waiting for him in the lounge. Seated at the bar, sipping an expensive scotch.

And if she had her way she’d spend the rest of the night teasing him.

But not tonight. Tonight he had a plan. A guaranteed, foolproof plan. A plan that would appeal to her inner porn star. Assuming, of course, that she really had one.

If not, he’d know it was all pointless and he’d be able to rest easy knowing she was a battle never to be won by anyone.

But if it worked — if it worked — he’d spend the rest of the night getting her out of his system.

He nodded to himself reassuringly as the elevator doors opened. Stepped into the lobby confidently and made his way into the lounge.

Immediately saw her seated at the bar, legs crossed, short skirt hiked up to reveal the very top of one thigh-high black stocking. She picked up her glass, her tongue slicking the rim as she brought it to her lips.

He swallowed, forced himself to continue forward, plan intact.

He didn’t stop until he reached her side, his hand coming up to cup the back of her head, his fingers threading in her hair and gripping tightly. He pulled slightly, not enough to actually hurt her but just enough to get her attention.

Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes met his, the flicker of surprise quickly firing into something else. Something dangerous and challenging.

He bent his head down until his lips touched her ear then whispered, “Let’s do this.”

He felt the shiver run through her body, heard her breathing accelerate. Was so focused on her inner reactions he didn’t notice her moving until her hands gripped his head and she pulled him to her.

Her lips were firm and hungry, her tongue swiping over his mouth, teasing and begging at the same time. He opened for her, stifling a gasp as she plundered his mouth, her tongue sliding along his teeth,

She whimpered into his mouth, her hands releasing his head and clutching at his shoulders.

Desire raged through him, pooling in his groin and quickly firing every needy cell in his body. He pulled away from her, grasping her hand and pulling her off the barstool. She didn’t wait for him to lead her from the bar, just gripped his hand tightly and walked towards the lobby.

Luckily, the elevator was already there.

And it was empty.

She entered before him. Pressed the button for his floor then turned to face him.

The door had barely closed before she was on him, her hands pulling his shirt from his pants, buttons flying everywhere as she yanked it open. She scratched her nails down his chest then dipped into the waistband of his pants, scraping along the lower part of his stomach.

He pushed her backwards until he had her pressed against the elevator wall, his hands yanking up her skirt so he could stroke her thighs, the silky smoothness of silk stockings and supple skin. He drank in her sigh of pleasure, his mouth hungrily meeting hers.

He bit back a needy groan as his hands travelled up her legs and over her hips to the smooth skin of her ass. He squeezed and massaged, even more turned on by the fact she hadn’t bothered with panties at all.

He started as the elevator door opened onto his floor, relieved no one was standing there waiting for them to right themselves before avcılar escort exiting. A soft giggle escaped from her now swollen lips, and he couldn’t help but smirk in return as they hurried down the hallway to his room.

The lock turned on the first try.

She entered before him, kicking her stilettos into the corner as she went. Pressed the switch on the small lamp just inside the hallway of his suite.

He’d barely got the door closed behind him before she was on him, her hands pushing his suit coat and shirt off over his shoulders. He shrugged out of them, grateful they hadn’t lost any of their momentum between the elevator and his room.

He gripped her leg and pulled it up over his hip, stooped down and heaved her up, groaning loudly as she wrapped both legs around him, her pussy aligned with his throbbing cock. He pressed her against the wall, pushing his erection against her pussy, swallowing her moan of pleasure as he kissed her.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, one hand gripping the back of his smooth head, keeping his mouth fused to hers. She bucked against him, rubbing her hot center on the front of his trousers, a shiver of excitement running through her and into him.

He staggered backward, carrying her with him as he moved across the room towards the bed.

Had to stop briefly by the desk, resting her ass on the desktop and he reaching into her top to caress her breasts, her mouth hot on his neck. Knocked the lamp over as he hefted her up again, this time making it as far as sofa. Paused briefly with her resting on the backrest, so he could enjoy the feel of her hands on his dick; her hot, wet mouth on his nipples.

Finally they made it to the bed and he eased her down on her back, spreading her legs and burying his face in her glistening pussy. There’s no teasing, no pretense of playing with her. Just a quick, thorough assault of lips and tongue, fingers spilling the proof of her lust as he plunges inside her slippery channel.

She arched off the bed, her thighs squeezing his head as she moans and pants with pleasure. She bucked her hips, rubbing her pussy against him, her hands gripping his head, his neck, her fingernails scoring lightly.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” She huffs, her words working as fuel; his lust roaring out of control.

He reared back, standing on shaking legs as he removes his shoes and trousers, kicks off his socks. Cursed as he kneels down to retrieve a condom from his trouser pocket.

Her eyes are on him as he rolls the condom on, and he settles back between her spread legs, the tip of his cock just brushing her entrance. He leaned over her, his hands grasping the front of her top, his eyes meeting hers briefly before he wrenched the material violently.

He groaned deep in his chest, his hands cupping and squeezing her ample breasts, his head coming down to suck the hard tips into his mouth. She clutched at his head again, felt her wet pussy rubbing against his cock as she bucked beneath him.

He released her breasts, eased his hips forward and pushed the head of his hard cock inside her.

Groaned as her heat enveloped him, his hands coming around to grip her ass, raising her to better receive him. He thrust into her completely, burying his dick inside her pulsing cunt. Pulled back slowly, paused for a moment before thrusting back inside her more forcefully.

She wrapped her legs şirinevler escort around him, crossing her ankles behind his ass, her hands coming up over her head to clutch at the headboard.

He can’t take his eyes off her, the hot concentration on her face, the way her full breasts jiggle with each inward stroke of his cock inside her.

“Harder,” she pants, “please. Fuck…”

He thrust himself deep, stopped briefly as he adjusted his knees and leaned back, using her own body as leverage for his rutting. He pulled his pelvis back, pushed inside her with renewed vigor, each moan and whimper fueling his every thrust.

He could feel her tightening around him; see her pleasure coiling inside her as he gave in to her breathy demands for more.

His breath caught on a grunt of pleasure as she released the headboard, the fingers of one hand rolling a nipple and the other reaching between them, rubbing her swollen clit.

She moaned loudly, her body jerking as her cunt tightened around his cock. “Fuck,” she gasped, her face twisting with pleasure, “I’m going to come. Fuck, yeah…just like that…”

He felt the quivering in her depths, watched her body tense until he thought she would shatter all around him. Felt her do so with a loud cry of satisfaction then felt her hands on his back as she pulled him into the abyss with her.

He pumped into her once, twice. Felt the ecstasy of his release inside her; a violent curse on his lips.

He collapsed on top of her, managing to take most of his weight on his elbows as he gasped for breath, small shocks of pleasure still pulsing through his entire body.

He could feel her heart pounding in time with his, felt her lips and tongue hot and wet on his shoulder, her nails now digging into the muscles of his back.

He eased off of her, rolling onto his back with his legs still entwined with hers.

Smirked in satisfaction as he noted their reflections in the mirror above the bed.

Him naked and her mostly clothed and worse for wear.

Both smiling,



He woke slowly, stretching his tired muscles with a loud groan. He blinked up at the ceiling then smirked at the image of himself sprawled on the messy bed. He sighed, stretched again.

Froze as he realized his recent bedmate was missing from the picture.

He sat up abruptly, scanning the room for any sign of her. Her clothing was missing, her shoes.

She was gone.

He flopped back on the bed, not sure if he was thankful or disappointed. It’s not like he really knew anything about her. She could’ve been anyone really.

Anyone who just happened to be intelligently sassy, obviously accomplished as well as sexy as hell.

He frowned, his eyes squinting up at his reflection as he contemplated his current dilemma: take the interlude as it was intended or hunt her down and do it again. And again. And again.

He got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, his eyes scanning the wreckage of his normally pristine hotel suite. He smirked again, puffing up a little as he remembered what had gone on during the night and into the wee hours of the morning.

He continued towards the bathroom, a small, white square leaning against his laptop catching his eye and he detoured towards the desk cautiously. Caught himself and laughed at his own paranoid idiocy.

It was a plain white business card. No name, no number, no insignia of any kind.

He frowned at the card. Briefly thought back to his childhood and wondered if there was a chance there was a secret message that needed illumination. Shook his head and laughed at his juvenile thoughts.

Laughed again as he flipped the card over and saw the message written there.

Every third Thursday. Xx