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. Don’t Come Home YetMar 2, 2015When Karen and I agreed to extend the sexual boundaries of our marriage a number of years ago, we started very gradually. At first, our adventures were restricted to shared mutual fantasies when we were in bed making love. As these became more and more explicit, the sexual intensity of our lovemaking increased, greatly exciting both of us. We progressed from shared fantasies to my wife beginning to dress more provocatively and from there to her occasionally flashing her body to other men.After almost a year, we found ourselves on vacation in Dallas, TX. Our second evening there, we went to a club for dancing and drinks. During the evening in that club, Karen gradually showed more and more of her body until she finally had her skirt high on her thighs allowing various men to see her very thin, white panties. She also danced with several other men for the first time. Our sex that night in our hotel room was incredible. My wife was fiery hot from the evening and essentially attacked me as soon as our hotel room door closed.The next evening brought another first. We decided to attend a swing club. Although we had agreed in advance that we would not participate but just watch, Karen quickly found herself the center of attention of several handsome, well-built men. Over the course of the evening, her resistance gradually crumbled with the result that she had sex with several of them. This was the first time in our marriage that other men had fucked my wife.Shortly after that vacation in Dallas, Karen and I went to dinner at a popular night club. Before dinner arrived, Karen accepted an invitation from a man to dance. They moved away to the dance floor leaving me alone at the table. Twenty or so minutes later, our dinner arrived. I tried to find my wife, but was unsuccessful. Later than night she told me that they had gone outside to the parking lot where he had fucked her.This story relates a series of events that occurred subsequent to the above sexual encounters. I hope you enjoy “Don’t Come Home Yet”. ————————————–It started one weekday afternoon. As usual, I was at work. Since I always arrive early, 7:00 to 7:30 AM, and take a short, 30-minute lunch, it was my practice to finish up the day’s activities around 4:00 PM and head for home. On most days, I would arrive by 4:30 PM, which gave me ample time to shower and dress for dinner if we were going out. I also enjoyed having a long evening with my beautiful wife.Karen’s 36D breasts always turn heads whenever we go somewhere. And when she passes someone, their gaze usually stays riveted on her shapely ass after she passes. Her legs are very sexy, especially when she wears 4-inch spike heels or sandals. Every single one of my colleagues at work envied me. Stan Bomar, my supervisor, once commented that I had the most beautiful wife he had ever seen. Specifically, he said, “I’m amazed that you can ever manage to get to work on time or that you have any energy left to do your job after you get here. Absolutely amazing!” Naturally, I loved it!At 3:00 PM on this particular day, the phone on my desk rang. I finished the calculations that I was making and answered just after the third ring.”Hello. Kirk here.””Hi, Honey. This is Karen. Don’t Come Home Yet! Stay at the office until I call you.””What’s going on?””Just what you think.””You have a man with you?””Yes.””He’s fucking you?””Not yet, but he’s going to. I’ll call later. Remember.. Don’t come home till I call.”Even though I still had at least an hour of work left to do, there was no way I could concentrate on work. All I could think about was her statement, “Don’t Come Home Yet” and the fact that there was man with her…probably fucking her right at the moment. I tried to figure out who it might be. But there was no way I could do that; it might even be a guy I don’t know and have never met.I had mixed emotions about the situation. On the one hand, the thought that my wife was having sex turned me on. It always did. But on the other hand, she had never done anything with another man when I wasn’t around. I was present in the swing club in Dallas. And I was in the restaurant when she went off with some guy to the parking lot.Finally, I gave up and went back to work to await my wife’s next phone call. At 5:00 PM, I was still waiting. Finally, at 5:40 PM, my phone rang. It was Karen.”Hi again, Honey. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. I haven’t had time to even start the dinner. How about meeting me at the Olive Garden at 6:30 PM. Is that Ok?””That’s fine. Are you all right?””Yes, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt a woman to be fucked, Honey. See you in about an hour.” The phone went dead. ——————————All though dinner, my wife was very animated and lively, but she said absolutely nothing about her phone call or the man who had fucked her that afternoon. It was as if it had never occurred. I held my tongue and waited.Since we have come in separate cars, there was no opportunity on the drive home to ask her about what had occurred that afternoon. Later, in our den, I sipped a glass of port and waited. Karen was darting from one room to another, keeping busy with trivial projects while I waited patiently.Finally, she sat in the chair opposite me, looking at the carpet in silence. When she looked up, she smiled and said, “I’m sure you want to talk about what happened this afternoon. Go ahead.””Well, to tell you the truth, the fact that you were entertaining a man here this afternoon has had me hot and hard ever since you called. But I am nervous about the fact that you didn’t tell me in advance, and you still haven’t told me who he was.””Entertaining a man… that’s a really diplomatic way of putting it, Darling. More precisely, I was being fucked by a man for most of the afternoon. Did it really excite you?””I have a very uncomfortable erection right now that I hope you take care of pretty soon.””Oh, I will… I promise. But why were you nervous? What made you nervous?””Well, you’ve always told me ahead of time before, and you’ve never had sex with a guy when I wasn’t around. I was worried that I might lose you. Am I going to lose you?”Karen came over and sat on my lap. “There’s no way you’re ever going to lose me, Kirk. I love you and only you. It was just sex this afternoon. You know that.” She wiggled her ass on lap. “Wow. You weren’t k**ding. It feels like you have an 8-inch, rock-hard cannon in your pants. I can hardly wait.””Who was it?”, I asked.”I think it’s better that I don’t tell you right now. Just trust me. I promise, I’ll tell you later. OK?””Well, I’m curious as hell, of course, but it’s really erotic and hot. Did you enjoy it?””He was good in bed. I had several orgasms, but right now I need for my stud husband to take me bed and use that huge cock in me.”I smiled at her, rose, took her hand and led her toward our bedroom. “I think you should know that I’m the best lover you will ever have regardless of who had his cock in you today.” That night I proceeded to prove that assertion to my wife. In the morning, she was radiant and glowing. ——————————–A week later to the day, the phone rang on my desk. It was 3:15 PM. As is my custom, I answered with”Hello. Kirk here.” This was followed for short period of silence. Then, I heard Karen’s voice.”Don’t come home yet. Call you later.””Is it the same guy?””Yes.””Does he know you’re calling me?””No. He’s in the bedroom waiting for me. I told him I needed to go to the bathroom first.””Are you naked?””No. I’m still wearing my heels. Don’t come home until I call.” She hung up.There was no more. The line was dead. Whoever was fucking my wife was clearly going to be in her again very shortly.The hours dragged by slowly as time always does when you’re waiting for something to happen. The clock showed 4:00 PM, and my wife had still not called. I waited another half hour and then headed for home.The drive home usually takes 20 minutes. This time I made the trip in just under 15 minutes. Once there, I was uncertain as to what to do. I just hadn’t thought all this out clearly. The last thing I wanted to do was rush in and find my wife being fucked. That would be embarrassing for everyone. I considered staying in my car until Karen called me on my cell phone, which I was certain she would do when she couldn’t reach me at my office.I procrastinated for 15 minutes, unable to decide what action to take, if any. At 5:00 PM, I walked to the front door and carefully used my latch key to let myself inside. Pausing in the doorway, I listened to see if I could hear any of the telltale sounds of my wife having sex. Hearing nothing, I closed the door and went in search of Karen.In the kitchen, I found dinner cooking on the stove. It was pot roast and smelled delicious. The dining room table was set, complete with candles and a bottle of red wine that was chilling in an ice bucket. Finding no one in the den, I ventured into the living room. Nothing seemed amiss, but again, my wife was no where to be found.I knew that I was deliberately postponing the obvious place to look, the master bedroom. Our bedroom is at the end of the hallway. Before I was halfway to the door, I heard my wife’s rhythmic groaning.”AAAHHH” .., pause then, “AAAHHH” .. , followed by another pause then, “AAAHHH” .. “AAAHHH” .. “AAAHHH” .. “AAAHHH” .. “AAAHHH”, over and over, the deep groans of a woman being fucked.When I reached the door and carefully tried the doorknob, I found it locked. From my position right at the door, I could hear another sound mixed in with my wife’s groans:WHOOMPF … “AAAHHH”…..WHOOMPF … “AAAHHH”…..WHOOMPF … “AAAHHH”…..WHOOMPF … “AAAHHH”…..WHOOMPF … “AAAHHH”….. again and again.I didn’t need to see into the room to know what the sounds were. My wife’s lover was slowly delivering one hard thrust after another into my wife’s pussy, and she was groaning every time his cock thudded into the bottom of her vagina. I couldn’t tear myself away from the door. My cock was probably almost as hard as his. I began to squeeze my dick through my pants. I thought I might cum. Cum in my pants listening to someone fucking my wife. That would be a first, I thought with not a little chagrin. The tempo of the fucking increased:WHOOMPF..”AAHH”..WHOOMPF..”AAHH”..WHOOMPF..”AAHH”..WHOOMPF..”AAHH”..WHOOMPF ..”AAHH”The sound of his body hitting my wife’s were so loud that I knew he had to be mounted on top hammering it into her. A few minutes later, the sounds changed and the volume increased:WHOMPF..”UNGGH”..WHOMPF..”UNGGH”..WHOMPF..”UNGGH”..WHOMPF.. “UNGGH”..”OHHH..HARDER.. YOU BIG STUD..FUCK ME FASTER..HARDER..I’M GONNA CUMMMMMMMM.”WHOMPF..WHOMPF..WHOMPF..WHOMPF..WHOMPF..WHOMPF.WHOMPF..WHOMPF”UUNNGGHHH…I’M CUMMINNGGGGGG…SHOOT IT INNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.”The stud on her did just that. He grunted over and over. I could easily imagine his load pumping into my wife. Afterwards, the sounds stopped and I heard nothing more from inside our bedroom. I stayed at the door for another ten minutes. Just about the time I decided to leave, I heard a male voice.”Ohhh yeah, Karen. Suck it.. suck it all the way in.. God.. love that. No one can suck a cock you like you, Honey.”I stayed at the door until I heard him grunting like a bull. I had no doubts about what was causing him to grunt like that. ——————————————–I returned to my car and waited for my wife to call me. I also watched the house to see if I could see who came out. For some reason, I never did see anyone coming out. A little after 6 PM, my cell phone rang.”Hello.””Where are you? I called your office, but there was no answer.””I couldn’t stand the wait any longer. I’m on my way home. Be there in 10 minutes or so. Is it OK to come home now?””Yes. Come on. I’ve got a nice dinner almost ready.”When I entered the house, Karen greeted me with a very warm, passionate kiss.”Dinner is almost ready. Why don’t you pour the wine and let it breathe.”As I poured, I said, “Dinner smells fantastic! I love your pot roast.””I’ve cooked the potatoes in with roast the way you like. We’re having fresh green beans, a garden salad, and tiramisu for dessert.””Wow. You must have been working at this dinner all afternoon.””Well..not all afternoon. I was busy with some other matters too.” she laughed.”Did your lover fuck you again this afternoon?””Every time I call you to tell you dinner will be late or something, it doesn’t mean I’m with a man being fucked, Honey.””That’s certainly true, but you really didn’t answer my question.””What do you think the answer is?”, my wife challenged.”I think you got fucked this afternoon, several times.”She came over kissed me again and felt of my hard cock. “MMMmmm…love you hard like this. And you’re right. My pussy got a real workout this afternoon, but it will be ready and waiting for this big cock.” She squeezed me again.Dinner tasted even better than it smelled. Afterwards, we had some port and relaxed in front of the TV for a couple of hours. At 10 PM, Karen went into our bedroom. Fifteen minutes later she came out wearing a robe. That didn’t surprise me, but the fact that she still had on her heels did.Looking at me, she asked, “May I turn off the TV or are you into something you really want to finish watching?”When I shrugged, she turned off the set. “I want to ask you to do something for me. Will you do it and not ask for explanations?””Sure. If that’s what you want. What is it?”Reaching into the pocket of her robe, she withdrew one of my belts. She handed it to me without saying a word. Then she tossed five sofa cushions onto the carpet. Turning to face me, she let her robe fall from her shoulders revealing her nakedness underneath except for the heels.Still without speaking, she turned her back to me and knelt on the cushions, one under each of her knees and elbows, her head resting on another. She pulled her knees forward to elevate her beautiful ass high in the air. Her knees were spread so that her fluted vagina was fully exposed by the position. Reaching back, she pulled used both hands to pull her ass open completely. “Can you see my hot wet cunt and ass, Honey? Do I need to spread wider?””I can see every thing, Honey. Every fold and crevice of your beautiful cunt.””I want you to whip me with your belt. Whip me hard.””Why would I want to do something like that to the woman I love?”, I questioned. “I think it’s hot that you’re having sex with someone.””Because I’m a dirty slut and you know it. I know we agreed to expand our sexual limits but what I’m doing is outside those limits. I’m effectively cheating on you. I’m not telling you who’s fucking me. I will later, but not now. So, give me what I deserve.. a hard, sound whipping by my husband. “Please.. don’t talk. Just do it. Whip me.. HARD!”I doubled the belt and held the buckle so it would not strike her. I brought it down lightly across her full fleshy buttocks. There was a slapping noise when it struck causing a light red streak to appear on her ass. I repeated the action again. Her ass quivered deliciously. If this was a new sex game, it was having the desired effect. My cock was now so hard it hurt.My wife screamed from the floor. “Damn you! Hard.. I need to be whipped hard. I don’t want a sexy spanking. WHIP ME!!”I gave her what she asked for. Once, twice.. three times until three angry, large welts crisscrossed her shapely ass. “OOooohhhh godd… hurts… AGAIN..WHIP ME AGAIN!” I lashed the belt across her ass a fourth time.Karen screamed in pain, then yelled at me, “NOW FUCK ME IN THE ASS..HARD.. AND MAKE ME CUM!” She spread her knees as wide as possible. Her hands jerked her ass cheeks open presenting her hole. “Ohhhh hurry, Kirk… Fuck my assss…”It took me 20 seconds to remove my pants and shorts. She moaned and thrust her ass up and down the entire time. Moving up to her inviting hole, I put my cock against her asshole and started to slowly work it into her. As soon as I exerted a little pressure, her asshole spread wide open allowing my entire 8 inches of cock to sink smoothly and completely into her depths. Obviously, her lover had made good use of Karen’s ass that afternoon. My wife moaned and came. Her back passage was slick and kocaeli escort wet allowing me to fuck easily all the way in and out of her on every stroke. After just a few deep strokes, she was cumming a second time. Five minutes later when I shot a massive cum load into my wife’s ass, she had her third orgasm.———————————————–Less than a week later, Monday to be exact, my phone rang a little after 3 PM.”Hello. Kirk here.””Don’t come home yet!””Is he in you now?””No, but soon. I’ll call when you can come home.”I started to protest this time, but my wife had already hung up. “To hell with this. I’m not waiting this time.” At 3:25 PM, I was parked down the street from our house.Getting out of my car, I walked toward our home. There was no car parked either in our driveway or in front of our house. For a moment, I thought maybe Karen had left for some other place. Our garage has a small window on the side. I decided to see if her car was still here. When I looked in the window, I saw her Avalon and also a BMW that I did not recognize. My wife obviously had company and that company probably had his cock in her at the moment.Opening the garage door would have made too much noise, but it was easy to simply break the garage window. I tried to open the door of the BMW, but it was locked. I knew the car had an alarm and any attempt to gain entry would set it off. So much for checking the registration papers to see who was doing Karen.Walking around our house, I saw that the blinds on the patio doors off our den were closed as were the blinds on the windows of the master bedroom. It’s not unusual for us to have the blinds closed in our bedroom, but we never close them in the den unless we intend to make love on the couch. This time he must have decided to fuck my wife in our den.I walked around the house to the stairs leading to the upstairs deck outside one of the guest bedrooms. We had had it installed as a combination deck and fire escape. My key turned smoothly in the latch, and a moment later I was inside our home. The stairs led directly to the den. I heard my wife moaning before I even started down the stairs.I fully expected to see them fucking on the couch in the den. Halfway down the stairs I could see that they had indeed been using the couch. There was a sheet spread over the cushions to keep them from becoming stained with cum. It was totally rumpled. I could imagine how hard he must have been fucking her to mess it up that much. However, they must have finished and gone back to the master bedroom again because that was the source of my wife’s moans.Again, I found the door of our bedroom locked, and again I heard the same moans and grunts I had heard the previous week.”Aaahhh yesss…like that…LIKE THAT….UNNGGGHHH…GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEE… FUCK ME, STUD.. UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UNG”During the next ten minutes, I heard my wife cum twice. After that, I heard her lover:”Get ready, Bitch. Here’s comes the load.”Judging from my wife’s screams, he pumped it into her a moment later.At that point, I left and returned to work. At 6:30 PM, Karen called me and I told to meet me at a popular Mexican restaurant for dinner. As soon as we had returned from dinner, it was the same story again. We had great sex, but she still declined to tell me who her lover was. ——————————————-A week later, I waited at my desk for the phone to ring and my wife to tell me once again “Don’t come home yet”. This time, however, there was no call. Nor was there one the next day or the next. In fact, there were no more calls. I asked my wife what was happening, but she just said she didn’t call because she wasn’t “entertaining a man” as I had put it a few weeks before.On Monday of the following week, Stan asked me to come into his office as he had some news for me. I walked in, took a seat, and watched my supervisor pour us both a snifter of 25-year old cognac. He handed me my glass, but indicated that I should wait to taste it.”Are you comfortable? Ready for the news?”When I nodded, he said, “You’ve just been promoted to Chief Project Engineer for the Company with a salary more than twice what you’re making now, a company car, and a travel allowance. Unfortunately, I’m not your boss any longer. We’re essentially equals on the company’s organization chart. Congratulations, Kirk. Well earned and well deserved.”He raised his glass, held it out toward me. I clinked mine against his and we both drank the fantastic cognac, pausing only to laugh and enjoy the moment.————————-That night I took my wife out to the Carriage House, a five-star restaurant with no entree priced below $75. I ordered a bottle of Chateau Latour to go with the Filet de Beouf Bourdelais that we both selected. As we waited for dinner, I told her the fantastic news. She was as ecstatic as I was.After dinner, I took my beautiful wife dancing and practically had sex with her on the dance floor. And later, when I parked our car in our driveway, we didn’t make it out of the car. Karen had already taken off all her clothes on the drive home and was naked in the back seat waiting for me with her legs wide open. I tore off my clothes, scrambled over the seat, and mounted her immediately. She was wet and ready. Her legs locked around me and pulled me into her body. The fucking was fantastic. She came several times and I put two loads into her before we decided to carry on in our bedroom.————————It was two weeks later that I was leaving my new office and new responsibilities to drive home to my wife’s arms when I had the embarrassing experience of forgetting where I had parked my car. Most of us have had that experience. And to make matters worse, all your friends and colleagues can tell when you’ve done it. They see you wandering around the parking lot, cursing, looking in every direction, and they know. Most can’t resist k**ding you. I’ve done it to others many times.Totally lost, I wandered into an area of the large parking lot that I usually never used. My car was not there, of course, but another car was. It was a BMW that I had seen before! I knew it to be the BMW that had been parked in my garage that day over a month ago. The evidence was the horizontal scratch on the passenger-side door that I had seen when I had tried to gain entrance to the vehicle.Forgetting for the moment about my own car, I called Karen and told her that I would delayed. “Will that be a problem with dinner? We can go out if it is.” She assured me there would no problem. She could easily keep dinner warm in the oven until I got home.I waited behind another car parked right behind the BMW. I only had to wait about 10 minutes or so before the owner of the car approached. He pressed his remote door opener. The door clicked open, the owner climbed inside, and slowly drove out of the parking lot. I stood there watching the BMW with Stan Bomar at the wheel leaving the lot.After dinner that evening, I asked Karen to sit on my lap in the den. She giggled and happily took a seat.”I like our new furniture”, she teased as her ass moved sensuously over my erection. “It has a really nice feature, sort of bumpy but I love it.””I’m going to tell you something, but first I want you know how much I love you and how lucky I think I am to have a fantastic woman and wife like you.” I kissed my wife tenderly and then passionately, letting my tongue caress hers.”I’m almost certain that I’ve worked out what happened last month when you kept calling and telling me not to come home. I know who was fucking you and I’m pretty certain I know why you were having sex with him.” I paused while she waited in silence. Finally, I told her.”You were entertaining my boss, Stan Bomar, between your legs all those afternoons. And I think you did it to help me get the promotion I have been trying to land for several years. I think you also enjoyed the sex a lot, but you did it without telling me because you didn’t want me to let my ego order you to stop. How am I doing as a detective?””You’re doing very well, Mr. Chief Project Engineer. Since you know, would you like to hear all the hot dirty details while you’re busy fucking your slutty whore wife?””I can’t wait”, I said. Let’s go in the bedroom so we can be comfortable while you confess. Afterwards, I’ll fuck your slutty ass off.””MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm… oh please..please..don’t fuck my ass off, Sir. It’s a very sexy, beautiful ass and you may wish to fuck it again sometime”, she teased as we moved to the bedroom. ==============================================(Now the full story)It started about three months ago on a spring afternoon when I was bored to death and very horny. It had been over a month since I had been fucked in the parking lot. As I sat alone in the kitchen thinking about the way he had fucked me, making me cum again and again, I got hotter and hotter until I could feel my wetness on my thighs.Without giving it much thought, I went to our bedroom stripped off the jeans and blouse I was wearing in favor of a miniskirt and tight, low-cut sweater that showed off my cleavage and molded my tits. I decided to forego stockings in favor of sandals with three-inch heels and straps. I considered forgetting my panties, but in the end compromised by putting on a thong. Applying some red lip gloss, earrings, bracelets and several rings, I drove to the Marriott Inn lounge hoping to ease my boredom.The bartender came over as soon as I had taken a seat at the bar. He was a rugged, well-built black guy, strikingly handsome, very masculine and virile in appearance. His shirt fit tightly about his muscular body. He smiled showing a set of perfect white teeth and said, “Hi. I’m Brice and I’m at your service beautiful lady. What can get for you?” I thought seriously about asking him to put his cock between my thighs.”I’m Karen. How about a screwdriver?” Moments later the drink was in front of me. “Are you staying at the Inn”, Brice asked me.”No. I just came in for a drink.””Well, I’m delighted that you did. Makes my day.” He smiled again.The way I was dressed, it wasn’t long before men started approaching me. The first one was maybe early 50s, overweight and not interesting. I declined his offer to buy me a drink. The second guy was younger, better looking, but too crude in his approach. He turned me off.That seemed to be the way things were going. Finally, a young man in his mid 20s asked permission to join me. He was a very good looking guy who obviously liked what he saw. I accepted his offer to buy me a drink. He told me he was in town on business that was now completed so that he had the rest of the day and night free. He smiled and politely asked if he could take me to dinner and dancing later.This was exactly why I had dressed hot and come here. Therefore, I was amazed to hear myself declining his invitation. He clearly wanted to have sex with me or at least have the opportunity to try, and I was saying “no”. As he walked away dejected, I shook my head. “What in the hell is the matter with you. If you didn’t want to get laid, why did you come here in the first place?”, I thought.I was about to leave, when another man slipped onto the seat beside me. When I looked over, I saw was that it was Stan, your boss. I was acutely embarrassed. From the way I was dressed, sitting alone in a lounge in the middle of the day, it didn’t take a genius to figure out what I was doing. But Stan was a complete gentleman.”Hi, Karen. I can’t believe my luck in finding you here. I came in intending to drink alone, but now I have the most beautiful wife in the company with me. I hope you don’t mind if I join you?””Not at all. Please.” I motioned to the vacant chair beside me. Stan saw I was drinking a screwdriver, so he ordered another one for me and bourbon on the rocks for himself.As we sipped our drinks, I asked him how his wife, Allison, was. He just shrugged. “Allison is Allison. All the time. Sort of boring. Can’t get her to try anything new.””I used to be that way, but Kirk and I made some changes about a year ago.””And?””Everything is much better for both of us now. Don’t give up. Sooner or later, Allison will come around and be willing to try new things.””What changes did you and Kirk make?”I didn’t blush, but I did smile broadly. “We just agreed to try new things. If we found they were uninteresting or boring, we just eliminated those and explored the ones that pleased us both.””Care to be more specific?””No. It’s personal.” While I didn’t tell him, I really didn’t have much doubt that he had figured out what the changes were.The conversation hit a lull. Stan used the time to let his eyes roan over my body. He paid particular attention to my cleavage and to my legs and thighs, much of which were exposed by the short miniskirt I was wearing. He made no effort to hide the fact that he was checking me out.”Like what you see?”, I asked smiling.”I love it! You are the hottest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. I’ve told your husband many times that I don’t see how he can possibly have any energy left to do his job after sleeping with you all night.”Laughing, I said, “Well, I try to take it easy on him.”He didn’t laugh. He just kept staring at me, shaking his head like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Then, without preamble, he said,”I want to have sex with you. Not once, but many, many times.””I know. You’re a very handsome, virile-looking man. Incredibly sexy..almost as much so as my husband. But I don’t think it would be a good idea.”Stan was silent for awhile. I was just about to thank him for the drink and take my leave, when he said, “I think it would be a very good idea and beneficial to all of us.””Why so?””One of the most important, lucrative, and prestigious positions in the company is currently open, “Chief Project Engineer”. I’m sure Kirk has mentioned it to you.””Well, not more than a hundred times. He’s had his eye on that job for several years.””I know. And he is almost certainly the best qualified man in the company for the position. The Board of Directors has asked me for my recommendation as to who should be selected. Normally, it is politically astute for me to give the Board a list of two or three qualified candidates from which to choose. That way, they feel empowered and also share the responsibility if the choice turns out badly.”I waited in silence for Stan to continue.”I don’t have to do things “normally” here. If I were to submit a single name to the Board along with a letter stating that, in my opinion, Kirk is so far and away the best qualified person for the job that I feel it would be a disservice to the Board and to the Company to submit additional names, I believe that it is almost certain that Kirk would be offered the position.””Would you be willing to do that if I agree to have sex with you?””No. I wouldn’t do that for a one-night stand with you, even as much as I want to fuck you. It would have to be more than that.””How much more?”Stan didn’t hesitate. “Thirty days.”I was startled. “You want me to leave my husband and spend a month with you? Kirk wouldn’t stand for that and neither would Allison.””I didn’t mean for you to leave Kirk for a month. I meant on 30 different occasions, when it’s safe, we spend several hours together. After that, if we both enjoy it, we can continue. If not, we end it. Maybe by that time, Allison will be willing to expand our activities and we can bring her and Kirk into our meetings and have erotic foursomes.””That seems excessive”, I ventured.”You think so? The Chief Project Engineer makes all major engineering decisions for the entire corporation. The position carries a starting salary over twice what Kirk now makes, a car, a travel allowance, a variety of other perks, and almost unlimited opportunities for further advancement. But I tell you what, I’ll make the deal even more attractive for you.””First, I write the letter, let you read it and mail it so you know that I’ve kept my end of the bargain. If you aren’t satisfied with the letter, I will revise it according to your directions. Second, in exchange for the recommendation, we meet 15 times. If and when Kirk receives the appointment, the remaining 15 meetings are konya escort added. Third, if, at any time, I don’t please you sexually or as a person, if you find me unpleasant and regret your decision, you simply tell me that and all further obligations are cancelled.””That doesn’t seem quite fair to you. Why would you agree to that?””Because I’m sure that Kirk has told you a lot about me. I’m kind and I’m fair. I’m also very considerate and honest. I use my authority to try to help others. And, quite frankly, I’m think I’m a very good lover. If you don’t enjoy sex with me, I couldn’t enjoy it either. So I’m really not risking anything.”We were both silent for some time. Then, Stan asked, “Do we have an agreement? If so, I’ll write the letter tomorrow. You can read it, edit it, and mail it.”I smiled, running my tongue over my lips in the process. I also uncrossed and then recrossed my legs letting my skirt ride much higher on my thigh. “If I agree, you’re going to fuck me a lot aren’t you?”It was his turn to smile. “You aren’t going to believe just how much. In fact, I want the first of the 15 meetings to be today..right now. I’m so hard, I can’t believe it. What do you say?”For an answer, I placed my hand on his crotch and smiled. It was huge and I didn’t think it was even completely hard. I had to ask: “Does it get even bigger?””With you, it will get a lot bigger. And you’re not going to believe how it will stretch open your pussy…wide and deep. How far is it to your place?””About ten miles or so.””Quite a ways. We’ll take your car anyway. That way mine won’t be parked in your driveway and make people talk. I can get a cab to bring me back. Ready?”Judging from the wetness between my thighs, I was more than ready. Stan was going to get into me big time, and, as a result, I was going to get my husband the promotion he wanted. The thought was wildly exciting. I knew that this was beyond the limits Kirk and I had set, but I was too hot to stop. Besides, Stan had agreed that I could stop whenever I wanted. As things turned out, my brain might have thought I could stop, but my pussy had very different ideas.————————————When we reached my car, I asked Stan if he would like to drive. “No. You drive. I would rather concentrate on you.”That’s exactly what he did. “Your legs look gorgeous. Hard to believe that you’re not wearing hose. Pull your skirt higher.”I pulled it up to the top of my thighs. “Absolutely gorgeous. Have you had much cock between those luscious thighs?”I shook my head no. “I’ve only had four men other than Kirk since we’ve been married, and those four have all been in the last few months.””Well, after today, it will be five. It looks like your cunt is shaved. Is it? Do you moan and scream when you cum?””Yes and yes”, I said softly. This man was turning me on.. really turning me on.”Lift your ass… need to get that thong off of you. The truckers want to see your hot pussy.” I felt my vagina contract at the thought of all the truckers seeing my cunt.I lifted my hips slightly. That was all Stan needed. In one motion, he stripped my thong down my legs and off.”Damn, Girl. You’re dripping.” He ran his finger through my moist slit. When he was on my clit, my hips began to hunch.”Oohh Oh OH OH … uunngghh..””You’re not completely shaved. I like that small strip of bush right above your clit.He stopped before I could cum. “Pull the sweater down below your tits. Stick them out. I’ll hold the wheel for you.”While he kept the car on the road, I pulled the sweater down until both of my 36D tits were sticking out.””Lean forward”, he commanded. When I did it, he reached up the back of my sweater and unhooked my bra. Once unhooked, he pulled it off my tits easily so that they were completely exposed.”Pull up along side that 18-wheeler up there.”When I had the car right alongside, Stan waved to the driver and pointed to my naked tits. The semi driver gave two blasts of his horn when he saw them. Next, Stan pointed to my exposed cunt. Another blast of the horn followed.”Reach down and open your hot hole for the guy. Let him see it.”When I held myself open, I got three more horn blasts.Throughout the drive to our house, Stan had me expose myself to every driver on the road. At one point, he had me pull alongside an SUV being driven by a young housewife. He blew my horn to get her attention, and when she looked over, he was hefting my tit and showing it to her. She continued to drive beside us all the way to our turn off. Stan told me he could see her arm moving and that she was masturbating while watching me. When he had me arch my hips up and spread my pussy lips for her, he told me she had cum.I parked in the garage and we entered our house through the kitchen so no one would see Stan with me. As soon as we were inside, he had his hands on my naked tits, cupping them, while his lips explored my neck and cheek. Then one hand slid down to my pussy where he began to finger my clitoris. I was moaning and thrusting myself against his hand. He whispered in my ear:”You’re gonna be a delicious hot fuck. Do you think it would bother your husband to know that I’m going to be fucking you in your bed this afternoon.. your legs around my hips..my big cock fucking in and out of your hot, married cunt? Would you like for me to take you up against one of the walls or on the floor?””Usually my husband gets hard watching a man fuck me, but I don’t know how he would feel about a handsome stud like you with a monster cock giving it to me. And you can take me any where you like, Honey.””Damn Girl… I knew you had dynamite tits, but I never imagined they were this big and firm.”His cock jerked again and again against my ass as his fingers squeezed my hard nipples, his hands hefting and fondling my tits.”Are you going to fuck me here or do you intend to take me in the master bedroom?”The thought of fucking me in my marriage bed made Stan’s cock dance against my ass. Turning me around, he kissed me hard, his tongue sliding in and out of my mouth, flicking against my tongue. He led me into the bedroom without his mouth leaving mine.Once in the bedroom, he put me on my back and told me to put a pillow under my hips. He never took his eyes off of me as he undressed. When he pulled down his jockey shorts, his huge cock sprang straight up..standing tall.. 10 inches of thick manmeat. It’s head was coated with precum. It was easily over five inches around. “My god.. you’ve even bigger than Kirk, and he’s huge.”I cupped my big tits, steepled my knees, and pressed my heels into the mattress elevating my cunt. Moments later, he had his fingers and tongue buried in my slit. While his fingers spread me wide open, his tongue explored all the folds of my cunt. Then, it probed inside my sex hole and from there up to my hard, erect clitoris. I hissed in hot passion as his tongue stroked up and down the shaft of my clitoris and then over its throbbing head. My hips rose off the pillow, and I made the sounds a woman makes when she’s going to cum.At that moment, Stan mounted me and began to work his huge cock into my cunt. Two inches sank into my waiting vagina causing me to moan. I lifted my legs higher, and he stretched my vagina with two more inches of hard cock. I felt myself throbbing around it, juices creaming out of my cunt and coating the big invading shaft.”Ohhh give me moreeeeeeeeee…”, I moaned, ramming my hips against him. I was rewarded with another inch of his thick fuck stick. He stopped, pulled four inches out of me, and slowly pushed them back inside my wet hole. I groaned in helpless passion as I felt that big dick stretching me wide open.”Oohhh gawd… push more cock into meeeeeeeeeeeee… give it to me…please.”Stan gave me four more inches of his cock, and I began to babble and groan as I felt nine inches of that monster buried in my cunt.”Ohhh OH OH… Damn You! Damn You! Stop torturing me and fuck me! Hurry..please HURRY!””Are you ready to be fucked, Karen?”I was panting so hard, I couldn’t answer. Nothing but passionate moans and grunts came from my mouth. My hips forced my pussy up and down the length of his huge penis.”You know when I came over here, I intended to fuck you don’t you? You showed me your hot thighs in the bar to get me hard..you teasing Bitch… I’m going to fuck you now, Honey.””Ah ah ah ah ah …oohhh… yessssssss…. do it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!””Reach down and pull your lips apart… expose your hot, wet cunt hole for fucking, Karen. Be a hot whore and expose yourself to my cock.”Instantly, my fingers locked onto the lips of my pussy and spread them wide, exposing the depths of my vagina. At the same time, I jacked my legs high and spread wide open.”Ooohhh FUCK IT FUCK IT.. FUCK IT…””What do you want me to fuck, Karen? Tell me.””My CUNT HOLE…FUCK MY CUNT … MY MARRIED CUNT….STICK IT IN MEEEEEE..””Rub your clit, Karen. Make yourself cum while I keep my cock buried inside your pussy. When you cum, I’ll start fucking you.”I was boiling hot..so hot it didn’t occur to me to hesitate. Almost as soon as I began to stroke my clitoris, it exploded in hard spasms causing my juices to spurt out. Stan saw me squirting and began ramming his cock all the way in and out of my cunt in hard fuck strokes. My orgasm peaked and I began screaming as he fucked me..and fucked me… and fucked me..He rammed me and rammed me with that monster cock, now sinking its entire length into my cunt. I came a second time… and then a third time as that thick cock stretched my pussy wide open every time he buried himself inside me. I felt his cock jerk..throb.. and begin ejaculating the cum into my depths. I held my legs up and back totally exposing my hole to maximize the intensity of his orgasm. Every time he shot in another gush of semen, he grunted, held my ass, and ground his cock into my throbbing hole.That was just the beginning. Thirty minutes later, Stan had me tied to the bed with a pillow under my hips to elevated my cunt. I was naked except for the heels, which he left on me because he thought I looked hotter that way. He got my electric vibrator form the bedside table, plugged it in and turned it to the high setting. Moving between my thighs, he began working the tip of the vibrator over my thighs, my tits, and my nipples. When he had me moaning, he put the tip on my clitoris. I exploded instantly. But he wouldn’t stop… He just waited a moment and pressed it back against my clit shaft. Soon, I was begging him to stop and let me rest. Another orgasm surged through my pussy even as I begged him to stop.He fucked me two more times until a few minutes after 5 PM. I told him my husband usually came home around 5:30 PM and that he had to leave immediately. He had his clothes on and was out the door in less than five minutes. I straightened the bedcovers, rushed into the bathroom and showered, finishing five minutes before Kirk arrived home.————————————–The next day, Stan arrived at my front door less than 15 minutes after my husband had departed for work. I was still wearing slippers and a robe over my nightie. He had the robe off of me 15 second after he entered the house. A minute later, he had me bent over the kitchen table, my nightie up over my tits, his cock sliding into my wet pussy where it fucked me to the first of a dozen or more orgasms I had that day.That afternoon around 3 PM, Stan had me in the master bedroom fucking me doggie when he thought it would be hot for me to call Kirk while his cock was pumping in and out of his wife’s pussy.”What should I say to him? I never call him at work for trivial things.””Just tell him not to come home yet. That you will call him again when its time for him to come home.””He’s not a dummy. He will figure out that some guy is fucking me.”Stan pumped me harder and began stroking my clitoris. “That’s ok. You said he gets turned on by guys fucking you. This will just get him hot. He’s fuck you better tonight. Just don’t tell him about me or who I am. Nothing. Just let him wonder who’s giving it to you.”I made the call that Kirk has already told you about. What he couldn’t tell you is that Stan shot me full of cum while I was talking to him and that I came as soon as I had hung up.I called Kirk around 5:30 PM or so and arranged to meet him at the Olive Garden for dinner. Stan fucked me again before he left that evening.——————————————Stan called me the next morning after Kirk was gone. He said he had put the letter of recommendation in my mailbox during the evening. “Read it, let me know if you’re satisfied with it. If so, mail it.”I told him I would, and then he asked, “Are you going to cancel our agreement? This is your last chance. If you don’t cancel now, I expect you to be available to me for another 13 days at the very minimum. And if Kirk gets the appointment, another 15 days after that.”I told him I would keep our agreement. I could almost see him smiling through the telephone. And so was I. ——————————————Several days elapsed without my seeing Stan. Then, one morning after my husband had left for work, he called to tell me he was coming over.After he hung up, I rushed to my bedroom to put on something hot. I settled on a very brief halter that hardly covered half of my tits, a pair of skin-tight short shorts that were cut high on my buttocks and were two sizes too small. My cunt slit and ass crease were both perfectly molded by the shorts. I selected a pair of red pumps with 4-inch heels. That was it. I looked like a Sunset Boulevard whore.Stan arrived at 10:30 AM. He took one look at me and told me to sit on the couch.”Open your legs so I can see your pussy!”, he ordered.Immediately, I spread as wide as I could. My hips were grinding on the couch. “Spread wider! Get your legs up and open.”I pulled my legs up onto the couch and moved them as far apart as possible. Pressing my heels into the cushions of the couch, I arched my hips and presented myself to my lover. As he watched, his eyes right on my cunt, I ran my fingers up and down the crotch of my shorts pressing the material deeply into my sex slot.”God.. you look so damn hot. Feel my cock!”He moved closer so I could reach his massive organ. When my hand had wrapped around the throbbing 10-inch shaft, I couldn’t suppress a moan. “I’m turning you on aren’t I? I’ve really got you hard and hot.””Very much.” He felt of my cunt. “Your cunt is warm, juicy, and tight. I think that you’re getting hot too.””How can you tell? I’m just dripping all over the couch.”He pulled my halter down and bared my breasts, stroking my nipples as he did so.Stan unzipped his pants and released his big, throbbing prick. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it..big, hard, throbbing, leaking precum..a huge pussy pleaser. I gripped it. My hands wouldn’t go all the around the shaft. “God.. you’re just huge”, I moaned. “Kirk’s big not like this.His hands went to my hips. His fingers hooked in my shorts. As my hips lifted, he pulled my shorts off exposing my wet, open pussy. Moving between my open thighs, his tongue licked along my inner thigh up toward my slit. I couldn’t suppress a moan when I felt his tongue darting in and around my cunt lips. He lapped my juices as his tongue eased into the folds of my cunt.”OOOhhh god… I’m ready. Fuck me now!!””You want me to screw you?”Oh yesssss…put it in me.”He pushed me onto my back on the couch, moved my legs apart, and pressed his hips between my thighs. I moaned when I felt his rigid cock slip into my open cunt. Two inches sank into me and stopped.”Hell… don’t tease me. Fuck Me, Stan. FUCK ME!!””Love to, Honey”. He rammed forward driving his huge sex gun into my love hole. It sank in..in..in..in.. until it had filled my cunt completely. I felt the cock head lodge against the mouth of my womb.”OOOHhhhhh fucking damn! YOU ARE IN DEEP!.. AAAhhhhhh… it feels like it is all the way in my belly.””I think you like my cock in your hot cunt”, he grinned as he began to fuck me.All I could do was moan and keep my legs spread for him.”What am I doing to you?””You’re screwing me. Deep.. Hard.. GGHHHAAAAA.””What am I doing to you?”I screamed, “YOU’RE FUCKING MEEEEEEEEEEE.””Where?””In escort bayan my cunt. You’re fucking me in my married cunt.””Take it, Karen. Take it!””OOhhh yesssss.. Give it to me. Hard. Fuck me.. fuck meee..”My cries and moans increased as Stan doubled his efforts, slamming his cock hard, deep, banging it into my womb with each thrust. I began to cum. My ass lifted off the couch as his prick nailed into me. I kept my ass a foot off the couch as he continued banging me. I came again.. and then again.. and then a fourth time. Finally, I felt Stan shooting his come deep inside my cunt.——————————-After we had showered together, he put me on the bed and ate me until I had had two more intense orgasms. While I recovered, he went out to his car, which he had parked in our garage, and returned with a box from Victoria’s Secret.”Here. A present for you. Put this on and some 4-inch heels, but nothing else. We’re going out for a couple of hours.””Where are we going?”, I asked, curious.Stan grinned. “I thought we would go shopping for some toys.”I had no doubt what he meant by “toys”.”I’m going to fix us a drink. Get dressed and meet me in the den.”There were only two items in the box. The first was a pair of crotchless nude pantyhose. The second was a short sheathe. I pulled the pantyhose up my legs and tugged them over my ass and up around my waist. There was absolutely no crotch at all. My entire ass, a lot of my inner thighs, and all of my cunt and lower belly were left naked. The sheathe was almost obscene. Two inches shorter and my naked cunt and ass would have been exposed. The neckline of the dress exposed about a third of my tits including some their inner slopes. I couldn’t believe that Stan intended to take me out in public wearing this outfit.I was wrong. That’s exactly where he took me. First, we went to a mall. We browsed through all the shops. Every male eye in the place was checking me out. After I got over my initial embarrassment, the male attention began to excite me.”I wonder what’s on the second floor. Let’s look”, Stan grinned.I knew very well he had no interest at all in what shops were on the second floor. He just wanted to get me on the escalator. As soon as we got on, several men rushed to ride up behind us. When they were below me looking up, there was no way I could keep them from seeing my naked ass. The best I could do was keep my legs together to shield my pussy from view.We walked down the length of the second floor. When we reached the stairs, Stan stopped by the railing. He smiled at me and said,”This is really turning me on. Is it exciting you? We’ll go back to the house if you aren’t enjoying this. Are you?”I leaned over and whispered in his ear. “At first, I was too embarrassed to enjoy it. But right now, my pussy is dripping.””Good. Don’t look down but there are three men standing right below us pretending to be waiting for someone. Actually, they’re doing their best to look up your dress.””All of them?””Yes. Not all at the same time, but they’re all looking up at you.””Do you think they can see anything?”As long as you keep you legs together, all they can see is your ass, but I’m sure they’re enjoying it. You have an incredible ass, Karen. I love it.””Do you want me to spread my legs?””I want you to do exactly what you want to do and no more.””Are they still there?”, I asked.”Yes. Still there. Still hoping.””I’m going to do it”, I moaned.”It’s up to you. I’m sure they will appreciate it.”I turned and looked back down the second floor aisle. When I turned back to face Stan, my legs were spread about a foot and a half. “Oooh gawd.. my pussy is throbbing.””They can see it, Karen. I doubt that they can see it throbbing, but they can certainly see your pussy now. They’re all looking up at it.”My excitement to a fever pitch. I felt like my legs might not hold me, so I moved closer to Stan and held his arm for support.”Spread wider”, Stan ordered.Moments later, my feet were another half foot apart.”They know you’re exposing your cunt on purpose, Karen. They’re staring at it openly now. Look down at them and smile. When you do, spread even wider for them.”When I did it, a small tremor shook my pussy. “Oohh god.. I just had an orgasm.”I think it’s time to go, Karen. Come on. We need to buy some toys.” —————————The adult book store was spacious. Magazines lined the numerous shelves. The wall was covered with rubber fuck dolls and all manner of bondage apparatus. The glass cases near the cash register were filled with all sizes and shapes of dildoes, butt plugs, and vibrators. There was also a wide assortment of handcuffs, collars, velcro ankle and wrist cuffs, chains, and ropes. Several other cases and racks were filled with xxx-rated videos and DVDs.A half dozen men were browsing around the shop. Once we entered, however, they stopped inspecting the merchandise and began inspecting me. Stan led me around the shop. Every so often, he would pause, point to a magazine on the bottom shelf and say “Let’s see that one, Honey.” Then, he would wait until I reached down and got it. He did this twice before realized that whenever I bent over, all the men behind me could see my naked cunt and ass.Soon, they were all following us around the store. Even the clerk was watching me. Stan led me to the glass cases at the front.”Which butt plug do you think would fit your ass best, Honey?”, he asked in a normal voice, which everyone could easily hear.My face was flaming red, but I was also incredibly excited. “They all look so big”, I protested.”Yes. They are big. It’s too bad we can’t try one out for fit. Just pick one and we’ll do our best to get it in you.”I selected one, and the clerk handed it to Stan. “Do you think this one will fit into my wife’s ass?”, he asked the clerk.”Yeah. I’m sure it will if you lube her up good first.””Ok, thanks.” He turned to me and said, “Remember Honey. We have to lube you first.”My excitement mounted to the point that I was having trouble breathing. “Now pick out the vibrator that you think would make you cum the best” , Stan said. The men were all around me now.I pointed to an electric vibrator with a rubber-covered metal post that was obviously intended to be pressed against a woman’s clitoris. The clerk put my selection in the bag with the butt plug. Next, Stan had me select some wrist and ankle cuffs and two pair of handcuffs.”Do you happen to have live strip shows in the back?”, Stan asked the clerk.”Yeah, but it’s too early. The girls don’t start until 3 PM.””Really? There are a lot of male customers here who would probably enjoy a show. Why don’t you have them come to work earlier?””Don’t know. I just work here. You’ll have to ask the owner. He makes those decisions.””How much do you charge to watch a show when the girls are here?””Depends on the show”, the clerk informed us.”How so?””It’s $5 if the girl shows only her tits. $10 if she shows her cunt and ass too. If they want to see her finger herself, it’s $15, and for $20, they use dildoes and vibrators.””How much does the girl get to keep?””Half.. plus any tips the guys push through the slot.””How long does a performance last?””25 minutes.”Stan took me off to one side. “Would you like to dance if I can get the clerk to let you do it? You could choose the show. Anything from the $5 show to the $20 one.”I shook my head. “I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it. Please don’t make me”, I pleaded.”There’s no way I am going to make you do anything you don’t want to do. You could have cancelled all of our meetings if you had wanted to. Shall we go watch some dirty videos in one of the booths in the back?”I just nodded. Stan went back to the counter, produced a $10 bill and said, “My wife wants to see some hot video. Can you give me quarters?”The clerk quickly produced 40 quarters and Stan led me to one of the booths featuring gangbangs.Inside the booth, Stan fed a bunch of quarters into the machine and instantly the screen was filled with images of a big-titted brunette taking huge cocks in her cunt, ass, and mouth, while two more men were jerking off beside her. I leaned back against Stan and let him remove both of my tits and pull my dress up around my waist to expose my cunt and ass. He finger fucked me slowly as we watched. Soon my hips were thrusting back and forth. I told him I was about to cum.”Good. The guy watching you through that peephole wants to see you cum too.”I looked and saw the hole and the eye watching me. “Seems like you’re doing the dance after all, but not getting paid for it.”Stan worked my clit faster, and I began to cum. I moaned loudly, knowing the men outside could hear me. My orgasm didn’t come close to satisfying me. I was even hotter after I had cum than before.When I was about to cum again, Stan stopped, dropped my dress and replaced my tits. As he led me out of the booth, my legs were shaking, and I could feel my juices running down my thighs. There were now eight men in the store..all looking at me..all with stiff erections that tented their pants.”Last chance”, Stan whispered. “Want to leave?””Go ahead. Ask him.””Ask him what?””If I can dance for all these men and get half the money and tips.””You ask him.”I had to press my thighs together as I came. When my shuddering stopped, I walked over to the clerk. “If these men want to see me dance and strip, I’ll do it if you let me. Since the owner doesn’t expect there to be any girls dancing, you could keep half of the money for yourself.”He nodded. Stan immediately made the announcement. “Listen everyone. You’ve all been checking out my wife. How many of you would pay to see her dance and strip for you? Need a show of hands.”All eight men raised their hands. “Great. Now all you know the rules. Everyone who watches her dance and strip has to agree as to what the show will be. $5 if she shows only her tits. $10 if she shows tits, cunt, and ass. $15 if she also finger fucks, and for $20 she will fuck herself with the dildo we just purchased. How many for $20?”All eight hands were raised and the clerk quickly collected the $160, giving me $80 and pocketing the rest. “Ok..listen up. For a $5 tip, my wife will press her tits against the glass right in front of you. For a $15 dollar tip, you get her tits and her cunt pressed against the glass. Just push your money through the slot and you get what you pay for.”Stan walked over to me. “Are you sure you want to do this? You heard my announcement about the tips. If any shoves $15 through the slot, you have to press your tits right up against the glass right in front of him and then pull the chair close to the glass, lift your legs and shove your cunt up against the glass. Are you OK with all that? If not, we can return the money and leave.””I want to do it. Ohhhh damn..I’ve got to do it!!”I entered the booth, shut, and locked the door. I could see that ten of the cubicles around the booth were occupied, eight customers plus the clerk, plus Stan. All of them had their faces as close to the glass as possible. The clerk flipped a switch and the booth blazed with bright light while the cubicles remained dark.It took me no more than five minutes to get my dress off. The pantyhose concealed nothing. I moved from one window to the next shaking my tits, turning to expose my ass, and then bending over to exhibit my wet cunt. On the second round, I finger fucked right in front of the windows.After 15 minutes, money began to be pushed through the slots. It was either a ten and five, but usually a $20 hoping to get extra attention. For $20, I pressed both tits right against the glass and keep them there while the man licked my nipples through the glass. Then, I turned, bent over and shove my naked ass against the glass. When the man was as close as he could get, I spread her ass cheeks to expose my asshole for him. Finally, I pushed the chair next to the glass, put my heels high on the glass and shoved both my thighs and cunt right up against it. I finished the individual show by inserting the dildo right in front of the man and ramming it in and out of my hot wet cunt, over and over.25 minutes passed rapidly, but no one made any move to stop me. I told everyone that I was going to make myself cum. Putting the chair in the center of the room, I d****d my legs over the chair arms and began to fuck my cunt with the vibrator. It took less than a minute for me to cum. As soon as my contractions ebbed, I turned my chair so the rest of the men could see my cunt and masturbated again for them. Once more, I had an intense orgasm.A short time later, we were back in the car and Stan headed home with a huge erection and $240 in my handbag.”I may as well warn you, when we get home, I’m going to fuck your hot ass.””Ooohhh please, Sir.. don’t fuck me in the ass. Will you tie me up and fuck me?”—————————At 3:15 PM, Stan had the vibrator we had purchased pressed against my clitoris making me cum again. He had already fucked my ass and my cunt. The butt plug was buried deep inside my ass. I asked him to stop while I called you. He turned off the vibrator while I called and told you not to come home until I called again.”You said he was waiting for you in the bedroom”, Kirk reminded me.”I know. I was lying. He actually had his tongue on my clit licking me when I was talking to you.””Why did you have me whip your ass that night?” he asked.”After what I had done that day, I felt like a total complete slut. I couldn’t tell you why I was doing it for fear you would ruin every thing by withdrawing your name as a candidate for the position. I knew I deserved to be whipped for doing what I did…so I asked you to do it.””I felt terrible after I had done it. I’m really sorry. I should never have done that.””Like hell! You should have whipped me twice as hard as you did and for three times as long. You only whipped me four times. I should have been whipped a lot more than that.””When I fucked your ass, I knew that you had had it there during the day. I just sank all the way into you with almost no resistance.””Some of that was the ass fucking Stan gave me, but most of it was having to keep the butt plug in all day long. He even made me keep it in my ass as we were having dinner that night.””Now I have to know the truth. Are you furious with me? Do you want to divorce me? I’m very serious. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want me any longer.””There’s no way I’m going to divorce you, you beautiful, luscious hot woman. But I am going to inflict an unending amount of hard fucking on you…so you better resign yourself.””Oh NO! Please not that. Not the big cock in my cunt and ass. OH NO!””There’s still some things I don’t understand.””What’s that, Lover?” I snuggled up to my wonderful husband.”You said you had to spend 15 days with Stan. But you only called me three times. Why is that. Did you switch to three days?””You think Stan would pass up 12 days in me? He fucked me everyone of those 15 days, Honey. Sometimes, we would be exhausted by 3 PM and he would leave. So there was no need to call you. He only stayed past 3 PM on three occasions. So you only got three warning phone calls.””I have one more question.””Yes?””You now owe him another 15 days since I got the appointment. How does that work?””The same way, Lover. I pay off the third of the 15 days yesterday. You were working hard at your new responsibilities, and I was working hard under Stan while he worked hard at satisfying your wife’s hungry cunt and ass. I still owe him 12 more days of fucking.””What if I seduce Allison? Fuck her while he’s fucking you?””Stan is hoping that’s exactly what you’ll do. He can’t get her out of her shell. He’s hoping that you will penetrate her shell and then penetrate her cunt. He’s hoping you can persuade her to have a foursome with us.””Well, I owe Stan a lot. I wouldn’t have this incredible position, salary, perks, etc. without his help. The least I can do is express my gratitude by trying to help him out with his wife.”We both laughed.”Are you OK with that”, my husband asked me.I leaned over and whispered in his ear. “I want you to seduce her. In fact, Stan wants to take me out this coming Saturday evening. He says he knows a really erotic club. Why don’t you visit Allison and ask her if she would like to make it a foursome?”Are you sure Stan is OK with that?””Yes, but so what if he isn’t? He’s doing me. He can’t very well object if decide to start fucking his wife.”A month later, Allison’s shell had been successfully penetrated as well as other things.