Don’t Lose Your Bet

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The Sophomore class of Ancient Cultures at the University of Göttingen has just about 54 students. As a small class, they all know each other and have good interpersonal relationships.

It was the day of the first assessment test in the summer semester, and Dr Patrick was standing tall at the front of the class.

“You have just 40 minutes for this test. And as I have told you before, read to understand the questions first, before you attempt scribbling down your answers!”

He is a handsome white man, but this story is not about him.

The assessment test started and just about 10 minutes into it, a very concentrated offensive smell began to spread outwards from the middle of the class.

It was a silent fart, unaccompanied by sound, but everyone knew who it had to be; Elene, the tiny Caucasian girl with the worst fart in the world!

She is a very tiny girl with an interesting sense of dressing. She wore a T-shirt on a male black jeans. This was her usual look. Not only her dressing gives her off as a Tomboy, but also the way she walks. Many people take her for a boy until they come closer and begin to notice her feminine features.

The biggest unladylike thing about Elene is her incessant disgusting farts. She has tormented her classmates so much that a few of them had skipped class one or two times in the past solely because of her farts. Although now, they have gotten used to her.

They all stared angrily at her from every corner of the classroom. They still had about 30 minutes more to write the test, it was too early for her to break wind and irritate them while writing an important test.

They faced their tests and hoped that would be all from her. Meanwhile, pockets of foul air were moving down her colon already.

Just about 3 minutes later,



It was a very loud fart. The answer sheets on tables blew away due to the force of the striking air that exploded out of her anus. Her table shook, the tables around her shook. The fart was so powerful that pens fell to the ground from the hands of many people who were writing. The vibration caused by the sudden blast out her anus shook the entire classroom. It was unbelievable that such a petite girl could cause such tremors.

Dr Patrick stepped backwards and walked to the front door of the class. From there he could use some fresh air by standing with one foot in the class and one foot outside. But the rest of Elene’s classmates were doomed! they had no option than to inhale her putrid farts.

Barely any of them could write down anything sensible anymore. Some were using their answer sheets to blow their face, some covered their noses with their hands. However, none of them could escape the torment of her fart. They were stunned and confused. Only Elene herself could still concentrate and write down her answers in a coherent manner.

As soon as 40 minutes clocked, Dr Patrick was happy to collect their answer sheets and disappear from the premises.

Then an uproar broke in the class. It got really noisy.

“What the fuck was that, Elene!”

“Oh my God, I’m gonna fail this test!”

“For the love of God, girl, you could have just waited till we finished writing the test!”

“I shouldn’t have bothered coming to class today!”

“I shouldn’t have bothered coming to write this test!”

“What the fuck did you eat?”

“Elene, please stop doing this!”

All kinds of sighs and comments erupted from every direction. Elene could only laugh. And then, they had no option than to try to cope with her. It appeared as though her weapon of mass destruction would be putting her ahead of the class again.

They all rushed out of the class because they could still feel the stink in there. The air in the class was now dry and humidity was suboptimum.

“To be honest, this is not funny,” Peter remarked, “I can bet she is the only one who will pass this test. The rest of us will all fail!”

They all sighed and made noises again.

“Come on, Peter! It can’t be that bad” Elene contradicted him and defended herself.

“It will be that bad, I can bet on it.”

“You can bet on it? are you sure?”

“Yes, I am sure!” Peter responded.

Elene shook her head.

“Ok, let us make a bet then!”

Peter nodded his head in agreement.

“If only I pass this test, in a class of 54 pupils, I will be your slave for one week!”

This got everyone’s attention. More noise and commotion. Everyone came around Elene and Peter as witnesses to the bet.

“That sounds good!” Peter replied. “So, what happens if I lose? what happens if you aren’t the only one who passes the test?”

Elene inhaled deeply and then exhaled.

“You will eat my fart! At anytime or any place of my choosing!”

There was an uproar. They all know how terrible Elene’s fart can be. Though it had happened once before, it looked less likely that only Elene would pass the test. However, they were all scared bahis siteleri for Peter. Elene’s fart is not something anyone can joke with. Her fart definitely has to be one of the most poisonous gases in the world, if not the most poisonous.

From that very moment, the time began to tick. They would all see the result of the test in the next two days. They were now anticipating the test result, not because of their individual grades, but because of the bet between Elene and Peter.


Class was very lively the next day. Everyone was humming something to the other person. And particularly, there was a lot of activity around Elene and Peter. Their friends were looking forward to the result of the bet. The whole class was.

The audience was divided. Those who hate Elene for her farts were hoping she would lose the bet, so that she could be Peter’s slave for one week, and pay for all her sins.

The other set of students whose imaginations ran wild wouldn’t mind Peter losing the bet so they could see if he could survive Elene’s fart. Whichever way it goes, it would definitely be fun!

The next hour was Dr Patrick’s class, and he came in promptly as always. After he stepped into the class, he noticed the unusually high activity level.

“I can see you all whispering to each other and acting agitated. Does anyone of you want to tell me what’s going on?

Amy sprung to her feet quickly and settled the lecturer’s curiosity.

“There is a bet between Elene and Peter based on yesterday’s test. If peter wins, Elene will be his slave for one week.”

“Hmm,” Dr Patrick took a deep breath, “And if Elene wins the bet?”

The whole class shouted and now Dr Patrick knew something funny was going on.

Amy continued,

“If Elene wins the bet, she will fart in Peter’s face!”

“Oh, lord!” Dr Patrick gasped!

The whole class shouted and taunted Peter.

“For the love of God, I hope you win, Peter, otherwise you’re gonna be sorry!”

Dr Patrick laughed. Everyone laughed. Elene herself laughed. Peter also laughed, knowing that that fate wouldn’t befall him. He was certain that only Elene would pass the test. It had happened before, it would happen again.

The way the whole class reacted, including their lecturer, made Peter’s heart to beat. But he reassured himself he would win the bet. In just 24hrs more, the results will be known.


In his office, Dr Patrick held the result page in his hand and glanced over it again. He was about to post it on the notice board outside his office.

Only 5 people passed. Elene was atop the list, having an excellent score of 92%.

The student with the second position had 52%. The remaining 3 had 43%, 42% and 42% respectively. The rest of the class scored less than 40% which is the pass mark.

Dr Patrick didn’t have to brainstorm why the class performed poorly. He knew the reason why the failed. It was Elene’s fart. He knew even if he himself had to write the test under such a poisonous condition, he could fail, even as an academic doctor.

He posted the result two hours before his third and final lecture with the class for the week and looked forward to seeing how the bet goes down between Elene and Peter.

When Dr Patrick walked in, the whole class was upside down. Everyone was jeering at Peter. It was unclear to him how it exactly turned out, but he hoped for Peter’s sake, that he didn’t lose.

“Alright, what’s the story?” Dr Patrick asked.

A thousand choruses echoed back at him.

“Peter Lost!”

Amy then screamed, “And now, Elene will fart in his face!”

Dr Patrick slapped his left palm on his face and gasped, “Oh my!”

Peter began to pant already. He was in for it. He took a dangerous bet, and he lost!

In the plain view of everyone, Elene catwalked towards him, stopped right in front of him and called him “Fart face!”

That was it. Everyone began to ridicule him with that phrase. They started calling him ‘Fart face’ instead of peter.

In the middle of all the noise and jeers, Elene suddenly detonated another fart.


It was so loud that it felt like thunder. The windows curtains went up and the tables shook. Then the pungent odour began to spread like a biological weapon.

Dr Patrick quickly ran to the door again so as to get some air. He then called out to Peter from there.

“Fart face, I can’t believe you will take one of these in your face. You’re not gonna survive it!”

Elene laughed and replied Dr Patrick.

“Don’t worry, I will make sure he doesn’t. I will fart bomb him into a coma!”

The whole class laughed as they scurried around. Then they gathered around Peter, pinned him down and called on Elene to come fart in his face. He was scared!

He wasn’t ready to receive Elene’s bomb fart. He struggled to free his shoulders from being held down and ran off. They started running after him and trying to pin him down. Dr Patrick shook his head and laughed at the canlı bahis siteleri whole stampede. He didn’t want to leave just yet, he wanted to witness the reckoning, but peter would not. He kept running away from his fate. Eventually, he made it through the backdoor and escaped the chase. Dr Patrick left for his office.


“I told you we can’t find what we are looking for on the Anthropology shelf. Let’s check the next shelf,” Derrick said to Peter.

They were in the library trying to find materials they needed for an assignment.

“Ok then,” Peter replied Derrick.

As they walked to the next shelf, Peter felt that someone was tugging his shirt from behind. He looked back and there she was, the tiny devil that has now become his greatest nightmare.

“I’m wondering if you should go on your knees now so I can fart in your face!”

“Oh no!” Derrick replied, “It’s not safe in here, Elene, all the bookshelves will fall down. We could get suspended!”

Elene and Derrick burst out laughing. But Peter was not. He wasn’t finding this funny at all. The familiar odour of Elene’s fart magically engulfed his nose, he feared for his life and ran out of the library. Derrick called out to him and asked him to wait, but he didn’t.

The Librarian noticed what just happened and was curious to know what that was all about. Derrick filled her in. That was how the news of Peter’s bet spread outside their class.

Peter was having a bad day already and decided to go home. It would have been better for him if he had done just that. His mistake was deciding to enter the Cafeteria first and eat before returning to his dorm room.

He sat at a table and ordered for Chicken Burrito and Apple Juice. As he began to eat, he noticed people were looking at him from all direction. At first, he thought it must be his mind playing pranks on him. He kept on eating.

He noticed someone on a far-right table pointing at him. The other 3 people at the table laughed. Then he knew it was him they were talking about. He was hoping it wasn’t what he was thinking.

Just then, his phone beeped. A message came in on his Telegram app. It was from his cousin, Lamar, a final year student of Biotechnology at the same university.

“Pet! What is this I’m hearing all over the campus about you being ‘Fart Face,’ what the fuck is going on?”

Sweat broke on his face. He felt so ashamed of himself. Now he was sure it was him everyone was talking about and staring at.

The Chicken Burrito became tasteless in his mouth. His mouth went dry, and he wouldn’t even drink the juice.

“Pet! I know you are seeing this, reply me, bro!”

Peter had no idea what to reply with. The talk of losing the bet to Elene had spread across the campus and across the dormitories. More and more people started getting interested in witnessing whenever it was that Elene would fart on his face. He panicked.

Each day that passed, it grew worse. The gist spread and Peter got more popular, although it wasn’t the kind of popularity he wanted. He decided the only crisis management protocol to apply was to make Elene fart in his face as soon as possible before it spreads further to the whole city. The rate at which his lost bet saga was spreading felt like he could wake up the next day and see himself on the morning news.

He had to painstakingly wait the weekend. As soon as Monday came, after their first lecture, he went on his knees and asked Elene to fart on his face and let him out of his misery. There was an uproar and everyone popped out their phones to make a recording. Elene simply walked in front oh him and wiggled her ass.

“Not now, fart face!”

The excited bunch of spectators were disappointed. They screamed “Noooo!,” “Do it now!” “Blow him up!” and so on, but Elene listened to no one. She simply wasn’t gonna let him off that easily. Thing is, she was beginning to feel like a hero and wanted it to last. She wanted a bigger crowd. And Peter was beginning to see that.

After Elene walked out of the class, the crowd dispersed. But Peter didn’t give up. He had been losing sleep and couldn’t cope again. He ran after Elene and begged her.

“Elene, please, fart in my mouth now! I’m losing my mind!”

“Oh loser, now you are begging for it. You ran away when you were supposed to get it. And you kept running,” Elene replied.

“I am tired of running. Please do this now and set me free!”

Elene smirked at him.

“Sorry, I am not in the mood right now. Besides, I can’t believe a grown-ass like you are begging to be farted on. Maybe the people calling you ‘Fart Face’ are right!”

“You started that, Elene! It was you who gave me that stupid name!”

“Are you shouting at me now?”

“Oh no, no, please, I’m just frustrated. I dare not shout at you. Please forgive me. Will you fart in my face now please?”


Elene walked away.


Peter started avoiding crowded places, since all of a sudden, he had become a public figure; the unlucky canlı bahis dude who lost a dangerous bet. He got Elene’s number and called her many times and sent several messages begging her to fart in his face so he could put this behind him.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely bomb your face. But according to the bet, it is at a place and time of my choosing, not yours!” she said to him at the entrance of a hall. They were going in there for a Musical Show. Peter had followed her there to beg again.

Over the next week and a couple of days, word had spread everywhere about the lost bet, and Peter was now tired of begging to be farted on. He now had no choice than to simply wait till whatever time Elene decides to cash in on the bet.

The Convocation Ceremony for the graduating students was coming up on the weekend, on Saturday. It was the next big event on the University Campus. Elene saw the banner and then the thought came up in her mind, that that would be the right audience to witness Peter’s humiliation.

Coincidentally, Peter’s cousin, Lamar, was also graduating. Which means his parents would be coming, and probably Peter’s parents and larger family too. So Peter himself would also have to attend the ceremony. But he had no Idea Elene had decided for the convocation.


The front seats of the theatre were occupied by graduating students in their gowns, followed by their friends and families, and then other students.

Peter’s parents were in attendance, with one of his aunties and two nieces. His cousin’s parents were around too. It was a mini family reunion. There was a lot of excitement in the air, and camera flashlight darted in every direction.

Elene sat with her classmates and kept an eye on Peter. She had tightened her anal sphincter all day and hadn’t farted at all. Not even once. She saved her famously dreaded biological weapon for Peter. She had imagined how it would play out, it would be the craziest thing to have ever happened on that campus.

Just after the graduands received their certificates, and the ceremony would soon be brought to an end, Elene stood up from her seat and crossed to the next row where Peter was sitting. She sat right beside him and announced that it was time to fulfil the bet.

“I want to fart in your face now, Peter, It’s time for you to eat my fart!”

An uproar came up from that part of the auditorium. Though the guys in Peter’s class were ready to hold him down in case he wanted to run again, he was actually tired and had lost any piece of fight left in him. He had been the one that had actually been begging to be farted on, just so he could resume his normal life and put this behind him. He just didn’t foresee that Elene would be soo mean to have chosen the convocation ceremony as the day of reckoning. Not in front of all these people. All University academic staff from the Vice-chancellor to the junior lecturers were present. Friends, Family, even the media was present.

Peter went on his knees,

“Elene, and it had to be in front of all these people?” he asked with a very pitiful face.

“Don’t worry, if this doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger!”

The uproar in that part of the auditorium got louder and the officials and guest on the high table on the podium paused the ceremony to make sense of what was going on.

Peter’s classmates carried him downwards to the podium, right in front of the high table.

Peter’s parents, Lamar’s parents, his aunty and nieces rose up and wondered what was going on, and few minutes afterwards, many others had risen on their feet also. Nobody panicked though, they could see the Sophomore class of the department of Ancient Cultures had some entertainment gig to spice up the ceremony.

In the full view of everyone, and all the video recording devices and phones, the tiny devil, Elene, walked down the middle aisle and climbed the podium. Dr Patrick was amazed. He excitedly told his colleagues near him what was about to happen

Peter went on his knees and Elene stood in front of him. Every other person watched and captured with their phones.

“Open your mouth and your nostrils. Open them as wide as you can!”

Submissively, without any strain of resistance, Peter opened his mouth very wide. The corners of his mouth looked like they would tear. He also dilated his nostrils.

“Pop your eyes wide open also, I want to bomb all your senses!”

The Auditorium became electrified with excitement. Elene was being very mean, dominant and set to purpose, and Peter was also playing out his part quite well. He opened his eyes wide to behold his defeat.

The master of the occasion had taken interest in the ensuing drama and he came close with the wireless microphone in his hand to let the whole crowd hear exactly what was going on, the conversations and the likes.

“Young lady, would you mind telling us what’s going on here?” he said into the Mic.

“He lost a bet to me, and now I have to fart in his face!”

Laughter broke from every angle. Now the whole world was on board the drama. They were eager to watch that happen. The Mc held the microphone into Elene’s mouth when he noticed she wanted to say something again as she smirked and looked into Peter’s face.