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DoorwaysI suppose the best way to describe Mike is to say he’s fair but firm. Most of the time our sex life is pretty tame. We experiment a lot with lovemaking in various places and various ways, and we both love it. But sometimes I’m just feeling bitchy or frisky and I try to make demands. When I get into these moods, my lover has to take control and put me in my place. Of course, I know where these demands lead me; right into tight ropes and pain!It had been a wonderful day at the office. I’d finally finished a project I’d been working on for the last month or so, and for the first time I felt like I could really conquer the world. Normally Mike and I spend our nights together doing lots of home improvement on the place we’d just bought. But this was Wednesday, the day of Mike’s “night out with the boys” card game. Nothing so exciting as poker or anything, but these guys could sure get worked up over a game of Bridge!Seeing that I was going to leave work early, I telephoned Mike at his office and promised I’d make dinner so he wouldn’t have to grab a quickie at the local McDeath’s. On the way home, a really wicked thought occurred to me. I was feeling really good and I wanted to celebrate finishing my project. I figured to hell with his bridge game, tonight we would do things my way. With the benefit of hindsight it was a great idea, but next time I’ll ask what he feels like doing before I go changing any plans!When I got home I forgot about making dinner and instead called our favorite local restaurant to make a reservation. I was just drying off from a shower when I heard the garage door close after Mike’s car pulled in. Quickly throwing on a nightgown and slippers, I bounced downstairs hoping for the beginning of a fantastic night. Wrong! It seemed today was as bad for him as it was good for me. When I got a perfunctory kiss at the door, I realized my plans for the night didn’t match what Mike had in mind.He was a little early and asked if we could just unwind a bit and chat while we ate. Tonight was a Bridge tournament and he wanted to be sure to get there on time. I guess I was being pretty bitchy when I told him there was no dinner ready and I wanted to go out tonight! He immediately caught my mood and decided tonight wasn’t the night to play around with my whims.Grabbing me by the wrist he yanked off my nightgown and pulled me into the garage. I’d been there before. We’d sunk some heavy duty eyebolts into the four corners and center of the garage door. I’d already had some wonderful whippings while tied spread-eagled to the four bolts. This time however, Mike wasn’t fooling around for fun. He was pissed and wanted to let me know it.Grabbing some rope from the top shelf he spread my arms and tied my right arm to the top left bolt. He was using many more turns of rope than he normally did but I didn’t find out why until later. After my right arm was secure he proceeded to do the same with my left, fastening it to the other side of the door. I was stretched pretty tightly and complained about it… well whined about it is probably more appropriate. Mike had heard enough and told me that he wanted silence until told otherwise. I closed my mouth pretty quickly because Mike has come up with some awful punishments and I didn’t want to provoke him into making things worse that they already were.Meanwhile, Mike was working on my legs, one to each side, and again used lots of rope. But this time he didn’t stop with the ankles. He wound the ropes up around each leg to my knees and tied the two ends together. My legs were held very tightly and I struggled but couldn’t pull very far away from the door. Mike told me that I had one punishment coming already adiosbet yeni giriş and that if I didn’t stand still I’d get another. Standing there spread out, unable to move with my chest sticking out demanding attention, I figured that now wasn’t the time for bravado.Mike went off into the house, closing the door behind him. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but judging from the sounds from the house, I guessed he was whipping up some dinner for himself. After awhile I began to realize my situation. I was tied tightly, arms spread as far as I could stretch, my legs and knees were pinioned tightly to the door and to top it all off, I hadn’t eaten anything all day. The only consolation was that I’d found a way to get Mike to stay home for the evening!Mike came back after a few minutes with a sandwich and looked at me from the door. Walking over he started rubbing my breasts with his free hand. my nipples enlarged under his hand and I strained my body towards him in the hope that he’d stop eating the sandwich and starting eating something else. His hand moved down my body and found it’s way into the folds of my pussy. I was already so excited that just the light touch of his hand was almost enough to send me over the brink, but Mike knew my body completely and always stopped before I’d reached a climax. I squirmed towards him as far as I could, but he wasn’t in the mood to cooperate.Finished with his sandwich, he continued a job I thought was already done. He took some thick leather straps we bought for our bondage play and fastened one to the bolt behind my back. The other went over the tops of my breasts under my armpits, forcing my tits to bulge a little under the strap. Mike tightened the straps and when he was done I couldn’t pull my chest or hips away from the door at all. I was readying myself for the whipping I was sure was going to follow when Mike went back into the house again and returned a moment later with his coat.He reached down and took the slippers from my feet saying “Good night honey, I’ll see you when I get back from Bridge.” “What!” I said, “You’re actually going! What are you gonna do, just leave me here?” He just looked at me and then I realized he was only joking. After all, the car was here inside the garage with me! “Sorry love, I can’t miss the game, and in case you didn’t realize it, you just broke silence”.Ignoring my protestations he told me that I wouldn’t have to worry about speaking out of turn again and proceeded to gag me with a black leather pad gag we bought. As he strapped the leather band tightly onto my head and tied it to one of the hinges, he casually mentioned that he had figured out a way to take the car from the garage despite my bound body. I looked up in fear as he walked to the door and looked at me with an odd smile on his face.Well, nobody ever accused Mike of being dumb! He first turned off the garage light, and then to my horror, he flipped the switch on the automatic garage door opener! For a moment my bonds loosened as the door made the ninety degree turn at the ceiling but they were immediately tighter than before and I found myself hanging from the door, face down into the room! Mike had planned it perfectly, my head, arms and neck were all supported by the many turns of rope he had tied tightly around my limbs, while the bulk of my weight was supported by the heavy leather straps around my middle and and chest.He was pleased with the view! Walking under me he fingered me a little more, and then gave each of my hanging tits a good hard smack. I was hurting a little, but with the gag held deep in my mouth by the strap and the weight of my head I couldn’t utter a word. adiosbet giriş Mike explained to me that the gag was merely because I had broken silence, my real punishment was still to come! He pointed out how unnecessary the slippers were in my current predicament and gave each of my bare soles a slap to drive home the point.Climbing onto the hood of the care, he proceeded to give my left nipple a good licking. It quickly became erect with to the combination of his talented tongue and hands. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out something and held it up to my eyes. I quickly recognized one of the clips which we use with a weight to hold down tablecloths when picnicing outdoors. He had removed the weight and replaced it with a long string. He showed me that the end of the string was fastened to one of those five ounce lead weights used by fishermen to weight down their lines.What could I do! I was helpless as he caressed my left breast and clipped the plastic devil into my helpless nip. The little moans and squirming brought on by the sudden pain failed to extract any sympathy from Mike as he performed the same operation on my right nipple. I was already having a hard time dealing with the pain when I realized that he hadn’t let the weights down yet!He gently placed the weights onto the front hood of the car and after tugging on the strings a little to test that the clips were firmly planted he gave me a kiss goodbye. Climbing into the car he called out that he hoped it wouldn’t hurt too much when he pulled out and the weights fell to the floor. He said that he’d be back in a few hours and that he’d be sure to back out quickly so that the weights would swing like a pendulum for awhile. “Thanks” I thought to myself, “What a guy!”. As promised, he started the engine, hit reverse and was gone.I could barely stand the burning in my breasts when the weights reached the end of the strings and yanked at my already pained tits. As promised, the weights swung back and forth close to the floor of the garage. The pain was incredible and as the weights swung I could see my distended nipples swaying underneath my body. It’s a terrible thing to have to watch, feel, and be unable to control. My only hope was that they would stop swinging soon and that the pain would settle down to a sharp ache instead of the agony I now felt.Other than coping with the pain, I didn’t really have much to worry about, Mike had thought carefully about this one! The weather was warm enough so I wasn’t going to freeze, and our house is in the country with the garage facing a hill so I didn’t have to worry about casual passerbys. He had turned off the garage light so I wasn’t going to be moth’ed to death, and the swinging weights had left me something to think about. Pretty considerate all in all. There where a few things I was thinking about however. It was still early in the evening and the neighbors c***dren were playing in the neighborhood. I could hear them running around and could only hope they wouldn’t come through our backyard and wonder why the garage door was open.Between the fear of being discovered, the pain from my aching breasts, and the strain of hanging from my limbs and middle, I was having a hard time at the beginning. But, as the night wore onwards and the local k**s went home, I began to look forward to my tormentor’s return. He’s always nice to me after a severe punishment and I began to get excited as the minutes crawled by. As near as I could guess several hours had gone by and I was wet with the anticipation of the good, hard fucking I would get when Mike came home.There was one thing Mike hadn’t anticipated and I let out an involuntary moan of adiosbet güvenilirmi horror when I saw him come into the garage. It was Balzac, the neighbors friendly, playful kitten! I jumped a bit from the surprise of seeing something come into the garage, and the kitten’s attention was immediately drawn to the weights hanging down in the center of the room. Praying that I could scare him away, I began to make as much noise and squirm around as much as I could. Not only did this fail to scare the creature, but he immediately ran to the swinging weights and reached out a tentative paw.Well, kittens will be playful and in front of my terrified eyes Balzac took his paw and batted one of the weight as hard as he could! The pain was awful and after hours of a dull pain, the sharp feeling it evoked only served to remind me of how utterly helpless I really was. This small playful kitten had the power to cause me enormous amounts of pain and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. As the weights went swinging back and forth Balzac continued playing with more and more excitement. The ultimate hurt came when one of the strings caught in his claws and his entire weight came down on my right nipple. The plastic clamp was no match for this kind of strain and it pulled off my tit, pinching the nipple. I screamed as loud as I could but the gag was tight and nothing but a low moan came out. The tears were streaming from my eyes as I saw Balzac run out of the garage to be replaced by the twin headlights of Mike’s car.Mike had seen Balzac run from the building and was laughing as he drove under me, into the garage. He jumped from the car carrying the door remote control in his hand and without saying a word climbed up and rubbed the tortured breast. He carefully removed the other nipple clamp and I winced at the sudden pain. He asked me if I was ready to come down yet and when I almost banged my head nodding yes, he hit the remote control button and down I came. After my tits had recovered a bit due to Mike’s kind ministrations, I was ready for a little post-punishment carnality.Still helpless against the door, I watched as Mike peeled out of his clothes and came towards me. No casual fingering as he had done before! Now Mike used both hands and his tongue as he raised my already excited body to the fever pitch. With the gag still deep in my mouth, I communicated my needs by thrusting my hips towards him as far as my bonds would allow. This time he didn’t deny me and with one thrust he sheathed his cock deep inside me and started fucking hard. I had orgasmed once and was well on my way to the next climax when all of a sudden Mike simply stopped thrusting.Tied as I was there wasn’t much in the way of humping I was able to do, I moaned my desperation out loud in the hope that my lover would take mercy on me. Mike reached back and took the garage door remote from the hood of the car and hit the button. I began to move upwards, still bound tightly to the door. I whimpered as I wondered what further tortures he had in mind, when he hit the button again and the door started back down. He held absolutely still as he punched the automatic control again and again and used the door to fuck me.It gave the kind of long, slow, deep strokes that Mike knows I love, and after a few trips up and down I came as hard as I cam ever remember. Mike was right there with me and afterwards as I was hanging, exhausted, he reached behind me and undid the gag. After a few kisses and my promise to be a bit more careful about changing his plans for him, Mike started undoing the bonds which had held me so firmly.Placing third in the tournament had put Mike in a great mood and he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom where we cuddled, shared Hagen Daz for my dinner and continued with a night of gentle lovemaking. Like I said, for the most part our sex life is pretty “normal”, I wouldn’t trade these nights for anything.The