Dorm Life on an all Male college

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Dorm Life on an all Male collegeGrants Hall was an older building on campus and was not very well liked by those that roomed there and had to endure the chilly walk to the central showers and toilets on each floor in the winter.Many a nights I suck some good cocks in the third floor showers, and on some occasions had my bottom stretched by a virile young college cock. I spent most of my college time in Grants Hall, each year upon my return I would ask for my old room in the hall.In my later years I shared my dorm room with Daryl, a handsome exercise freak that would often wake me early in the morning to the sounds of him doing push ups or sit ups. He would do at least three hundred of each every morning before showering and hurrying off to have breakfast.Once Daryl found out I liked giving up my body, he became a steady sex partner when he was on campus. Quietly word had spread that I would let my fellow students have some fun and relieve their selves in my willing posterior.I tried to act like I did not encourage such actions, but once a boy had entered me I would not refuse him access if he wasn’t too rough. It was an early Saturday morning after Daryl and I had an all night sex session and Daryl had left to be with some slut, from our sister college, which was an all girl’s school.I was returning from the shower thinking as how quiet it was, our room was at the very far end of the hall sort of around a bend. You could not see the door way as you approached and it was klasbahis yeni giriş that very same reason I did not notice that the door, that I thought I had close was now ajar.Not thinking anything of it I entered and locked the door behind me turned on some music and went over to my bed. As I smoothed out the sheets and bent over to tuck in the far side I heard movement. Just as I turned, to see if Daryl had came back to surprise me, I saw a multitude of stars.I was semi conscious and half way aware as to what was happening to me, I knew I was being turned to my stomach and fingers were entering my anal opening, but I could not seem to get it together as to what was going on. I guess my lust for Daryl was some what accepting that it was him that was about to enter my body and was just allowing him to have his way.As my mind began to clear I realized that it wasn’t Daryl, the body was some what heavier, the hands were bigger and the cock was fat and stout with a bulbous head that was having trouble finding my anal opening. I struggled trying to move my body to meet the searching tool still thinking that Daryl was trying to enter me.Who ever it was got frustrated, he raised up and squatted over my thighs. I heard him spit and felt his gooey fingers spread their catch into my butt crack. I moaned as he laid back on my body and took his enormous cock in his hand and guide it to my anus.As he plunged into my butt hole, I knew that it wasn’t Daryl, I screamed klasbahis giriş out in agony as my outer anal sphincter muscle ring was violently ripped open and my inner anal muscle ring fought back trying to keep the invading monster from entering any farther.The resistance lasted very little as the brute’s powerful thrusting burst pass my inner defensive’s. I was now groaning in agony as the wicked invader pushed deeper and deeper into my bowels. I was barely audible as my unwelcome visitor was grunting to the top of his lungs as he plowed into my rectum.The brute grabbed my hands and slipped his fingers between mine and held them sensuously in his grip. Tears were forming in my eyes and mucus was flowing from my nose, but the huge b**st of a man continued to plow my ruptured butt with great passion.As soon as I could regain my voice i tried to beg and plead for him to release me from his sexual onslaught. I could do nothing but let the savage have his fun as he took his sweet time to plunge deeper and deeper into my neither region.The session seemed to last for hours as he continued to ride my prostate body, with each lunge he was opening up my anal cavity to his mighty thrusting fuck tool. My begging and pleading was getting me no where, I decided to grip his huge hands and try to throw my butt back to his thrusting pelvic.This seemed to give him pleasure he grunted ‘yeah bitch, throw that tight pussy back to me.’ I tried to wrap my feet around his klasbahis güvenilirmi ankles to give me leverage, but he would stretch his legs wider and I would loose my advantage.My aggressor had spread his legs so wide that my feet was also spread just as wide. This caused my butt to be lifted up off the bed giving him unhindered access to my anus. An he rode it like he was a bull riding a cow, relentless and without any remorse he worked my butt like he wanted to.When he finally was satisfied, he plunged deep in my butt and flooded my insides with huge globs of his spunk. I could feel each squirt of his substance as it shot from the base of his fat cock to the tip of his cock.His fluid struck the insides of my bowels like someone had shot me with a blunted object. I cried out in shock as he continued to empty his baby making fluids in my ravage butt hole.It took him another twenty to empty his juices in to my butt, all the while grinding his wicked cock deep into my butt. When he had emptied his spunk into me, he pulled his elongated fuck tool from my anus very slowly. I could feel each twitch his cock made as he exited my aching anus.I felt him stand and turned to my side to get a look at my tormentor. The blinds were still drawn and I could not make out his face, but his cock was still standing erect and was throbbing up and down like some weird meat pole.I was so exhausted that as he turned to walk away all I could do was utter ‘please lock the door behind you.’ I heard the latch snap and the door close, I laid there my butt hole throbbing in agony as copious amounts of man spunk leaked from my anus. I decide to just lay there and sleep and not go out the door , in case he wanted more. I thought ‘damn, I hope he did lock the damn door.’