Double-Teamed by His Twin Sons

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

It was the perfect position, Stephen’s cock resting against his father’s muzzle, all three of them a deep bay with striking black manes. Two sons and a father had so much to give one another, but Stephen and Joseph, twins in their late twenties and the prime of their lives, never expected that their taboo relationship with their dad would bring them together in such a way.

Their father, Chris, moaned, whimpering for it, lying across the bed, his head all the way back. He was obviously older with a white splash of a stripe running down the front flat of his face, the only thing that differentiated him from his sons with their brown coats, not a splash or speck of white on them.

Stephen was the first to take him, sliding his prick into his father’s throat, grinding down his throat, the bulge there heralding the fatness of his girth, how thick and wanton it was. His twin brother didn’t want to be left out of the fun, pushing in also, though he bent his father’s uşak escort legs up and to the sides, as if he was holding onto them like handlebars, his flat-tipped prick boring in deeper and deeper. Their father shuddered between them, Chris helpless but right there in just the right position that the wanted to be in, chest heaving, shuddering for breaths that would not come easily until all three of them had climaxed.

It was a moment for all three of them to share but it was Chris that dominated the centre of all emotion, even if he was submissive. It was hard in any way to consider himself a dom when he was on his back, legs in the air, his less than tight hole fucked by one of his twin sons. They took him in perfect unison, fucking him in tandem, one cock following the other, never leaving either his mouth or his tail hole without a fat length to stuff it full.

The stallion groaned, trying to play his tongue around Stephen’s cock-tip, the flatter, fleshier bulb of it, but it was hard to do so in such a position. Taking a cock upside-down may not have been the most comfortable for him but it was the thing that made his stomach churn and twist in amazing ways, cock throbbing, pulsing, drooling pre-cum as if it was coming from the tap. But with the two of them ramming him full, he may as well have done nothing at all, languishing and rolling in the moment, whimpering out loud, trying to roll his hips up.

It did nothing, nothing at all as Joseph pounded his tail hole, grunting and snorting, a young stud who uşak escort bayan was ever so much in his prime. Every roll and thrust of his hips speared his cock deep into his father’s backside, forcing his pucker to spread and stretch, though it still remained as tight around him as ever. The young stud’s head rolled back, exposing his throat in a daring show of lust, thrusting and grinding, intent only on his own pleasure.

For that was the way it was all supposed to be as he took his father again and again, working every last bit of his thick meat into that tight hole as his dad’s tail hole flexed and pulled around him. Why, it was even as if his father was trying to get him off?

“Maybe you’re that much of a slut for us now, dad…” He grunted, eyes blazing with viciously lustful glee. “You need this…unff…right, Stephen?”

Stephen was not as vocal, merely sparing a smirk, his hips flush with his father’s lips. He pushed on, cutting off his father’s ability to breath, if only for a moment. It was so very much of a play on power to push his dick all the way into his father’s throat, the bulge easing down, though eh wished too that he could see the flaring tip. For orgasm was coming, his nuts smacking into his father’s nose, pushing and grinding, thrusting hard and deep, breath catching in his throat.

Chris shuddered under his sons, chest rising, though his paws were only back on his son’s thighs, trying to find some sense of stability where his will was given over. It was what he wanted, trembling escort uşak rises of submission coursing through, a whimper on his lips – not that anyone could hear it with the thick meat gagging his mouth.

He couldn’t bear it, cumming hands-free, cock jerking and spurting, splattering his belly in his own cream. It was wasted, of course, not even down any kind of willing hole, but his sons did not care for that, thrusting and grinding, pumping him out of sync and not caring one bit. They were there to satisfy their lust, though it was Stephen that climaxed first, his paw dominantly closing on his father’s throat, squeezing the bulge of his cock as it showed through. He didn’t even have to make his father swallow when his cock was driven so deep, pouring it straight down.

“Unnff… Yeah, that’s the stuff.”

He grunted, rolling his hips forward, forcing his father to go without breath for as long as possible. His brother was there too, the two of them meeting over Chris’ body in a deep, passionate kiss. Tongues tangled, sweeping lustfully up against one another, shared delight between their muzzles as, finally, Joseph too climaxed, spilling his seed into the not so tight pucker of his father’s backdoor entrance.

The moment slowed, allowing the brother’s to enjoy every tiny nuance, the feel of their father’s warm flesh, how their tongues flickered, knowing the heat of one another so deliciously that they could ease back into the memory at any time. It was for them, just for them, their father a submissive ploy, a hot hole to fuck. That was the way it was supposed to be.

The studs groaned, Chris slumping between them, his throat freed up enough that his nostrils could flare, dragging in much needed gulps of breath.

But their cocks would not soften for a good while yet.