Dr Shine

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Dr ShineI heard my mother on the phone getting more and more desperate until eventually I could hear begging “please tell the doctor I have no money and I cannot pay his bill, I will do anything to make it up to him, I can work for him for free””  it must’ve been her desperation but it appeared that she had finally got through to the person at the other end of the phone and I heard her organising an appointment for Saturday morning.Let me explain, it’s my fault. I was in an accident when I was nine years old and the doctor in question Mr Shine had saved my life. However I had required further surgery A couple of years  later and for some reason my mother  who was permanently broke and agreed to have the operation done privately, hence the £20,000 bill she had received this morning. She was a single mother with two c***dren myself, Ben aged 12 and my sister, Trixie aged 15. We never knew our father, or indeed father’s and never really asked about it.So for some reason my mother packed us all up on Saturday morning and brought us to the doctors office. She had made us dress in our “Sunday best” though Trixie had rebelled and appeared to be aiming for “Goth slut” no doubt influenced by my mother whose choice even to my young eyes looked somewhat questionable, stockings miniskirt and a tight blouse showing off her ample bosom.We rang the bell and the doctors office and waited for a minute or two until he came to the door “he swung it open and looked at us all standing there and smiled. “Oh Ben, my favourite patient, how are you” I blushed slightly at his attention on me and mumbled something in reply. He then cast his eyes over my mother and Trixie, raising his eyebrows and smiling. “Ben I didn’t realise the women in your family were so stunning looking, why didn’t you tell me?” I turned to mum and Trixie and could see that they were flattered by Mr Shine’s attention. After all he was 6 foot three, dark hair and extremely handsome. While I did not quite realise it at the time, I also definitely fancied him.”I’m with my last patient before you, so make yourself comfortable in my waiting room and I’ll be with you soon” we shuffled in and sat down, slightly overawed by the grandeur of the offices we were sitting in. There was nobody else there. As soon as they heard his door shut Trixie and mum started comparing notes “he’s sexy” I heard Trixie say, which mom obviously agreed with she did one more button in her straining blouse. Trixie, clearly understanding that there was competition pulled her skirt up higher showing the gorgeous white skin that the top of her thighs, above her stockings.As I watched this obvious display of competitive sexuality between a mother and her daughter’s guide to reflected on the impact Mr Shine had on me. I had always basked in the attention he gave me  without ever really understanding it. I have never had a male presence in my life.A few minutes later we heard the doctor’s door open and then a young man of about 15 years of age came out. He seemed a little flushed and when he saw me he winked  and mouthed “he’s all yours” to me.With that the doctor came out and beckoned us all into his room. He had arranged three chairs in front of his desk. Then to my surprise, rather than going around and sitting on the other side of the desk he sat on the edge of the desk facing us. “I understand Mrs Murphy that you have come to talk to me about my bill for Ben’s operation, is that correct” my mother started anadolu yakası escort stuttering in her inarticulate way, not really making sense, so I decided to take over.”Mr Shine, I feel very bad, because my mother has no money and the bill from my operation was £20,000, which we cannot pay. However, my mother has offered to work for you for free until this bill is paid off, do you think that would be possible”He looked at me approvingly and again I had a physical reaction of excitement to his gaze.  “Of course Ben, please do not worry about that, of course your mother can work for me to pay back her bill” then he turned to her and with a broad smile asked” what sort of work experience you have Mrs Murphy?”The question hung in the air, as the truth is my mother had never worked, to my knowledge, we had lived on benefits and she had explained to us that she had a lot of male friends who liked to give her money.Again my mother tried to string a sentence together, but gave up, her face flushed red and her eyes cast down at the doctors feet. “My understanding Mrs Murphy is that your work experience is entirely related to being the town prostitute…………. am I correct?” Myself and Trixie looked at each other immediately, understanding that this explained everything,, the money from all of her men friends, the frequent houseguest as well as my mother’s frequent nights away. Perhaps it even explained why we never knew who our fathers were.The room remained silent for perhaps a minute as my mother could not formulate an acceptable answer and obviously Mr Shine decided to let her stew for a while. Myself and Trixie looked at him, both taken by his commanding presence. “Mrs Murphy, why don’t you start to pay for your bill now?” He asked her.Clearly defeated, and knowing that there was no other way,  my mother, the town prostitute decided there was no other way. Silently she undid two more buttons in her blouse and then slipped it off her shoulders revealing a gorgeous hard pair of breasts (clearly silicone).  She pulled her chair forward so that she was directly in front of the doctor and then reached up and unzipped his trousers. Just as she had put her hand into his trousers and was gently kneeding his cock he asked “okay, that’s a surprise, are you really going to do this in front of your c***dren?”She looked at us and said “it won’t be the first time they were with me when I was with a client”Myself and Trixie were both stunned. “What do you mean” Trixie blurted. By now my mother had taken Mr Shine’s partly erect cock out of his trousers and continued to tug at it.  It was the first time I had ever seen a grown man’s cock (or was it) and I was transfixed. “Sometimes  I couldn’t get a babysitter, so I had to bring you along, plus you both really enjoyed it……….. clients were happy to pay extra if you were there watching”……………… she lent forward and took Mr Shine’s cock in her mouth like the expert she obviously was, her nose pressed against his shaven groin as he groaned in appreciation.The doctor looked at myself and Trixie and asked “who would like to help your mother pay off her bill while she explains herself?” To my surprise my boy hating   Goth sister pushed  my mother out of the way and with both of her hands around his now fully erect 10 inch cock, suckled on its gorgeous mushroom head like a natural. “Indeed, like mother like daughter, as I expected” the pendik escort doctor said as he opened his trousers and slipped them to the ground giving Trixie better access. “Tell us the rest of your story Mrs Murphy” he urgedMy mother was clearly very sexually excited, I could see her nipples were erected and she had her hand between her thighs, apparently finger fucking herself. “I never saw any problem with introducing them to sex at an early age, after all my father took my cherry………. cunt cherry that is when I was five, my ass when I was eight………. and it never did me any harm”           as she was speaking the doctor beckoned me to come and sit beside him and as I listened to my family history he unbuttoned my trousers and reached into my boxer shorts, and started fondling my cock. “My father had always said if the k**s were not interested in learning they would soon let me know, so I advertised not just myself but also the two k**s to a certain type of clientele. I had such good memories of my father I didn’t want them to miss out, because I didn’t know who their father was.” As she was speaking memories from my c***dhood came flooding back to me, perhaps it was because Mr Shine was fondling my cock but a clear vision came into my head of being in a grand house with an older man (40 years old perhaps). I was on my knees sucking his cock as my sister was behind me eating my little ass hole. Her mother was beside us giving encouragement “Trixie, you’re going to have to loosen him up if he is going to take that monster” with that Trixie pushed two fingers into my anus and I distinctly remember groaning in excitement and pushing back against her. My mother was looking directly at me “are you sure you want him to fuck you, like we discussed” my mouth was full of cock but I distinctly remember nodding enthusiastically, practically begging for my anal cherry to be taken on my sixth birthday.As I came out of my deep reflective state I realise that Mr Shine was now completely naked and was in the process of undressing me. He put his arm around my shoulders and then bending my head backwards kissed me on the lips, a long slow French kiss. My sister and mother stopped what they were doing and looked at the obvious sexual attraction between myself and the doctor. I have never really thought of myself as either gay or straight and certainly the memories of my c***dhood made myself and the doctor making out feel entirely natural. He stopped kissing briefly and whispered in my ear “you are a very special boy……………. and not just because of this” he said squeezing my 8 inch cock.He took me by the hand and led me over to his examination table, Trixie and my mother followed. He lay on the table and beckoned me to join him in the 69 position. It had been a couple of years since I have had an adults clock in my mouth, but my talent for taking 10 inches without gagging soon returned. As regards Mr Shine he was clearly extraordinarily talented has he not only took my 8 inches but also my balls. When he came up for air he beckoned the girls to rim our anus, Trixie immediately drove between my ass cheeks and within seconds her tongue had penetrated my sphincter. As they say, not her first rodeo.Mr Shine had pulled his legs up, so his knees were either side of my body, giving my mother access to his anus. Our heads brushed against each other as mother and son worshipped the doctor. After a few minutes tuzla escort of this extreme stimulation Mr Shine called a halt, the girls stepped away and kneeling face-to-face he end I engaged in a passionate kiss, obviously hungry for each other…………….. “since the first moment I saw you Ben I have wanted to make love to you…………. Would it be okay if I fucked you now?” My tummy did a somersault, 15 minutes ago I had walked into this room somewhat innocent of my true sexuality and yet now I had no doubt about what I wanted and quickly showed the doctor. I turned my back to him and bent forward so that my shoulders were on the bed and my ass in the air. I reached around with my hands pulling my ass cheeks apart…….. “it’s all yours Mr Shine,,,,,,,,, I want your spunk deep inside me”   his magnificent cock was already slick with my saliva so I wasn’t surprised when I felt its mushroom head at the entrance of my anus. Just as he was about to force himself  past my sphincter he turned to Trixie and my mother “make yourselves useful, massage our balls until we explode” with that using his best bedside manner he said to me “Ben, this will hurt a little but I think you will enjoy it” my tummy somersaulted when I felt his alpha cock breach my sphincter. I took a deep breath in and pushed back. I wanted to impress Mr Shine, I know I was a young boy for only 12 years of age, but I was deeply in love with him and wanted him to love me. I looked around at him and our eyes met. I blurted out “I love you” and slowly but surely pushed my anus back, feeling his fat cock stretching me. I certainly felt pain, but I was also getting flashbacks to my early c***dhood remembering all of my mother’s client who I had satisfied and who had satisfied me. Clearly my ass  had muscle memory and knew exactly what to do. After five or 10 minutes of pushing back and then accommodating him I felt his balls gently rock against mine. We were now joined together alpha and beta each fulfilling their destiny. Mr Shine pulled my shoulders so that we are now both in kneeling position he kissed and nibbled my neck and shoulder and I turned so that I could kiss his gorgeous mouth, I then broke away and looking him deeply in his gorgeous brown eyes panted “I want you to breed me…………… I was born to make you happy…………….. I want to feel your spunk deep in my belly” I saw his face change less loving and more primal, he  forced my shoulders back to the table and grabbing my hips slowly at first started to fuck me like the little bitch that I was. He grunted each time his cock reached full penetration and I squealed involuntarily as the pain subsided and deep deep satisfaction swept through my body. My cock was rigid and as Mr Shine held my hips in a fixed position Trixie wasted no time in taking my cock in her mouth.       “You are my sissy bitch aren’t you” Mr Shine grunted I turned around and looked at him “forever and ever” with that he upped the pace of his assault on my ass. My cock fell out of Trixie’s mouth and bounced around hitting her face as she tried to recapture it. I was barely aware of my mother’s massage of Mr Shine’s giant spunk filled testicles. At some point has Mr Shine pounded me I lost consciousness, but thankfully he held me in position, still pounding me and I woke to hear him shout “bitch boy take my spunk ” and with that I felt his hot  seed  shoot into my guts, spurt after spurt six or seven times he grunted and I felt more of him inside me. When he finally finished he pulled me back into a kneeling position. This gorgeous torso was slick with sweat as was my back and we gently rubbed against each other both ecstatic. I knew my life had changed forever when he whispered in my ear “I love you son”