Dressed up

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Dressed upLike most men, I enjoy masturbation as well as full sex. I like to put some time aside for myself, maybe watch a porno dvd or surf the net and have a long slow wank. Many years ago, when I was still married to my first wife, I used to enjoy watching myself masturbate in front of the full length mirror that we had in our bedroom. I liked to take off my clothes and move the mirror so that I could see my dick whilst laying on the bed watching my dvds. One day I was in the bedroom and I decided to try on some of her underwear. klasbahis güvenilirmi Initially I tried on some of her knickers. The feeling of the material against my cock was fantastic. My hard on stuck out over the waist band of her knickers and looked really good in the mirror. I went deeper into her underwear draw and found a red basque that she used to wear on those special occasions. I took off her little knickers and put on the basque. It was a bit tight and the suspenders hung down my klasbahis yeni giriş legs. I found some of her stockings in the linen basket. I could still smell her on them as I slid them up my legs and attached the suspenders. I loved it. The suspenders were tight across my bum and my cock was throbbing. As I got deeper in her underwear drawer, I found her collection of sex toys. What should I do?I selected one of her vibrators and switched it on. I rubbed it over my dick and balls. I pulled my foreskin klasbahis giriş back and massaged my helmet using my precum as lube. The vibrations were amazing and I could see why she loved to play with her toys. I found the lube. I took a breath and positioned myself on all fours in front of the mirror. I massaged some lube into my arsehole and slid her 7″vibrator slowly but surely into my arse. I could see my ring being stretched and the stockings and suspenders digging into my legs. I was in heaven. I took hold of my dick and knew that I had to relieve the pressure in my balls. I turned the vibrator up to it’s highest speed and pushed it deep into my arse. I then lay on my back and wanked myself off. I shot my load high into the air. It landed on my hand, on the basque and I’m sure I even got some on my chest.