Drinking My BFF Casey’s Pee

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Drinking My BFF Casey’s PeeKneeling in the large tub in front of Casey’s naked body, I looked up into the leafy lips of her vagina, waxed and smooth, noting the gentle lines of her pelvic bone sloping back toward her hips as she thrust her crotch towards me. Casey pulled her lips apart wide, laying the inside flat and open and causing her pee hole to protrude out at me slightly. She was gently bearing down, causing the skin around her labia to puff out a bit. Her lips parted further as she pushed on her bladder, a small trickle of sweet pee burbling out and dripping straight down from her pink hole. I leaned in close, feeling excited that we were finally trying this kinky thing. I extended my tongue, eager to taste the warm flow about to come out of her. She pushed again and a stronger stream came out and cascaded over my taste buds. Sure enough, it was sweet like warm sugar water, just as we read. I opened my mouth and leaned my head back slightly as she pushed harder. I drank from her like a mountain stream. My mouth filled with the flowing liquid, draining down my chin and onto my chest. She pushed harder and the pressure came up so much I was guzzling it to keep up. I felt a connection with her body I’d ordu escort never felt before. She was massaging her clit as she kept her pee hole exposed and aimed the stream to keep it steady. I could see her tummy quivering as she pleasured herself while peeing into my mouth. I lifted up and covered her vagina with my lips, licking and mouthing her openly as the pee tumbled into my throat and down my chest. A trickle dripped down into my slit, mixing with my wetness and falling in strings onto the white porcelain between my knees. I took her pee in great gulps down my throat. She moaned softly as my tongue darted in and around her fingers and clit.”You like it?” She asked, a look of delight on her face.”More please,” I said, nodding. She pushed even harder and the sugary urine seemed to spray into my mouth. The larger quantity made my boobs warmer. I began to rub it across my chest, enjoying the warm shower and wanting to bathe in it. I caressed my nipples, then wiped the pee down my tummy and felt it washing into my slit. I rubbed my finger between my lips and over my clit, feeling the mixture of her wee with my juices.Casey was a little taken aback when I told her I wanted to try some pee play. We are escort ordu just friends and we have gone down on each other a few times, masturbated together at sleep overs. Just girl stuff. But, when we played “What’s your kinkiest fantasy?” one night, she was a little freaked out that I thought water play was hot and had fantasized about it a little. “But, pee? Ewww…” she said in response.”Ok, so I read that if you clear your bladder, then have a lot of water and a no-carb energy drink, it makes your pee sweet since your body won’t absorb the sucralose at all. It just passes through. It’s really sterile actually.””Oh my god, you’ve fact checked this!” She laughed at me.”I know it’s kinky, and YOU ASKED,” I reminded her laughing.A few weeks later we had the house to ourselves, got naked in my parent’s big bath tub, followed the steps, and now I was kneeling in front of her drinking her sexy sugar water. I nodded down slightly to let the stream flow over my nose and cheeks, waving my face slowly back and forth to feel the warm flow everywhere. Then I lapped at her clit while the pee poured down my neck and chest. She was rubbing her clit gently while she directed the stream at me.”I’m gonna cummmm…” ordu escort bayan she breathed, her eyes closing and pelvis leaning towards me. I gripped her butt cheeks and held her pussy in my mouth as the pee continued to flow. “Ohh, ohhhhh hereitis hereitis, ohhhh I’mmm cuhmmmmm…” and she came, spurts of sweet warm water surging into my open mouth and down my throat as I guzzled her. Her hips bounced against my hands, her dripping crotch pounding my face as I was drenched in the torrent flowing out of her. The orgasmic contractions ebbed and the last of it fell to a warm drip. I swallowed what I held in my mouth, enjoying the flavor before it left. Then I looked up at her, wet from the face down with her pee.”That was hot as fuck,” I said.”I can’t believe it was that hot,” she answered.”Switch?” I asked her. She knelt down and I stood over her, holding my lips open. I felt like a little girl, like when I used to pee outside with the boys. Her eyes looking up at me expectantly were mesmerizing. She dropped her mouth open and tried to position herself to catch the stream. Her pee still dribbled in streams down the inside of my legs. I let my muscles relax and my pee sputtered then struck out in a smooth arc directly into her mouth, making a sound like water dropping into a paper cup. She began to swallow, gripping my thighs with her hands to steady herself. I gently rubbed my clit as I held my aim steady. Oh my god this was so sexy!