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driverI already have a raging hard on, and it is only 9pm. I have my clothes for the evening laid out on the bed before me, and my cock, balls and ass are newly shaved. I have decided to wear all black tonight: black lacy panties, bra and suspender belt, sheer black stockings, and a tight black dress that hugs my thighs and ass nicely. On my feet I will wear a pair of black, thin strapped three inch heels.I shake with excitement as I pull on the panties. The tight fitting underwear protrudes like an obscene tent as my erection fills their lacy fabric. I carefully roll on the thigh-high stockings and clip them to the belt. I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror, and it takes all my willpower to not grab my cock and masturbate to the release I so desperately desire. Instead I pull the dress over my head and smooth it out, then slip my stockinged feet into the high heels, and strap them on. To finish off, I clip on a pair of gold earrings and string a gold chain around my neck. Looking in the mirror, I love the way my masculine features look in the sexy, feminine outfit.As I walk to the phone to call a taxi, I love the way the dress rubs against my lace-clad ass, the way my stockings slide together between my legs, and I feel even hornier than ever. The cab company operator confirms my address, and when I tell him my destination will be the Tower Bar, he gives no indication as to whether he knows it is a gay men’s fuck hut.”The Tower Bar, right?” he asks, his voice neutral.I nod, and the car pulls out from my drive. We drive in silence, although the pounding of my heart sounds deafening, as it powers the insistant throb of my cock beneath my dress. The hard organ is pressed up against my stomach by the tight panties, and I can feel a seeping wetness as it leaks pre-cum. I realise I am u*********sly rubbing my erection through my dress, sitting with my legs splayed somewhat lewdly. I glance up to see if the driver has noticed my unlady-like behaviour, but he is focused on the road, so I cross my legs. I am fit to orgasm almost on the spot I am so excited as I feel my stocking clad thighs rub together, my smooth-shaven balls rubbing against my legs through their tight lacy pouch.I struggle to control my shaking as the driver finally pulls up at the Golden Gate. I pay him, and as I turn from the cab, I can feel his eyes checking out my ass.”Have a good night, baby,” he calls at me.I can’t help but move my ass seductively as I walk into the bar.Looking around, I see it is a quiet night. A few couples of guys are dancing to the music, a few more are spaced about the room at the tables and chairs. I however am the only obvious single person in the place. If I thought I felt exposed before, now I am feeling even moreso. I drink down another wine. A few groups of people drift in from the rain, order their drinks, and sit down, not paying me the least bit of attention. Soon my erection has withered, and all I want to do is get out of there.Several drinks later, I am feeling slightly drunk it is then I notice a lone guy walk into the place. He’s older than me by a bit, but I don’t mind that usually. He looks fit and healthy, and as his eyes drift over me, I can feel my excitement returning. Soon the bulge in my dress is prominent again. I order another drink, and try to catch his eye as he walks to the bar. He orders a beer and sits down. My confidence inflated by the drinks, I move to the seat next to him.”Hi,” I say.He looks me up and down, and I feel just as horny as ever.”Hi,” he replies cooly. “I’m waiting for someone.”I can tell by the tone of his voice that he’s not interested in the slightest so I finish my drink, and leave.Outside, I still have a throbbing erection despite my disappointment. My nerves have more or less vanished with the drinks. I look down the street, see a cab coming, and flag it down.I climb into the backseat, and give the cabbie my address. As we set off, I look up and realise it is same driver who had dropped me off. He smiles at me in the mirror in acknowledgement as we set off for home.”We meet again,” he says, and I nod.When I notice we are not heading in the right direction, I tell the driver. He gives me another glance in the mirror and suddenly pulls off the road. I assume he is doing a u-turn, but quickly realize he has pulled in to a small, secluded park. He stops the taxi in an empty parking lot behind a stand of tall trees. When he shuts the engine off, the sound of the rain on the car roof is almost deafening.I can see him looking intently at me in the mirror.”What are we doing here?” I ask, somewhat dumbly.”Why don’t you come and sit up front here with me?” he says by way of reply.I instantly catch on and smile. My hard-on reaches new heights and my lack of success at the Tower Bar becomes part of ancient history. I get out of the back seat, and climb into the front passenger seat.”I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot you look in those slutty clothes after I dropped you off,” says the driver, and I notice he is rubbing his crotch.”Do you like them?” I say demurely, and I feel his hand on my thigh. I mentally urge him to move it higher.”Oh God yeah,” he moans. “I could see up your skirt in the mirror, I could see your hard cock in those panties, and I got so turned on. I wanted you bad.”His hand on my thigh is rubbing in circular motions, going higher each time.”It turns me on so much that you want me like this.” I say, as his hand finally disappears up under my dress. I part my legs, and his hand slides over the lacy fabric of my panties, rubbing my ball sack. I slowly undulate my hips, thrusting my bulging underwear against his hand. He responds by rubbing harder. The feeling of him stroking me through my panties is everything I had ever hoped it would be. My eyes drift shut in ecstasy, as he slides my dress up around my waist, exposing me fully. His hand has found where my hard shaft pokes out the top of my underwear, and is rubbing it against my belly. I moan in delight, and the rain outside comes down harder.”Can I suck you?” asks the driver. I barely hear him, but he takes my moaning as a sign of encouragement. He leans over from his seat and buries his face in my panty-clad crotch. I can feel him licking the fabric, and it drives me wild. Soon he has worked a hand down into the gusset, and he pulls it aside. He manouvers my package so my cock and balls so are poking out through the leg hole, and then takes the shaft into his mouth.As grandbetting yeni giriş the glorious sensation of his wet tongue rolling over the hot flesh of my erection washes over me, I find my hands straying idly to my breasts, rubbing them u*********sly.I can feel his tongue spreading saliva over my cock to get it nice and slick, and I sense he is experienced. His other hand is gently massaging my smooth balls, as he begins to draw his skilled lips back and forth over my engorged rod.It is cramped in the car, but I manage to get one high-heeled foot up on the dash, the other hooked over the back of the drivers seat to give him plenty of room to play between my legs. My carefully pressed dress is bunched up around my waist, forgotten in my lust for the cab driver. His tongue is dancing wildly over the head of my cock, as he briefly removes it from his mouth to look up at me.”I love your panties,” he moans, looking up at me, stroking my spit-slickened cock in his fist. “They turn me so much. I want to fuck you so much.””I want you to fuck me too,” I manage to reply lustily.I sit up straight, sorry to end such a great blow job, but desperate to feel him in my ass. I reach over and unbuckle his belt, then unzip his pants. I pull them down, and his erection springs forth.”Let me get you slick first,” I say, and then lean over and take his cock into my mouth. Soon my head is bobbing frantically in his lap, my left hand helping work the driver’s turgid organ, my right hand desperately wanking my own slickened penis. It doesn’t take long before I have drool running down my chin and a good film of it coats his rod. With a slurp, I let his cock slip from my mouth. Struggling in the confined space, I manage to slide over into the drivers seat, supporting myself over his lap with my back to him.I feel the driver hitch my dress up around my waist exposing my rear end. I use one hand to pull the lacy panty fabric out of the way to give the driver access to my asshole, the other holds onto the steering wheel for grip. I wriggle around with my ass, seeking to get his cock head against my entrance. I soon feel the driver steady his organ and take aim, fitting the glistening, moist, plum-coloured tip against my boy pussy.”Oh God, you’ve got me so hard,” moaned the driver.My breath was coming in ragged gasps, but I managed to reply “I want to feel you in my ass.”With that I relax my ass, opening up my sphincter. I lower myself down, sliding onto his swollen penis, feeling it slip slowly into my anus. I had done a good job lubing him, his cock meeting little resistance as it glides deep into my bowels, filling me gloriously, making me moan. I keep going until I am sitting right in his lap, his balls nestled snugly between my ass cheeks. I clench at his cock with my ass, and feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he moans. Then I flex my thighs, and draw back up his shaft, until I feel the rim of his swollen cock head against the inside of my asshole, at which point I begin the long, slow downward stroke again. Soon I am riding him to a slow, unhurried, steady rhythm. Up.. Down… Up… Down…Our sighs, moans and heavy breathing have fogged the car windows thoroughly. As we fuck, I watch the thick, hot, musky, sweat scented air condense and run down the windows. Now holding the steering wheel with both hands, I feel like a little k** on one of those rides at the supermarket as I ease myself up and down the length of his erection. The driver reaches around me and starts to fondle my chest. He whispers lust-filled incentives in my ear as he sits back and lets me slowly ride him:”Your ass feels so good around my cock. I love the feeling of your panties against me. Oh yes…”I am lost in the intense delight of each stroke, groaning heavily on each downward plunge. The pleasure of his cock inching deep into me is breath- taking: the solid organ streching me sends my insides into spasms of joy. Slowly my pace begins to increase. My penis has gone limp from the intense effort of keeping his good-sized rod in my anal cavity, but as he slides his hand down the front of my dress and begins to rub it, it soon swells and begins to grow hard again. I pull my dress of over the top of my head as I ride him, and dispose of it into the back seat. One of the drivers’ hands goes from my cock to the lacy fabric of my bra, and begins to stroke it reverently, the other one continuing to pump my now fully erect cock in time with my rhythm.Our moans are becoming more desperate and lust-filled as I gradually increase the tempo. My strokes become less long and deep, more short and sharp as I ride him faster and faster. Soon I am bouncing frantically and we are both grunting and snarling as I fuck him harder and harder.”God… Yes… Oh… Fuck me…” the driver cries as my bouncing sets the cars’ suspension shaking. The intense friction on the inner folds of my rectum is driving me on, the joyous pressure on my prostate has me fit to cum. I can feel the sensation inevitably building, and I beg the driver to wank me faster. My head is bobbing like a chickens’ as I continue to violently rub the inside of my ass on his erect penis to what feels to be a thunderous orgasm. The waves of pleasure are overlapping, blurring, reinforcing, making me pant like a dog. My body burns both with the oncoming climax and the sheer physical effort of the energetic fuck I am giving the driver.”Ride me harder…” he yells, but I am at the limit of my abilities. The orgasm is building, and I am dimly aware I want this to last longer.”Stop wanking me, please… I want to wait for you,” I manage to beg him, my shaky voice wavering with the vibrations of the high speed fuck. I feel his hand slip from around my cock, and soon my onrushing climax slows its’ approach. My cock flails widly now as I ride him, free of his strong grip, slapping loudly against my heaving belly.”Can we change position?” I manage to say breathlessly. “I’m getting tired.””Let’s get in the back,” suggests the cabbie. I slide myself off his throbbing cock, leaving my bowels feeling hollow and empty. I crawl over into the back seat, as the cabbie removes his pants completely, and then clambers over to join me. As I lay down on my back across the rear seat, I spread my legs wide allowing my lover to get between them. He takes his thick tool in hand, pulls my panties aside and presses it at my ass. I am good and loose by now, and it enters freely. grandbetting giriş I sigh with the pleasure of having him in me again, as I wrap my stocking-clad legs around his shoulders. He begins to rub my nylon encased thighs, toying with the elastic suspenders as he begins to plow my well-fucked anus with his meat.Glad for the chance to rest, I lay back and allow myself to be ravaged by the driver. He has plenty of energy, and soon resumes the frantic pace we had reached when I was on top. Soon I know that my orgasm is inevitable, so I begin to beg him to jerk me off. I groan loudly with relief as I feel his hand encircle my cock and begin to masturbate desperately. Between his handjob and the relentless fucking of my ass, I am soon groaning orgasmically, calling for him to fuck me harder and harder. He responds, and with several more strokes of his hand, he has me exploding powerfully, shooting several thick ropes of sticky semen up over the front of his cab-driver uniform and several more onto my heaving stomach. My climaxing ass is convulsing around his cock, and he moans in delight. Soon I know he will fill me with his load, and I can’t wait.Incredibly, he increases his pace even more, bellows loudly, and drives his cock as far into me as he can. I feel his hardness erupt, and the warm flood of seed enter my rectum. He pulls out after several spurts, leaving my oozing asshole agape, and directs the rest of his load onto my chest. I sigh in appreciation at the sensation of his warm cum splattering over my bra, as I reach up and rub his slick, spurting dick. I squeeze the last drops of his semen from the tip, and gather them up on my fingers, taking the prize to my hungry mouth.It is then that I hear a loud tap on the window. Snapped out of our post orgasmic delight, we madly search for our discarded items of clothing when a voice calls in from outside:”This is the police, sir and madam. Step out of the vehicle please.”My heart sinks as I realise we are busted.”J-Just a second, o-officer”, stammers the cab driver as we are pulling our clothes back on.”Get out now, please,” the cop repeats.Soon we have our clothes on and I am as nervous as I have been all night. As we climb out of the car, I see a cop looking us over. If he is surprised to see a boy slut like me it does not register on his face. It has stopped raining outside, and I can feel the cool air blowing up my skirt. The two loads of cum on my chest are starting to seep through my dress.”Please officer, if I could just expain…” says the cab driver, trying vainly to take the situation in hand.”There will be time for explanations later. Turn around please and put your hands on the roof of the car.””But…””Just do it please, sir.”The cabbies shoulders sag, and he turns around. The cop moves in behind him and begins to pat him down. When he is done, the cop turns to me.”You too, girly.”I nod, and assume the position, bent at the waist, legs apart slightly, hands on the cab roof. He runs his hands firmly up over my nylon-encased left leg. When he reaches the top of my stockings, he slides his hands in under the suspender elastic and slips them right up under my dress to my groin. My cock is pressed up against my belly, but as he moves to my right leg, his wrist brushes against my balls, nestled snugly in their frilly enclosure. A small shudder runs through me. To have my feminized body so thoroughly explored leaves me light-headed with excitement. My body betrays me: I can’t help but u*********sly undulate my hips, rubbing myself against his probing hands. My heart beats faster, and an erotic thrill runs through me. I almost can’t believe I am doing it, but I shuffle my feet and spread my legs wider.I don’t dare look back to catch the cops reaction, but I can tell he understands my needs, as his hands caress the cum-soaked fabric of my underwear. As he begins to massage my ass cheeks I soon feel my penis swell and engorge, despite having climaxed just minutes ago.I look over to where the cabbie is standing, still in position. The look on his face tells me he hasn’t grasped the situation fully yet. I let him know by letting out a small moan as the cop slips a hand down into the seat of my panties, seeking my entrance. The cabbies eyes go wide, and I lick my lips in anticipation. I am so aroused now my cock hurts, throbbing hotly against my belly. As the cop finds my sperm-slickened asshole, he slips a finger in delicately, and I sigh.The cabbie has moved beside me, and his hands are roaming over my back and shoulders as the cop slowly teases my anus with his finger. My head is spinning with lust: all I want to do is submit to these men, to be their object of desire and to be used for their pleasure like a dirty little slut. The heels of my shoes are drumming on the wet concrete as my whole body trembles with arousal. I am dimly aware the cabbie has got to his knees in front of me. I feel him reach up and take hold of my panties, pulling them down to the tops of my thighs. The cop has pulled my dress up around my waist, and I feel another finger slide easily into my body. The cabbies hand has now found my exposed cock, and I moan as he takes me into his hungry mouth. The cop begins to erotically slide his two digits in and out, fingering me slowly as I feel the cabbie’s tongue swirl over the bulbous head of my erection.I am moaning lewdly now as the two men pleasure me. The cabbie draws his lips deftly back and forth over the sticky shaft of my cock, occasionally letting it slip from his mouth so he can run his tongue up and down it’s length. The cop is still fingering me, his pace increased now. With each stroke I feel him draw his middle and forefinger fully out of my anus, only to feel them plunge fluidly back in. My mouth drops open and I begin to pant as I feel the surge of warmth beginning to grow deep inside me. I am rocking back and forth now, grinding my ass back onto the cops fingers, then thrusting my cock forward into the cabbies mouth.Soon my ass convulses, and my cock twitches, and I cry out in orgasmic delight. My balls heave and empty themselves down the cabbies throat. Although my second load is somewhat diminished, it is to the cabbies credit that I feel him swallowing every insistent spurt, each made stronger my the cop massaging my prostate.All too soon the feelings subside, and I find myself standing between the two men. Four hands are exploring my body, and soon I am exploring grandbetting güvenilirmi theirs. I get to my knees between the cop and the cabbie, and first unfasten the cops belt. As it drops to the ground I run my hand up his leg and feel the hot bulge of his manhood. Soon I have his zip open, and his erection is free. I lick my lips to moisten them, and take his swollen prick into my mouth. Lost in the pleasure of sucking cock, I soon realise the cabbie has his cock out too. I feel like a k** in a candy store: I don’t know where to turn. I reach up with my free hand and begin to masturbate the cabbie while I blow the cop, loving the feel of the hot, hard flesh in my trembling hand. When I have the cop good and slick, I let his cock slip from my mouth and turn to the cabbie’s organ, wrapping my lips around it. Now I am masturbating the cop, my fist sliding easily over his saliva lubricated erection as I blow the cabbie. I am literaly delirious with the pleasure of having not one but two cocks to service, both swollen with desire for my slutty body.Time passes. I lose track, lost with the sensations of sucking one while jerking the other, then swapping. I have both men hovering on the brink. The cop has grabbed me by the head and is moaning as he fucks my face. My own moans of pleasure are muffled by his engorged penis sliding in and out of my mouth. My hand is a blur on the cabbies cock, wanking him madly as my head bobs on the cop’s dick. I can sense they are both about to come, and pull back to wait for the prize with my face upturned. They both take their own cocks in hand and are jerking themselves off, crowding around me, jostling for position, but it is the cabbie that comes first. His first spurt catches me across my right cheek, his second splashing over my forehead into my hair. I open my mouth and hang my tongue out like a begging whore, and his next shot fills my mouth with its’ warm saltiness.Then the cop comes. It is his first load for the night, and it splashes over my eager face with a force the cabbie’s load lacked. His first gob spurts directly into my left eye, temporarily blinding me, but I am so depraved and desparate I don’t care as the rest of his spurts splatter across my face and into my hungry mouth.When my two lovers are well and truly done, I suck the sticky remeains off both their cocks. I let them both rub their now-limp shafts over my gooey face, as their semen dribbles down my neck, onto the padded chest of my dress. Soon the cabbie and the cop are rubbing their slick cocks together as I lick and suck them both into my mouth at once. I feel satisfied, but my ass twitches hungrily: it had missed out this round.I struggle to my feet on shaky legs, pause to pull my panties back up, and walk to the front of the cab. I sit back on the hood, and spread my legs, pulling my dress up around my thighs.”Which one of you is going to fuck me?” I manage to pant. The cop and the driver look at each other.”I’m done for the night,” says the cabbie looking down at his limp penis. “Getting old I guess.””How about you, officer?” I say as I swing my legs up onto the hood. The cop strolls casually round to the front of the car.”don’t become too greedy slut, you might regret it,” he says reaching down to idly stroke his big organ which id easily hard erect quickly.He takes hold of my hips and leans into me. I feel his cock press at my opening, and as I relax my muscles, my sphincter opens up and accepts his wonderful dick. The lubricant of the cabbies sperm aids the passage of his penetration: his proud erection slides almost frictionlessly into my bowels. I cry out loudly, the fact we are outside in a public place long ago lost on all of us. Soon he is inside me up to the hilt, and begins stabbing at my anal opening with his thick tool. I love the feeling of his heavy balls slapping against me he thrusts, his erect penis rubbing my deepest recesses so deliciously.”Fuck me, officer,” I moan as I notice the cabbie standing close by to watch us. His still flaccid cock looks so inviting dangling between his legs in its thick nest of pubic hair. I cannot help but reach out to grope and fondle it. Soon the cabbie is sitting on the hood of his taxi, my head in his lap, eagerly suckling at the limp organ while the cop fucks me from behind.It takes a while but I soon I feel the cab driver’s penis swell in my mouth, and not long after it has grown to it’s full hardness. My mouth slides up and down it’s full length, my head bobbing like a jackhammer. By now the cop has built a powerful rhythm behind me, our moans merging into one continuous sound of pleasure, punctuated only by the fleshy slap of his balls on my ass and the slurps of my mouth on the cabbies cock.I pull my drooling mouth off the cabbies dick long enough to beg the cop to fuck me harder.”You’re so good…” I moan. “Fuck me faster… Yeah…”Soon my moans are muffled as I impale my face on the taxi drivers delicious erection once more. My penis dangling beneath me slaps back and forth as I ram my behind back up to meet the oncoming cops dick over and over again. Soon the cop reaches around and takes hold of it, steadying its’ wild dance, as he begins to jerk me off. I groan even louder onto the cabbies’ cock, as I feel climax approaching rapidly.I cum first, my yielding ass muscles rippling involuntarily around the cop’s pistoning meat. With a cock-muffled cry, my penis spasms in the cop’s hand, issuing forth a small jet of semen which splatters onto the wet concrete between my feet. The remainder of my spurts are small, and trickle over the cops hand. Soon he is rubbing the cum into my shaft, whipping it to a froth as he continues to jerk my withering cock while he fucks my ass.The cop climaxes soon after. He bellows loudly and I feel his penis spurting its thick spunk into my rectum. Soon after he pulls out, leaving my wincing pucker open to the cool night air and I realise that he is aiming his last jets of sperm into the crotch of my drenched panties, which are still stretched tight around my upper thighs. His work complete, he stands back to watch me bring the cab driver off.It takes some time, sucking, slurping, my head bobbing comically, but soon the cabbie groans and lifts his hips up off the car. Holding the mushroom-like head of his cock in my mouth, I finish him off by hand, feeling his erection twitch, and his semen flood out onto my hungry tongue. His third load of the night is small and I easily swallow it all.After that, there is nothing left to do but head home. I savour the sensation of the fresh deposit the cop left in the crotch as I pull my wet panties back up. Soon we are heading for home. I spend the trip wiping the slippery sperm from my face with my fingers and licking them clean.