E007:Emma’s morning

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She had fixed her dinner and eaten, in the nude as instructed.  She had been a little worried that someone might see in the window, but then after a little while, it felt so freeing to walk around naked that she just did not care. Why had she never done this before? Because she never knew Professor Ryan before, and all that he was offering her.  Well, she hoped he was offering her.  He hadn’t really said so in so many words.  But his making her get the phone, and all of his instructions, she just hoped he was interested in her, no matter how it was.  She was more alive these past few days than she ever felt before. Around seven pm her phone beeped.  escort izmit She did keep it close at hand all the time now.  She saw his message with the address of the salon where she was to go tomorrow.  Her appointment was at ten am.  She had a meeting at eleven, but she sent a message saying she would not be in attendance. Then seeing it was getting close to her appointed bedtime, she went to her room, leaving her phone close at hand on the charger and climbed into bed.Just at eight pm, the phone rang. She reached over and turned it on in speaker. “Emma are you in bed like you were told to?” “Yes sir, all tucked in for the night.” “Hands above izmit escort the covers, no touching.”“Yes, Sir.” “Good night,” and he was gone. Emma did so want to touch, scratch the itches that Donald got started in her again this afternoon.  Instead, she kept her hands outside the cover as she was told.  At her side, so as not to be tempted to try to rub through her comforter at herself. But soon she found her stretching her arms and legs out, remember her time on his bed and moaned herself to sleep in sweet agony.The next morning, she was up by eight am.  She has been sleeping a lot lately, but she felt so good for it.  After all izmit kendi evi olan escort the years of hardly enough sleep caring for her parents, this leisure was now so enjoyable. She got up and went downstairs, still naked.  As yet, Donald had not told her she could dress again.  How easily she fell into anticipating and understanding his rules for her.She fixed and ate a simple breakfast. She heard her doorbell ring and was startled.  Peeking out she saw it was just the UPS man delivering something and was gone. She wrapped an afghan from the couch around her and opened the door to see a large package waiting for her.  She had not ordered anything, what could this be? Quickly closing the door, she carried it to the couch allowing the afghan to drop from her.Should she open it? Somehow, she knew that this was from Donald, and she must wait until he told her too.  Which wasn’t that long.