Eager to Learn (ch.1)

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I’m sitting in class, and I can’t seem to pay the least bit of attention to the what the professor is saying. It’s incredibly boring and I think the professor is very good looking… I start thinking about him, and my hand slides down to the outside of my skirt. I’m getting so horny, and I glance around to see if anyone around me is looking. They aren’t. So I pull up my short skirt and start rubbing my clit feverishly with my fingers. I don’t notice when class ends, and then there’s just me and my professor… When I open my eyes I see him standing over me and I blush furiously. “What do you think you’re doing, miss?” He asks me. “I…” What the hell. I might as well tell him. I look him straight in the eye and respond, “I was thinking of you, sir.” At this proclamation, his eyebrow raises. “The next class will be here soon. I would suggest you get going.” Disappointed, I get up and walk away, not looking back. I don’t notice him staring at my ass sway while I stalk off. almanbahis şikayet   Later, that evening, I’m checking my email when I notice one from him, to me – not the entire class. Hoping, I open the message. It says to meet him that night at ten, in his office. I look at the clock, which reads 6:02. Damn. I have to wait. Figuring I might as well make the most of it, I have a little supper and after tidying up, I go have a shower. After my shower, there’s very little to do but wait. I try to read a bit while I wait for my hair to dry, but I can’t focus. I can feel my pussy getting wet, wanting. I squirm a bit – I don’t want to pleasure myself right now; I want to be bursting when I see him. I want to be ready. I look through my drawers and find the perfect outfit. A lacy little pink thong that leaves nothing to the imagination, and a short grey skirt that screams schoolgirl. By the time I get my bra and blouse on, my nipples are tingling and my underwear almanbahis canlı casino is quickly getting soaked. I get into my car and drive to the university, trying not to run all the red lights. I’m finding it difficult.   Having parked the car and done my very best not to run through the halls, I find myself in front of the door to his office. Despite my eagerness, when I knock on the door, it’s a soft, timid knock. A moment later, I hear a brisk “Come in.” I enter the room almost cautiously, being careful to make sure the door behind me stays closed. I take off my coat and deposit it on a chair near the door. Glancing about the room I see him seated in his chair behind the desk, grading papers or some such. He doesn’t look up at me. I walk over and stop in front of the desk. “Sir?” I question. Still looking at the papers, he addresses me. “Go sit down in one of the chairs over there. I’ll be with you in a moment.” Feeling both a bit uneasy and a little almanbahis casino fluttery, I take a seat. As he continues to the mark the assignments I try not to stare to obviously at him. I lick my lips to moisten them as my mouth becomes dry. After what seems like an endless silence, he takes the papers and places them in a filing cabinet behind his desk, in front of the large window that looks out onto the campus. Then he looks at me. “Do you have any idea how serious this is, miss?” “Yes, sir.” I respond. “I am your professor. I could get in a lot of trouble with my superiors if someone overheard your comments.” “Yes, sir.” “Well, do you have anything to say?” I think for a moment. “I think, sir, that we should… examine the issue more closely before we make any… substantial… decisions. Sir.” “I don’t think you understand the gravity of this situation. I am within my rights to throw you out of this class and I’m seriously considering doing so.” I don’t know whether he’s teasing or not. Still, the tone of his voice is making my skin tingle. “Well then, sir, I’d best persuade you otherwise.” As I say this, I lean over his desk and give him an eyeful of my breasts, encased in a lacy pink bra that matches my underwear.