Eight Hundred Nerve Endings

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Fiona opened her eyes and drank in her surroundings.Hot sunlight radiated through the windows of Cuppa Joe’s, where it mingled with the noisy effusion of the espresso machines, and gave the café a confined, sultry feel. There was a defined bustle of other patrons, and the air seemed crowded with conversation. She and Mark were fortunate to even find a table today. As the chattering continued, Fiona raised the cup before her and took a sip of her steaming soya mocha, enjoying the slight burning sting on her tongue.Mark looked across the table at her and grinned. He began to speak, and as Fiona heard his words, she could feel her stomach drop like a stone.“Do you remember when I told you that your nipples have over eight hundred nerve endings in them?” Mark asked.“Nooo … not here!” She weakly protested.“Well, if you don’t want me to keep going, you just have to tell me to stop.”Fiona parted her lips, but words would not form. She remained quiet. An invisible bubble of calm seemed to grow around their table, as though they were now secluded from the commotion of the café. With her silent acquiescence, Mark continued.“Okay. As I was saying, there are over eight hundred nerve endings in each of your nipples. They’re one of the most erogenous parts of the female body. The sensation from the nipples travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from between your legs. And of course, your breasts are particularly sensitive, aren’t they?”Fiona stared into the churning darkness of her coffee cup. Since her teenage years, her large bosom had unfortunately been her defining feature, drawing eyes and judgements. almanbahis şikayet They were only more obvious and prominent because of her waspish waist. She was so often the object of unwanted attention, she felt conspicuous and abashed even seemingly unnoticed in this busy café. Men staring at her chest was just something she had to live with on a daily, even hourly basis.However, her breasts were also her downfall. Mark was intimately familiar with her one major weakness. She would melt into a puddle of desire when Mark expertly caressed them. She could even fade out of consciousness and into a kind of joyful daze when he did so. He could toy with her patiently for hours, drawing out brain breaking orgasms just by toying with her nipples alone. She would just die of lust, and do anything he desired in return.And when Mark had patiently explained to her that all those tiny nerve endings were really in charge of her, it made such perfect made sense. He had proved time and time again, just how much power they wielded over her. And in moments like this, he could play with her without even a single physical touch. She blushed at hot memories as she listened to his warm, soothing voice, knowing with dread she was about to happen.“I just want you to relax for a moment now, and find how easily it is to feel extremely aware of your own body. Don’t think about all those sensitive nerve endings for a moment. Just breathe in, fill your lungs with air. Just breathe steadily, and as you do, feel the muscles in your body relax, almost as though you can’t help it.”Fiona couldn’t help it. Mark almanbahis canlı casino had done this to her so many times before, she just couldn’t stop her body automatically calming as soon as he suggested it, his voice an injection of tranquilliser under her skin. Fixed on her coffee, she felt her eyes beginning to swim. Milk and water and coffee swirling, mingling, drifting, merging.“Every breath you take draws more relaxation into your body now. Feel yourself becoming so limp, so loose. And every time you breath out, feel yourself becoming more aware of your body. And as you do, you can’t stop yourself becoming more and more aware of your sensitive breasts and how they feel. Concentrate on how you feel.”Fiona felt it. Each time Mark did this, the pleasure seemed to creep into her body a little easier. A soft whimper slipped under her breath. With an abashed shudder, she felt her nipples already straining against the fabric of her pullover. She fervently hoped it wasn’t too obvious to anyone who might glance her way, and was glad her eyes weren’t open so she couldn’t find out. There was nothing to do but allow Mark’s words to continue to drift into her ears.“Deep breaths in and feel that relaxation. Deep breaths out and think of your breasts. Think of your sensitive nipples now. Breath in and feel yourself going down and down. When you are ready, when you feel so relaxed you can’t do anything else, you can let your eyes close, as though they were working all on their own. You don’t have to worry about them. You don’t have to worry about the world around you. You can simply keep concentrating almanbahis casino on your breathing, and that wonderful feeling of sensitivity in your breasts.”Fiona’s eyes sealed themselves shut even before he had finished. Her chin fell ever so slightly. Mark was right again. Despite the limpness that was brewing in her body, forcing her arms to feel loose and noodly, she could still feel the thumping of her heart. The skin of her chest seemed to swell, her nipples grow tighter still. Was she panting? She could feel herself panting.“Concentrating on your breathing still, feeling that wonderful sensitivity in your breasts. Notice how they feel with each deep breath in, and as you breath out, let yourself feel more of that blissful pleasure. Every deep breath in, lovely limp relaxation. Every breath out, that feeling of pressure and arousal filling you up. Your mind is drifting and the world is fading and all you can think about is that wonderful feeling.”“You can try to stop that pleasure from concentrating itself on the very tips of your nipples. But you know all those eight hundred nerve endings I told you about just won’t let you hold that urge at bay. There are just too many of them. Too many to do anything but let them do all your thinking for you.”Mark was right. He was always right. It just felt too good now. She wanted to squirm and rock in her chair, to try to relieve some of that torrid pressure, but her body was adamant. She was too relaxed, too stilled in trance now, to do anything but let her breasts control her.“You can feel that pleasure, that pressure, concentrating with every breath you take. But they feel like magnets, drawing all that pleasure to them, concentrating it all in focus. When you feel that you just can’t take any more pressure, you will realise what you have to do. You have to release some of that pressure.