Eileen is All Alone

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Mum is very worried about Eileen. She is worried a lot about Eileen. Eileen is 26 years old and has a four year old son and lives with him in the other (smaller) half of the Duplex house that she and Pappy own.

That rat-bastard, Robert, had left her eighteen months ago and is now shacked up with some bleached blonde bimbo that he met at work. Mum grudgingly gives him credit for faithfully sending the child support check and taking Ian every other weekend, but the rat-bastard has left poor Eileen devastated emotionally.

Eileen is a pretty girl. Hell, she’s a grown woman of twenty-six years, and still an attractive woman. She has hair somewhere between brown and red, actually a little mix of both. She is slender, well-shaped and inherited her grand-mother’s modest bust-line. But, she’s a good looking woman and Mum just can’t understand why she is still alone. Mum and Pappy give her plenty of support and watch after Ian when Eileen goes to work. She doesn’t make much, working in a doctor’s office, but the work is steady and the doctor takes lots of vacations during which Eileen still gets paid.

Mum decides to have a talk with Eileen; Mother and daughter stuff. So, on a Saturday when Robert has Ian, Mum strolls next door in the early afternoon and says, coming through the back door: “Anybody to home? Can an old lady get a ‘cuppa’ around here?”

Eileen comes into the kitchen, from the front of the house and says: “Hello Mum. How you doing today?”

“Oh, I’m good and there is little to be gained from complaining about your father.”

They exchange a knowing look and Mum sits down at the kitchen table. Eileen refills the kettle and sets a light under it to heat up. Meanwhile, Mum has opened up the tea pot and put in a few spoons of tea. The ladies sit facing each other at the table. Eileen looks expectantly at her mother while her Mum is busying herself fussing with the tea pot lid.

“So, what’s up Mum?”

“Well, I just thought that I would come by today to see if everything is OK with you. I see that Ian is with ‘that man’ again this weekend and I thought that you might like someone to talk to.”

Knowing that her mother is not one to just ‘chat’, Eileen is beginning to suspect that Mum has a real reason for this middle of the day ‘drop in’. “Well dear, you know that your father and I love you and want nothing but the best for you, but. . . but. . . but , we’re getting a little worried about you still being all alone.”

“Oh Mum, I’m getting used to it. Don’t worry about me; I’ll be OK.”

“Yes dear, we know that, but you deserve to be happy. What I mean is, I think that you need a man in your life. One a little older than Ian, I mean.”

Eileen smiled at her mothers’ little joke, but didn’t respond immediately.

Mum continued: “Are there any prospects in sight? You never seem to go out for yourself and it just seems that you’re all alone most of the time.”

“I don’t need a man in my life right now, Mum. I’m still recoiling from when Robert left and I just want to keep things uncomplicated for a little while longer. I will be OK and I’m sure that someone will come along, but I have to think for Ian and myself. And, right now, I don’t want to put myself out there, not just yet.”

Eileen got up and picked up the kettle which was now hot enough for tea. Her Mum lifted the lid off the tea pot and Eileen poured in the hot water. Now to wait a little for the tea to ‘steep’.

Eileen decided to divert the conversation a little and maybe put her mother onto a different thread; any different thread would be better than this one. “So Mum, how am I supposed to thank the Earth Mother when I have no man to do his part?”

Mum was a shrewd old lady. Without batting an eye, she said: “Well, it’s good that you asked me since I had thought of the same question. Now, in the case of a widow, she can forego the Equinox ceremonies until she has a new man or stops her bleeding. The Earth Mother will understand that losing her man to death makes the omission forgivable. But, when a man just walks away from his wife, that’s a different story.”

Her mother took the opportunity of pouring the tea to gather her thoughts. After the milk and sugar were stirred in and the tea had been sipped a couple of times, she continued: “I hadn’t ever heard of anyone, who observes our ways, having had her husband just ‘walk away’. And, as you know, my own mother, God rest her soul, has been gone all these long years so, I can’t ask her for advice.”

Eileen was temporarily cheered by her mother’s admission that she didn’t know the answer to this question AND that the conversation had shifted away from her current single status.

“So, I called a couple of my friends, who still live in the old country, and asked them.”

Eileen’s jaw dropped. Mum was a crafty old witch after all.

“We talked in Welsh, of course, in case those NSA or CIA guys were listening in. And, it’s apparently a problem that’s already been solved. Know what they told me?”

Eileen: “I’m just dying to know, canlı bahis Mum.” And to herself she thought: “Oh Crap, now what?”

“Yak just got to do as much of the ceremony as you can, by yourself; if you understand my meaning.”

“I do Mum, and I will think about it. It’s still a month till the Equinox and I promise to give it full thought and consideration.”

Satisfied with this answer, Mum swung the conversation back to: “So, are there any eligible men around where you work?”

Fast Forward to the Day of the Next Equinox, September 21st.

It was time for Eileen to leave for work. She brought Ian over to his grandmother’s side of the house. He had already had breakfast and was now mostly interested in some cartoons that were always on at this time of day. Mum was already sat on the sofa and Ian climbed up and sat right up against her. When Eileen turned to leave, Mum cleared her voice and said: “You’re not forgetting what day it is today, are you?”

“No Mum, I’ve got it all sorted, so please let me be. If I don’t go now, I’ll be late for work.”

And so, she left. Mum and Ian had a good time, until Pappy came down stairs and started teasing Mum by imitating that TV Camel commercial: “Hey Mum, do you know what day it is? Mum, Mum, Mum Aww common you know what day it is. Say it, say it.” After a long deep sigh Mum finally gave in and said “Aye, it’s the Equinox. There, are you satisfied that I said it?”

Pappy backed off and went into the kitchen to pour himself a cuppa and see what’s lying about for a breakfast.

Ian, Pappy and Mum had a good day together, as usual. Pappy took Ian for a walk to the park two blocks over while Mum had some important shopping to do, in the other direction, at the local pharmacy. Pappy saw the bags that Mum brought home and seemed pleased. Mum made a nice dinner, timed for Eileen’s’ usual return from work. Eileen was a few minutes late and she had a small pharmacy bag sticking out of her purse, too. Nothing was said but the two women exchanged a few knowing glances.

After dinner, Eileen took Ian home for a little playtime, a bath, a little story book reading and then to sleep by about 8:45. This was his routine and it worked for everyone.

Now here is where it starts to get interesting. Mum announced at about 10 O-Clock that she was going to get ready to take a shower. Pappy was sitting on the family room couch but immediately got up and volunteered to:” Do my part in that, helping you to get ready.” He reached for the small glass of water on the coffee table and slipped the 100mg Viagra pill into his mouth, washing it down quickly with the water. He followed Mum up the stairs and into the bedroom.

As soon as she was into the room, a little past the bed, she stopped and began to shed her clothes. Blouse, skirt, bra, knickers and those little socks that she thought nobody noticed. Turning to pappy, she obediently said: “I have become dirty, working in the garden, and need to be cleansed”. Pappy nodded and followed her when she turned and went into the Master Bathroom. They had begun the critical ‘no speaking’ part of the ritual.

Mum started the water running into the tub. When it was comfortable, she stepped in and turned the valve redirecting the water to the shower head. Pappy came closer and picked up a small, fine grain natural sponge (Mums favorite) and using the bar of Celtic Spring, he lathered up the sponge and proceeded to give Mum a thorough wash down from stem to stern. Mum just relaxed and enjoyed the sensation and pleasure of being washed. Pappy rinsed her with water from the shower head and inspected his work. Wow, after all these years, she still looked good to him. After savoring the view for a couple more seconds, Pappy repeated the wash down process only this time he washed her breasts very well, spending a little more time rubbing the frothy sponge on her areola and rubbing the nipples with his fingers. Washing down her front, he came to her mound and he began to rub in circles on it. Mum easily spread her legs to about a foot apart and Pappy ran the sponge through the ‘gap’ a few times. He made sure that her still beautiful lower lips were opened and appropriately washed. Finally, he worked his way down her legs and as she turned to face the wall, he washed back up her legs and in between those two still enticing melons. He just caught a little peek at her anus, and it looked as good as it always did.

After Pappy completed the washing, he rinsed her back first and then she turned to face him and he rinsed her front off with great care to make sure all the soap was removed. At this point, Mum reached over and turned off the water and Pappy put the wand back into its holder. Mum turned to face the wall.

In the bathroom sink Pappy could see that there were two prefilled and ready fleet enemas floating in a sink full of warm water. He knew that the mineral oil one went last, so he took the plain saline enema out of the sink and dried it off with a hand towel. The plastic tended to be a little slippery when wet. On the back bahis siteleri of the toilet sat the small bottle of Petrolatum. He opened it and collected a blob onto the index finger of his right hand. Mum was leaning forward with her palms against the inside wall, she had her hips thrust out and was looking really good. Pappy spread her ass cheeks with his left hand and applied the little blob of Petrolatum directly to her anus. He pushed it in, just a little, up to the first knuckle. Pappy removed his finger, and carefully. Holding the fleet bottle, looked up at Mums head as she stared at the wall. After a second or two, Mum nodded her head and Pappy knew that she was ready.

Pappy removed the cap and inserted the fleet enema tube into her arse-hole all the way. As Soon as it was in place, he began to squeeze the bottle expelling the fluid into his dear wife’s colon. As per the ritual neither of them said a word.

When the enema was completely injected, (remember you can never get it all in) he slowly removed the nozzle and replaced the protective cap. Pappy tossed the expended enema into the bathroom trashcan. Mum just stood there with her palms on the wall and waited for the enema to begin to work and for Pappy to get the hell out of the bathroom.

Pappy left for the bedroom pulling the door closed behind him. Mum lowered her hands and stood erect for about 5 minutes. She had reached her limit a little sooner than in some previous years, but she was ready to let it go. She sat herself on the commode and slowly unclenched her anus. The flow started slowly, just a stream of water but in about 30 seconds it turned into the desired deluge and she quickly evacuated her body. An immediate flush followed by a couple of more tries yielded nothing. ‘Wow, all out on the first push?’

Mum wiped herself clean with TP and two of those disposable wipe things. Two sprays with the room deodorizer freshened the immediate area handily. When she was ready, she knocked three times on the bathroom door and got herself back into the tub. She adjusted the water temperature to her liking. She swung the valve back to the shower position and stood there letting the water hit her on the shoulders. This time when Pappy came into the room he was naked. No wasting any time. Pappy repeated the washdown process but this time he spent a little more time and effort on his more favorite portions of her anatomy. Her areolas were beginning to show themselves with a little more of a pinkish color. Her labia were a little more engorged with blood and distended downward and slightly open. When it was time for Pappy to wash through the gap, Mum put both of her hands onto Pappy’s shoulders and lifted her left leg to put one foot onto the side of the tub. This gave Pappy much better access and he put this to good use. Foregoing the sponge, Pappy gently washed all her womanly parts with just his hand. A little pressure here and a little rubbing there had the intended effect and Mum was soon rocking her hips slightly in time with his ministrations.

Pappy could sense a small shudder from her and he backed off from the gentle rubbing on her clit. Mum put her foot back onto the floor of the tub and stood back up straight. Pappy rinsed her again before handing her the big fluffy bath towel. When dry, she dutifully turned to the wall, palms up. Pappy grabbed the mineral oil enema and using the same process as before, he inserted it into her butt and squeezed in the product. The second spent enema bottle was disposed of in the same way as the first. Pappy again left the room pulling the door shut.

Mum waited a little longer, this time. There was almost nothing left to come out. After sitting on the commode and waiting a full ten minutes, she ‘let this one fly” and squirted it into the commode. Another quick flush and a repeat of the cleanup process left her standing in the bathroom with an extremely well lubricated and clean bum. Taking the bottle of Petrolatum, she scooped out a generous glob and applied it directly to her anus. And using all appropriate care, she pushed some of the Petrolatum to the inside.

One deep breath and into the bedroom she goes. When Pappy sees her, he thinks two things. One: “She looks as beautiful as the day I first met her,’ And Two: “I sure as hell hope that Viagra pill is working because I’m only at about half-mast at present. Mum walks over and takes her usual position at the bedroom window overlooking the garden, with both hands on the wood window frame, and her feet about a foot or so apart. She again bends at the waist and in a very low voice repeats her prayer to the Earth mother. She adds a bit for ‘poor Eileen’, too.”

Sporting a partial stiffy, Pappy walks up behind her and holding his cock, he slides it up and down her crease. Warm, soft, and inviting as usual. Knowing that her insides are lubricated with the mineral oil from the enema, and that, as usual, she has applied a generous bit of Petrolatum to her anus and the area immediately around it, Pappy proceeds to follow the ritual.

So far, they were doing bahis şirketleri the ritual as she had laid it out all those years ago. No talking and no more foreplay. Pappy knew that he was on the spot for performance and it was needed right NOW! Summoning all his strength, he gave himself a couple of hand strokes and then put the head of his cock right on that still tight little target. A little push, and nothing. Try again, line it up, a little push, and still nothing. Oh well, threes the charm. Another lining it up and a little push and Mum pushed back at the same time; and HE’S IN!

Exuberant, Pappy goes for the usual entry procedure captured by the title ‘a little bit at a time’. He pushes in and pulls back and pushes in and pulls back and soon he has reached his goal-in as far as he can reach. He was worried that he would fail this time, after all he’s not getting any younger. Pappy now starts the serious rogering. Long deep strokes which soon become shorter more rapid strokes which quickly give away to short excited strokes which result in another mind-bending eruption. Pappy spews into her bowels and feels like he has cum as much as anybody could.

Quickly, too quickly, Pappy softens and comes out of Mums glorious rearmost fuck hole. He stands up straight and helps Mum up to the same position. She turns and gives him a full body contact kiss. “Well,” she says, “We’re good for another six months.”

Pappy quickly replies, “I got to sit down”. So, Mum retreats to the bathroom for her third and final wipe-up clean-up and Pappy lays down on the bed, exhausted and enjoying the post coital buzz which quickly puts him to sleep. Mum comes back in, wearing her night gown and climbs into the bed next to him. She is asleep within minutes and they lay there in each other’s arms for a long peaceful rest. Mum does leak a little of Pappy out into her nightgown; she’s not getting any younger, either.

Meanwhile-Next Door

After getting Ian to bed Eileen makes herself a nice cup of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate with a heavy shot of store brand rum. She would prefer the name brand, but with expenses as they are, she can only afford the generic indulgence. The rum and hot chocolate go down smoothly and by about 10:30 she is feeling the effects along with being her usual tired from work and trying to keep up with Ian.

She has brought all her pharmacy purchases to her bedroom and laid them out on the night table and in the connected bathroom. Stripping off, Eileen examines her body in the mirror. ‘Not too bad, for a lass my age, I expect,’ she thinks. ‘It could surely use a little attention from a good man.’ Emphasizing to herself the word ‘good’. She still has a hard time understanding why Robert left her so suddenly for that “shite-bird” that he is living with now. Compared to her, Eileen has a much better body, is prettier and has a good and loving family. After all, she gave him a beautiful son; it just isn’t fair, dammit!

‘Oh well, might as well get on with it. Mum would not be happy if any of her daughters didn’t follow the old ways, as tradition demands.’ ‘Or, as traditions can be modified, in her case.’

Eileen opts for a nice long hot soak. She starts the tub filling and adds her usual concoctions to make it more pleasant. Some bubble bath, a few drops of fragrant oil, and some ground Lavender buds, from the garden, which she has prepared herself-just a pinch. Stepping in and sitting down, the water covers her legs and comes up to the bottom of her tits. It really feels good! Taking the wash rag, she starts on her legs and works her way up to the girly bits. Deciding that she would pay more attention to that area a little later, she proceeds up and gives the girls a little scrub. Out pop those nipples, right on schedule. Eileen has noticed how her nipples are so much more sensitive since the birth of her son. It must be connected, somehow, but the reason escapes her. That might be a good question to turn the tables on Mum when she starts her ‘why are you still single’ probing.

Bending her knees, she lowers her upper body into the warm soothing water and continues to fiddle and tweak at her nipples. It feels good, they’re hers, and nobody is looking. After nearly nodding off, Eileen finishes up her bath (the water is cooling off, anyway). Careful to get out of the tub without falling, she towels herself off while the tub is draining. After running the brush through her hair, she wipes the fog from the mirror and removes the last remaining trace of the bubbles from her neck and just below her ears. Now the serious business of the evening begins.

According to her Mum’s interpretation of the ritual, this thankful mother and now ‘Ex-wife’ is to do as much of the ceremony as she can, by herself. Well, she certainly knows how to get herself off and she fully intends to do that before she goes to sleep. She has ‘given herself a good scrubbing’, and it felt good, too. Now for the cleaning out that is another part of the ritual. On the sink counter is the box of Liquid Glycerin Suppositories that she purchased today at the pharmacy. Opening the box, she examines one of these little wonders and sees that it is like a miniature, prepackaged enema, only filled with the laxative glycerin instead of water or oil. Oh well, here goes.