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The folks that lived next door to my brother’s house, the Grorick’s, were kind of… well, strange. They tried and couldn’t seem to have children so they then brought their orphaned niece, Eleni, over from “the old country” when she was five. Her parents were killed in a civil conflict in her country during an uprising. A year later, the Grorick’s had a daughter, much to their surprise (and mild disappointment at it not being a son). Six years later they finally had their son – at about the same time as my sister-in-law, Cindy, gave birth to my nephew.

“Blessed” with their own children now, they pretty much treated Eleni as a burden rather than as a part of their family. They quit buying her clothing, forcing her to wear hand-outs from neighbors, articles donated by folks from their church or stuff from second-hand shops until she could learn to sew her own. They’d quit home-schooling her at high school age because they didn’t believe women needed more education. When the government forced the issue, they sent her to the local high school where she was quickly ostracized and ridiculed, forcing her deeper into her shell, even though she was usually on the honor roll.

The Grorick’s pretty much kept to themselves, never seemed to have any friends or family visit, never seemed to go anywhere but work, they drank a lot and they fought almost every Friday and Saturday night.

Eleni was around 9 or 10 when my brother bought and began to renovate the beautiful old Craftsman house next to the Grorick’s. Two years later, during the summer after high school graduation and just before I enlisted, they finally finished and occupied their new home. I stayed with them over that summer to help them get the place together before I had to report for duty and went off to “see the world.”

When I returned after my 6-year hitch, I moved in with Brad and Cindy to save on money on college room and board costs. Brad was fairly successful and had a damn good income, so that Cindy didn’t have to go back to work right away. She stayed home with their newborn baby boy, my nephew, Brad, Jr.

The first few weeks, I slept in a spare room in the house while Brad and I constructed an apartment over their detached, 3-car garage on the weekends. What we didn’t get done then, I finished up during the week. Brad agreed to my renovating the apartment because he felt that I wouldn’t want to be bringing home dates to “mom and dad” and wanted me to feel more comfortable on my own and in my own place.

My sister-in-law, Cindy, had an excellent career as well. She was able to work from home while she was on maternity leave. To ease matters and be able to concentrate, Cindy had the Grorick’s niece, Eleni, over during the day to help her with the baby and with cleaning the house.

I didn’t really remember Eleni all that well because she’d been so young, quiet, scrawny and shy then. This young girl apparently had been very sheltered because she had absolutely no social skills or taboos that I could see and felt she could come into any room of the house at any time, but she was a pleasant and interesting conversationalist giresun escort – always polite and courteous.

Eleni would follow me around the house whenever she didn’t have sitting duties or, when I was working on the apartment above the garage, she would act as my assistant and hand me tools when I needed them, make my lunch. Overall, she acted like a lonely girl with a huge crush that was enjoying the company of someone relatively her own age. I didn’t mind, though. El was intelligent and well-read and, once you got past the accent and baggy clothing, she might even be considered cute.

As for myself, I’d not had a very good track record with girls in the past several years. It seemed that all the ones I’d really been interested in either never noticed me or, when they DID go out with me, it was only because they found out I had money (I’d gradually invested about $30,000 during my 6 years in the Navy, turning it into a cool $87,000 by the time I got out). I got used a lot and it made me angry. I mean, I was generally a nice guy, but we would date a couple times and they would eventually leave me for some asshole, then spent the rest of the time bitching about how much of a jerk the guy was. When I’d point out that I was a nice guy, they would laugh and say, “Yes, but you’re my friend! Sex would only ruin our friendship.”

Two weeks ago, I’d had yet another girlfriend break up with me because I was “too nice” and it put me in a pissy mood – not to mention leaving me horny because she’d found all sorts of excuses not to have sex or go out for three weeks prior to that. (Turns out she was fucking some new guy who was all muscle and no brain.) Carrie had been a sexual dream to me, willing to try almost anything and encouraging my passion; experimenting with all sorts of kinks and fetishes. Without warning, she dumped me for some Neolithic moron and told him that I was a mean and cruel bastard in bed and had hurt her. That was bullshit. She’d begged me to do those things, but the moron let me know that if I ever came near Carrie again, he would crush me.

Bitter and confused, I went to a bar to try and drown my sorrows, drinking about a dozen beers before heading home, dejected and angry. When I got in, Eleni was standing on the porch talking to my sis-in-law about her day. I gave them both a nod and headed up to my apartment. A moment later, Eleni knocked at my door.

“May I come in? Cindy is home and wants to sleep, so I can’t watch TV there and I don’t want to go back to my house right now.”

“Sure. Make yourself at home,” I replied, leaving the door open as I walked away. I went over to my laptop and tried to find some friends to chat with online, but no one was available. Eleni sat on the couch and picked up the remote, rapidly turning the volume down and flicking through the channels. She seemed to sense my mood and kept her distance until I felt like talking.

I grabbed another beer from the fridge, popped it open and sat next to her on the couch as we watched some silly movie. When I began to talk during a commercial break, she shut the TV giresun escort bayan off and gave me her full attention. Maybe it was her empathy that helped me open up, venting all my hostilities or maybe it was because she intrigued me with those dark, mysterious eyes. Any way you look at it, I talked; she listened. After a bit, I excused myself and headed for the toilet to pee, continuing my conversation since the bath was the only other room in my studio. I thought she’d simply stay on the couch and listen as I talked. Eleni, of course, followed me in.

“El,” I said, turning to her, “I have to pee.”

“Pee then,” she said, innocently.

“You’re in here, though.”


“Fine,” I said, laughing, “Are you going to hold it for me and clean it off?”

“If you wish,” she said, stepping up next to me.

“I am not like those others, Tim,” she said in a soft, little-girl voice as her eyes locked on my crotch, “I would do anything for you.”

I looked hard at her as she stood there, head down, arms in front of her in a submissive position. In my inebriated state, I began to wonder what was under those baggy clothes; whether she was hot and willing, if she was experienced or a virgin. Maybe if I hadn’t been drinking, I wouldn’t have said anything else. But I wasn’t sober, wasn’t in a good state of mind and wasn’t in the mood for another girl to play games with me. I called her bluff.

“Anything, eh?” I smirked sarcastically. “Hold me while I pee then!”

To my surprise, Eleni did just that. She unzipped my pants, took out my cock and held it while I pissed into the bowl. She watched, absolutely mesmerized. I looked down upon her as she did so and, I guess, finally noticed what she really looked like. She had thick, chin-length blonde hair, deep blue eyes and a wide, sensuous mouth. El was small and compact, standing only a little over 5 ft tall. I wasn’t sure of what the rest of her looked like because everything she wore seemed to hide her figure. The only thing that I could see was that her face was pretty and that her hands and feet were small and delicate.

I finished my piss and began to reach down to tuck myself back in.

“You don’t wish me to clean it off?” I looked down into her eyes and saw them glowing.

“Sure. Clean it off.”

Eleni reached for a washcloth on the sink, but I stopped her.

“No, not with that,” I said. Eleni looked at me quizzically. I’m not sure if I would have done this had I not been in this frame of mind as well as buzzed, but I made a decision to find out just how far this girl would go. “You said you’d do anything for me, right?”

Eleni nodded, a serious look of absolute worship on her face.

“Use your mouth and tongue then.

Her eyes widened with panic, but she still held onto my flaccid cock. After a moment’s hesitation, she knelt and leaned forward, dabbing at the tip of my tool with her tongue while staring directly into my eyes.

That wide, sensual mouth opened and her thick tongue came out, touching the underside of my head. Her eyelids fluttered for escort giresun a moment as her tongue moved upward, circling the spongy crown and wetting it with her own saliva. Then she moved forward more and encircled the head with her lips. I could feel her tongue moving back and forth across the tip and my cock beginning to engorge. I was just about to press her head onto the rest of my cock when she pulled back, letting it slip out of her mouth with a noisy, sucking sound and tucked it back into my pants.

“Is clean now!” she told me, smiling. She got up off her knees and flushed the toilet. “You watch me now?”

I stared in awe as she lowered her sweatpants to reveal a nice, round ass and a thick bush of dark blonde pubic hair covering her pussy. She sat on the toilet and began to pee. I reached down and pushed my hand between her legs, feeling the warm, yellow liquid squirting onto my fingers. Eleni gasped when I did that, but didn’t stop me. I could feel the little nubbin where the piss was exiting and I took it between my thumb and finger. Eleni groaned as I did so. I let her pee splash over my fingers as I held her until she was through.

“You will clean me too?” she asked, tentatively. I looked at her and moved my fingers up, feeling her engorged clit. I placed my thumb and finger on this spot and began to manipulate it.

“You will do anything for me, Eleni?”

As my fingers touched her clit, her eyes widened in surprise again and then became lidded as she began to pant from my ministrations.

“Anything, Eleni?” I repeated.

“Yes,” she gasped, “anything for you, Tim!”

Again, the combination of my inner-anger, lust and drunkenness loosened my inhibitions and brought out a demon inside me that even I didn’t recognize.

“You will do what I say without question? No matter where we are?” I said, rubbing her clit faster.

“Yes!” she panted, “Anything. Anywhere! Any time!”

“I will test you, Eleni. I will make you do things that will embarrass you, humiliate you… maybe even degrade you!”

“I don’t care, Tim. I want to be yours! I have loved you since I saw you the first time!”

“OK. Stand then.”

Eleni stood up from the toilet and I knelt in front of her. Drops of her urine stuck to the thick growth of pubic hairs there. I bent forward, taking in the scent of her pee, her arousal and her need.

I dabbed my tongue out and licked at her. The taste was brackish, but not horrible. I licked again and her hands went to the top of my head. A third lick caused her fingers to flex and I could feel her long nails against my scalp.

Using my thumbs, I pulled apart her pussy, revealing a deep pink gash inside of that jungle of hair. I licked into that slit and upwards. Eleni moaned loudly and her nails dug into me. I licked again, sucking on her clit this time, and had to catch her when her knees buckled. I held her by her hips and stood slowly, bending my face towards hers.

“ELENI!” called out her aunt’s voice from the fenceline.

The spell broke like a soap bubble popping in mid-air. El jumped away from me and pulled up her sweats. She walked rapidly toward the door as I was left kneeling on the bathroom floor. Just before going out of sight, she stopped and turned. “I will be back tomorrow, yes?”

“Yes. Come back again tomorrow!”

Ah, yes – tomorrow! I had plans for my dear Eleni! Plans indeed!