Employee Becomes Boss

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Employee Becomes BossAbout 5 years ago I was told by me boss I had to hire someone in my IT department that met certain criteria. I did not like it but I did what I was told. I hired a black man whose credentials were not the best but he did meet the criteria I was given. He started and it became apparent to everyone in the department he was not a hard worker. Finally after repeated talks we came to an understanding. He moved inventory and I would let him work by himself. This arrangement was really good. My inventory got to the right place and no one had to put up with him. After about 6 months he came in for his review. I was sitting at a table instead of my desk so we could go over the review. After the review I told him that in 30 days he would get a raise if everything stayed the same. He wasn’t pleased with the news but just shrugged and left my office. Later that evening I was completing some reports and assumed everyone had left for the day. I was in the men’s room pinbahis yeni giriş taking a piss. Jerrod walked in and started unzipping at the urinal next to me. I am a closet bi-sexual and so I stole a peek. Jerrod was watching me and said I knew you was a fag. I didn’t know what to do but I couldn’t look away from his black cock. He told me to get in the stall and sit down. He walked into the stall and when I sat down he moved his cock towards my face. Without thinking I picked it up and started sucking his cock. He told me that things would be different. I was going to keep him satisfied and in the job he wanted or he would tell everyone in the office. I nodded but didn’t let his cock go. He pushed his cock into my mouth forcing as much as he could into my mouth. Soon he had a rhythm and was calling me a sissy and fag. He pulled his fat cock out of my mouth and started stroking it. He told me that tomorrow I would give the morning report with pinbahis giriş his cum in mouth. He started cumming I tried to catch his cock but he wouldn’t let me. He came on my face and shirt and pants. He told me he wanted to go home that way so my wife would see his cum on me. He told me that tomorrow I would bring a list of things to the office for his pleasure. He told me to clean his cock. I licked up the glob of cum on the head and the cum he smeared along his shaft while jacking off. He told me that my ass needed to be clean tomorrow after work.I went home that night and my wife asked what was on my clothes and I told her about Jerrod. She was shocked at first and then she got horny. We fucked while she smelled the cum stains on my shirt. I told her he was blackmailing me and that it was hot. I told her that I wanted to bring him home if I could arrange it. That if I did he would want to humiliate me and then he might take her as well. We would pinbahis güvenilirmi wait and see.The next day I had my kit. At 7:00 Jerrod walked into my office pulled his cock out and I sucked him off. He came in my mouth. At 7:45 with cum on my breath I went to the managers meeting and gave my report. I wondered if anyone could smell it on my breath. That evening Jerrod came in again we were the only two in the office. I had made my preparations. He had me dropped my pants around my ankles and started tonguing my asshole. It felt great. Jerrod was an expert at rimming. He pulled a small bottle out of his pocket and started rubbing it on his cock. He put his mushroom cock head by my asshole and started working it in. I realized he didn’t have a condom on. I said something about a condom. He said his bitches just took the chance on getting pregnant. He started fucking me and I was really now feeling him hit my prostate every so often. My cock would bounce every now and then when it happened. After a long fuck he came in my ass. He kissed my ass and played with his cum in my asshole. He asked what happened when I went home last night. I told him that I told my wife what had happened. He told me he would be fucking her as well. Who is the boss?