Encounter With Melanie And Her Friend

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Encounter With Melanie And Her FriendI’ve got a neighbor bitch that has set me up with a key to go in her house and feed her cats and fish while she’s gone. I also water her fucking plants outside. And on occasion one of her bitch friends will stop by during my duties at that house. But nothing has ever come from it, in that the bitches just turn and leave when I say that my neighbor bitch is gone on a trip.I have though gotten a lot of fantasy masturbation sessions when I freak about one of those friends of her’s coming inside and balling me in that house. Yeah… I know, pretty lame… I mean me on the spare bed in that house and jacking my dick to the idea of her lady friends fucking me in that house. Oh if fantasies could come true, god damn it to motherfucking hell!Well since 1997 when I first started house watching for this cunt nothing ever happened. I’d even once held high hopes that the cunt owner bitch would ball me herself on a regular basis güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri as the friendly neighbor thing to do, but no such luck 🙁 But on July 3rd of 2013 I finally got my first spontaneous sexual encounter EVER, and it happened in that bitch neighbor’s house, I’m not a k**ding.You see, the fucking place is for sale now with a lot of its furnishings sold with it. My bitch neighbor is away in another state now and don’t trust the reality agents. So she has the realtor call me and I go unlock and disarm the security system and have to be shadowing the realtor and client the whole time. Sort of awkward, but all evolved know the score and chuckle about how the bitch has such an inflated opinion of her dump. I’ve even joke with male realtors and their male clients about how I never made the grade to fuck neighbor lady and as payback I take skank whores in there and fuck them on her bed. But of course I’m perabet güvenilir mi tellin’ a whopper lie when I tell them that, lol.Anyway, so I get the call from some Melanie cunt realtor to come and unlock. I do and her client is some approx age 45 5′ 8″ 230 pound sloppy blond milf. But Melanie is a approx age 30 cutie petite little bitch with a dutch boy haircut and wearing flip flops exposing the dearest little perfect feet with black toenail polish, mmmmmmmm!So anyway I hang around in frustration thinking about Melanie. Then the gig is up and I lock up.But low and behold I get home and Melanie is already calling me, and tells me to come back to unlock again because there’s another client suddenly wanting to see the place. So I go back and Melanie is waiting on the front porch with a biker type chick on the front porch.We all three go in and right off the bat Melanie ask “Are you cool… you can say no, or go with tipobet it, but don’t talk about us, okay?”I’m like… “What the hell… you wanna get it on with your gf, be my guest. Call me when you’re done and I’ll come back and reset the security alarm.”Then cutie Melanie gets the most coy look and her pretty toes curl up and she says, “It’s like this… me and my lady lover want to share you, okay?”My knees buckle and I crawl to the couch a weeping mass of self-pitying loser guy. Next thing I know I’ve got four titties in my face and we’re all three in a beautiful group caressing hug.We went at it for like 2 hr 25 min, and everything but anal went down. It was such a thing of beauty to be eating out Melanie’s gf while Melanie was soul kissing her, and for me to be fucking Melanie while her gf was necking me. These two bitches brought out the man in me and activated testosterone I didn’t know I had. I know this ’cause right off the bat my limp dick oozed out my semen load for the day after they barely touched it. But they made my cock hard and it was tingling in their mouths or pussy the whole time after only 4 minutes of my premature ejaculation.Thank-you very much Melanie and Paula, you couldn’t have blessed a more deserving guy. xoxo