Encounters with Mrs. Cochran Ch. 03

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Sex without consequences always has consequences.

4th Encounter continued


Mrs. Cochran eyed herself in the cracked mirror in the bathroom of room

of the Off the Highway Motel. She liked what she saw. She wore the black corset, dark stockings and high heel boots she had just purchased across the road at the porn store. She suppressed a giggle of embarrassment when she thought of the first time she had worn the outfit not more than a half-hour before. It was in front of the porn store clerk named Harold who had stood there transfixed, masturbating while she shamelessly displayed her pussy and tits and encouraged him to cum. And she had enjoyed every moment of her performance, enjoyed the power she had felt making Harold do her biding and then dismissing him as if he were nothing to her.

She felt that now she had some insight into why the mature women who performed with young men in the many porn videos she had watched — and masturbated with – recently at home on her husband’s computer. Beside the pleasure of fucking someone other than your husband — fucking just to fuck, with no consequences — there was the element of control over the youthful lover, to make him victim for sex, a willing victim to be sure, but a victim all the same.

And Mrs. Cochran was about to add a second victim to her power this afternoon, a young handsome, tall and muscular, truck driver named Rick, whom she had picked up — indeed, seduced — while masturbating on Tim’s hand on the front seat of her Jaguar while Rick looked on in his passing truck.

He was in the next room on the bed probably already hard with anticipation. That thought thrilled her. And the setting to fuck this handsome young truck driver was perfect — a shabby room in a run-down motel out in the middle of nowhere, a perfect place for illicit sex, for sex without consequences.

But what about Tim? Well, she had treated him badly, she knew, but hadn’t she warned him about doing what she wanted on her terms? She pictured him pouting back in the parking lot or out on the highway thumbing a ride. I’ll pick him up on my way back home, she thought, he’ll probably want to hear all about my encounter with Rick. She smiled as she turned from the bathroom mirror, flipped off the light and opened the door on Tim’s afternoon replacement.


Time had stopped dead for Tim Griffin. He stood by the back door of the Truck Stop Lounge, indecisive, and, yes, as much as he hated to admit it, scared shit-less. Mrs. Cochran was in one of the rooms in the Off the Highway Motel with a hunky truck driver named Rick at whom she was throwing herself for another afternoon sexual thrill. But what she didn’t know was that her one- on- one encounter with Rick was about to be interrupted by Hank and George, the bartender and customer respectively, who intended to share this gorgeous older married woman with their friend, turning it into an abusive gang-bang.

Tim wanted nothing so much as to get away and let Mrs. Cochran take her chances. After all, she had willingly sought sex with this truck driver guy, so why shouldn’t she suffer the consequences? Besides, she had humiliated Tim as she had earlier humiliated the clerk at the porn store. What did he owe her now? But the nagging thought that Mrs. Cochran was still the mother of his good friend prevented him from just walking away. But what can I do against these strong guys? he asked himself almost aloud.

He circled the lounge and approached Mrs. Cochran’s silver Jaguar parked in front. Tim was surprised it was unlocked. He remembered seeing Mrs. Cochran hand the keys to Rick. The truck driver’s excitement in the anticipated fuck-session with Mrs. Cochran obviously made him forget to lock the car. He probably still had the keys on him. The chauffeur’s uniform Tim had worn for a while was thrown on the back seat, but the plastic bags containing the corset and boots Mrs. Cochran had purchased across the road at the porn store were gone. Evidently she was going to put on a little show for Rick, not knowing she would soon have a larger audience.

Tim popped the trunk and located a tire iron tucked away in a pocket. The length and weight of it gave him brief encouragement that perhaps the threat of its use would deter these men in their lust for Mrs. Cochran. Probably not, he second guessed himself, they’ll just take it away and use it on me.

He heard the back door of the lounge open and peered around the corner watching the broad backs of Hank and George head for the twenty or so motel units set back from the lounge. One of them carried several coils of yellow and orange bungee cords. They hurried for unit

and banged on the door. Tim didn’t wait to see them go in. He had just remembered something, something that would even the odds in his favor, and he turned and ran in the opposite direction.


Mrs. Cochran emerged from the bathroom and found Rick on the bed fully clothed with his hands clasped behind his head. He looked at her without a smile and said,” Yeah, gaziemir escort baby, I figured you had some slut in you when I saw you come out of the porn shop. That kid of yours help you pick that out?”

“I picked it out just for you, Rick. I was hoping we’d meet like this ever since I saw you looking down on me from your truck.”

“Yeah, baby. You were working your pussy pretty good back there. Let’s see you work on it right here. I want you nice and wet when I eat you.”

He was a bit crude, Mrs. Cochran decided, much like Tim in the beginning. But Rick’s blunt manner and lack of class was just what she wanted at this moment. She’d turn him on, fuck him and get back on the road to home in time for dinner with her husband. She started for the end of the bed, but Rick caught her hand and laid it on the mound between his legs.

“Take my cock out, baby. I want you to see it get good and hard while you play with yourself.”

Mrs. Cochran slowly undid Rick’s jeans allowing his ample cock to half rise from his clothing. He began to stroke it slowly saying, “You like that, baby? I can see that you do. You’re a real whore, aren’t you, baby? Not that it matters, but you know my name and I don’t know yours.”

“You can call me ‘Lucky.’ “

“Well, Lucky, this is your lucky day. ‘Cause you’re going to have my big ‘ol cock in your pussy, down your throat and up in your little ‘ol ass hole.”

“Please, Rick. I want us to take our time.”

“Sure, Lucky, take your time. Then ‘ol Rick’ll take his time.”

Mrs. Cochran began to get nervous. This young man named Rick wasn’t pliable like Tim or Harold at the porn store. He wasn’t going to let her control the situation and she gathered that he would not be gentle with her. She thought she wouldn’t mind a little enthusiastic sex, but she certainly didn’t want to be handled roughly and hurt and carry home any marks on her body. She slipped her hand down her panties and started to masturbate for Rick, letting her hips gyrate slowly, feeling her moisture beginning to secrete. She closed her eyes and saw an image of Tim. Tim. Where was he? Was he right outside the door? Should she call to him now, and call this whole thing off?

“That’s it, baby. That’s it, Lucky. Man, you’re making my cock hard. And you’re going to make it stay hard, aren’t you? You’d like to get your sweet lips around this big ‘ol cock of mine, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Rick.” She couldn’t say anything else.

“You’re going to suck me dry and swallow my cum, just like a good little whore.”

“If you like, Rick.”

“I like. And you’re going to get down on the floor and let ‘ol Rick fuck you from behind like a big ‘ol dog, aren’t you, you fuckin’ filthy whore?”

Mrs. Cochran was suddenly very frightened. This man was not playing a role. He really didn’t like women. And sex for him was a power trip against any woman who was unfortunate enough to find him attractive.

“I’m not a fucking filthy whore,” she almost cried. ” And this was a terrible mistake. I’m leaving.”

She started for the bathroom thinking she could lock herself inside and hope that Tim would come. But Rick was off the bed, taking her by the shoulders and shoving her against the wall.

“You’re not going anywhere, bitch. I had you figured right from the start. A rich bitch, driving around in a Jaguar, picking up some guy for kicks ’cause her rich husband can’t fuck her right.

Well, ‘ol Rick knows the right way to fuck a rich bitch like you.”

He slapped her hard, knocking her head against the wall. He reached down and ripped off her panties. In her high heel boots Mrs. Cochran’s pussy was on the same level as Rick’s hard cock and he had no trouble in thrusting it into her hole. She couldn’t resist as his strong muscular body pressed against her. She could feel his hard muscles flexing under his hot skin and his large hard cock fucking her with relish. His violent fucking slammed her against the wall again and again. His stale breath blew on her face and she could hardly breathe. In the distance of her consciousness there was no feeling of a coming orgasm, but only pain from which she could not escape. She called out,”Oh, god, please! Let me go. You’re hurting me.” Then his rough fingers were around her throat, choking off her pleas. He’s going to kill me, she thought.

She suddenly became aware of knocking on the door. Tim! It had to be Tim. This violent woman- hater would surely let her go now. But then she heard a voice that dashed her hopes. “Hey, Rick. Let us in, man. You can’t keep that cunt all to yourself.”

“Hold it,” Rick called out and then shoved his cock hard into Mrs. Cochran. She could feel his hot ejaculation shoot up inside her and tears of despair flowed down her face.

“Goddamn,” Rick breathed.” That was the greatest fuck I’ve ever had. I’m going to fuck you again, bitch, and so are my friends.”

He threw her on the bed and went to the door letting in two large older men with bellies over their belt karabağlar escort buckles and several days of beard growth on their hard expectant faces. Mrs. Cochran rolled off the bed and reached for the bathroom door. But they were on her in an instant. Something hairy and dirty was pushed in her mouth and many hands pulled her arms behind her binding her wrists with cords.

There was a voice in her ear. “Just relax, lady. We won’t hurt you. We just want to fuck you. Relax and enjoy it.”

Then another voice said,” Yeah, then you can go home and tell your husband how you really want to be fucked. Heh-heh.”

“Get her on the bed. I’m fucking this whore again.” It was Rick’s voice.

The two men lifted her on the bed, her arms still bound underneath her. There was no use in resisting now, she thought, they would have their way with her and then let her go. Her only hope was that there would no more pain like Rick had inflicted when fucking her against the wall. She watched a Rick take off his clothes and turn sideways showing her the seven or so inches of flesh that was about to invade her once again. He lifted and spread her legs roughly and guided the large head of his cock to her pussy opening. He teased her pussy lips with his cock head.

“You like that, baby? No, you’re a whore, a real whore. You want that cock way up into you, don’t you? Well, here it comes. I’m going to ream you out, you filthy bitch!”

Mrs. Cochran lay under Rick impassively as he stroked her hard and deep. She willed herself not to respond; her only thought was, when they’re through with me they’ll let me go, they won’t kill me, they won’t hurt me, they’ll just let me go. She was aware that the other two men were taking turns holding her down while the other dropped his clothes to the floor. Then the gag was torn from her mouth and immediately a cock was inserted between her lips. A hand to her head brought her lips over the cock forcefully and she felt it fill her mouth and block her throat causing her to gag. Then that cock was withdrawn and another was forced into her mouth.

“Suck me, bitch. Suck me good,” a voice urged to one side of her. A voice from the other side said,

“Yeah, bitch, treat us right and we’ll fuck you right. One of us gets your pussy and the other one gets your asshole. Heh-heh.”

It seemed to go on for hours, one cock than the other. She let them guide her mouth repeatedly over their hard flesh. She could do nothing else. Rick finally grunted in her face and pulled himself free.

“God, this bitch fucks good, don’t she?” he said.

One voice answered, “And she don’t suck too bad, neither.”

The other voice said, “Let me have her a while. I gotta cum real bad.”

His companion said, “Hey, man, let’s do it like last time. Let’s cum on her together.”

For a minute or so, Mrs. Cochran did not have a cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes and listened to the hard breathing of the men on either side of her. Please, she thought, please let me go, please let this be the end.. A voice called out,” Oh, man. Oh, fuck.” And the other voice responded, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here it cums, bitch.”

Mrs. Cochran, her eyes still closed, felt their warm discharge hit her face and trickle down her cheeks, her chin and then her neck. She thought her body had never felt so dirty, that she never felt so filthy inside, or so totally used. But was it over? Please let it be over.

She heard Rick say, “Get her on the floor while we’re still kinda hard. I promised her she’d be fucked like a dog. Now she’s going to be fucked by three dogs.”

Hands pulled her up to a sitting position and she felt their cum slither further down her chin and neck.

“Please no more,” she said. “I beg you.”

Rick put his hands on his hips and said,” I like it when they beg. Get her on her knees so she can really beg right. Go on, you filthy rich bitch. Beg. I want to hear how a rich bitch can beg.”

Mrs. Cochran was now on her knees, hands tied behind her, weeping uncontrollably.

“Now look what you done — you made the bitch cry. I can’t stand to hear’em cry.” one man said.

“Wait a minute. Hold it,” the other man said. “I hear something.”

There was a scrapping sound at the door and then a clank of metal on metal, then a tearing sound as if wood were being split. The inside door handle dropped to the floor and the door was kicked open.


Only minutes before,Tim laid a fifty on the counter in front of Harold. He had just visited the ATM at the truck stop.

“What’s that for?” Harold asked warily.

“The gun you keep under the counter.”

“What gun? There ain’t no gun . . . “

Tim pushed the clerk out of the way, reached for the bottom shelf and came up with a black handled

double-action .38.

“Hey, that don’t belong to me.”

Tim palmed another fifty and said,” Now it belongs to me.”

“What you gonna do?”

“I’m getting your sexy friend out of a jam.”

“Holy kemalpaşa escort shit. Can I come with you?”

On his way back across the road he broke the gun open. Six rounds. Could he really use this against these men if necessary to free Mrs. Cochran? He would soon find out. He pushed on the door to

and verified it was locked. He could hear only muffled sounds. No use knocking — the thing to do was to get in there and get Mrs. Cochran out. The door was old and cheap, but it still gave him some trouble. He stuck the gun in his belt and used the tire iron like a crowbar. The weathered wood quckly gave way and a hard whack on the door knob freed the door. He yanked the gun from his waistband, kicked at the door and took two steps into the room. The bartender was on his knees behind Mrs. Cochran about to shove his cock into her rear. He looked over his shoulder at Tim and yelled, ” Jesus Christ! It’s that goddamned kid — and he’s got a fuckin’ gun.” Tim brought the tie iron up in a threatening gesture and waved the gun across the room Just like a goddamned movie, he thought. He felt a terrible pounding in his chest and he could hardly take a breath. His voice was weak, but he managed to get the words out.

“Untie her and let her up.”

Rick stepped forward. ” Well if it ain’t the cunt’s driver. We’re just having a little fun here, kid. Maybe you’d like to join in. We’re not through yet.”

“Oh, yes you are.”

“Suppose you put down that gun and we’ll talk this over,” Rick said while moving forward.

Tim aimed the gun right between Rick’s legs and said,” I don’t think a guy with no clothes on and a shriveled up dick ought to be telling anyone what to do. Now take those cords off and get her to her feet.”

“And what if we don’t? ” Rick taunted. He put his fists on his hips and turned to the other two.

“I think this kid is gutless. He won’t pull the trigger. It’s probably not even loaded.” Rick took another step toward Tim.

Tim took a deep breath. He was now quite prepared to use both the tire iron and the gun on any of them if he were rushed. He smiled at the naked man coming toward him, raised the gun and squeezed off a shot. The discharge was deafening, bringing half the ceiling down in a small avalanche coating the three naked men in white plaster. Tim wanted to laugh; they looked like three bewildered zombies. Rick fell to the floor as if wounded. The customer named George fell back over a chair. Hank the bartender just stood there and started to urinate on the carpet. He said,” I think we better do what he says. That shot might bring the state troopers.” He looked down at the puddle he had made and raised his hands. “Don’t shoot. We’ll do what you say. I’ll untie her.”

Hank went to Mrs. Cochran, got her to her feet and unwound the cords from her wrists. She turned toward Tim, her eyes dull with pain and anguish, her face wet with tears and cum. Tim motioned her to stay quiet and turned to Hank.

“Get her a towel,” he ordered.

Mrs. Cochran sat on the bed and buried her face in the towel. She started to cry again, her shoulders shaking. Rick got to his feet and took another step placing himself directly in front of Tim, his fists ready to take a swing.. “You’re making a big mistake, asshole. You and this whore will never make it out of here alive.”

It was evident that Rick was not about to show weakness in front of his two buddies, nor was he about to show weakness in front of the woman he had just abused. Tim knew he had to take Rick out of commission. He swung the tire iron across Rick’s knee like batting a low pitched ball. A banshee-like scream tore from Rick’s throat. He dropped to the floor, his lower leg splattered with blood.

“The son of a bitch broke my fuckin’ leg,” he wailed. The others in the room ignored Rick’s agony. Their attention was focused entirely on Tim. Mrs. Cochran’s face was covered by the towel except for her eyes which were large with fear.

George the customer got up from the floor. “Please, mister. We didn’t mean nothin’. Just having a little fun.”

“Sure,” Tim replied. “Fun. Get the clothes the lady was wearing and put them on the bed.”

Mrs. Cochran raised her face from the towel and turned toward Tim. Her eyes now said, please get me out here, get me away from these men, take me home, please. Tim nodded and said, “Now it’s my turn to have a little fun.”

“Aren’t you going to let us go?” Hank implored.

“Sure. You can leave right now. Pick up your friend and start moving. Now.”

“Wait. We ain’t got no clothes on.”

“That’s right. Move.” Tim pointed the gun at the ceiling.

“No, no. Wait. We’re goin’.”

The two men struggled with Rick who was blubbering like a baby and slowly made their way out. Hank turned around at the door and said,” Hope we didn’t hurt you none, lady.” Tim kicked the door shut and went to Mrs. Cochran. She stood up in his arms.

“Oh, Tim.”

“We got to get out of here, Mrs. Cochran. Those guys might be naked, but they probably got friends close by. Where are the keys?”

She manged to point to Rick’s jeans on the floor and Tim pulled the Jaguar’s keys from one pocket.

“Grab your clothes.”

“Please, Tim. Can’t I change?” She looked down at the corset and said,” I never want to wear this ugly thing again.”