Enticed Pt. 10 – Give And Take

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This is the tenth part of my adventures in the early 90s with a gay man about 15 years older than me who saw me as a near-reincarnation of his first boyfriend. Check my post history for earlier installments of the story of an older man’s toy.

For more than a month I couldn’t stop thinking about Blaise’s childhood home and the pond behind it where we’d had so much fun. We had meant to go back out there. But, I guess my shows had taken priority over the great outdoors.

“Is your brother looking to sell or rent the old house?” I asked Blaise at lunch Monday.

“I don’t know. Why?”

“Well, it looks bigger than my apartment,” I said. “If I could afford it, we would have a ‘country place,’ so to speak. I mean, if he would rent it. There’s no way I could buy it.

“We would always have the woods and the pond. It’s far enough from any neighbors that we would have privacy right in the back yard.

“It’s perfect.”

“That’s an interesting idea,” Blaise said. “It’s definitely bigger than your place. It has another bedroom and a full master bathroom.”

“I could have a dedicated studio space with that much room,” I said. “And, I thought I could fix up the space at the pond and make it more comfortable for us to spend time out there.”

“I’ll call my brother when we get back to the office and see what he says.”

I didn’t see Blaise again that afternoon. We both got home about the same time and took a shower together that included a lot of hugging, rubbing and kissing.

Once dry, I put on the red thong and shirt for Blaise. He joined me in the living room in his pajama pants and t-shirt. He still wasn’t comfortable with his own body, just mine.

“Did you have a chance to call your brother?” I asked almost immediately.

“I explained the situation to him and he said, since you’re special to me, that he could do $200 a month,” Blaise said. “And, that really is just to cover the property taxes and insurance. Otherwise, he said, you could have it for nothing.”

“How special did you tell him I was?” I asked.

“Very!” he said. “I told him that I’ve asked you to move in with me. But, I didn’t have room for your stuff.”

“Two hundred a month? That’s ridiculous for that property!” I said.

“Speaking of the property. Bobby also said that the property includes the woods and the entire pond,” Blaise said. “It’s all his.”

“Wait,” I was stunned. “So, for two hundred dollars a month, I get the house and the woods and the pond? We aren’t taking a chance of trespassing on someone else’s property?”


“Call him right now and tell him I want it.”

“It’s already yours,” Blaise said. “I told Bobby you’d take it. You can move in right now if you want to.”

“This is amazing,” I said.

It took a couple days to transfer the utilities and gracefully let go of my apartment. But, that Saturday, Blaise and I and a couple guys from work were moving my furniture in and I had a new home. Blaise and I had a second home. Fortunately, it was my first off-week for my one-man sex show.

Once I was settled in, Blaise insisted we christen each and every room.

So, now it was late August and I was living in a country hideaway. And, I loved it. I had enough room that I could take some studio photography work on the side, maybe some portraits or small product jobs. I could even clear some space in the woods and around the pond for some environmental portrait work.

I took a couple days of vacation the following week and spent some time out in the woods. I cut back a lot of the overgrown path, widening and clearing it up. I also enlarged and cleaned up the “beach.” That took all day Thursday. Friday I spread a very liberal amount of every kind of snake, small animal and insect repellent and killer I could find all along the path and around the “beach.”

By mid-morning I was getting a quote from a local fencing company for an eight-foot privacy fence to surround the back yard. I also walked the owner of the company back to the pond and asked his opinion on a gazebo back there.

I explained I wanted something like a gazebo but without a roof. I just wanted something like a back yard deck, a step or two off the ground with a partial rail and bench seats. But, I wanted it to have a ramp down into the water, if possible.

He said he had some ideas and would work up a plan for the deck along with the quote for the fence.

Before he left, I made sure to tell him who I was and where I worked. I promised him at least one feature photo of his crew working on my fence with the company’s name in the cut-line.

“If that helps,” I said.

In less than two hours he called me back. He explained he had two quotes for me. The first was nearly two thousand dollars.

“That’s the regular price,” he said. “With a picture in the paper, you can cut that in half – and I’ll include the deck at the pond.”

I told him to schedule it as soon as he could get to it. I had plenty of cash from my performances at Che Blaise over the past karabük escort month.

I was waiting for Blaise in his living room in my black trunks when he got home from work.

I followed him to the master bathroom and told him about the fencing quote while he was in the shower.

“You already got a quote?”

“Yeah. I had the guy there this morning and he’s already called me back,” I explained. “He’ll do it for $750.”

“How much of the yard are you doing if it’s that cheap?” Blaise poked his head out of the shower.

“The whole back yard,” I said. “And more. I just have to get a feature photo of his guys in the paper.”

“That’s a good deal,” Blaise said. “How long’s it going to take?”

The fencing company wasted no time. They had two crews at the Lodge the following Thursday even before I left for work. I made sure to return right after the morning deadline to shoot them working on the fence. I got several standard shots of the guys and a few artsy shots of their silhouettes and shadows, their tools and supplies.

The owner, Bill, happened to be on-site when I got there and couldn’t wait to take me back to the pond to show me the special project they had nearly completed.

At the edge of the yard we stepped up on to a wooden deck with rails on either wide that led through the woods where the path had been. Bill explained he added the walkway so people could walk through the woods to the pond barefoot. In a minute we were at the pond. We stood on a 12-foot wooden square. It was huge, much larger than I expected! There were two rails that wrapped around the shore-side corners. The tops of the rail were wide and benches were built into the rails. The seats of both benches lifted to reveal storage space with the hardware for locking them with padlocks. The rails ended on either side to allow a step down to the path that surrounded the pond. They also had built a ramp that extended several feet into the water. This thing was amazing. There were even holes in the corners of the rail for large table umbrellas.

He told me he was putting a door in the fence at the end of the path and would include the hardware for another padlock. There also would be a double gate at the driveway so I could drive back to the garage.

I gave him a check before I started shooting. I also promised to give him some good shots of the finished product he could use for advertising.

“That’d be great!” he said, clapping his heavy hand on my shoulder.

I couldn’t wait to show the deck off to Blaise.

That evening, I didn’t even let him get out of his truck when he got home. I met him in the driveway, climbed in and told him to head to the Lodge. When we got there almost all of the fence had been completed. There were only a dozen feet or so left along the tree line in the back. The door to the path already was up and functional so I ushered my friend through.

He could see something at the end of the path, but couldn’t make it out through the trees and foliage.

“Oh! My God!” he said as the deck came into view. “This is amazing! Did you come up with this?”

“Yeah. I thought this would be better than lying on the ground,” I said, stepping up in front of him. “We can lay out here. We can play out here. We can just sit and drink out here.

“I can also use it for portraits and other shoots.”

“This is too much,” Blaise said as he sat on one of the benches.

I showed him the lockable storage under the other one.

“I’m going to have to tell Bobby you’ve already paid your rent for the rest of the year,” he said. “This and the fence will add thousands to the value of this house.”

“It’s going to be even better,” I said. “I’ve already come up with an idea for running power out here for some lights and a couple outlets.”

“How much is that going to cost?”

“I don’t know yet,” I said. “I looked through my fans’ business cards. One of them is an electrician. I thought I’d call him and see what he could do for me.”

“I bet he’ll be happy to do something for you,” Blaise said suggestively.

“Well, if it means getting some free electrical work done, what do you think about me giving him a free show?”

“Anything you want to do is fine with me,” Blaise said. “Anything. I know who gets you at the end of the day.”

“All right, I guess, electrical work should be covered,” I said. “Then, I’m going to need a mower at some point if it ever rains again.”

“Well, we can bring my mower over here whenever you need it,” Blaise said.

“I’m thinking about a cheap riding mower,” I said. “I don’t want to spend an entire day pushing all that yard.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t find an answer to that among your fans.”

When we left, I took Blaise out to dinner. I almost never paid for our meals. But, it seemed I should once in a while, especially now that I was making extra money and saving money on rent because of him.

He wouldn’t stop thanking me for paying until I told him karabük escort bayan he could thank me any way he chose when we got home.

The minute we walked in the door, he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall holding my hands up with his and searching my mouth with his tongue. In a second one hand was pushing into my jeans seeking my manhood.

He quickly undid my jeans and dropped to his knees before me. With my jeans and underwear halfway to my knees he began caressing and licking my cock hungrily as I leaned against the wall by the door. He licked and sucked and groped until I could barely breath. I grabbed the back of his head with both hands and buried his nose in my pubic hair.

I could feel the back of his throat undulating against my frenulum as he practiced his swallowing technique on me. In seconds I could feel the contractions and convulsions begin. I began thrusting my hips into his face uncontrollably.

When I exploded it visibly pushed his head back. But, he swallowed deeply over and over until he consumed every drop of me.

He stood up wiping my seed off his lips and chin. I pulled my pants up and headed to the bathroom. Blaise followed. I was naked in a minute and turning on the shower. He followed me into the water and I immediately began soaping up his half-hard cock.

I spun him around and started a smooth stroke from behind him as the water fought to remove the soap from his hardening dick.

Within half a minute, my own cock was pushing between his thighs and his was straining against my clenched fist. I stroked him slow and steady, rolling my palm over his swollen head. He twitched each time I covered his spongy tip. I progressively spent more and more time rolling my palm over it, reveling in his twitching and jerking.

After a few minutes of edging him along, I reached around and grabbed his balls with my other hand and squeezed and pulled as I accelerated my strokes on his throbbing cock. In seconds he was spraying cum across the shower and on to my hand.

The following morning I made good on my promise and had a shot of the fencing guys right on the front page. It was a great companion to a story about record heat and lack of rain. I grabbed a stack of the first few papers to come off the press before lunch and headed straight out to the Lodge.

I handed them off to the foreman and thanked them for their quick work. I also complimented him on the deck. It turned out better than I imagined. He told me he thought it was a great idea and one he’ll probably be selling to other clients. I told him what I’d told his boss the day before about giving him some shots of the finished product. He was as impressed as his boss had been.

Blaise pulled into the drive at 5:30 with a pizza and an overnight bag. He showered quickly and we headed out to the deck with drinks and the pizza. He had put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. But, for him I wore my camo trunks and a matching olive drab t-shirt.

We ate quickly and admired the peace and quiet – and privacy – of the new Lodge. And, then, he promptly went down on me sitting on a bench. This place was going to be fun.

Blaise and I spent Saturday morning at the Lodge, but went to his house before lunch to clean up and get ready for my show that night. It was the first repeat of my first show. I was eager to see if anyone actually showed up to see the same act a second time.

I was shocked to see the living room filled with familiar faces and several new ones. I performed the same act as my very first show with the exception of being more confident and a somewhat better stripper.

During the after-party, I realized my audience had grown to twelve horny men, two or three obvious couples among them. As the tips flowed in, I started giving each one a sly wink after pushing his donation into my thong. As luck would have it, one of my tips – and accompanying business cards – came from a guy who was with a lawn equipment company right in town. In minutes I had him promising to call me with a suitable prospect the following week.

The next morning, I went out to the Lodge so Blaise could spend his usual Sunday afternoon with his mother and brother.

I spent the majority of the day shooting new nudes in the woods and at the pond. Most of them were close-ups and very artsy. Eventually, I just lay on the deck naked for a while. I waded into the cool water of the pond at some point, the first time I’d tried skinny-dipping. Feeling the water flow around my body with nothing on was a new, refreshing experience.

I swam out into the pond about fifty feet. I found that it was no more than ten feet deep even that far out. I swam back to the deck and thought of more photo ideas.

I took close-ups of my limp cock with water droplets beading up on the wrinkles and on the glans. I got a few shots of my dick in the foreground and the treetops in the background. I set up my tripod and did shots of just my dick visible from behind a tree, with escort karabük leaves covering it, with dead leaves covering all of my groin except my cock. I tried some shots of shadows playing across my naked body. There were lots of possibilities out there.

And, of course, each time I got a little dirty I had another excuse to jump into the pond.

Blaise drove out about 5 p.m. and found me still on the deck naked. I hadn’t been back to the Lodge in more than three hours. He brought a small cooler of beers out and sat watching me swim back out into the pond again.

“I’m going to like watching you frolic naked in the pond,” he said as I walked up the ramp dripping.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of frolicking,” I said, drying my face and hair. “I love it out here. I wonder if I should do a video for you of me ‘frolicking’ in the woods and pond.”

“That would be nice,” Blaise said. “I think your fans might like to see something like that, too.”

“I’ve been thinking about editing down a video to sell to them,” I said. “Do you think they’d buy something like that?”

“They’ll buy anything you’re selling, Stud,” he said.

We ended up sitting close enough that our arms touched on a bench just staring out at the pond for a while.

“I told Bobby what you’ve done out here,” he said. “He sounded impressed. I told him he should come out some time and check it out.”

“I’ll need to be home to let him through the gates,” I reminded him. “I guess I should get him keys to the locks.”

Blaise began caressing my thigh as I sat beside him. I was dry by now, but still naked. Actually, I only had my camo trunks out here anyway.

Blaise worked his way up my thigh to begin caressing my limp cock and balls. It took only a couple minutes of his expert work to get me rock hard and ready for anything he wanted. I think I was even more turned on by the idea of being naked, hard, and horny outside in the woods.

I turned toward him and pulled the collar of his polo down to begin kissing his neck and shoulder. My breathing grew heavier as he continued to lightly stroke my stiff cock. I worked my way up to his ear.

“What do you want to do?” I breathed.

“Do you want to bend over the bench?” he asked. “Can you take it without lube?”

“You can lube me up with your tongue,” I said as I began groping his growing dick through his jeans.

As soon as he pushed his jeans down, I engulfed his cock and covered it in saliva.

I got up on my knees on the bench with my ass in the air. Blaise bent down and gave me a long wet lick from my taint to my back before licking back down to my already puckered hole. He licked my ass until his saliva dripped off me on to the bench beneath us.

I reached down and began stroking my cock and bent farther back to make sure he could reach me. In a second I felt his hot stick pushing into me.

In the last few months I had felt no inhibitions whatsoever with my friend. But, out here in the woods, it seemed as though I was even less inhibited, less concerned about anything, noise, reactions, perceptions, even discovery. The only thing that concerned me was our mutual pleasure. Nothing else mattered. The dickhead posers from last month could wander up and I wouldn’t care. I wouldn’t stop.

Blaise pushed into me slowly, but completely. He had lost his inhibitions and reservations concerning anal sex. We just connected and pleasured and loved each other. Being out in nature seemed to just complete our coupling.

His breathing increased with his speed. He was pulling my hips back against him almost violently. My back remained arched and I pushed back to meet his pulsing cock with every stroke. I felt his pubic hair against my skin with every push. He was filling me with himself and I wanted all he could give.

We both began grunting loudly as our passion increased and finally in one hard, deep thrust, he gave me all he had and filled me with his sperm. I pushed back into his hips and arched my back at the ecstasy. I reached back and caressed his side with one hand. The other sought his hanging, draining balls beneath us. I looked down and discovered a puddle of my own pre-cum on the bench just beneath my cock.

Again, he stayed in me until my muscles instinctively pushed him out. That was one of our favorite things. We both loved the feeling of our limp wet dicks sliding out of our filled assholes.

He turned and sat beside me while I still was on my knees. I reached over and kissed him while he tried to slow his breathing. I lifted a leg and straddled him on the bench, my pre-cum wet cock bobbing in his sweaty face.

Blaise reached up and began stroking me lightly, pulling and pushing my skin along my stiff shaft. He still was breathing heavily, but his hand was working at full capacity.

I’d been naked and horny most of the day and was aching for my lover’s touch. Now that I had it, I wanted to last as long as I could. But, I knew I would blow in just a minute to his skilled mouth and tongue.

He pulled me so hard at times my entire body moved forward into him. My cock nearly bumped into his nose at times. It was enough to elicit an occasional grunt from me.

Even with just this little bit of rough treatment, I was close to exploding. I could feel the familiar pulsing and contractions.